125 Basement Ideas: Say Goodbye to Dingy and Dusty Basements

Basements are often thought of as a guy’s den or a creepy dirty room filled with cobwebs. But if you have a lot of space down below, it would be such a waste to just house insects and unused items there. Sure, they can be used as storage, but that doesn’t mean that it should look like it.

Basements are often overlooked parts of the house. Because no one really visits the basements, there’s no incentive for anyone to decorate them. However, if you know how to make use of this space, then there are so many things you can do here.

Take a look at these designs that will definitely redefine what “basement” means!

1. Hidden Bar

It’s time to change the way people think about basements. Instead of having them all dark and gloomy, you can convert it into something that you and your visitors can use. One of the most common renovations for basements is a bar. This basement feels like it isn’t underground because of its high ceilings. even the bricks and the lights make you feel like you’ve just stepped into an art studio.

You can even give it a real bar atmosphere by having dim lights and a huge bar right at the middle of the room. This is great if you love preparing drinks for your friends. This design can even double as a sports bar thanks to the flat screen mounted on the wall.

You can even design a high-end bar just at your home. This underground bar has its own billiard table which is great for adults and friends to bond over during the weekends.

2. Game Night

Everyone loves game night. With a well-designed basement, you can now stop forcing your guests in the living room where it’s hard to move around what with all the vases and appliances there. When you have your own game room, you will realize how it’s one of the best rooms in the house. This basement makes it a very cozy place to watch a soccer game.

Since it’s going to be your game room, feel free to add anything that makes you feel happy here. Take a look at this basement that has a slide at the side. To make things more interesting, you can add a few arcade games in the room plus a shelf that houses all the board games you can play with your friends. And if ever you get tired of board games, there’s a billiard table you can use.

Talk about game night! In this bowling room, you won’t even remember that this was a basement in the first place. Complete with screens that show you your score, this can easily be your friends’ favorite game place.


3. Movie Theater

If you’re the kind who wants to stay at home to watch a good movie, then you can convert your basement into your very own movie theater. Here, you’re free to watch old, new, and even action-packed movies. Plus, you don’t have to sit in generic theater chairs. In this movie theater basement, you can have the comfiest chairs in the house!

To maximize space, you can opt to have sofas instead of individual chairs. If you watch movies lying down, then you’ll find these sofas very comfortable. Be ready and add more pillows and blankets too.

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4. Children’s Playroom

One of the main reasons why there’s a lot of clutter in the house because kids don’t have their own play places. If they can’t play in their rooms, then they will most likely play in the living room. So if you want to avoid getting anything dirty or scattered, convert your basement into a playroom.

This playroom gives a lot of space for children who love running around. This is perfect for toddlers who use walkers or kids who love playing tag indoors. At the same time, having shelves and boxes at the side reduces the chances of getting any injuries.


5. Indoor Gym

With a lot of people opting to have a healthier lifestyle, gym equipment is starting to have an increase in sales. But the problem with exercising is not so much on the exercise but on the effort you have to give in order to get to the gym. If you have a lot of space in your basement, you can use it to put all the gym equipment you need.

When you have your very own indoor gym, there’s no more excuse for you to not exercise. Having equipment at home not just pushes you to exercise more often, it also prevents you to pay for gas, parking, and a gym membership you might not even use.


6. Plush and Comfy

Sometimes, it’s just great to have a place where you can lie down all day and not think about work. So, if you design your basement with a lot of pillows or beds, then you easily have a hideaway from all the stress. You can call it your sanctuary and design it with pieces that make you feel relaxed.

You can also add a fireplace here to add warmth in the room. Modern fireplaces are in the market now, so you don’t have to worry about designing a fireplace that could put dirt all over your carpet.


7. Time for Arts and Crafts

If you’re planning to have a kids’ playroom, then might as well design it to have an arts and crafts corner. For example, this basement placed a table right in the middle where kids can do their arts and crafts. At the same time, there’s a huge chalkboard at the side where kids can draw and color all they want.


8. Your Very Own Room

Just because bedrooms are often found on the second floors of a home doesn’t mean that you have to place it there. Underground bedrooms are great for people who want to make sure they don’t get bothered all the time. Just think about it – if your room’s underground, most people won’t bother barging through your door.

The issue with having an underground bedroom is the lack of natural light. This room shows that it wouldn’t be the case since you can always place windows at the topmost part of the wall. If this won’t be enough, then make sure that the lighting in your room can be similar to natural light.

Take a look at this basement bedroom. The only windows it has are the ones at the side. However, it compensates by placing a lot of small lights scattered everywhere in the room. If you love reading, then make sure there are lights installed just above the bed.


9. Hobby Room

There is no better place to put all your tools and equipment for your hobbies but in the basement. Just look at this basement where all the person’s hobbies are placed. What’s great about this is that you don’t have to put them all in a living room where it seems out of character especially when you are entertaining guests.

There’s another advantage of having a room for your hobbies – you don’t have to pack them every time. You can just leave them as it is and it wouldn’t be seen as making a mess.


