125 Ideas for Cool Beds for Everyone in Your Family

Your bed does not have to look bland and ordinary. You can use some of your imagination to come up with more fun and exciting ways to breathe life into your ordinary bed. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are cool beds ideas for everyone in your family.


Cool Beds Ideas for You

1. Private Cloud

Many of us fall asleep a lot easier and faster whenever we sit on a rocking chair. Not only do we sleep easier, we also have more quality sleep. It is one of the most practical and most soothing ways to get some sleep.

This has something to do with how the brain is wired for sleep. A rocking motion allows the brain to synchronize its activities, allowing us to sleep faster. Look at babies. The gentle rocking motion of their mothers’ arms is enough to put them to sleep.

Now, if a rocking chair can put us to sleep better, then a rocking bed should do the same thing. This is the idea behind the Private Cloud bed. It is an extra-large rocking chair that uses a bed instead of a chair. It looks like a giant tube, complete with a horizontal frame in the lower third section of the tube. This serves as the base for the mattress. The tubular frame comes with sliding shades that double as privacy panels. And when it comes to viewing the warm sunrise, one cam always roll up the shade. Now that is what you call a cool bed idea.

2. Bed-Bookcase Tetris Bed

If you are a fan of Tetris, then the Bed-Bookcase Bed is perfect. It is a space-saving design that doubles as a neat way to organize your books and other materials. The bed has two interlocking halves that resemble a Tetris block. It is up to you how you wish the mattress manufacturer to cut the design. What is important is that the “slots” will also fit through custom-made bookcases on the wall.

During the day, you can prop up the Tetris bed bricks against and wall and slot them through the bookshelves. You’ll get a fascinating bookcase for you to showcase your stuff. At night, remove the bed from the wall and lay it on the floor. Lay down your bedding and off to slumber land you go.

3. Bed Up

This is another space-saving bed that is perfect for folks living in tight spaces. One might consider it a modification of the classic Ottoman bed. The only difference here is that the bed does not fold up to reveal a storage compartment within the frame. Instead, the Bed Up rises up and lower down from the ceiling when needed.

There are a few technical challenges to this cool beds idea. First, one has to have a high enough ceiling. It is important to create a frame in the ceiling for the bed to get flushed into when not in use. This way, you do not have to bend a bit whenever you walk in this area. Second, get ready to have a lowering and raising mechanism for the bed. Third, your choice of bed should be commensurate with the lifting capacity of the device.

Otherwise, you risk damaging the bed and your floor in case the lifting mechanism cannot support the weight of the bed. Fourth, the legs of the bed should fold into the bed frame. You do not want four bed legs sticking out from the ceiling. If you can manage these concerns, then the Bed Up is perfect for you.

4. The Scoop

There are some of us who do not have the luxury of space in our homes. Those living in studio apartments and flats are always pressed for space. In most instances, they have to make do with what they have. Instead of having a separate sofa and bed, why not combine them into one neat furniture? This is the idea behind the Scoop.

Imagine a large circular furniture that you can split into two semicircles. When you separate the two, you get two large sofas that are perfect for accommodating your visitors. It can also be an excellent work area for your child if you have one. Now, put the two together and you have a circular bed.

Make sure to lock the semicircles so that you don’t slip and fall through the gap in the middle. This is a contemporary bed design that integrates two fundamental functions in modern homes. It is the perfect piece for those who do not have the luxury of space in their home.

5. Au Naturel

If you are not a fan of fancy beds, you can go Au Naturel and still look cool. This is a cool beds idea that utilizes recycled wooden crates for a bed frame. One has to choose the wood crate, however. Make sure that it is sturdy and shows no sign of degradation.

Depending on the size of the individual wood crates, you can use four of these and arrange them side by side. The natural slats of the crate provides adequate ventilation for your mattress.

This bed idea is good for individuals who are in the habit of up-cycling furniture. Since it involves a wood frame with a rugged look, the concept works best in bedrooms with wood motif. It is sleek, effective, and simple. It can add a new character to your bedroom, giving it a chilled-out look.

6. Asian Flair

The Japanese have a way of making very simple things look elegant and sexy. In this cool beds idea, the key is to go for a minimalist approach. That means, you only need a bed, a small Asian window, and a floor lamp. You cannot get any simpler than this.

Get a wooden bed frame with four wooden legs. Place a mattress and bedding on top and you are good to go. It does not have to have a head. A makeshift Asian window will suffice, adding a visual element to the bed. And if you want some Asian flair into this bed concept, you might want to stick with warm colors like red. Make sure the floor and wall complements the color of your bed, though.

6 Preppy Beds Ideas for Your Kids

1. Crib into Loft Tot Bed

If you have a wooden baby crib, do not throw it away now that your baby is already a toddler. With a few modifications, you can transform your baby crib into something compact yet cute for your toddler. This toddler bed is not that spacious. However, it can be a good temporary solution while you are still saving money for a full-sized kiddie bed.

Check the baby crib if it has the required length for your toddler to sleep on. If not, you can always make adjustments in the length of the frame. Most wooden cribs can be assembled and disassembled. This allows you to extend the bed frame without modifying the rest of the crib.

When making modifications, make sure that they are sturdy and durable. Otherwise, you risk injuring your child. Build a small ladder and connect it to one end of the toddler bed. You can also use the space below the loft tot bed to store your child’s playthings.

