119 Clever Bathroom Storage Cabinet Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

The bathroom is that part of the house that needs to be as hygienic and clean as possible. Having the right storage solutions can help you achieve this. It can also make bath times and pre-workday preparations a lot more convenient.

It does not matter if you have a spacious bathroom or a teeny-weeny powder room. What matters is you have the right bathroom storage cabinet ideas to help you get organized. Here are 9 clever ideas to try.

9 Cool Bathroom Storage Solutions to Think About

1. Repurposed Bar Cart

One of the coolest bathroom storage cabinet ideas we’ve encountered is a repurposed bar cart. Bar carts are very useful pieces of furniture. They can provide you with the storage solution that you need, while also adding to the visual appeal of your bathroom.

Most bar carts come with only two shelves, however. It will be great if you can also maximize the space on the lower shelf. You can place woven baskets to hold your towels and rolls of toilet paper.

You can also create your own box to go on the bottom shelf. The wine glass holders from the underside of the top shelf can also serve as a storage solution. Use it to create a system of hangers for your bath items.

2. Get an Etagere

If you’re the kind of homeowner who hates drilling holes into the wall, then getting an etagere is a good choice. This is a type of furniture with open shelves. In their normal use, etageres are perfect for displaying ornaments.

Since you will use this piece of furniture in the bathroom, you can store any item you want in any of the shelves. The key here is in the furniture’s open shelf design. You can store your towels or bathroom slippers in the lower shelf. Put an acrylic storage box in the middle shelf to store your medicines.

3. Pleated Fabric Skirt

There are homes that do not have the luxury of space in their bathrooms. Mounting a cabinet on the wall is out of the question, as it can further cramp the space.

If you have a wide enough sink in your bathroom, you can utilize the space underneath the sink for storage. Putting a pleated fabric skirt around the sink can help hide whatever stuff you store under the sink.

You can place an ordinary shoe rack that you have repurposed into an organizer. You can stack several empty shoeboxes to serve as storage solution. Your cleaning materials will also be hidden from view by the fabric skirt. Make sure the color and the design of the fabric complements the theme of your bathroom.

4. Magnetic Organizers

For obvious reasons, these will only work if you have metal surfaces in your bathroom. The good news is that there are now many products that allow you to mount these organizers on your wall without ever drilling a hole.

The adhesive side of the system comes with a metal object. The back of the organizer also comes with a magnet. The beauty of this system is that you can mount them on almost any other surface.

This is a real space-saver. If you already have a bathroom cabinet, you can also mount these on the inside surface of the cabinet door. You will never run out of storage options ever again.

5. Custom-Built Bathroom Bench

If you have an average-sized bath, getting a contractor to build you a bench with a hidden storage is a great idea. This is one of those clever bathroom storage cabinet ideas that everyone should try.

This works well for people who love spending countless hours in the bathroom reading their favorite book or magazine. It would be best if the bathroom came with a window that provides a fascinating view of the outdoors. You can turn your bathroom into a hideaway, perfect for reflecting on the activities of the day.

6. Repurposed Old Furniture

Some of us have old furniture collecting dust and cobwebs in the basement or the garage. You can breathe life back into these old pieces of furniture by repurposing them as a storage solution in your bathroom.

The only issue with this clever idea is that the design of the furniture may not match the aesthetics of the bathroom. This is quite easy to fix, regardless. You can add accents to the bathroom that will complement the theme of the furniture. At the very least, storing your stuff will never be an issue.

7. Floating Shelves

There are a lot of things you can store on several floating shelves. What is important here is to choose an area in the bathroom that you seldom use.

One of these is the space above the toilet. Many homeowners use this space to mount a favorite portrait to add style in the bathroom. This is never a good way to make use of space in an efficient manner.

A better solution is to install floating shelves on the wall above the toilet. Place baskets or small containers on these shelves to accommodate your bath items. Now that is a clever way to maximize unused space.

8. A Narrow Alcove

Homeowners who want to renovate their bathrooms can leave a small narrow space between the wall of their bathroom and the outer edge of the bathtub. This is one area that you can turn into an alcove.

It does not have to be very spacious. As long as you can utilize the space and create several shelves, then it should be a great bathroom storage cabinet idea.

Use organizers, acrylic containers, baskets, and other systems to help you organize your stuff. Put the rarely-used items on the topmost shelf and the frequently-used ones in the middle shelves. This makes it easy to get the things you need.

