108 Creative Garden Decorating Ideas For A Brighter Home

Gardening gives you an intimate feeling, a warm touch, and a sense of value that no other things could ever replace. Planting at home is something that everyone agrees even those who don’t spend a lot of time on it. But these amazing garden decorating ideas that we have rounded up might change your perspective about gardening.

Plants already give us joy and it is with great importance that we take care of them too. Your home becomes more colorful with them. It’s just right to make them look prettier by decorating them for a more lively home.

Your backyard most especially is where gardening often settles. The trick is to have a backyard fence in order to protect your plants from predators. Think about standing in the hallway without anyone else but you. It’s the same with having a house without a garden – lousy and boring.

Gardening plays a vital role in making your home cozy and warm. It does the same in the backyard, especially when you have an outdoor kitchen. It can simply give your kitchen a plant life to simply incorporate the nature vibes at the backyard.

However, gardening could be tricky for you and it might be even tougher when you have to brainstorm on how to decorate and organize them. There are plenty of ways to give them the care that they need – from budget-friendly DIY to a fancy decoration, it all depends on your preferences.

Garden decorating ideas can go to any directions whether it’s a vintage or rustic style, a modern touch, improvised garden sets, and more. With so many ideas, you can’t be too grumpy when you come home with a beautiful garden.

Take a quick tour at these garden decorating ideas and you will find it fascinating to maintain a pretty garden.

Gardening is creative

If you are on a budget, decorating your garden might be out of the equation. But don’t be too confident about that because this article will show you a lot of smart ideas that you can mimic.

Spending too much is not needed – at all. Who would want to spend decorating a garden when you can improvise whatever you have at home? And who wants to blow money on decorating them when you have the skill and ability to do it yourself?

Considering the idea that you have made gardening as part of your life, it is not impossible that you can get them to look prettier and brighter. With garden decoration, you can be creative and efficient at the same time – and at the comfort of your own home.

The good thing about this is that you would be able to spend your free time making your garden a stunning one. You will also be able to communicate with them. Some gardeners talk to their plants because they believe that the garden listens to them.

The ability to create ideas for your garden is something that you would want to improve in a lot of ways. Gardening is unbelievably satisfying that you can’t just shun it off.

So, these ideas might help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

Different beautiful ideas to follow

Even with a small space or small backyard, there are still plenty of ways to decorate your garden. Wooden planters, metal scraps, old pots, and more easy to make garden stuff would come in handy if you are determined to make your plants happy.

Your garden is where you take refuge whenever you feel weary. This is why it’s important that you keep your plants lively as much as possible. Other gardeners don’t even want to go out during their days off.

They would simply make their backyard an oasis to escape from the bustling city and from the busy week at work. These garden decorating ideas that we have collected will be your ultimate inspiration if you are thinking about renovating your front yard, patio, or backyard.

These are totally budget-friendly ideas that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve them.

  • Old chair planter decorated with old plates
  • Rustic wheelbarrow planter
  • Ladder with flowerpots
  • Galvanized metal flower buckets
  • Old teacup planter for small plants
  • Galvanized metal basin
  • Painted metal pitcher planter
  • DIY hanging mason jars
  • Old coffee pot planters on a ladder
  • Upcycled sink
  • Galvanized metal trough planter
  • Old metal bucket hanging planter
  • Antique bicycle with flowering plants
  • DIY colander planter
  • Teapot and teacup garden decors
  • Old metal watering can planter
  • Upcycled desk planter
  • Old soup ladle succulent planter
  • Old doorknob flower and herb drying holder
  • DIY monogram succulent planter
  • Wall-mounted old spoon garden decor for hanging plants
  • Mason jar lanterns
  • Wooden drawer planter
  • Vintage  mannequin skeleton garden decor
  • Display table with old pots planter
  • Antique sewing machine planter
  • Metal bucket with mini garden planter
  • Ladder with letters and flowering plants
  • Birdhouse and milk can garden decors with a Hangwelcome sign
  • Antique wagon wheel display
  • Old garden gate flower display

Backyard garden decorating ideas

Your backyard can be your hideout too and if you want to make it more efficient with get-togethers, you may need to decorate your garden. These easy DIY garden decorating ideas would come in handy that you don’t have to scorch your local stores to buy materials and decors.

