110 Amazing Fence Ideas to Give Your Home a Unique Character

There are many ways you can give a unique character to your home. Aside from landscaping your yard, building an equally-stunning fence can complement the beauty of your property. This can also help provide some level of privacy and security that your family needs. If you are lost as to the kind of fence to put up in your house, here are 10 amazing fence ideas to give you a head start.

Ten Cool Fence Ideas for Your Home

1. Wrought Iron Fence

Simple yet elegant wrought iron fences have been the go-to style of many homeowners for many centuries. It is a low maintenance fencing idea that only requires repainting every few years or so.

What is remarkable about this fence is that it provides any home the level of ventilation it needs. Air can flow almost unimpeded through the slats. And since you are talking about iron, you can expect it to last a long time.

Its simplicity is what gives wrought iron fencing its beauty. It matches well with almost any other architectural style. This is a project that you will not be able to perform yourself, however.

You will need a professional to make the iron fence panels. Of course, if you are knowledgeable about the process of welding, then this can be a very worthwhile project.

2. Gabion Wall

If you want something unique for your property, then you should consider putting up a gabion wall. This is one of the coolest fence ideas you can ever have. A gabion consists of a retaining wire wall that you fill with large rocks or cobblestones.

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It is like putting a large, narrow cage right in your fence to hold these large pieces of stones or rocks. Of course, it would not look cool if you are going to surround your house with such a design. As such, it is best to complement it with other natural materials like wood.

You can alternate wooden panels with gabion wall sections. The contrast between the horizontal wooden slats and the irregular patterns of stacked rocks should make for a very interesting aesthetic to your home. It is like building a miniature fortress, giving your home a more rugged, yet refined look.

3. Climbers Wall

Houses with gardens that consist of vines and other plant life that tend to creep upwards will do well with a climbers wall type of fence. This is a combination of horizontal wooden slats and a well-designed trellis for various plant varieties to “climb” on.

For a stunning effect, it is best to use reclaimed wood. The natural stains and “aged” look of these wood pieces can provide for rustic elegance.

Keep in mind, however, that climbing plants can be top-heavy. As such, it is critical to build fence posts and support structures that are strong and sturdy. Otherwise, your plants will push on the top section of the wall and cause it to collapse.

4. Stacked Logs Fence

One of the craziest yet coolest fence ideas we’ve come across is the use of firewood or logs. Each log is about a foot long. You then stack them up to create a wall with the cut ends of the firewood forming the outside surface of the fence.

This idea is so insane that you will have to source a large number of logs or firewood. But, if you’re able to sort this problem, this can be the defining element in your house’s character.

The trick is to use different sizes of logs or firewood. It is like creating a cobblestone appearance. The difference, of course, is that you’re using wood instead of stone.

It is also crucial to build sturdy posts that will serve as “bookends” for your stacked firewood. What’s good about this idea is that it can provide your home with a more bucolic style.

5. Bamboo Fence

There is something about bamboo that can give any structure a certain sense of elegance. This is a material that a lot of homeowners are now using in the architecture of their homes.

What is amazing about a bamboo fence is that the varying-spaced nodes can provide a different kind of visual element. For some, it adds a visual “texture” that no other fencing material can provide. What’s great about this fence idea is that bamboo allows some light to pass through the yard. This helps minimize having dark shadows in the garden. It’s perfect for highlighting your tropical plants.

For this to work, it is best to get bamboo with varying degrees of “aging”. Some will have streaks of light green while others will have a dark yellow hue. It is important to frame this with dark-stained wooden fence posts. This will help provide a stunning contrast to the yellows on the bamboo fence.

6. Repurposed Pallet Fence

One of the most exciting fence architecture we have seen so far is the use of wood pallets. You can purchase many of these pallets from your local distribution center or shops. They often have plenty of these that are starting to rot.

Pick only those that are still in good condition, however. You do not want to build a fence using materials that are already deteriorating. Plus, working with them can be quite challenging.

You can go as rustic as you like if you are going to repurpose wooden pallets. This means you will put them up and secure them to your fence posts without the need for additional refinement. This makes perfect sense if the aesthetic that you want for your home is that of a country feel.

An alternative would be to remove the individual slats of the pallets. You can then use these as individual fence boards. It is rustic and can provide your home with a one-of-a-kind perimeter enclosure.

7. Horizontal Stained Planks

Here is another one of those great fence ideas that you can entertain for your property. Conventional fence design calls for vertical slats or boards. You can always go against convention and build a fence that runs parallel to the ground.

With this fence idea, you will need second-hand or used wood planks of varying widths. The idea is to create a fence that is out of the ordinary. Hence, you do not want to use similar-sized wood planks.

It is also important to choose wood planks that have unique stains, veining, or graining features. These characteristics can lend a more rugged appearance to your fence. Applying varnish or some other clear protectant on the surface of the wood should help keep it safe against the elements. This is quite easy to build yourself, so there is no need to shell out additional money for the labor.

8. Corrugated Iron and Wood Fence

Corrugated iron or metal may not look like a wise choice when it comes to building a fence for your home. However, when planned and built in the correct way, it can be one of the best fence ideas you will ever have.

Since metal has a knack for corrosion, it is imperative that you first coat it a protective layer of rust-proofing material. Once you are done with this, you can then add another layer of finishing paint to make it more luxurious-looking.

