110 Super-Cool Boys Room Ideas for Your Growing Young Man

Most parents may feel apprehensive if ever their little boy begins demanding superhero beddings, neon walls, and an ocean floor of toys. However, one also has to realize that the little guy is now growing up. He now has varying interests. His needs are changing, too. And in case you haven’t updated the little guy’s space since nursery, then it is about time to spice things up in his own private space. You can combine equal parts chic and youthful to give your boy a room that is both playful and with personality. Consider these 10 boys room ideas as your inspiration in creating a room that is unique to your young man.

1. Playful, Fun-filled Attic Space

If your little guy happens to be a life-sized Energizer bunny, then you might want to consider turning his space into a compact playground. Mount a climbing rope on the ceiling or place a large net on the wall. This will get him all pumped up as he explores the wonders of wall-climbing and scaling. Place a hammock midway to the ceiling and place a rope ladder as the little tyke’s access. Don’t forget the swing. Every little boy loves to ride on such a playground contraption, attempting to reach the sky.

For the furnishings, try putting a sturdy wooden desk to serve as your kid’s study table. Place a net frame backing so that he can play soccer right after finishing his homework. Skip the conventional chair and put large bean bags instead. These are a lot easier to stow away when your kid is ready for his big game.

2. To Infinity and Beyond

Whether your boy is a fan of the young Anakin or a newly-converted disciple of Kylo Ren, turning his room into a galactic enclave is sure to get him reaching for the stars. It does not matter which of the space-age sci-fi characters or films that your young man will want to have in his room. What is critical is that you place all the necessary elements of an intergalactic theme. You do not need to paint the entire room in solid black. A dark blue paint on one side of the room is enough to create an illusion of space.

Match its beddings to complement the theme. Add silhouettes of TIE Fighters or Imperial Cruisers on the front drawers of cabinets. Put some wall paintings that show the schematics of R2D2, C3PO, or BB-8. Place a light saber holder on one section of the room and complete the bedroom dress up with memorabilia from your kid’s favorite space adventures.

3. Play-Now-Sleep-Later

If you are having a difficult time putting your little man to bed, maybe you should try tiring him first. A kid can go straight to slumber land if its body is too tired. Of course, we are not saying that your boy needs to shape up. The point is that a kid’s bedroom is very different from what his parents have. For children, the bedroom is their kingdom where they can play make-believe.

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Take your cue from this and start designing a bunk bed that doubles as a miniature playground. It does not have to have all the contraptions of a full-sized playground, of course. The important thing here is to integrate elements that your young man will enjoy doing. For instance, does he fancy being the next Spiderman? If that is the case, then you might consider putting a solid wall on the front side of his bunk. Now, place holes and grips as well as a ladder and you’ve got a structure that even Spidey will love.

4. The Great Wilderness Camp-In

It doesn’t matter if your young man doesn’t know Indiana Jones. As long as he’s fascinated with the wilderness or anything that has something to do with the wild outdoors, then you can create a mini camp-in right in his room. You have plenty of options in this particular boys room idea. Pick an Amazon theme and fill the room with greens and other vibrant colors. Add a few stuffed toy animals like snakes and tarantulas.

National parks can become natural inspirations, too. Paint the room in earth colors like shades of brown and gray to simulate the earth. Add some reclaimed wood and form it into a bed canopy. It should resemble the makeshift tents of American frontiersmen. Place toy fire logs on the floor and surround it with large-enough stones or pebbles. The aim here is to be as rustic as possible.

5. Room with a Fantastic View

There are kids who like to travel with their parents. Or, they may love reading books about fascinating places. In such cases, it is often a good idea to simulate living in your kid’s favorite place. The idea here is to print or paint an outdoor scene that can fill up an entire wall, from corner to corner and from floor to ceiling. For example, you can place a custom wallpaper mural featuring Mount Rushmore on the entire wall. Your kid will love the feeling of “sleeping” or “staying” in a room with a fantastic view of this famous American monument.

To complete the transformation, you will need to add a few more things that have something to do with the scene. Adding a few plant life in the room will give the sensation that the young man is at the base of Mount Rushmore.

6. Playful Doodle Space

If you’ve seen movies where there are scenes of scientists scribbling their formulations on every conceivable space, then this is what you’re going to do. For parents of budding whiz kids, turning a wall in their room as their personal black board should make for an interesting boys’ bedroom idea. They can scribble and doodle everything that they can come up with. From math formulas to scientific notations, the bedroom can turn out to be the next Einstein’s den.

