100 Valuable Closet Organizer Ideas to Fit More in Little Space

Proper closet organizer ideas imply a good plan and an efficient organization. You do not have to allocate very large resources to this. In the following lines, I will tell you how you can efficiently organize your dressing in a few simple steps.

Ideally, if you live in a house or an apartment with a large surface, you will allocate a separate room for it. If you do not have such a large space, there is no problem. You can still organize your wardrobe in an efficient way even if you own just one closet.

Closet Organizer Ideas – General Considerations

The Delimitation of Space

If the dressing serves the entire family, it is important to allocate a large enough space to each member. This is done according to his or her needs. Conversely, if you only have one closet, you can increase your floor area by building, for example, shelves up to the ceiling. Sliding doors will also help you save space in your room.

Figuring Out the Partitioning

Clothes need different storage places. Shirts are best kept on hangers, sweaters on shelves, and underwear in boxes or drawers. Therefore, you have to make sure that your dressing has all these places.

On average, you need at least two bars to support the hangers. Also, make sure these bars are at a proper height so that your clothes do not hang on the floor. You need six or eight drawers or shelves, which in turn should be placed at a convenient height, keeping in mind the storage boxes for bags, accessories and footwear.

You can also use a hanger for belts, ties or handbags. Use as much hangers as you can as they give you better visibility on all available clothing. It is good to consider purchasing multiple hangers, for various types of clothes: massive hangers for coats and hangers with clips for trousers and skirts.

The Organization of the Wardrobe

Clothes will be arranged primarily according to seasonality. Depending on how organized you are, the clothes can also be placed according to their type: trousers, shirts, pants, but also by material – leather, denim or silk, or even colors. This type of organization, on several criteria, can help you identify your clothes more easily and match them at a glance.

Utility and Design Considerations

It is important for your dressing to be distinguished by these two attributes: to be both useful and aesthetic at the same time. For the practical element, pay special attention to ventilation, lighting and dressing. So, you’ll need a well-ventilated space. For optimum light, you can use spotlights, both sideways and in the ceiling. Moreover, among the objects required in a dressing is a mirror . The bigger it is, the better it gives you visibility, from all angles, when you try on your clothes.

Armed with all this information, but with a lot of patience and imagination, you can start the “dressing” operation!

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Basic Rules for Efficient Closet Organizer Ideas

The golden rule of smart storage solutions is the vertical organization. Thus, you take things off the floor, giving the impression of a larger space. It’s a rule you must apply, especially if you live in a studio.

Creating the Necessary Storage Space

Here we are talking smartly-priced furniture to provide multiple organizational solutions, storage boxes or racks that can be mounted close to the ceiling:

  • Furniture for efficient storage
  • Boxes for efficient storage
  • Shelves for efficient storage

Establishing Effective Space Organization Rules

The rules for efficient space organization may vary depending on age, color, or season.

Organization based on how old the clothes are – It works especially for efficient organization of clothes cabinets. This way you will know what old clothes you may not even wear. In addition, it will be very easy to sort them or to give them away;

Organization based on color – More difficult to achieve if you do not have enough space, but it can be an effective way of saving time, especially in the morning when you do not find that yellow blouse.

Organization according to season – This is the most common method of organization. In the spring you bring in the light clothes, while in the autumn, the thick ones;

Organization based on users – It is useless to store your clothes in the child’s room and vice versa. Or, to mix your husband’s blouse with your dresses. Each member of the family should have their own closet or at least a shelf. Create a special shelf to place all things for children, for example;

Organize things as close as possible to the place of use – Why would you put a can in the bathroom’s cabinet or the toilet paper in the kitchen? It’s simpler and saves you a lot of time if the things in the house are logically arranged, depending on where they are going to be used;

Dismissal of Unnecessary Objects

Dismissing objects you no longer need, that are simply occupying unnecessary space is another golden rule of organizing things efficiently in your closet.

