119 Accent Wall Ideas

Walls serve as the foundation of any home. Without them, there won’t even be a home. The thing about walls is that even if they are functional, they are very plain. Depending on the design of your home, you can either be filled with walls or windows. Most traditional houses have the former.

While walls are very important, you don’t have to settle with having plain walls in your home. In fact, there are so many ways you can design them that they won’t look like walls. Curious about how you can do it? Read on for all the design ideas for walls.


Accent Walls and Why They Are Important

If you are looking to add life and color in your plain walls, you might have heard of the term “accent wall”. Essentially, an accent wall is any wall in your home that has a different design – it has an accent. It can either have a different background, wallpaper, or even decor that makes it stand out.

The Importance of Having Accent Walls

There are many reasons as to why it is recommended to have an accent wall in any room. Here are some of them.



1. It draws attention to an overlooked part of the room.

Not all parts of a house are meant to be the star. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you leave these parts to rot or to just look plain. Even if they are not exactly the “main” rooms, you want these walls to still look presentable. The best way to do it without breaking the bank is to have an accent wall.

One of the most overlooked walls in the home are the walls near the stairs. Most of the time, the people look at the design of the stairs rather than the walls beside it, behind it, or anywhere near. The best way to accent these walls is to add a different color than the stairs (often the same color as the steps) or add something huge. Take a look at this home with large numbers.


2. It makes a room look bigger and taller.

Accent walls draw the eyes upward. Even if they are just placed on the upper half of the walls, they make a room look larger. If you have a room that you want to look more spacious, you can add an accent wall right at the middle wall. Usually, these walls include the wall at the middle of the dining room or behind your bed.


3. It adds color, design, and elegance.

If your home lacks color, the cheapest way to do it is not by adding a lot of decors, it is by painting a wall different from the rest. When you have a lot of white walls, sure, they look nice and elegant, but there are times that it can also look bland. By adding a splash of color, you will make a room more welcoming. If you are going for a certain theme, painting a wall with the right colors can help you achieve that.


How Do You Pick an Accent Wall?

Don’t know where to place an accent wall? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose one.

Step 1: Choose which wall you want to highlight.

Accent walls aren’t the always the walls you see first when you walk in a room. It could be the wall right beside the door or the wall behind a set of furniture. When choosing an accent wall, simply choose which wall you want to highlight. For example, in this room, you want to highlight the wall behind your bed. This will then be your accent wall.


In this case, you want to highlight the fireplace wall. Usually, when you want to highlight a certain area, it’s because it has a distinct feature or an overlooked section in the room. For fireplaces, you want to draw attention to the fireplace, so you design the wall behind it.

As a note, make sure that your accent wall does not have any doors or windows. This is because these parts of the house can ruin a design. You might even realize how difficult it is to design a space when you have something built-in into the wall.


Step 2: Go for a small to a medium-sized wall.

When creating accent wall ideas, it is best to choose a wall that does not occupy the length of the room. For example, if you have a long narrow room, go for the side that is narrow. This will help manage the space and give the illusion that the room is not that narrow or wide.


Step 3: Conceptualize the design.

Before you set out to buy paint and wall decor, think of the design you will put on the wall first. Even if these are just accent wall ideas, you should not design it in such a way that it is out of place. It should still fit in the overall theme or color scheme of the room. If you have white walls and bold-colored furniture, then having an accent wall with just a different texture is enough to highlight it as seen in the picture below.


Step 4: Decide on the main color.

Accent walls do not have to have the loudest color in the room. Instead, they should be able to set the tone of the room. For example, if you want a relaxing room, pick a color that can give you serenity. For this bedroom, the mood is calm and comfortable. Having a blend of colors that resemble the beach during sunset can give that feeling.

Design Inspirations for Accent Walls

Now that you know what wall to emphasize, it’s time to think of the design. In this part, you will find a lot of design inspirations that will definitely get you excited about decorating.


1. New York-Inspired Accent Wall

When you walk around the streets of Brooklyn, you will notice how very similar each home is – there are bricks on the walls and a small little gate in front. Having bricks indoors can also give you that Brooklyn feel without having to go outside. Depending on the bricks you choose, you can pair it with different colors like the following rooms below.


