100 Futuristic Floating Bed Ideas for Contemporary Bedrooms With a Twist

A floating bed can be considered the perfect choice when it comes to contemporary bedrooms. It features a striking design that makes you want to look under it. This is because such bed looks like it is really floating. However, there’s no magic connected to floating beds. There is an explanation regarding how it’s all possible.

Due to the technological progress and the research in the field of materials, today almost any idea can be put into practice. Even a floating bed that requires a resistant structure is doable these days! They have various support systems, as well as materials, depending on the chosen model.

Leaving aside the unique design of a floating bed, there’s also a practical side to it. More specifically, you have more space available for storing underneath it. So, you can use decorative boxes to neatly organize your things under the bed. Moreover, depending on the manufacturing company, different “accessories” come with the bed itself, such as bedside tables or tables directly attached to its structure.

So, let’s find out more about floating beds, as well as suspended beds that are usually installed outdoors. In addition, you have 100 floating bed ideas waiting for you below!

A Floating Bed is Hanging Without Legs

Floating and hanging beds are a great way to give your bedroom an unusual and spectacular look. Most characteristic of the modern interior design, they can also become a perfect complement to any style of decoration.

A floating bed is distinguished by its lack of legs and an invisible base. Thus, it creates the illusion that the bed is hovering in the air. Before you decide if you like this idea or not, let’s find out how such bed can withstand people’s weight!

The Mechanism of a Bed That Floats

First of all, it should be noted that all floating beds have a very strong frame, made of solid wood or metal. In some varieties, this skeleton is securely connected to the wall and is supported by a single additional support. In others, it rests on a small platform, which is visible only if you look under the bed.

Also, these days beds are made with transparent supports or mirrors, visible only from a certain angle. For added credibility, sometimes these beds are illuminated with LED strips, which confer a fantastic effect to a bedroom’s interior.

Most often, floating beds are part of modern, minimalist bedrooms. However, a bedroom’s general style depends on the materials and design of the bedding. For example, an unpainted wood with carved decorations looks great in traditional bedrooms. Conversely, smooth, polished surfaces correspond to modern trends.


Keep Your Head in the Clouds in a Floating Bed

There are numerous reasons why you’d want to sleep on a floating or suspended bed. Or, if not sleep, at least to relax. So, let’s see what are the advantages of having such bed type.

The Bedroom’s Piece of Resistance

What else could possibly be the focal point of a bedroom if not the bed? Not just any bed though, but one that can be considered out of the ordinary. According to nonconformist interior designs, with such bed you will create a central focus point that will catch the eyes of your visitors. And, above all, it is also comfortable!

A Type of Bed That Floats for Everybody

The bed’s platform and its border dictate the design of your bedroom, a place of relaxation and rest. There are numerous styles of floating beds, each responding to your comfort needs or even to the desire to create an extravagant atmosphere. If you are a follower of the traditional style, the right variant for you would be the one with natural wood look. Also, floating beds can be divided into those for female bedrooms, with elegantly upholstered platforms, and for male bedrooms, with items made of leather.


Saving Space With Floating Furniture

Floating beds will add a strong visual contrast to your bedroom. If you are the type of person with your head in the clouds, you will feel like floating entirely in such bed. Whether you pick a sophisticated or a simple design, the idea of ​​modernity remains. A unique atmosphere that each of us wants at home will be created. Even in the children’s bedroom. They also fit in small rooms. This is because the main functionality of floating furniture is to save space.

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Floating or Suspended Beds

In addition to the beds that have an ingenious fastening system, directly from the wall, there are also suspended beds. For the latter, the fastening system is located in the ceiling. So, you can pick between a floating bed or a suspended bed. Moreover, depending on your personal style of home improvement, you can opt for floating beds that are simple, light-weighted, extravagant or suspended, relaxing, that sway and so on. However, you don’t have to decide yet, as we have more information and examples for suspended beds as well!

The Omni-Pendulum Bed Invented by John Huff

The swinging motion has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to humans. Through it, we can relax more easily. For example, water mattresses were invented with this idea in mind. In addition, four-corner beds and hammocks play the same role. So, John Huff based his invention on the omni-pendulum idea.

John Huff asked himself a few questions, such as: “What would the ideal bed look like? How would you feel in it and what benefits should it bring? What characteristics would make everyone love the bed they are in? ”And he found the perfect answer, namely floating beds.

John Huff’s Suspended Bed Characteristics

The bed invented by John Huff can be both suited for the outside and for the inside. Moreover, it aims to combine the useful with the pleasant. Even though it has an unusual appearance, with a unique design, it also has the function of a relaxing object, with maximum comfort.

It comes with a suspension point above it that makes the swing soft. Also, underneath it there is a mesh that serves as a support. It is provided with adjustable reinforcement and it is height adjustable. So, this bed becomes a must-have item in everyone’s home.

The suspended bed has not only been thought of as a simple place to relax. It can also be a source of entertainment. Due to its unique appearance, this bed can easily be considered a design object. And, since it swings, it becomes an interactive element. Suitable for relaxing moments spent with friends, it is also an ideal place to read a good book on the terrace or wherever you think to mount it.


A Futuristic Approach of the Floating Bed

Ideal especially for small spaces, the floating bed invented for the bedroom of the future is provided with a sliding mechanism operated by a button. This mechanism raises the bed to the ceiling in a specially designed dwelling. Thus, making it disappear, as if by miracle.

