115 Cool Lamp Types To Light Up Your Rooms

Cool lamps have always been a part of living rooms and bedrooms. Even with the existence of ceiling lights, there is something about lamps that make them better for certain spaces in your home.

Types of Lamps

Did you know that there are other lamp types apart from the ones you see on the bedside table? Read on to know more.


1. Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are the easiest to identify – they are simply lamps placed on desks. The traditional desk lamp has a narrow shade and has around a foot and a half-height. Desk lamps are often used for study rooms and workspaces. While you can use orange light, it is highly recommended to use white light.



2. Novelty Lamp

Novelty lamps are the complete opposite of desk lamps in terms of functionality. Novelty lamps are not used for any other reason but for decor. Nonetheless, they are not completely useless. They still provide light although not as bright as the usual lamps you would use for reading. Most of the time, novelty lamps are bought for their design.


3. Bedside Lamp

Bedside lamps are cool lamps found by the bed, but not necessarily on a table. Some bedside lamps found in hotel rooms are often attached to the wall or headboard. Because bedside lamps are often used to provide light before going to bed, they can still be used for light reading.


4. Swing Arm Lamps

Swing-arm lamps are another kind of desk lamps except that they have an adjustable arm (hence the name). Tall swing arm lamps are great for large tables where more than two people often study or work. Because the staff of the lamp is tall, a bigger area can benefit from the lamp. On the other hand, swing arm lamps make for a great desk lamp because you can adjust the angle of the light.

5. Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are all the rage these days because of the health benefits you get from them. One of those benefits is reducing bacteria in the room. Salt lamps are said to have negative ions that remove bacteria and dirt around it.

6. Floor Lamp

Often found in living rooms, floor lamps are used to illuminate a much bigger space. They are also bigger than desk lamps. Floor lamps come in different shapes and styles. Take a look at the various floor lamps that you can use for your own living room.


7. Torchiere Lamp

A torchiere lamp is another lamp type that is easy to identify. You will know if it’s a torchiere lamp if the light bulb faces up rather than down. If the lamp has a shade, the shade will be upward as well. Because the light bulb is facing up, a torchiere lamp is used to illuminate the room rather than the space below it. This works well for illuminating paintings, wall decor, and backgrounds.


8. Buffet Lamp

Often coming in pairs, buffet lamps are used in dining areas. Buffet lamps have a medium height so that it does not bother anyone eating near it. The traditional buffet lamp style has an upside-down bucket shade and a tall shaft. In hotels and restaurants, buffet lamps are attached to walls.



Cool Lamp Designs For Any Room Style

Looking for the perfect lamp to illuminate your room? Go no further as you can browse through a number of different lamp sizes, colors, and styles that can fit any room theme.


1. Industrial Lamps

Industrial lamps are very popular these days thanks to the high demand in industrial-themed rooms and apartments. These cool lamps are characterized by exposed lightbulbs often propped up by a cast iron type of shaft. It gives a nostalgic feeling of when Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb.


2. Miniature Spotlight

Who says spotlights are just for events and parties? Smaller spotlights show that you can place them anywhere, especially on your living room floor. Take a look at this floor light that has a softer design perfect for minimalist rooms.

3. Moon Lamp

Moon lamps are teenage favorites and there’s a reason why. If you’re feeling dreamy, these lamps make a great night lamp. Although they are not that bright, they still give enough light for you to be able to navigate around the room just in case you need to.


4. Old School Library

Old school lamps may not match a modern home, but it certainly does for old-fashioned and retro style rooms. Most old school lamps are desk lamps, the kind you see in libraries. However, modern designs have beautifully incorporated the shape of the old lamps while using different materials like wood, plastic, and steel.


5. Foldable Lights

Bring a portable lamp wherever you go with these foldable lights. These foldable lights are battery-operated and they can be very handy for those who will study outdoors or need an extra light where they will be working.


6. Tripod Lamps

Say, you have a lot of space on your desk and want something to hide that fact. A tripod lamp will help occupy more space, but it will also be a lot more stable than your lamps that just stand on a narrow base.


7. Quirky Lamps

Just because lamps aren’t always the center of attention doesn’t mean that they should stay that way. You may not notice it, but cool lamps can highlight certain parts of the room and when a guest notices it, you would be glad that you picked a nice-looking lamp. These lamp designs show that there is no limit to how lamps should look or stand.



8. Minimalistic Lamps

Balance all the color in the room by adding a minimalist white lamp. These lamps are perfect if you don’t want a lot of fuss going on on your bedside table, workspace, or coffee table. If you will notice, most of these minimalist lamps don’t have shades that are made of cloth or canvas. In this way, you do not have to worry about the white design getting dirty.


