104 Gorgeous Bathroom Ideas For Your Ultimate Relaxation

Each time you step inside your bathroom, you dream of having an elegant one. A bathroom that offers not just the things you need for cleaning, but also brings comfort and relaxation. If you are thinking about a shower room renovation, we have rounded up stunning bathroom ideas for your inspiration.

It is not impossible to have a bathroom that boldly brings a statement. It might be the smallest room in the house when it comes to space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t style it with fashion.

Some of us may want a simple style. Others want it fancy and grand. Whatever the style and preferences you like, we have it on this page. From rustic chic, boho chic, vintage, contemporary, neutral and popping colors, beach style to farmhouse design – we’ve got you covered.

For those who are on a budget, don’t fret. We also have a lot of bathroom ideas that are way cheaper to achieve. With decorations, there are so many options available with the things you need that are within your means.

One great alternative is DIY where you can make your own decors. These can even be built from scratch that you can find around the house. For other materials, they can be pretty cheap too. Thus, you can have a gorgeous bathroom without the need to break the bank.

So, for those who find their bathroom uninteresting, you may need to revamp it in your own preferences. There is no need to spend a fortune on decorating your bathroom. Even if you have deep pockets, you can still save money from these bathroom ideas that we are sharing with you.

Have a tour in this collection as we have a lot of great things in store for you.

Let’s get started.

Vintage style with a gold-plated faucet

DIY ladder rack

DIY music and movie wallpaper

Black and white combo

Pale blue walls with painting

Brick walls industrial style

Black and white marble with round mirror

Stonewall with modern white sink

Square tiles with plant life

Marble tiles with wooden cabinet

Tips and tricks to decorate your bathroom

A lot of ways and means are available for your inspiration on how to decorate your bathroom with ease. Although it can take a little time from you, the outcome would be more inspiring and gives you a sense of achievement.

When styling your bathroom, always go for the design and decors that suits your taste and style. It’s just the same as dressing up. You can’t wear anything that you doesn’t make you comfortable despite its elegance and beauty.

What makes it awesome is when you are able to put up something that gives you ease and comfort – not just elegance. Always consider adding some elements that would stand out from the others because that will be your bathroom decor’s strength.

Put some efforts to make it the bathroom of your dreams because, despite its size, it should represent you as a person. Here are some tips and tricks for you to set up and organize your bathroom on your own style and preferences.

  • Keep it functional and easy to use.
  • Always place an all-in-one rack and organizer.
  • Hang a bathroom mirror. If you have a bigger space, get a lifesize one.
  • Use non-slip bathroom rugs.
  • Keep bathroom curtains depending on your style and taste.
  • Add some plant life.
  • Keep good lighting.
  • Ensure that it is well-ventilated.
  • Keep the ceiling as higher as possible.
  • Bright walls are awesome.
  • Resort to DIY if you want to save money.
  • Keep it cool and fresh by placing air fresheners.
  • Don’t forget to keep bathroom slippers.
  • Buy bathroom necessities in a bottle to avoid too much plastic waste.
  • Save energy by turning the lights off when not in use.

Vintage mirror with two wall-mounted bulbs and an improvised trash bin

White bathtub, plant life, and geometric floor

Contemporary bathroom with a rustic chair and plant life

Medieval wall decals

Modern bathroom with glass door and geometric floor

Rustic furnishing with firepit by the bathtub

Geometric walls with vintage mirror and paintings

Double marble sink with cabinet

Circular door with geometric floor

Marble sink with monochromatic walls

More often than not, elegance doesn’t require fancy furnishing and decors. Sometimes, you only need the right decors that would balance everything out. Others even love DIY, especially the wooden pallets that are so gorgeous to make for any decors around the house.

We’ve also covered stunning pallet ideas for home decors and they are perfect for bathroom set up as well. A wooden ladder is perfect in the bathroom where you can hang your towels and other fabric needed in the bathroom.

When you set up your bathroom, try not to overdo it with decors because it can defeat your purpose of making it a statement. Keep it safe with one theme and inspiration. If you want it mixed, ensure that something takes center stage – something that puts you in awe.

An abundance of furniture and decors isn’t always necessary, especially when you are a minimalist. Too many decors hide the attraction of the bathroom. Thus, it’s important that you know when to stop doing something that might overdo the setup.

