Cozy Home Goals: Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas For A Happy Home

When considering ways to remodel a home, it usually involves adding or restoring an indoor fireplace. A fabulous mantel can bring so much charm to any fireplace. Even into the most unadorned living room, — turning a fireplace into a beautiful focal point. Given that the fireplace is the centerpiece of a room, it means choosing a mantel to go with your decorations is vital.

The right mantel crowns your fireplace. If you’re in trouble trying to uncover some creative juices flowing, here are our best picks to inspire you in giving a new life to your fireplace. Play with your imagination and turn it into a space that you and your family can enjoy.

Cozy Cool Viking-inspired Fireplace

The Modern Scandinavian Viking home’s bright hues such as white, bluish, grayish color palette is a style expressed to signify the Arctic and Barents sea. Viking interior decor elements include animal heads on the wall, animal skin rugs or warm fur throw blankets on black and/or mahogany furniture. The ledge stone fireplace painted in black contrasting its white background gives the absolute neatness! What makes it very popular is the color theme’s minimalistic, eye-soothing appeal with a touch of Scandinavia’s northern hemispheric climate and living environment.

Historic Haute with Marble Facade and Cabinetry

Holding proper heritage features (ditching ledge stones,) you may think that this elegant fireplace is expensive due to its marble elements, —it’s not. The Marble mantel, framed with beautiful early 20th-century millwork is actually just a DIY project. To copy the look, you can repurpose old wooden-framed artworks or your granny’s delightfully shaped vintage mirror as an overmantel decor. Top it off with a transitional industrial design ceiling lights! In case it’s not available, a pair of rubbed bronze sconces on each side of the fireplace would do just as great.

Channeling A Rustic Tuscan Home!

Make an impactful modern Mediterranian fireplace without giving up your love for natural elements, which what makes the Mediterranian style. A bland wall with a simple wooden mantel can be balanced with an Italian flavor by adding a pair of bronze Tuscan wall grilles as wall decor. It adds more character with all the earthy tones against the white walls. You can’t go wrong with its inviting vibe with the addition of plants, a simple bronze-framed round overmantel mirror, and candles in varying heights. The exposed beams are always a hit, especially for a home like this.

A Modern Explorer’s Living Space

Are a massive reader and have a fairly large number of classic books? If so, you might want to take inspiration from the mantelpiece design idea above. White walls look amazing. But, alternatively, you can pick beacon gray paint or silver mist for a more cooling effect. The fireplace holds a contemporaneous vibe with a traditional design mantel. It has a great mix of studious touches, such as a vintage globe, antique reading spectacles, and the antler’s head. The furnishings have a few synthetic animal prints accents along with a chess game board and fresh flowers. This study is a less dramatic version of Sherlock Holme’s room, don’t you think?

Playing with Geometry And Earthy Tones

Let’s give the smartly stacked firewood below extra points. Additionally, the orchestrated earthy tones are lovely. From the mantel itself to the table accessories and books, all worked pretty well. And of course, although neutrals and wooden hues are elegant, they tend to become monotonous without one vibrant color to offset it. When setting decorations on the mantel, it’s essential to think about a balanced composition. It has to be curated in both the colors and shapes. Adding a small cluster of objects such as a few books on the mantel should allow enough space with a round mirror, as well as another tall decoration in vibrant hues.

Bring The Coastal Style To Your Home

Refreshing and airy. It’s truly about the right selection of colors that blend in harmony. It might be an ordinary beach-inspired living room with natural textures and stone-colored walls. In this concept, the focal point is the entire wall with the fireplace and a fabulous selection of gloriously striking artwork. Yet, with furnishing in an ostensibly powdered, blue-gray palette, the aesthetic is fabulous. The coastal-inspired color-coordinated sofa set and the tied-to-ceiling shelving units make any simple mantel into a refreshing fireplace. , redefining the feel of this space.

A Mix Of  Modern & Vintage Colonial Masterpieces

A traditional design marble or limestone fireplace with a mantelpiece looks more luxurious with tall, fancy candelabras. Also, add some paintings and a pair of vintage sconce that will remind you of the classic Colonial mansions with even fancier pilasters and mantels. Any old-fashioned items that you can arrange in order on top of the mantel sprinkle an undeniably dramatic charm. And don’t forget the flowers! You don’t necessarily need to adhere to a single style. In this living room design, the furnishings are a mix of diverse styles.

Make it Inviting And Personal: Pink Fireplace

It’s time to leave the same old boring family photomontage to give your fireplace its well-deserved makeover. The adorable fireplace with a mantel! The color scheme is soft, but not in a cringe-worthy manner. It’s unique, playful and holds a dynamic but feminine spirit. It starts with matching the fireplace with the sofa and additional items with a pop of color like the lamp and bayong bag. The decorative pieces on the mantel display delectables adding to the theme’s inviting feel. While the indoor hammocks or hatch swing chairs make it a very charming living area for yourself and your friends.