And if this invention has not convinced you, you should also know that the bed of the future will be equipped with special heat-sensitive linen. The latter will heat or cool depending on the temperature of your body. This futuristic bed linen, created in collaboration with a renowned company producing linens and bed accessories, will have integrated cooling and heating systems that will ensure optimum temperature during sleep. In addition to all these qualities, the linen from the bedroom of the future will be made of materials that will not siphon, so you will get rid of the ironing process after every wash.

Of course, even the mattress on the suspended bed will be an intelligent product. This is because it will be able to change its shape, consistency and temperature according to the requirements of each individual owner. In addition, the pillows from the bedroom of the future will be provided with an integrated lighting system. These will light up gradually when you will have to wake up every morning.

Suspended Bed Designed for the Outdoors

While it is summer, the best thing you can do is stay outdoors. You can enjoy the breeze and do some sightseeing, especially if you have a beautiful view. However, all this can only be possible if you have complete comfort.

Are you wondering how you can manage to have all of these things together? The answer is simple! You can pick a suspended bed. The later can be mounted outdoors, in your backyard. It ensures total relaxation as well as an amazing ambiance. Below, you will find examples of floating beds exclusively.

When it comes to suspended beds, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can go for a fixed frame design or just for the opposite. In addition, you can even include a pergola to keep the sun away when you don’t want to sunbathe or the rain away when you just don’t want to go inside.

You can cover a suspended bed with different designs and add pillows as well. The pillows will enhance the relaxing atmosphere and this will complete the feeling of comfort. This combination will make you have the suspended floating bed ever.

Types of Suspended Beds for Your Backyard

During summer time, staying outside is one of the most relaxing ways to spend your free time, enjoying the fresh air and the wonderful view. If you add comfort to all this, the painting will be complete. To get the comfort you want, you can choose to arrange your yard space using suspended beds. These will help you relax in an extraordinary environment. Below are some of the most beautiful floating beds you can use to decorate your garden!

One of the simplest ways to install a suspended bed is to use ropes that you can attach to beams or ceiling brackets. This method is valid even with a regular bed in case you cut off its feet. However, make sure you have a stable structure that can hold such a heavy weight.

Colorful Suspended Beds

The fragrance of the flowers in your garden and the variety of colors that make up the landscape in front of your  house will make a good pair. They will all contribute to your relaxation, with the help of a colorful suspended bed as well. Thus, you will be in a good mood, which will relax you and recharge you with positive energy. Add a few colorful pillows and you will undoubtedly be able to rest in open air, away from pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Suspended White Bed for the Outdoors

White is the color of tranquility. It also represents a new beginning, as well as perfection. So, you can experience perfect moments of peace and comfort in a white floating bed located in your yard. If the space in your garden allows it, you can also add a fountain to this decoration, which will contribute to the relaxation process. Listening to the water flowing while you rest in a suspended bed can be a unique way of spending time.

Moreover, if the bed of your choice is dressed in white, it will not attract the sun’s heat. So, you will be able to stay outdoors even during very hot hours. Just keep the bed far away from the barbecue grill if you don’t want to do laundry any time soon!

The Bed That Looks Like a Hammock

Another option is the hammock type. A bed suspended in this way is found especially in resorts and hotels and are associated with the idea of ​​relaxation. You can install such a suspended bed on the terrace, especially if you have a large one and if you like to spend time there. In any case, if you want to buy a suspended bed of this kind for the arrangement of your bedroom, make sure that the general atmosphere has a more tropical and ventilated air, without too much movable furniture.

Suspended Bed Looking Like a Tent

Another floating bed model that will help you relax is the tent type. Thus, if time does not allow you to go on vacation, you will be able to imagine that you are doing this, during the quiet moments you spend with yourself at the end of a tiring day. The tent-type floating bed contributes to the creation of a hiking-specific atmosphere. In addition, it protects you from insects that might disturb your moments of peace.

Bed Incorporated into a Gazebo

If the space in your garden allows you to arrange a gazebo, you can mount the floating bed exactly in the center of it. Thus, you will decorate a dream space, where you can enjoy moments of peace and comfort. In this case, the relaxation provided by the swinging process will be done in a controlled environment.

Minimalism Applied to a Floating Bed

Without a doubt, there is also the minimalist version of such bed. The minimalist design has also made its place, with its basic element, steel. You can only have two support points, the other side being stuck to the wall, but in this case swinging is no longer possible. This is a very good idea in case you don’t want the bed to be swinging while you sleep.


13 Suspended Bed Ideas for Interior and Exterior Design

As it follows, you will get the chance to browse through 13 suspended bed ideas that look different compared to floating beds. So, if you have any doubts regarding which type of bed to decide on, things should be clearer after looking at the following examples:

Decisive Conclusions for Floating Bed Ideas

A floating bed can be installed in your bedroom, while a suspended bed is more suited for the outdoors. However, you can also install a suspended bed inside the house. You can even use it as a couch in the living room. The styling ideas are up to you entirely! However, if you want a futuristic bedroom, then you should definitely opt for a floating bed with various technological additions. If, conversely, you own a generous courtyard where you like to spend quality time outdoors, go for a suspended bed. Or, why not, pick one of each to ensure comfort in two areas of your home!

Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that quality is very important in case of these bed types. You wouldn’t want your bed to just fall off without previous warning, right? So, don’t try to pick the cheapest model and install it yourself unless you really know what you are doing. Extra caution is advised in case such bed is mounted in children’s room. If it is a swinging bed, make sure it doesn’t have much soar as the kids could get hurt. Except these considerations, you are free to enjoy new bed models that increase your comfort. You can never stop decorating or enhancing your home since there are so many interior design novelties out there!

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