If you have a rustic taste, it will save you a lot of money because you can just put decors that you can make from recycled materials. The wooden pallets, for instance, would make a pretty rack that you can mount on the wall. Or a small square side table where you can place plant life or anything needed in the bathroom.

There are so many DIY options that you can mimic these days, especially that crafters are all over social media showcasing their works. They can be your inspiration and their ideas are also a huge help for you to get done with your DIY project.

Enhance your creativity with substance. That’s something that you most probably need in decorating your bathroom.

Farmhouse bathroom with high ceiling

Patterned teal wall with oval-shaped mirror

Classy bathtub with gold stand and faucet and a fancy chandelier

Elegant marble sink with bold geometric walls

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Minimalist bathroom with simple bathtub

Chic wallpaper with dark geometric tiles

Minimalist black and white combo with plant life and a wooden chair

Pallet walls and storage with chicken wire doors

Modern black and white combo with lines, patterns, and geometric floor

Ocean-inspired bathroom

You may think that decorating your bathroom may take a lot of time. Yes, it might be, but with the following tricks, things would be easier for you.

While we have shown you gorgeous bathroom ideas, you might have a hard time deciding for yourself. That’s totally understandable, especially with this collection that is jam-packed with marvelous styles and designs.

But for your ease, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use a mural wall if you want some touch of painting in the bathroom.
  • You can opt for adhesive tiles that you can just stick on the wall.
  • Get bar-inspired lighting if you are into makeup. This is great on the vanity mirror.
  • Replace your old lights with a modern one that fits your modern bathroom.
  • You can stick vinyl floor planks. They look like real wood.
  • Use a vinyl woven mat if you don’t have enough budget to upgrade your bathroom flooring.
  • Add bathroom storage that you can just put in the corner to save space.
  • Get pull out drawers to maximize the storage.
  • You can also hang pendant bath lights for a chicer look.
  • Upgrade your bathroom accessories.
  • Use wall decals or stickers to change your wall ambiance if re-painting is pricey.
  • Layer your lighting for a more dramatic look.
  • If you want a retro ambiance, use ball pendant bath lights with the subtle wall color.
  • Hang your wall decors.
  • Use a floating shelf to save space. It’s cuter than ever.
  • Color and lighting choice will produce an elegant organic element. Choose earth-inspired colors.
  • Bright colors are your alternative if you want a lively and bold bathroom.
  • Use dramatic lighting and neutral color such as gray if you like a spa-inspired bathroom.

Black walls with carved circles and a tall rack

Chic wallpaper with a vintage chair

Blue geometric walls with a gold-plated shower

Unique shower room with curtains and stainless steel shower

Bright white bathroom with a wooden stool and plant life

Cloudy wallpaper with a wooden cabinet

Nude walls with storage and floor planks

Outdoor-inspired bathroom with dark walls

A white stonewall with a black furnishing

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Safari-inspired bathroom

Rustic bathroom with paintings and wooden floor

Half-geometric and tile walls with round mirror

Updating your bathroom vibes is now easier than before with these bathroom ideas, tips, and tricks. It only takes a single step to start the remodeling. But how would you decorate your bathroom with clutters?

Although there are many spacious bathroom that the rich and the famous have, most of us don’t actually have it. Thus, decluttering is important when you have a bathroom witl smaller space.

A bathroom is one of the spaces in our house that we always use and we all know that. Therefore, it should always be neat and pleasant because it’s where we freshen up.

The bathroom ideas that you are seeing are just among the smart ideas in decorating your shower room without being messy. It’s also about avoiding clutters to make look neater and bigger even with the small space.

  • Take advantage of the shower curtain. Hang your curtain as high as possible to make your bathroom look airy.
  • Use double-purpose furniture. This means using a cabinet with drawers that you can also use as a countertop table. An ottoman with hidden storage is also great to keep some of your bathroom needs.
  • Don’t overdo the bathroom decors. There is a tendency to look messy when you put too much decors. Balance everything as much as possible.
  • Popping colors must be steady. It’s nice to have colors that are singing out, but keep them balanced with other neutral colors in the bathroom.
  • Use neutral hues with vintage or rustic style. Country-style bathroom is always perfect when it’s paired with safe colors like gray, deep blue, brown, and other earth-inspired colors.