Refreshing Zen-Inspired Fireplace

There is nothing like crafting a well-designed fireplace with features suitable for readers and yogis alike. An area in the house where it is comforting, breathe-deeply kind of space, and meditative at the same time is a significant factor. Consider a broadly white color scheme and your choice of a solid earthy color. Add Japanese-style of vases in varying sizes and a 3D-color overmantel. The type of mantel doesn’t matter. And although there are innumerable options to get inspiration from, using solid earth pigments are the perfect choices. Ideally, a brick or tile mantel works well with this style.

A Clever Mix with A Sexy Touch

The style options for fireplace these days are remarkably chic and architectural that allows you to create your dream lounge room. Modern motifs, the unprecedented combination of textures, and dynamic additions are available. Check out this very chic contemporary living room by Ines and Peter Mazzotta. adorned with sculptural light fixtures that gave the plain white-washed limestone mantel some character. The oversized brushed gold-framed image with an industrial-style sconce gave the mantel a sensual spirit. Don’t be afraid to play with both streamlined furniture and dark tones.

Industrial Style Half-Log Mantel with Giant Brackets

If you are fond of scavenging, this will work for you! A visit to a farmhouse can certainly provoke your creative juices if you’re keen to dress up the basic layout of your fireplace. You can surely create a masterpiece out of neglected items somewhere around your own home. Allowing even an old rusty windmill to take center stage! The vibe of this fireplace is welcoming while creating a relaxed mood at the same time. This farmhouse is a contemporary style with a smart selection of furnishings and even the color scheme is still country-style without being stuffy.

White Scheme with A Splash Of  Sassy Hot Pink!

White walls are always the best backdrop for pops of color. Just look at this hot pink wreath above the modern Edwardian mantel, and next to a fancy marble decorative piece. It’s plausibly one of the most underrated mantel ideas that a few of us surprisingly would find impactful. The outcome is just delicious to the eyes. It’s a very easy home decor style to copy that I’m sure you can customize with any shocking color or your choice. Stick to one or two spectrums to make it easy to the eyes and would make more room for any update. And oh! The additional posh effect is including a silver antiqued Italian style fireplace screen.

Sophisticated Two-Tone Scheme and Sleek  Elements

A black mantle encasing a fireplace doesn’t fail in bringing out a sophisticated glam to any casual living room. Using two-tone accessories with deep contrasting tones are perpetually stunning without substantial effort. How much more when a solid black marble rests within a fireplace as a Kickstarter? In choosing a modern color scheme, stick with a white or muted-color background. It works well when following a pattern because it complements any vivid architectural elements. Check out those gorgeous green-black handcrafted vases. Aren’t they eye-catchy? Nevertheless, be bold in adding one or two components that will serve as accents to your theme.

Broad Simplified Lines

A cozy fireplace design can vary according to the style you prefer. There are several ways to integrate it into your home, some can take a bigger space. Just like the example above, it looks very eye-catchy without looking ordinary nor exaggerating. The mantel is just a simple wood. But, it covers almost an entire wall with the exposed reclaimed beams attached tied to it. Notice how all the elements have one thing in common, they have natural wood outlines. The huge candleholders on the side in varying heights add more personality to it. It also coordinates well with the large, exposed beams and the large mirror on the wall.

Nautical Style Marine Blue Fireplace with traditional Mantel

Here’s a cool-blue approach to a hippie vibe. If you don’t like an oversized mirror on the mantle, why not give this Vintage Sun Starburst mirror a go? It’s so eye-catchy and flatters the rest of the accessories surrounding the fireplace. Feel free to add some unique items that support the nautical theme of your fireplace. It’s actually very easy to find the accessories in capturing a nautical theme. Add some lavender flowers in a narrow vase to make it slightly uniformed. Also, it keeps the Azure-painted fireplace as the focal point.

Modern Gray That Rustic Wall

The beautiful blend of modern and rustic interior decor results in a swoon-worthy monochromatic living space. Just look at that seamless style of the gray stone fireplace from the walls to the mantel. It sets the tone for the rest of this living room’s decor. Not only this living room looks cozy and relaxing. But it also fits right in to mount a flat-screen television for fun movie nights. The furnishing and lighting is a mixture of both worlds too. Combining some muted cool-tone items as well. Notice the chosen color spectrum and how it flatters the mantel fixed beneath the wall. They are muted and frosty hues perfectly arranged in order.

Contemporary Seamless Brick Fireplace with Wooden Mantel

We can all agree that this placement of wooden mantel is epic! It is very clever in terms of adding contrast against the other furnishings in the entire living room. Its leather-dominated theme makes it look more like a man’s hub. The floor to ceiling fireplace added more height making the room look spacious. Moreover, it’s also quite color-coordinated with the earthy tones. If your fireplace is next to a tall shelf, then, make use of the extra log that you have on your garage to create a super-smart mantel placement.

White Bright Ultra-Chic Coastal Style Mantel

Modern-Style bright white walls and white fireplace with clean lines can look too bland if not upheld by additional decorations in the entire room. But, with a bit of help from geometric tilework renders texture. The shelving unit decorated with netting frosted glass vases, several books, photos, and giant seashells captures the calm coastal spirit. The white-washed shiplap walls, a vase of branches, and watercolor artwork on the mantel give both the cozy feeling and appearance.

