31 Perfect Breakfast Nook Designs Just For You!

A breakfast nook often has a built-in table and seats for light meals. It is a secluded area near the kitchen therefore we do not set it for eating heavy meals.

Above all, a breakfast nook can accommodate three to four people. And in contrast, the dining table can accommodate up to five to ten people.

Things to consider when designing breakfast nook.

Certainly, when designing a breakfast nook, it includes not only math and science but the psychological approach is a must. It’s not just a matter of decorating tables and chairs.

It involves emotions and mental aspects to have the best design that we desire. It takes consideration of what types of furniture we will use. Colors are surely not to forget to match our taste because it can give vibrant to our nook.

We will probably consider if the design would be feministic or masculinist style. And furthermore, considering also the theme, would it be Moroccan or Indian. Well, it’s up to us. As I’ve said, it involves our emotions and mental aspects.

Well, we might think that’s the job of an interior designer.

Hiring an interior designer can be expensive therefore we prefer that we do the designing on our own. But we do not understand how to do it and we believe that we are of no match to those who got their certificate in interior designing.  But that’s a big no-no when designing our home.

We can create a new diversity in our home. Just look at these tons of design ideas and we can say, “Eureka! I just found my masterpiece!”

How big should a breakfast nook be?

We all know, breakfast nook imply to the limited size and space. The specific dimensions of the space will vary depending on the available space and considering how many people they intend the nook to fit. Measuring 5-by-5 feet is a minimum-sized space for nook ideal for two people but does it mean it has to look so small?

Here are things to consider making your breakfast nook perfectly look big.

1. Create a design that considers good storage.

When designing our breakfast nook, for instance, let’s try to consider adding drawers and hidden cabinets to hide our utensils and clutters. In this way, we can maximize the functionality of the space, minimize the clutter, and we can just grab immediately the items that we need.

Furthermore, it would best to use a bench for seating where we can make storage out of it instead of a standalone chair.

2. How many people might use it?

We probably have a growing family. By considering the numbers who will use the breakfast nook, we can identify how much is the dimension that we’ll be needing.

3. Consider the scenic view. 

Stop, think, and look at our outside surroundings. After that, let’s study whether our space is next to the scenic view and then we can make a space where we make the most of our surroundings. Take advantage of expansive views for seating and lighting designs and furniture placement.

4. Make it personalize.

We feel comfortable in our design when we make it personalize and think of it as our own. However, designing takes a lot of decisions and sometimes it gives us a headache. But taking into a consideration of what is the best and suitable design for our family it could make the design cozy.

Look at this design. We probably have kids who always love to write on the wall. Therefore, we should not stop our kids from doing such because it is part of their growing up.

Certainly, make space and wall for our kids to vandalize with.

5. Comfortable and easy to clean.

Designing breakfast nook considers style and comfort. From furniture to upholstery, linen and pillows, it has to match our taste and we should be comfortable on it.

On the other hand, it should not just comfortable and suits our taste but also make it sure that it is easy to clean with. And also, considering that food always serve then cleaning maintenance is a must.

6. Think of the space.

For instance, breakfast nook design should matter on the surrounding area, especially the kitchen. It should tremendously in relation to our kitchen.

If our kitchen is more formal and modern, our nook should be. The lighting, furniture, seating, and accent decor should blend in with each other.

Other amazing breakfast nook designs just for you!

1. Look how lovely this design! This is not just a cozy place but natural materials were being used. For the sofa, an orange lotus flower with blue leaves is a perfect match for the clean white fiberglass pedestal table.

Fruits at the top of the fiberglass pedestal table are a good idea. We can serve it with our breakfast and it is the best intake to start our day.

And here comes the birdcage hanging light made of a bamboo stick and round rattan-like plates stick to the wall as a background. What a lovely combo! Oh, and let’s not forget the window, it’s perfect for sightseeing to the morning sun outside!


2. Most importantly, breakfast nook is essential to eating light meals even if usually secluded. Probably some people might eat in the nook table for heavy meals, but most often light meals are being served for instance.

If we are probably living in a city and have a busy schedule in our job, running towards the nook table and grabbing some cheese sandwich is the best option.

On the other hand, because of the hectic schedule, people ignore the benefit of breakfast and eventually go to work with an empty stomach.

This design is more on the masculinist type and the atmosphere is more depicted on power and strength.  This dark brown themed nook design could influence our mind to relax and have a meditative session on how to start of the day.


3. Eating breakfast every day in our home may not be possible. Therefore, try to consider giving ourselves a break even thrice a week and have a toast of wheat bread and bacon while eating in your favorite nook table.

This modern breakfast nook could be perfect for our home! Having this wide and spacious area wherein we can dash in and eat.  Let’s try this design!


4. How can we relax while eating breakfast? Do we really have time to eat? Yes, we have time to eat! You might think I sound ridiculous. You are right that we don’t know your situation, and perhaps you don’t really have time to eat.

Probably you have a lot of time to eat; it’s just a matter of organizing your time. Therefore, why not start with 10 minutes for a light meal or even more? Eating grains and dried fruits in the morning can be the first head start of your day!

In our food world, we don’t have to feel guilty and in fear. Just relax and enjoy! For sure we would love this design!


5. Most importantly, think about the dreams we had last night to make our lazy morning a beautiful one!

Moreover, a cup of tea with this L-shaped and yet simple innocent nook table, surely we can relax and have a deep meditation! And guess what, it makes this set of furniture up of a pine! Hmmm, the smell of a pine that we can’t resist!


“Breakfast nook tables are absolutely not outdated.”

6.  Some people probably think breakfast nook tables are already outdated because time is changing for over a thousand of years  now. Do you really think so? Well, perhaps centuries may have passed, but we can still innovate a new design that would trend to our modern day.