9. Small Wall Cabinet

Sometimes the most clever of all bathroom storage cabinet ideas is a simple cabinet to go on the wall above your toilet. While it is simple, it does provide you with the function that you need.

It is best to use a combination of faux granite and cherry wood to give the cabinet a more stunning look. Of course, you can always experiment with other combinations.

You can get a carpenter to make you the bathroom cabinet of your dreams. Make sure to complement the main theme of your bathroom, however. This is an appealing and a practical option at the same time.

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Tips for Organizing the Bathroom

The medicine cabinet or the bathroom cabinet is not only a solution for organizing your medicines and toiletries. It can also serve as a storage for your other personal items and family belongings. However, using a bathroom cabinet is only one of the many solutions to organize the bathroom. Check out the following tips to get your bath spick and span.


You will never know how much you need to clean and organize your bathroom if you do not remove clutter first. There are two main reasons why you should do this.

First, it gives you an inventory of all the items that you have. This will make it a lot easier to determine which of these items you have to hold on and which objects you can let go.

Second, decluttering gives you a fair assessment of the degree of organizing that you will need to perform. This will help guide you in coming up with more clever bathroom storage ideas.

Unused Parts of Furnishings

The key to effective bathroom organization is utilizing available surfaces. One classic example is the inside surface of your doors. It can be the bathroom door or the cabinet doors.

In most instances, the inside surface of these furnishings is not utilized to the fullest. You can install peg boards, door organizers, or hooks into these surfaces so you can have other storage options.

Invest in Drawer Dividers

If you have drawers in your bathroom, try to check its vertical space. In most cases, you will have several inches of unused vertical space. It would be wise to maximize this space to organize the stuff that you have.

Purchase a set of drawer dividers or you can improvise. What you need is a system that allows you to categorize your items.

Get a Caddy for Each Family Member

No sharing or toothbrushes and other personal items. This is one of the most basic principles when it comes to personal hygiene. From toothbrushes to shavers or razors, everyone in the family should have his or her own.

Getting a caddy for each family member can help prevent the spread of germs. It also makes your bathroom neater.

Use Acrylic Containers

These clear plastic containers do more than store your bathroom items. They also make identification a lot easier. You no longer have to open each cabinet or drawer to look for the object that you need. It is one of those simple yet effective bathroom storage cabinet ideas that you can adhere to.

Don’t Forget to Label

Labeling is all about making things easier to find. You can be as crafty as you want in your style of labeling. Make sure that it is readable, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is it necessary to have a storage cabinet in the bathroom?

That depends on the size of your bathroom and the items that you want to store. There are many cabinet systems today that work even in small spaces. If you have a small bathroom, it may be wise to look at space-saving storage solutions other than your standard bathroom cabinet.

You might also want to make an inventory of the items you want to store. If you do not have that many items to store, then you can opt for a smaller storage solution.

• What items can I store in a bathroom storage cabinet?

In its strictest sense, a bathroom storage cabinet should contain your medications. It can also include toiletries and hygiene products. Know that the size of the cabinet can also give you an idea of what you can store.

Many homeowners also use their bathroom storage cabinets to organize their towels and other personal items. Everything depends on what you need.

• Is it possible to organize the bathroom without ever using storage cabinets?

You can utilize the back of your bathroom door for other purposes. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of the door to store almost everything that you have in the bathroom. If you have the budget, you can install a door-mounted cabinet, too.

You can also put a basket or two on top of your toilet. Magnet boards also work when organizing metallic objects in the bathroom. There are also homeowners who sew several large pockets into their shower curtains.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to organizing the bathroom without resorting to a standard bathroom storage cabinet.

• I would like to make my bathroom look bigger. What can I do?

Repaint your bathroom using softer and paler color schemes. This will help make it look more spacious. Avoid exciting and strong colors. You can also look at your bathroom and identify elements that “stick” out.

If you have wall shelves, decorative wall accessories, or hanging racks, you may want to remove some of these. Adding mirrors in your bathroom can also give you the illusion of a big space.

Light-colored flooring and additional lighting fixtures can also help. Remove small accessories and other visual distractions. Keep your bathroom as simple as possible. This will make your bath look bigger than it is.

There are many ways you can declutter and organize your bathroom. These 9 bathroom storage cabinet ideas should help you determine how you can best maximize that space in your bath.


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