10. Creative Space

If you’re an artist, then you know why an art room is important. Without an art room, there’s no place to put all the frames, paintbrushes, and all the sketches you can make. You can’t put them in the bedroom because they’re dirty. Besides, when you paint, you have to have ample space to do your artwork. This basement below shows how you can design your artroom to incorporate all the tools and equipment you need. There’s even a sink for when you need to wash your hands or your palette.

Or, if you like working on the floor, then you can convert your basement to have a lot of space. In this way, you are free to place photos around.


11. The Man Cave

Face it, when you have a family, it’s a lot harder to invite your guy friends over for drinks and games. But that won’t be a problem anymore if you convert your basement to your very own man cave. You can place a billiard table for your friends and even hang all the picture of them around the walls.

If you want to have a more sophisticated den, you can mount a TV set on the wall. This is perfect if you and your friends love watching sports and games together.

And don’t forget to have a bar where you and your friends can actually enjoy drinking all night round. This way, you just have one place where you stash the alcohol that even your kids won’t get a hold of.


12. For Your New Housemate

If you have a very big basement, then you can use this space to let someone stay over. That means, additional rental income for you! But of course, you have to maximize the space to be able to have a bedroom, workspace, and a living room. Look at these basements that feel like whole houses.


13. Treasured Wine Cellar

Wine shouldn’t just be placed in the fridge. If you are a wine connoisseur, then you know that there’s the right temperature for wines. So, you can convert your basement into your very own wine cellar.


14. Study Spaces

Need a distraction-free space? Then the basement is the place to be. Here, you can design it specifically to look like a study room. Take note, there should not be anything that will make you want to go straight to bed.


15. Indoor Pool

You can have a pool at your home except that it doesn’t involve water. If you love pool as much as the next person, then the basement is a great place to have it. Here, you can be shut out from the world and have a nice quiet game.

Or you can have your own pool – literally! But if make sure to have it enclosed in glass walls so that the room looks bigger. This will also help you manage the mess people create after swimming.


16. Underground Home

The conventional house has everything above ground. But these houses show that you can design underground spaces to look as modern and bright as possible.


17. Crisp and Clean

If you live alone, you know how hard it is to maintain a home. Before you even worry about these things, make sure that you design places where it will be easy for you to clean. It even helps to be minimalistic in terms of ornaments and fixtures.

Tips in Designing a Basement

Contrary to popular belief that you need an interior designer to get things done, you can actually design your basement with minimal supervision. It’s your basement after all. If you have no idea where to start, then you’ll find these tips to help you design the perfect basement ever.


Tip #1: Know what you want from it.

Before you even fill it with things, ask yourself what you plan to do in the basement. If it’s to chill and watch movies, then you already know what kind of design best fits this purpose.


Tip #2: Is this personal space or public space?

If it’s going to be a public place for your friends and family, make sure that it has enough space for people to move around. Also, it helps to add a few things that your friends love to enjoy, say a billiard table or a foosball table.

But if it’s going to be your personal space, then you can design it in the way you want it to especially if it’s going to be your relaxing space.


Tip #3: What’s the theme?

Most people decide on the theme they want. The best reason for doing this is to be able to focus yourself on color palettes, designs, and ornaments that give that specific theme.


Tip #4: Pick the color palette.

When you know what theme you want, it’s a lot easier to have a color palette. If the theme is joyful and fun, then you will stick to colors that are bright and light.

But if your theme is serious and modern, your color palettes are often dark with a few bright shades of the same color.


Tip #5: Use creative storage spaces.

Most basements are used as storage spaces. However, some people forget that it doesn’t have to be boring and bulky. When converting a basement to storage space, make sure to use space-efficient organizers. For example, sofas and seats can also house a few cabinets. and you can line the walls with racks and compartments.


Tip #6: Keep it clean.

To make sure that all your redecoration doesn’t put to waste, always maintain your basement. Basements are prone to water damage since they are underground, so always keep an eye out on leaks and moisture.


Tip #7: Don’t overstuff it.

A basement is not meant to be stuffy. There’s a misconception that the only function of a basement is storage space, but that is not true. So, if you plan on staying in the basement for any more than 10 minutes, then only put things that will make it appealing to you.


Tip #8: Small space? No problem!

Small basements will not be a problem in redecorating. In fact, you can still use space-saving furniture to make it livable.


FAQs on Basement Ideas

  1. Is it expensive to redecorate a basement?

It’s hard to say whether a basement renovation is expensive or not. There are many factors involved in determining the cost – the floor area, the design, how much change will be done, cost of materials, length of renovation, etc. However, most redecorations can be quite expensive especially if you have a lot of things to change in the room.


2. Will a basement increase the home value?

A renovated basement will always add value to a home because it serves as an extra usable room for home buyers. The value increases, even more, when it is designed beautifully.


3. How long does it take to renovate a basement?

Depending on the renovation, it can last for a month to six months. If you are going to make the basement look simple, then you can just give it a month. However, always keep in mind the other factors affecting the length of renovation such as finishing, the number of people working, the budget, etc.


4. Are basements commonly converted to home theaters?

There is a large demand for home theaters especially when TV screens and acoustics are being more high-tech. Plus, the basement is one of the best places to have a home theater because it gives better surround sound away from outside noises.


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