95 Smart Firewood Rack DIY Ideas for an Effortlessly Warm Winter

Whether we like it or not, winter is getting closer. So, we need to make the necessary preparations in order to meet it properly. If your heating system is based on wood, then this article is for you. Find out what you need to do in the near future to properly store the logs and take a look at the following firewood rack DIY ideas and designs! Most of them aren’t difficult to do by yourself, especially since the instructions are very clear and concise. We are aiming for practicality and functionality.


General Conditions for Storing Firewood Properly

Before talking about various storage conditions, remember that wood should first be allowed to dry after getting cut. In this way, it will acquire the necessary characteristics for combustion.

Firewood should be stored under certain conditions to get dry properly in order for you to use it for as long as possible. One essential factor to keep in mind when storing wood is moisture. More specifically, we need to make sure that the storage area is free of moisture. Only then, the wood will be able to withstand the longest without rotting.

Another important factor in the storage of firewood is ventilation. The space in which we store the wood must allow air to penetrate it. At the same time, when we stack firewood, we have to leave space between the pieces. This is because the air has to circulate among them, drying them out.

Probably the most common storage place for firewood is the wood shed. It is an efficient solution for those who have enough space. These wood sheds can be built manually or you can buy one ready-made. For those of you who do not have a storehouse, there are alternative solutions. For example, you can arrange the wood on shelves or on an improvised stand made from pallets or other materials. This support can be placed in the yard or in the house, but the best way to dry the wood is outside.

No matter what storage method you choose, you should not forget the following two basic rules: keep the wood away from moisture and ensure ventilation. From our point of view, the wood shed is the most convenient and practical solution for storing firewood.

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Optimal Wood Storage Applicable for All Firewood Rack DIY Ideas

As already mentioned, before wood cracks and bursts into your fireplace, it must have been stored in a dry place. The moisture content varies depending on the type of wood, season and other conditions. Moreover, according to an empirical rule, firewood burns well if the residual moisture is below 20 percent. For firewood to dry out well, you should pay particular attention to these three factors:

  • Ensure a good exposure to solar radiation;
  • Provide a sufficient supply of air;
  • Protect it against rain and other influences from the weather;

Caution: Do not store your fuel in enclosed rooms, cellars or in a garden storeroom. Wood gets too little sun and there is too little air circulation in this type of repository.


Firewood Needs a Special Rack to Stay Dry

There are different possibilities for how and where you can store firewood:

  • As a stack that will be protected against moisture. More specifically, at the top the protection can be provided by a tarpaulin. As for the bottom, you can use euro pallets, stones or carved wood and place them underneath;
  • As a stack of wood that will be stored dry under a sloping roof;
  • Like ordered piles of wood. This is a special way of stacking wood. In this case, firewood stacked in cylindrical form is protected from rain with a shingle roof.
  • Stacked on the wall of the house. In this regard, the southern part of the house is recommended. To ensure good ventilation, it is good to have a stack of wood placed at 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) away from the wall of the house and be protected on the ground.
  • Firewood stands are a safe storage place for firewood as well;

When storing wood in the open, it naturally dries with the aid of sun and wind. In order to obtain an optimal calorific value, it is good to store the wood in a dry place for one to two years. However, do not store it for more than 4 years. This is because you want to avoid the volatility of gas-rich wood components and the bio degradation processes that reduce its calorific value.

The Correct Way of Stacking Firewood

The main idea of this article is to find out various ways to protect firewood. However, the way you place every piece of wood in your choice of storage unit is also important. Let’s see some tips in this regard:

  • Always store the wood with the bark down so that the pieces of wood do not rot;
  • Orient the narrow end of the stack of wood to the part exposed to the weather conditions;
  • In the bottom row, place the pieces of wood next to each other, slightly spaced. Thus, the wood can be well ventilated and it can dry well in depth.
  • On the second row, start over again, but now place the pieces of wood across. Complete the entire row;
  • Then, place the rows further, alternately: a longitudinal row and a transverse one. Thus, the stack of wood will be stable and secure.

3 Basic Firewood Rack DIY Ideas That Work

If you have a little skill and the right tools, you can build a shed in which the firewood is protected from various harmful weather conditions. In addition, you can ensure it has effective ventilation as well. Conversely, you can opt for simpler solutions that meet the required criteria as well. The solution that you choose should suit your personal needs best.

1. Leaning Stack for Firewood

In this case, the wood is supported by a fence or the wall of an annex that you have in the yard: workshop, hen house, shed, etc. The idea is to build a metal or wood frame to hold the stack. It is important for the sun to penetrate the area and the air supply to be enough.

In order to prevent wood from weathering, cover the structure with tile, sheet or asbestos tiles. Even a tarpaulin is good, if needed.

Of course, if you have more wood to store, the dimensions of the structure are adapted to your needs. You can add side walls too, improvising a kind of shed.

2. Supported by the Wall of the House

A variation that we often see in niche photos is to lay the firewood on one of the house’s walls. The stack must be placed at a minimum distance from the outside wall for proper ventilation. In addition, it is recommended to protect the lower levels from the ground.

Conversely, the small lofts behind the house that often remain unused are perfect for storing firewood. An inclined roof is good to protect it from rain or snow.

3. Firewood Stored in Ingenious Sheds

Again, the idea of ​​building a multi-functional warehouse arises. You can put firewood on one side, and on the other side you can store your garden tools, bicycles, or the things that you currently keep in the yard.

The Firewood Shed – Firewood Rack DIY Ideas

A garden shed is a place where you can store different objects to shelter them from bad weather. Moreover, garden houses are perfect places to store all your garden tools. Depending on the selected model, you can also store bicycles in it, garden chairs and other items that do not have a place in the house. We are talking about a simple, but pleasant storage room, a box that fits wonderfully with the garden.