Place the periodic table of the elements on the section of the wall above the window frame. Draw polygons, equations, and algorithms. Let your kid decide what scientific doodles he wants to put on his wall. Now, make sure to leave one wall that is specific for your kid’s own formulations. You will never know how much of a genius you have at home.

7. Adrenaline-Pumping Fun

School-aged boys and preteens that are active in sports can relish in a room that is aptly-themed. For example, getting a basketball hoop behind the door with a laundry bag underneath it is one great way to hone your boy’s basketball shooting skills. And if your young man is envisioning himself to be the next Tony Hawk or Rodney Mullen, then turning his room into a skateboard-inspired den is a must.

The idea is to take some of the elements of the sports that your boy loves. From soccer to American football to baseball and basketball, there are a lot of things that you can include. Turn the floor into a miniature basketball half-court or an ice hockey rink. Paint the walls blue, in case your kid loves the waves. Add a surfboard and some goggles and flippers to match.

8. Metropolis and Gotham in a Room

It doesn’t matter if your child wants to go with a Superman theme or a darker Batman motif. What is more important is the overall theme of his room. Like all superheroes, your child deserves the backdrop of a bustling city. Silhouettes of skyscrapers and other famous landmarks can adorn the wall at the head of his bed. With matching night lamps to create a fascinating vibe, this metropolis landscape is great for pre-teens. They’ve already outgrown kiddie characters that they’re now ready for more near-adult stuff.

Complete the room transformation with matching details in your young man’s furnishings as well as other bedroom accessories. Do not forget to complement the theme with an appropriate bedding, including pillows. Match the floor as well to give the room a more contemporary “city” ambiance.

9. The Fabulous Costume and Toys Corner

If there’s one thing that defines a child, it’s his toy. From action figures to cars, toy guns, and build and construction play sets, your young man has to have a way to organize and showcase his treasures. And we haven’t even begun talking about his costumes. You don’t need to build a house-sized carousel to curate your boy’s array of Iron Man suits or Captain America’s uniform. All you need is a little improvisation.

This boys room idea is very simple enough that it doesn’t require any serious modification in your child’s bedroom. In many cases, all you need is to add some highlights to the child’s existing closet to turn it into a carousel of costumes. Remove one door of his cabinet and mount some shelves. You now have something to showcase his growing number of toys.

10. Map Quest

Is your young man fascinated with world geography? Can he name the capital cities of the different nations on the globe? Like the boys’ room idea of turning his bedroom into a metropolis, this trick calls for a wall-to-wall mural of the world map. You will need someone to customize a wallpaper for you, though. As an alternative, it is possible to paint the map yourself. And if in case your child has a knack for drawing, then he can help, too.

Add a touch of discovery by tracing the route that took Christopher Columbus to the New World. Create highlights on the map. Put enlarged icons of historic landmarks like the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Acropolis in Athens, the Pyramids of Egypt, and the Taj Mahal in India. This is sure to liven up your boy’s fascination about the world.

Cool Tips to Decorate Your Boys’ Room

It would be impossible to create a complete list of boys’ room ideas that will fit right into your child’s unique personality and needs. That is why many parents hire the services of an interior decorator or designer to help them come up with the best possible bedroom for their respective kids. However, you do not have to get such services, unless you do not have time to update your child’s den. What you do need are some cool tips to help you decorate your boy’s bedroom and breathe life back into it.

Focus on Fun and Your Kid’s Passions

If you want your child to be ecstatic about his “new” den, then you should pay attention to the things that he is passionate about. His bedroom should have the “personality” that matches his own. Having said that, it is critical for parents to learn more about their children before they head to the drawing board. This will give you an idea of the things to include in the room as well as the motif or theme that you will work with. The whole idea is to zero in on the child’s passions. This will make him feel loved and treasured. You are also communicating to the child that you recognize his individuality.

Let Your Kid Help in the Design

Some parents think they know what is best for their kids. This might be true in most respects. However, when it comes to decorating the personal space of your child, nobody knows it better than the child himself. Since the aim here is to create a bedroom with a personality that matches the child’s own, then he should have a say in its design and decoration. Allow your kid to choose the colors that he wants for his room. Let him choose the accessories that will go into a specific area of the bedroom. Your job is to guide the little tyke in making these decisions. There is one benefit to letting kids have a say in the design of their bedroom. They will make a better effort at keeping it tidy and clean. This is because they know they have a part in its creation.