Establish periods of unnecessary object sorting –  To not forget the sorting processes, write down at least two dates in your calendar in a year to sort out unnecessary things. You can do this at the beginning of the spring and at the beginning of the autumn. However, there are times when you can use different closet organizer ideas depending on the season.

Make your own rules for identifying unnecessary objects – First of all, you need to set up your own rules to identify unnecessary objects. Maybe there are objects you do not use now, but you know that they are going to be useful at some point. These must remain, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses, later on. For example, do not donate a tent, even if you have not been in nature for two years. You will definitely need it sooner or later;

Identifying the most satisfying ways to get rid of unnecessary objects – You have a lot of options in this chapter. Clothes, bedding or pillows that you no longer use can be donated to people in need and so on.

Items Needed for All Cabinet Organizer Ideas

Coat hangers – Hangers are indispensable items, as they allow you to be more organized and, with a little creativity, allow you to free up more space. In addition to keeping dresses, shirts and jackets all together, hangers can also be used to hang scarves, jeans and even bras on them. Buy circular carriages and hook them to the base of the hanger, where you can place scarves, belts, ties, etc. You can also hook several hangers, one below the other (in a vertical position) and thus get more clothes positioned correctly. You can find a large variety of hangers with various accessories and applications for storing your clothes. Choose as many models as possible so that your closet organizer ideas can be put into practice.

Clothes covers – For precious clothes, such as evening gowns, costumes, fur coats, our recommendation is to buy clothes covers . These will protect your clothes from possible accidents, fumes and other damage. In addition, your attention will be directed to other clothes that you actually want to wear.

Compartmentalized boxes – Compartmentalized boxes are ideal for storing lingerie, accessories and small items. With their help, your closet will be better organized and cleanliness will be kept much easier.

Shelves on the door – If your closet does not have enough shelves, then the solution is found in assembled racks on the door or even inside the cabinet. You can choose metal shelves, they are sturdy and can be placed quickly. The same goes for a clothes organizers made of different materials.

Organizer for bags – Instead of hooking your bags into a hanger, buy or build an organizer to gain more space and arrange everything better.

Tips and Tricks Applicable to Cabinet Organizer Ideas

The multitude of daily tasks and lack of time can lead to the accumulation of a large number of clothes and accessories in the closet. That’s why we need tricks to organize the closet space.

An overcrowded cabinet is not just unnecessary. On the contrary, it prevents you from finding the objects you are looking for when you need them.

With these organizational ideas, your closet, regardless of size, will become much more organized and will be able to support a large volume of clothing. You can put aside your bags, disordered clothes, and all the other things that get caught up.

Tips and Tricks

  • Roll your t-shirts – Do you hate to fold your t-shirts? Instead of pushing them in a drawer, roll them nicely and place them next to each other. In this way, you’ll find the shirt you want a lot easier and prevent them from wrinkling.
  • Use boots hangers – High boots can occupy a lot of space and it can be hard to take care of them so they do not get damaged. Instead of putting them in a box, buy some hangers to hang them in the closet.
  • Fit your clothes vertically – If you are skilled enough to fold your blouses and t-shirts in small squares, try placing them upright in the drawer to make them easier to find according to style and color.
  • Use tubes for smaller objects – You can use round containers or cardboard tubes to store smaller items such as handkerchiefs, scarves and straps.
  • Reuse wooden boxes – Boxes made of wood represent an excellent storage space for lingerie or smaller items. You can add some separators to sort them according to different criteria, such as color.
  • Hang scarfs instead of folding them -Hangers are a great option for hanging scarves and other accessories that tend to create clutter in drawers and shelves in the wardrobe. This way you can always have them at your fingertips and it will make it much easier for you to find the desired color or style.