White rustic bathroom with circular door

Yellow sensation

Rustic bathroom with black bathtub

Black and white with geometric flooring

Multi-color marble walls with vintage mirror

White vanity mirror with ottoman

Log cabin bathroom

Paintings and china vases

Bathtub by the window

Oval-shaped mirrors with patterned floor

Black and white stripes with elegant chandelier

White bathroom with geometric floor and wooden pallet chair

Chic floor with huge white bathtub

Elegant decors with marble walls

Subtle ming walls with marble countertop

Starting off with the walls, you can either use wallpapers for it, or upgrade it totally. Give time in brainstorming the colors that you like to perfectly match with the floor.

With these bathroom ideas, you should be able to revamp your bathroom with little to no money spending.

  • Skip the big furniture. Even if you have bigger space in the bathroom, it is still safe to use smaller furniture to ensure that you keep the ambiance cool without making it look messy.
  • Don’t forget the plant life. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it is incomplete without a plant life.
  • Always consider DIY. We recommentd to always resort to DIY as it’s way cheaper and you can make your own stuff exactly the way you want it. You can even get the materials needed around the house. That means, you are building your bathroom decors from scratch, which is great when you are trying to save money.
  • Make your own taste the style of your bathroom. It’s hard to decorate your bathroom according to other people’s taste. You will need to style it according to your style and preferences. After all, it’s your safe haven.
  • Keep it simple and elegant. Ensure that you add a color that’s singing out to sustain its elegance.
  • Make use of the wall-mounted hooks. One way to save space is to use wall-mounted hooks where you can hang all bathroon stuff like your towels and clean rugs.
  • Hang paintings. Another great way of adding substance to your bathroom decoration is to hang some paintings that you like the most.

We still a lot of fascinating bathroom ideas for you to ensure that you everything you need for inspiration. Keep scrolling below.

Subtle living coral walls with wooden cabinet

Modern glass-walled bathroom

Stirring blue hues with China vase and woven basket

Improvised metal tub with oakwood stand

White bathroom with built-in closet and square mirror

Marble bathtub by the tall vintage window

Tile walls with rectangular mirror and colorful rug

Simple white bathroom overlooking the city

Woven wall decor and marble sink

Geometric flooring with a popping plant life

Rustic stonewall

Marble walls with pendant bath light and black and white sink

Fancy royalty-inspired bathroom with a huge bathtub

Old rose tiles

Repurposed metal bathtub with gold-plated shower

Gray marble cabinet

Vintage bathroom with wooden chairs and drawer

Built-in bathtub with white shutters

White all-in-one cabinet and a wooden stool

Large mirror with vintage drawer

Wooden geometric floor with two woven baskets and a bathtub

Blue tile floor with large white cabinet

Elegant minimalist bathroom with neutral colors

One of the best strategies of keeping your bathroom free from clutters is to keep a countertop with hidden storage. It will make your bathroom look neat and clean. The countertop with storage will house all the bathroom stuff without the need to show it off.

While these bathroom ideas are all suitable for all people with different taste, it it still important that decluttering is considered. There is no other way to keep it clean, but to avoid overdoing the decoration and furniture.

White bathrooms are always perfect when it comes to neat and clean style, but you may need to have a color that would stand out. Always ensure the elegance and comfort that your bathroom provides so that you would be able to feel its importance.

Most importantly, you should have fun remodeling your bathroom as it will be your ultimate relaxation. Never forget to put a bathtub if possible. If you can’t afford it, an repurposed one would be really awesome. After all, it’s DIY and it showcases creativity.

Check out more of our bathroom ideas below.

White sensation with pink flowers

Two mirrors with purple flowers

Rectangular mirror with patterned floor

Built-in bathtub by the window with a woven basket

Farmhouse-inspired bathroom with two shaped mirrors and wooden storage

Marble floor with wooden ladder and vintage chair

Oval-shaped mirror and vintage organizer

Distressed marble frame and vintage hooks

Dark wooden cabinet with pull out drawers

Bright printed red walls with big cabinet

Modern bathroom with glass door and plant life

Modern white bathroom with shaped mirror

Ocean blue wall with round mirror and woven basket

Modern all-in-one organizer

Contemporary printed tile walls with glass door

Rustic wooden cabinet with two hanging mirrors

Modern nude and brown combo with plant life

Contemporary bathroom with mural wall

Bar-inspired lighting

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