With this elegant large contemporary nook table, it proves that nooks are not yet outdated. Why not try this idea!


7. This is another set of contemporary nook table that surely we would love to have! It is a set of furniture that has an L-shaped cushion bench and a wood-top table that is supported with a steel base.

Furthermore, this is another example of a modern design that would prove that nook is not outdated. All we need to do is to have a creative idea to fulfill our desires.

With this design, it can give us a relaxing atmosphere and sunshine that shines through the area. And how I love the wheat-like design is on the white flower base!


8. This is a great example between the old and modern design of nooks because the set of honey-finished old wood nook table brings the old-fashioned style, but it can look daunting and modern because of its clear white background.

With the two pieces of classic painting, the whole area looks modern. Furthermore, the windows will make us see what’s going on outside and especially the sunlight shine through the area.

We can buy this set of nook table for an affordable price at Amazon.com.


9. They say black is the saddest color, for instance, but I believe they’re wrong. Looking intently with this design, this set of nook table shines throughout the area.

Bold and power is depicted in this impressive black papario black 6 piece corner dining set.

However, they used neutral colors for the wall, flooring, carpet, and especially with the wall-framed flower painting.

By using neutral colors, it gives the center of attraction to the nook set. Having this design, it can give us a more relaxing environment and yet it will lead us to deep meditation on what to do for the rest of the day.


10. This rustic dark old-wood nook table design is a good set for our breakfast table.

Sitting on the bench can give us a lasting impression on pleasant memories with our grandma’s home.

Certainly, eating our favorite tomato soup early in the lazy morning that is made by your Granny. Therefore, surely we wouldn’t want to miss this design!


“Design your breakfast nook table that entangles your unforgettable memories!”

There are times in our life that we want a change.

Redesigning our house or make some changes in some part of the house is what we think the best option. Therefore, disposing or putting into a garage sale our old pieces of furniture and buy a new one maybe our another options.

However, there’s one thing that we want to stay behind. Why? It makes us remember that one special moment, and it happened there in that specific area of our home.

11. The soft-brown themed design of our breakfast nook table gives an impact on our mood.

Perhaps, on a Sunday gloomy morning, this is our best place to hide.

With the cold weather outside and the best thing to do is to drink our coffee and wondering how would we look like if we are living a different life.

Try this design!


12. Our memories certainly will last for a lifetime but sometimes we forget. We need something or someone to let us remember those precious memories.

Looking at this design, a rustic-wood pedestal table with the wooden chair and a sofa define happy memories with a loved one. We remember talking with our sister about college days and how we managed our life as a student in a university.

This design could be more on feministic theme providing with the choices of the pillows and the flowers are on top of the table. This idea is perfect for our home!


13. This one is somewhat compared to a grandmother who tells the story of her grandchildren. An old-wood table is in front of her and the kids are sitting in that L-shaped bench.

And when we gaze upward, we can see the dazzling chandelier.

She used to sit on that big white chair while gazing outside.

Just how lovely the sunlight that shines through the room!


14. This might look like a small place that could only accommodate three people.

However, despite the small space, this black wooden pedestal nook table can be of great help. Furthermore, we can put books and food on the table while chatting with friends.

And the color-themed signifies beauty, old memories, and innocence. We might find this design in our liking!


15. For instance, we are far from home and then suddenly remembering the happiest moment of your life. Eating breakfast with our family outside our kitchen, literally outside our house!

Certainly, missing those old days when we say good morning to our family and immediately grabbing a toast of bread with a strawberry jam on it.

With this design, we are really indulging in nature.

Moreover, we pick some cherry tomatoes or tend other plants while drinking our favorite chamomile tea.

Listening to those birds singing with a rustling and calming air rushing towards us.

Wow, I really love summer. Yep, I’m imagining right now. But yeah, who doesn’t want summer right?

“Vibrant colors for nooks!”

Okay, we’re done with the breakfast nook that commonly uses neutral colors. And as of now, how about for a change? For instance, there are great ideas or designs for our nook, but have we ever tried this new twist? Certainly, vibrant colors can give a great impact on our nooks and especially to folks.

Did you know? According to Color Psychology: Does it affect how you feel that artist and interior designers long believed that color can dramatically affect our moods, feelings, and emotions.

Blue on the nooks! How calming it is!

From wooden-type nook table to L-shaped ocean blue bench, this is a perfect match! I am sure that we’ll love this! And also, with the bench next to the window, outside happenings surely not to miss!

Moreover, we don’t want to miss the shelves wherein we can just grab our utensils and also the vibrant paintings that match the nook area!

Above all, with great friends around, talking, chatting and laughing, for sure singing “bluer than blue, sadder than sad” would be no more!

Feel the love with these red nooks area!

Yup! Red is an emotionally intense color pertaining to love, passion, and desire. It enhances human metabolism and increases respiration rate. Certainly, you better use this color to uplift our heart.

Moreover, a simple wooden table that turned into an elegant one because of the influence of the red L-shaped bench.

With a red color L-shaped bench that matches with the black standalone chairs, the breakfast nook looks perfect!

Certainly, with the silvery steel-type nook table, it shows the glamorous, sophisticated furniture that is somehow connected to feminine energy.

The table is a perfect match between black-white stripes chairs and pillow.

The red pillow attracts the most and stating that silver and red are such a perfect match!

Try these designs!

Let your color shine and let them see how happy you are!

The yellow fiberglass pedestal table takes it all with the finishing touch of a yellow pillow and some neutral colored pillow. And certainly, we don’t want to miss this rattan-like design of chairs. And hey, above all look at the windows that show the outside world and it’s made because of the rays of sunshine to let through the area.

With this design, for sure it will uplift our mood and have a happy day!

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