9. Rustic Lamps

If you are looking for a lamp that can fit in your rustic-inspired home, then you will be glad to know that there are a lot of lamp designs that can cater to these needs. Rustic lamps often have wood in their design because the latter is always associated with rustic themes. On the contrary, rustic lamps do not have to look like they just came from the woods. In fact, most rustic lamps can be made out of plastic with just a wooden finish.

10. Child-Friendly Lamps

One of the reasons why parents are hesitant about putting lamps is because kids might get exposed to light bulbs. And if that lamp falls, there’s a chance that their child can be in harm’s way. Fortunately, modern lamps have shied away from exposed light bulbs. Some are powered by batteries which make it a lot child-friendly. What’s great about these cool lamp designs is that they come in different colors too!


11. Dash of Color

Add color to a room by using a lamp that has a distinct color. Lamps with different colors of shades are better than to have the actual light changed to an unusual color. For example, if you have a home with a lot of browns or whites, using a bold color will give the right contrast to the room.

This yellow lamp is just perfect for a kids’ room. Thanks to its matte finish and its bubbly color, kids would love to own this kind of lamp.


12. Modern Shapes

A lot of lamps these days no longer conform to the usual lamp shape. If you have noticed some interior decor shops, there has been a number of lamps that don’t even have a shade on. Some even come electronically. These lamp designs will work well for homes that have a modern flair to it because they are more angular than the traditional ones. For these cool lamps, you will hardly see any light bulb.

Some modern designs feature a softer look which is conducive for rooms that are not ultra-modern. If you are wondering, ultra-modern homes often have more lines and bold colors, some often use black and silver to make the place look sleek. However, if your home just has a modern touch to it, you do not have to go all out with an unusual style for cool lamps.


13. Kitchen Perfect

Kitchens are areas of the house that you do not usually find lamps, but in this modern age, who’s to say what’s placed in what? Besides, you might find a lamp useful for when you want to read a recipe up close.

Here’s a funny take on a lamp. Although this acts more of a novelty lamp than anything else, this fish lamp definitely makes cooking more fun. Just make sure that it doesn’t get mixed to your actual ingredients!


14. Zen-like Lamps

By character, lamps shouldn’t have outrageous designs that they become annoying to people. If your goal is to have a calming atmosphere whenever you turn on a lamp, then you should choose a design that is calming to look at. For example, pick a lamp that has a softer shade or one that doesn’t have their light bulbs exposed.



15. Arts and Crafts

If you love frills, arts, and crafts, then these unique lamps can be a great addition to your collection!



Haven’t gotten enough? Here are other lamp designs that you can get inspiration from.






Frequently Asked Questions on Lamps

1. What are LED light bulbs?

LED is short for light-emitting diodes. A LED lightbult is an electric light that was used for indicator lights; however, over time, they were proven to use a lot less energy than other lightbulbs. LED lights can offer a range of colors and watts, and their life span is relatively longer.


2. Will older lamps work well with newer light bulbs?

Most lamp styles today can work well with LED lights. LED lights have been created in the same way as the incandescent and CFL bulbs in terms of structure, so you will not find a problem when installing them in screw-based sockets. If your lamp has a different make for their lightbulbs, you can always ask assistance from a hardware store.




3. Where is the best place to put a lamp?

Where to place a lamp depends on what area of the room you want to light up. If you want a nook or cranny to have a certain light, then you can place a floor lamp to illuminate the space. When thinking of putting lamps, always keep in mind if it will clash with the ceiling lights install right above or near it. In this case, you won’t have to waste energy having two types of light directed at one space.


4. Do salt lamps provide health benefits?

There has been a lot of craze regarding salt lamps. One of the reasons why they are popular is due to the health benefits. There are two main benefits you can get from using a salt lamp – lesser particles in the air and natural calming light. Salt lamps, specifically Himalayan salt lamps, release negative ions which attract positive ions (the ones that make up bad odor, allergens, and bacteria). Once these ions attach themselves, they become too heavy to float around in the air, so they fall to the floor making them less hazardous to people.


5. Where should you place a salt lamp?

Salt lamps can be placed anywhere since dirt and odor are not confined to one space. However, if you want to ensure that you inhale clean air whenever you sleep, then placing a salt lamp on your bedside table is a good idea.


Now that you have been opened to a world of lamps, it is hard to not notice them when you go furniture shopping. Don’t forget that lamps can add character to your room, so even if it doesn’t shine as bright, it is still worth buying.



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