Types of Firewood Sheds

There are multiple types of firewood rack DIY ideas applicable to this topic. When it comes to the materials used to build these sheds, there are storage houses made of wood, metal and plastic.

Firewood Shed Made of Wood

Wood shelves are ideal for storing and preserving garden tools in favorable conditions, as well as firewood.

The advantages of a firewood shed made of wood:

  • Aesthetic;
  • Ecological;

Wood Storage House Made of Metal

This type of storage house is usually not fitted with flooring. It is mounted on cement, pavements, OSB.

The advantages of a firewood shed made of metal:

  • It doesn’t rust;
  • Caries don’t attack it;
  • It doesn’t rot;
  • Features resistance to snow and low temperatures;
  • It doesn’t contortion;
  • It won’t get dry;

Plastic Wood Shed Considerations and Advantages

A garden house made of composite material that mimics the wood perfectly, this one does not require maintenance and can last longer. Among the items you can store inside it are: tools, bicycles, firewood, pellet bags, workshop items and so on. In addition, the best part about plastic is that it doesn’t rust. Also, it is not attacked by caries like wood is. It’s resistance to rain, snow and frost is also a great advantage. Let’s see more:

The advantages of a firewood shed made of plastic:

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures;
  • Resistance to adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.);
  • It doesn’t fade over time;
  • Special maintenance is not needed. You can wash it with a water hose;
  • These garden houses are made of durable and weatherproof materials (UV rays, humidity, very high or very low temperatures, etc.);
  • They are fitted with a floor and have a ventilation system;

Firewood Rack DIY Ideas – No Tools Needed

This stand can be used for many years. Even if you don’t use any tools for building it, nothing will happen to it for sure. This is because it is very strong, steady and it features an easily dismantled design which can be assembled very quickly. This type of rack keeps heavy, damp firewood without problems.

Necessary Items: 2 or 3 concrete blocks, 2 thick bars, pebbles;

No special instructions are needed for the construction of this firewood stand. However, here are the tips received from its creator:

  • Install 2 concrete blocks on a flat surface, or even 3 if you need support in the center;
  • Insert racks of bars into the holes from the concrete blocks;
  • Add pebbles into the concrete blocks so that no dirt accumulates;
  • If the load on the racks is large, move them closer to each other;
  • Place the logs on the outer edges of the blocks;
  • Cut a piece of tarpaulin to cover the logs; Next, take a couple of bricks and tie a rope from one end to the other to keep the tarp in the wind.
  • The greater the amount of wood in a firewood house, the stronger it becomes.
  • The rack should be high enough from the ground for the leaves to be blown by the wind and not to accumulate under the wood.
  • Most conveniently, this log store is very easy to rearrange in a new place.

Unique Log Store Ideas to Put Into Practice

Bench. Do you have a bench with legs installed in your backyard? If your answer is yes, then you can think about making a log store under it. However, this option is acceptable only if the seat of your bench is solid, without openings and gaps. Otherwise, rainwater will get to the firewood, which is why they will subsequently become damp.

Barrels. Barrels can also be adapted for storing firewood. Wooden, metal or plastic barrels work just as well. Lay them on one side, and then fill them with solid fuel. The barrel can be used as a single woodshed.

Concrete rings. Concrete rings make great firewood rack DIY ideas. This option is non-standard, but it looks amazing! To create such a structure, you need to purchase concrete rings and apply physical strength, since the rings are very heavy. So, you should lay out the rings on one side, after having prepared for them a crushed stone cushion. Such a base will not allow the rings to budge.

If your firewood rack will consist of several rings, then connect them together, for example, with anchor bolts. Multi-level design using rings of different sizes looks especially attractive. Now you can make a unique decor on the rings if you want to.

How to Choose the Right Place for a Log Store

The first thing to do is to correctly determine the place of construction. When choosing a place for the construction of a woodshed, you should be guided by rationality. More specifically, the facilities for the storage of natural fuel should not be visible. This is because it is not a building that is the accent of the yard. However, at the same time, it is recommended to have it close to the house. Remember that firewood will have to be carried, and this is not such an easy physical labor. With this approach, bringing fuel to the place of storage will not be difficult. In case there’s no way you can find a location close to the house, then you should also think about building a wood carrier. The latter can be made of various materials, including thick cloth.

To select the right place for the construction of a woodshed, draw a plan of the site. This will allow the best way to plan the construction and determine the most appropriate place. Experts do not recommend building a woodshed in the lowlands, as humidity accumulates there, and this doesn’t do firewood any good.

A firewood rack or shed can be erected as a separate structure. However, it is very often made as an extension to a house, bath or shed. So, it all depends on your personal priorities, site size, imagination. Simple designs allow you to build amazingly beautiful structures.

Firewood Rack DIY Ideas Step by Step

The picture above contains measurements and step by step indications on how to build a simple firewood rack. The model above is a very practical and functional one. However, it doesn’t hold much wood. So, you can adapt it according to your needs. In fact, each log store project can be adapted for any consumption rate or yard size.

As you can clearly see, this rack has no roof. So, you will have to think about positioning it in a roof-covered area from your yard. Other than that, this model is simple and does its job as a storage unit. Also, notice that the structure is elevated from the ground. Don’t skip this step even if it’s simpler to build without it.

DIY is Best for Log Storing

Now that you have a few notions about how to build a firewood rack or shed, you should be prepared to take the next steps. However, if you still think that building such a storage unit is difficult, you can turn to more creative solutions. Three of such variants were also presented above. So, whatever wood storage variant you choose, try to keep in mind the basic factors that keep the wood dry and ready to heat your house whenever you need it!

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