More Tips and Tricks

  • Use curtain rings – The rings used to hang curtains are another great way to organize your cabinet space.
  • Use old wine boxes – Another way of recycling is to use wine boxes as separators for shoes.
  • PVC tubes as shoe racks – PVC tubes that remain from your home renovation can be used to create unique shoe racks. It is necessary to fix them on the wall and paint them in different colors to give them a more pleasant look.
  • Buy special separators for lingerie – There are various commercial items for separating and organizing intimate lingerie articles from the drawer.
  • Arrange each coat on the appropriate hangers – jackets and coats on shoulder -strap hangers, skirts on skirts hangers, velvet dressed hangers for delicate silk blouses and veil etc.
  • Assemble a few small cuffs  – Or, put hooks on the cabinet door to organize your jewels and handbags.
  • Organize a place to store under the bed –  Buy sealed zippered boxes to keep items like the ski equipment, extra bedding, all kinds of clothes that you access rarely or occasionally.
  • Fold and arrange non-button sweaters on thicker categories – Do not keep them hanging from hangers, as they deform.
  • Keep cardigans, sweaters with buttons on the hanger – In this way, you’ll always have them at your fingertips.
  • You wear what you see – Keep all skirts, pants, blouses, cardigans, pullovers at sight.
  • Make a seasonal selection – Keep winter clothes (coats, thick jackets, sweaters, etc.) in a separate place (the closet, the back of the cabinet, under the bed, etc.). Do the same with your summer clothes.

Partitioned Drawers Create Plenty of Storage Space

Partitioned drawers are such trivial things, but so useful at the same time! They are an accessory that should not miss from your closet. Intimate lingerie, socks, belts or scarves will all be put in place in separate compartments.

You have several options available. If you put value on aesthetics, you can order such drawers made of palm, plywood or plank. With a little skill, you can even make the compartments yourself.

There are boxes made of transparent plastic and are adjustable, depending on the size of the drawer. In stores, you will find canvas boxes specially designed for this. Try to find a size as close as possible to the drawer’s size. If you’re not afraid of improvisations, you can use your imagination!

If you add space and drawers to your existing cabinet, choose a combination of small and deep drawers. They are useful to keep both large objects and small ones, such as jewelry, scarves, or other accessories. It’s easier to find objects in a well-organized drawer than in a large, deep shelf where they are all stacked.

A cabinet with large drawers and large shelves is not as efficient as one with smaller spaces or separators in the drawers. In case of large shelves, you are tempted to put a lot of things on top of each other. Which, in turn will determine your to waste a lot of time looking for the right item.

So, make sure these large spaces are actually smaller and organized more efficiently by adding separators to drawers, designated for shoe racks, or extra racks.

The KonMari Method Used for Cabinet Organizer Ideas

In the book “The Magic of Order”, Marie Kondo explains in several steps how you can get a closet as clean and as airy as possible. This is done by rearranging and keeping the objects that are strictly necessary.

The book talks about a process of ordering and eliminating things you do not need, a process through which your closet should go through at least once a year. Once unnecessary things have been removed, the remaining ones can be folded and organized in such way that doesn’t only ease your mornings, but get you more free space as well.

How to Fold Your Clothes According to the KonMari Method

Stacking t-shirts that are folded in the classic way are not a solution for KonMari. She proposes the vertical folding and the usage of drawers even for items like t-shirt and jeans. The secret is to arrange them vertically so that you can have visibility and find the item you need right away. Moreover, this method guarantees more space and unwrinkled clothes.

Closet Organizer Ideas Based on Joy, Respect and Order

Maria Kondo proposes as guiding principles joy, respect, and order. That is, to preserve in our lives only what truly brings us joy. If you take a look at a blouse and you think “Hm, I have not worn it for a long time. However, I keep it because it has cost me a fortune,” then it’s not exactly the best criterion.

So, we should’t see the storage space as something logical and practical only. It should also help us improve our lives. Moreover, it should ease the process of making up an outfit. Also, keeping things in order should be a piece of cake once they’re organized properly.

As it follows, you can take a look at more closet organizer ideas and find inspiration that is applicable to your living situation at home!

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