Choose Flexible Furnishings

It is okay to buy pieces of furniture that are very unique. However, you also have to consider the future of the bedroom. A Lightning McQueen-themed bed may be cool for a 7-year-old, but it may not be as cool for a 14-year old teenager. Remember, their interests and tastes also change as they grow into adulthood. That is why it is perhaps best to go with furnishings that have simple lines. An example will be an oak wood bed or a daybed. These may not be flashy, but they do work with almost any other interior design element.

Allow Plenty of Room for Play, Rest, and Other Activities

In case you haven’t noticed, your little boy prefers to spend more time in his bedroom than in the family room. This is because, in the mind of the little man, this is his personal space. It is his den, his kingdom. Having said that, it would not be wise to cram his bedroom with stuff. Space is something that everyone needs, including children. They need it to play, study, rest, store clothes, manage their stuff, and also to entertain their friends. That is why your kid’s activities should be very important considerations in the design of his bedroom. For instance, younger boys need more space for playtime activities. Teens, on the other hand, may require more space for entertaining their friends.

Do Not be Afraid to Get Funky with Kids’ Bedroom Accessories

One of the things that some parents hate is compromising the unity of the design of their home. That is why they may be averse to the idea of using funky kids’ bedroom accessories to spice up the place. However, there are accessories that go well with existing interior décor. One only needs to perform an exhaustive search. The bottom line is to think up of more ingenious ways to integrate the accessory into the kid’s everyday activities.

Skip Trends

Fads and trends are hot. Unfortunately, they do not last long. That is the very nature of trends. It may be a hot-selling theme today, but a goner in several weeks’ time. If your kid wants to have something trendy in his bedroom, then you might want to suggest getting a smaller version of that item. It is more economical and also allows you the chance to get rid of it in an instant in case your young man has outgrown it.

Always Think that this is Your Kid’s Room, Not Yours

Some parents are very enthusiastic about decorating their kid’s bedroom. They already have a very clear idea of what to do and the things to put in the room. However, this is your child’s bedroom, not yours. As such, do not add your childhood fantasies into theirs. For instance, if you’ve always found Astroboy or Megaman to be awesome, don’t push these characters into your boy’s life when all he wants is Lightning or Ezio Auditore.

Make Your Child’s Accomplishments as an Integral Part of His Room

Kids love to see their accomplishments in their bedrooms. It gives them the motivation to excel in the things that they love. Young boys can have their scribbles, drawings, and other works of art placed in a frame and mounted onto their walls. The medals, certificates, trophies of older boys and teens can have their own display cabinet. The important thing to remember is to showcase your kid’s achievements in his room.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I really need to decorate my boys’ bedroom?

Decorating your boys room is an important part of being a parent. Boys and girls have different needs in the same way as kids and adults have differing wants. Decorating your little guy’s bedroom is a means of showing your acknowledgment of his being an “individual”. One very important aspect of child development is the establishment of the child’s identity. Being individuals means having a different set of ideas, beliefs, interests, passions, and other things. Decorating a child’s bedroom gives him a special place where he can set out his own “individual” characteristics.

• Should I encourage my kid to decorate his own bedroom?

Depending on the child’s age, you can encourage your son to decorate his own bedroom. Teenagers, for instance, can already design and decorate their rooms themselves. School-aged boys, on the other hand, may require some form of assistance. You can ask what they want to accomplish and guide them through its accomplishment. For little tikes, however, you cannot expect them to decorate their own bedroom. However, you can always take their interests into consideration when designing their den.

• Do I need a professional interior designer to improve the aesthetics of the boys’ room?

Different folks will have different reasons for hiring the pros. For those who do hire interior decorators, it is often the lack of time to think about such things. Some may hire professional help because they do not have any idea what they are doing or they are not as artistically-inclined as others. You know yourself better than anyone else. If you think you will not be able to make a good job of creating a personal space that’s great for your child, then a more professional help will be a good decision.

• What should I focus on when designing my children’s bedroom?

Always focus on your little guy’s interests and passions. Remember, his bedroom is a reflection of his personality, his own little world. Focusing on his interests will help you create a cool-looking bedroom that speaks well of your child’s personality.
Your boy does not have to continue living in the same kind of environment when he was still a baby. He’s grown up now. With these cool and exciting boys’ room ideas, you can add perk up your young man’s changing interests and lifestyle.

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