2. Rocky Patch

Rocks mounted on a wall often give a rusty yet modern touch. If you’ve been to a decor store, you will notice that a lot of modern designs involve a few rocks to make the room look more elegant. Most of the time, if you have rocks on the wall, they are illuminated by a warm light on top or below.


3. All in Contrast

A simple yet powerful wall accent is a contrast of colors. This is great if you have light-colored walls that need a bit of life in them. To do that, pick a different color that is both dark and bold. Here are some examples of colors that are at the different side of the spectrum but still look great when put together.


4. Same Shade, but Darker

Contrasting colors are not the only ones that make great patterns. When designing an accent wall, one of the things you can do is to paint the wall a few shades darker than the rest of the walls.


5. Life-Size Wallpapers

Found a wallpaper you love? You can put them up on your accent wall to show off its gorgeous colors and patterns. Just remember that for the wallpaper to be the same with the theme, it has to have the same patterns or at least the same colors.



6. Linear Movement

Lines are often associated with modern homes. If you plan on transforming your accent wall to a modern piece, then adding a few shapes and geometrical figures can easily do that. Think of it as the modern version of tiles.




7. Appreciate the Abstract

Not all things should make a lot of sense. In fact, for abstract designs, the more unrecognizable it is, the more interesting it becomes. Make your accent wall a little more mysterious by adding abstract pieces or designs.


8. Wood Works

Rustic designs are all the rage these days because they can easily be incorporated into modern to country homes. Take a look at these accent walls that have wood as their backdrop. Not only do they feel homey, but they also give a touch of warmth to the room.





9. Wall of Memories

Are you the kind of person who loves to put memories on walls? If you are then, you will be happy to know that one of the things you can do to accent walls is to set up frames, paintings, and a lot of the things you like. To add more organization to the wall, you can stick to a color scheme for the frames or have a floor-length open shelf.



10. Art Enthusiast

People who love art often find themselves buying paintings. What better way to make use of those paintings than to place them on your accent wall? If you have a painting that you want to put up, designing your accent wall goes the other way around. Instead of thinking of a color scheme first, you pattern the colors of the walls to the painting you want to put up.


11. Dark and Sophisticated

Contrary to popular belief, black isn’t a symbol for all things bad. In design, black adds a different level of sophistication that is why most modern designs have black hues in them. Take a look at these futuristic black accent wall ideas for your inspiration.




Frequently Asked Questions on Accent Walls

Got a question? Here are answers to the top questions on accent wall ideas.

1. How do you pick an accent wall?

To pick an accent wall, you have to know which part of the room you want to make as a focal point. This doesn’t have to be at the center of the room. An accent wall should be the wall that stands out above the rest but still becomes part of the overall theme.


2. What is the best material for an accent wall?

There is no limit as to what material you should use for your accent wall. However, it all goes down on the design you want. If you are going for a rustic home, then you might want to use wood. If you have a gallery-themed room, then your prized painting should be there.


3. How do you make a room look bigger with an accent wall?

There are many ways to use an accent wall to make a room look bigger. One is by using light colors. Light colors help absorb color so the room looks bigger. You can also use a floor-length centerpiece like a wall made of brick or an open shelf.


4. How can you tell if an accent wall is too much or too bare?

Even if it is an accent wall, it doesn’t mean that it should be bold and filled with lots of things. You will know if it’s too “loud”.

Likewise, a bare accent wall is a wall that you can’t even recognize as the main focal point of the room. When designing an accent wall, don’t be afraid to show your style.


5. Is lighting enough for an accent wall?

Minimalist designs can create accent walls with just the use of light. If you look at the photo below, there’s really nothing on the wall except for a hidden light behind. One of the things people forget when it comes to accent walls is how the light hits the actual wall. If it is hit by sunset, then you can use this lighting to add depth to the room.


Overall, accent walls are great parts of the room. They attract attention, but more importantly, they highlight areas of the room that would otherwise be overlooked.



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