Play With Quirky Elements To Your Good O’l Brick Fireplace

It can cost an arm and a leg to remove an existing fireplace. So, you don’t have to. You can re-purpose an old fireplace and convert it into a wall-deco instead. Leave the imperfections to give your mantel the authentic touch. Keep the choice of overmantel decorations simple and fuss-free. If you’re updating a living space to look more contemporary, keeping one portion rustic provides continuity and a unique charm to it. Add some quirky pieces, plants, and an impressionist painting or image to hang above the mantel. Take this opportunity to make old stored items out in the open to decorate your mantel.

Updating Classic Into Three-Tones Of White

Nothing beats the smell the wood burning and the sound of it crackling away! And with the modern style fireplaces, the traditional open hearth prevails as the most appealing. It existed for centuries and have always been able to blend with the any interior style changes . If you are looking into giving it a new look, you can take inspiration from the style above. It is greatly all-white as its concept. But what gives this simple home decor the charming appeal without being too plain are the neutral-tone accents. The clay miniature houses and cream-colored handicrafts elevate the vintage-style upholstery and furnishing.

Get Help From Any Gorgeous Greens

Here’s another smart approach to decorating a rustic fireplace. If it doesn’t pose a safety risk, it’s good to keep the old stone or brick fireplace that came with the house when it was originally built. Why? Other than the benefit of its rustic charm, it opens up to more decorating ideas without shelling out too much money. With all the update from the walls to the furnishings, the fireplace itself stays as authentic. The variety of details exhibits a homespun vibe. The tall green plants on each side,  cute soft blue jars on the mantel, and the oil-brushed lighting fixture take it to a whole new level.

Playing With Artistic Wall Paint And Geometrical Shapes

This contemporary home is all about color nuances and geometrical shapes. The modern ceiling-high stone fireplace and the dramatic chameleon-like walls in vibrant aqua hues exhibit character. On the other hand, the dark wood mantel and cabinetry offset to keep the whole look balanced. And so as the selection of furnishing and ornamenting items used. The fireplace screen and the wall decor are a match in design. While the stained glass vessels in varying heights on the mantel and on top of the cabinet match the green bench.

Cute Country Home With Vintage Brushed Metal Deco

Do you love a country style fireplace period detail, but don’t have an antler’s head to place above your mantel? Isn’t it such a cute way to represent a farmhouse style fireplace? See the old-fashion mantel supported by a pair of the stained corbel. The greens sitting in a cute vintage wooden stand and the icy gray furnishings go hand in hand to create a comfortable family-friendly ambiance. While the brass pail, vintage ivory finial, as well as the wreath in a flat basket really stands out. Additionally, the brushed metal lamps set on the side of the firebox livens up the living room.

Modern Fireplace Hearth With Charming Rustic-Ness

This beautiful fireplace mantel would immediately remind you of those old-fashioned English cottages with sitting nook with stone. Despite its updated look, —with a glass enclosure covering the surround and firebox opening. Clean lines subdued tiles. The brushed wooden mantel with the entirety of the interior design still feels antiquated and offer a serene feel. Especially with the rustic farmhouse wooden table! It’s all so simple, no need for too many accessories. It’s all about the proper coordination of the old and new items.

Express The Unique Artist In You!

Paintings are among the excellent details that deliver a great impact on any room’s aesthetic. This Victorian style living room with corner fireplace exudes expressionism with all the candy color. From the green apple sofa to the quirky artworks topping the mantel, along with the attention-grabbing painting. Actually, those are different types of high-heels adorned with glitz and gems. It’s a well-played display of elements and color. And although this is a Victorian-inspired interior design, a few Asian style items can be found blending in really well. Check out the red rug, it has the old Persian pattern.

Repurposed Old Window Frames

Whoever created the idea of repurposing an old window frame as a decorative over the mantelpiece is a genius! Who would ever think scraps such as broken window frames can become an instant artwork? You can use is a backdrop for wreaths, photographs, or other accessories to use it with. It’s quite impressive how simple this project is and how it delivers such a heartfelt display statement. You can add on stained glass jars, candle holders, and/or an antique clock to complete the vintage farmhouse theme. Incorporate color choices that are related to result in harmonious fusion.

Use A Very Eye-Catchy Piece On Your Mantel

Sometimes, it only takes a thing, two or three to adorn a portion of the room perfectly. And many luxurious mountain homes where you can get inspiration from, a white mantel for the sleek character of stone, all the way up to the ceiling! But how else can a mantel look extra special without becoming stuffy? Bring a centerpiece (or three) that is especially eye-catchy on its own, just like this vintage miniature sailboat and the oil-rubbed flamingo decorations.

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Take Your Garden Indoors!

Among the concepts that you can take inspiration from to decorate your fireplace mantel is your garden. If you don’t want to use your fireplace but don’t want it removed as well, you can give it a good garden-inspired facelift. Throw in some plants in a wooden box, a broken flat basket, a deconstructed stick fences inside the firebox. A good vintage stained metal bucket made of galvanized iron, as well as a couple of flower clay pots on the mantel, completes your indoor garden-inspired fireplace.





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