2. Triple Bunks

Families with 3 kids often face the dilemma of getting three separate beds or a three-level bunk bed instead. If you do not have issues with space and budget, then getting 3 separate beds is a no-brainer. However, if you’re working on a tight budget and limited space, a three-level bunk is a good choice. Unfortunately, two of your kids may not have the luxury of adequate headroom.

The Triple Bunk design addresses this concern. You have a standard 3-level bunk, but with the middle bunk moved two-thirds to the foot of the bunk. This creates plenty of headroom for the lower bunk. The space under the middle bunk is great for storing your kids’ items or turning it into a cabinet. Paint it up in vivid colors and your kids will love it.

3. The Treehouse Bed

Kids love playing in a treehouse of their own. For many, it is their private space, a venue where only kids their age have the right to enter and use. And while treehouses are best reserved outdoors, this does not mean you cannot bring the concept indoors and into your child’s bedroom. What is critical here is the bedroom space. For obvious reasons, you cannot build a treehouse bed if you do not have that much space.

Making the treehouse bed is like constructing a regular bed. The difference is that the legs will be longer so that the treehouse will be several feet off the floor. Go for large pieces of wood or lumber. Support the frame with planks of wood between the leg and the frame. Use wood planks for the walls and roof of the treehouse. Add a ladder. Paint it all up in your child’s favorite color. For the space underneath the treehouse, turn it into a reading area or a play area for your child.

4. The Closet Loft Bed

Do you have a closet that’s never full of your kid’s stuff? If yes, you can convert it into a cool den that your little one can use both for sleeping and for storing his things. It is a very simple concept and one that is very easy to accomplish. The trick here is to look at the space in your closet if it is big enough to accommodate a single-sized mattress.

Mount a bed frame across the closet. Make sure that it is sturdy to support your child’s weight and the mattress. Connect a ladder going up to the loft bed and transform the space below it into a storage compartment. You can also add another shelf in the area above the bed. It is up to you how you can make the most out of this cool beds idea. When sleep time is over, your child can make his bed and close the doors to his closet loft bed.

5. The Computer Bed

For your computer whiz kid, this is the kind of bed that will further inspire them in their digital exploits. What makes this unique is that it utilizes the space underneath the bed. Kids can always store their stuff in this space. However, to make things more interesting, it is best to store only items that have something to do with computers.

Your kid or teen can work on his school project before calling it a night. When it comes to getting a much-needed shuteye, all he needs is to push a button to activate the gas pistons. This pushes the computer table up and reveals the bed for your youngster to sleep on. One can always use a wooden slat foundation for the bed. However, a metal bed frame works best.

6. Fire Truck Loft Bed

Your young firefighter will love this loft bed. Everything in it works like a real fire truck. That means from the ladder bucket to the steering wheel and the lights, all your kid needs now is that playful spirit of his. While a cool beds idea, it does take some creativity and elbow grease to get it done.

You do not need to simulate the entire length of a fire truck. The head is often enough. Complete the design with makeshift wheels. There’s a stair leading to the loft where your young firefighter will be having his much-needed rest. The space below it can be your kid’s fire house office for some serious play.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What bed should I get in case I have back problems?

In the past, people believed that it is okay to sleep on a hard bed if they have a bad back. However, there are studies to show that this is not always helpful. For individuals with back problems, it is ideal to get a bed that will be able to support your body while affording you comfort.

There are so-called orthopedic beds on the market. Unfortunately, many of these did not undergo rigorous testing. If you have to get an orthopedic bed, then pick one that medical professionals recommend.

• What bed frame would you recommend?

As a matter of rule, the bed frame should be able to support the weight of the mattress and the combined weight of people using the bed. For example, if it is only for you, then you need to factor-in your weight plus the weight of the mattress. Other considerations include the durability of the frame, style or design, and ease of assembly and disassembly. You may want to consider your budget as well.

• Which is more important: the bed frame, the bedding, or the mattress?

All of these are important. Without the bed frame, there is no support for the mattress. Without the bedding, sleeping on the mattress will not be comfortable. It is for this reason that replacing the whole bed – frame, bedding, and mattress – is ideal. Replacing only the mattress can reduce its lifespan if you do not change the frame as well. The comfort and support that the new mattress offer can also suffer.

• Is a metal base sturdier than wood base?

Both are sturdy materials. However, when it comes to durability, everything boils down to how well the manufacturer put together these materials to create the bed frame. The treatment applied to the materials also matters as they can lengthen the lifespan of the bed frame.

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• Is it necessary to have a base or frame?

Some individuals like the idea of sleeping as close to the floor as possible. Hence, they put the mattress straight on the floor. However, manufacturers of mattresses do not recommend this as they designed their products to work with a bed frame or base. Elevating the mattress also improves ventilation, allowing it to cool with better efficiency.

• What size of bed should I get?

It depends on the size of your room and how many individuals will be using it. If you’re pressed for space and you live alone, then a single bed is a great option. If there’s two of you, a double bed might be good. A queen-sized bed may also work if you still have space in the bedroom. Consider also your need for storage. Getting an Ottoman bed can be a great choice since one can use its built-in storage compartment.

Transforming your bed from a boring sleep essential to a stunning centerpiece in your bedroom is easy. These 12 cool beds ideas can provide you with the inspiration you need.

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