Depending on the type of wood that you have, it is best to paint the corrugated iron or metal with something that contrasts the dark grains of the wood. This should give your home a more rustic, yet elegant appeal.

9. Modern Horizontal Slats

As mentioned, forget the traditional vertical orientation of slats. Instead, go for something more “horizontal”. Unlike the horizontal stained planks we already mentioned, this fence idea offers a more contemporary vibe to your home. It is perfect for those homes with modern architecture.

Black cedar slats should work well to complement your modern house. The dark hue of the slats also provides a great contrast to the greens in your lawn. It is a simple design, but one that can preserve the privacy of your home without stifling your landscape.

10. Solid Geometric Concrete

One of the most popular fence ideas is using solid concrete. These provide security for any home. Lines of interest and geometric gaps can provide a more stunning character to the otherwise drab nature of concrete.

The gaps are instrumental in ventilation and lighting effects. This is a project that requires the help of professionals, however.

Things Every Homeowner Should Consider in Building a Fence

If you think about it, building a fence is easy. However, before homeowners begin the construction, it is imperative that they consider several things first.
Purpose of the Fence

Always think about why you want to build a fence. Is it to keep your dog from going outside your property? Is it to block out as much noise as possible from the neighborhood? Or is it to give you complete privacy from the prying eyes of the public? Some people build a fence to complement the beauty of their home. Whatever the case, it is important that you are clear on the purpose of the fence.

Maintenance Requirements

Some types of fencing are easier to maintain than others. For example, metal fences require very little maintenance. Vinyl is also a low-maintenance fencing material. But if you want to have something to do every week, then a traditional picket fence might be a good idea. What is important is for you to factor this into your decision.


In most cases, mixing different types of fencing materials can help you save costs. But if money is not a problem, then you can always use a single fencing material to secure your property. Having this kind of fencing will help you make your home look more organized and neater.

Related Laws and Regulations

Each city and municipality has its own set of laws regarding the building of fences in any type of property. There are also neighborhood associations that require their homeowners to adhere to their fencing guidelines.

Whatever the case, it is critical that you are knowledgeable about these laws, policies, and regulations. You do not want to build something, only to take it down later because of a violation of these rules.

Know Where to Dig

Fencing projects always require you to dig into the ground. This will provide for a more secure and more stable foundation for the fence. Unfortunately, your fence posts and other elements are not the only things that can be in the ground.

Gas pipes, sewage pipes, and water lines can also be under the ground. If you are not knowledgeable about the location of these utilities, then it is best to give your provider a call. This way, they can provide you with markers so that you will not hit any of these lines or pipes.


You may be thinking of building an 8-foot high cinder block to give your home the privacy it needs. Such a tall fence is also ideal if you want to keep your dog within your premises. However, you should always consider your neighbors. Building such a fence can obstruct their view. But if you use a chain link fence, then it may not be a problem.


You would want your fence to last for as long as possible. However, the materials you use are often subject to the elements. Some types of metal fencing materials tend to form rust a lot easier than other types of metal.

Wood, on the other hand, can swell when subjected to rain. It can also shrink if the weather gets too hot. As such, it is always best to consider the climate conditions in your locality before you finalize on the type of fence you want to build.




White fence, pink roses, sage (salvia) catmint and lady’s mantle bordering sidewalk on house entrance

Entry and Exit Points

Some homeowners forget to plan their fences that they only create a single access point for both entrance and exit. While this may work in most instances, there are always circumstances when an exit point at the back of the house is necessary.

When planning for these access points, it is also crucial to determine the correct size. Always consider what “things” you want to pass through these access points. If it is only for people, then you do not need a large access. But if you are thinking of moving your furniture or a large piece of machinery through it, then the access point should be wide enough to accommodate these things.

Chartreuse colored picket fence with purple flowers.

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A fence in a beautiful garden

flower wall is vertical garden

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Frequently Asked Questions

• Why should I build a fence?

There are two fundamental reasons why people build fences around their homes. The first is to provide security, creating a physical barrier between the property and the rest of the neighborhood. It gives the family a sense of security, knowing that this is their “world”. The second reason is to complement the aesthetics of the house. This can also translate to better resale value in case you decide to put your home up for sale.

• Should I go for metal fencing?

Many homeowners today prefer metal fencing over other types of physical barriers around their property. It is environmentally-sustainable and requires less maintenance. There are also studies that show that metal fencing can provide as much as 65 percent in ROI. You may want to have a chat with your family, however, if this is the kind of material you want to use for your fence.

• Why is a wood fence a better option?

One of the best attributes of wooden fences is that it exudes with natural beauty. Nothing can match the natural elegance of wood. One can also configure logs to create a style that best fits your home. It is customizable, allowing you to create the kind of perimeter barrier you’ve always envisioned for your house.

Of course, wood is always a more environmentally-friendly option compared to chain link or vinyl fencing. If you choose the right wood material, it can also last longer.

• Is it better for me to build my own fence or should I contract a professional?

Everything depends on your skills in building the type of fence that you want. There are fence ideas that require more extensive preparations, needing more specialty tools. The mere fact that you don’t have these tools is often enough to warrant getting a fence contractor.

Time is also a crucial matter. If you do not have the time to build a fence, then you’d better leave it to the pros. Cost is always an issue. If you are working on a tight budget, then doing it yourself might be ideal.

A well-designed fence does not only provide security to your home. It can also add to its overall aesthetics. With these 10 amazing fence ideas, you can start building your very own property barrier.

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