With your decorated garden, you would be able to spend time with your loved ones without going somewhere else. It’s even better when you have an outdoor kitchen to keep them gobbling for some good food.

Yes, you can have a backyard party with a beautiful garden and an awesome outdoor kitchen in one. Because why not? These ideas will help you achieve your dream decorated garden.

  • Hang some bandanas in the backyard for colorful vibes.
  • Double-duty furniture is important to save space in the garden.
  • Paint your old ladder and turn it into a pretty planter.
  • Don’t forget to have a firepit for a cozier ambiance.
  • Hang small plants using pocket planters.
  • Improvise a birdbath and put some floating candles and flowers.
  • Create a little fairy garden.
  • Improvise a rake into a hanging display.
  • Put your herbs on a DIY wooden pallet.
  • Make portable planters.
  • Create pavements and decorate them.
  • Old shutters are great for side tables in the backyard.
  • Make garden beds using old trays.
  • You can make hanging planters using old strainers.
  • Build raised garden beds using wooden pallets.
  • Old shutters can also be filled with mosses or succulents.
  • Give an old deck a makeover by adding a colorful rug with a wooden table and colorful chairs or recliners. Keep the plants close for instant cool vibes.

Check out more our collection below.

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How to decorate a small garden

If you have a small garden in the backyard, but you are still interested in decorating it, the answer is yes. The thing is, you don’t have to have a spacious garden to achieve what you have in mind.

In fact, there are so many ways to decorate your garden with unique and creative ideas. You only need to gather all the things you need – old pots, plates, trays, strainers, wooden pallets, etc.

Those are very useful for planters, especially when you love succulents or mosses. You can revamp your garden with these creative ideas that we have for you.

  • Fill a hanging old pot with a flowering plant. As soon as they bloom, they will give a colorful and brighter look to your home whether you hang them in the portico or in the backyard.
  • Put fruit trees in a pot. To give accent to your garden, plant a smaller fruit tree like the Calamondin orange or a fig tree. They would look awesome in your garden.
  • Wooden table with storage. Use a potting table in the garden with storage where you can put all your garden tools inside. Think about decluttering.
  • Vertical gardening is awesome. Get wall planters or rather resort to DIY to produce a creative planter that you can hang on the wall with succulents.
  • Practice square gardening. This is to keep your plants in place without clutters. It also makes a division where you can separate your lettuce from tomatoes.
  • Plant dwarf trees. There are many dwarf trees that you can choose from. These are perfect for small gardens and are pleasant to the eye too. Great options are crabapples, dogwoods, crepe myrtle, and camellias.

Keep scrolling below to see more of our collected small garden decorating ideas.

More ideas on how to decorate small gardens

When decorating a small garden, you often think of something that doesn’t occupy too much space. And if you think it’s pricey, that is not the case.

There are ways and one is DIY. It’s pretty affordable and sometimes, you don’t even have to spend a buck. Try not to blow money just to decorate your garden. Think about recycling or upcycling some of your old stuff at home.

Many people with green thumbs have given their garden a makeover through reusing a lot of stuff that they no longer use at home. Planters, most especially, have easier improvisation from old pots, pans, buckets, basins, and more.

  • Make a wooden plant stand. Although a plant stand can also be found in local stores, you can also make your own plant stand using wooden pallets. It’s cheap and easy to do too.
  • Cohort planting saves space too. Planting tomatoes with flowering plants work best with small gardens. It’s not just saving space, it’s also aesthetically creative and cute.
  • Make portable planters from galvanized rectangular metal planters. The good thing about portable planters is that you are able to place them anywhere in the garden without hassle.
  • Grow fruit trees against the wall. This doesn’t just maximize the wall space in the backyard, but it also gives the wall a colorful decor.
  • Container gardening is pretty too. If you have old containers, may it be metal or plastic, recycle them by filling flowering plants, herbs, veggies, and more. They could be really pretty to look at in your small garden.
  • Raise bed planters for more storage. If you make your own bed planter, you can try raising it to give tools storage underneath.

Explore more of our stunning garden decorating ideas below.

Recycling and upcycling are a great way to decorate your garden

Recycling doesn’t just save you money. It also helps save the waste problem in the world. If you think that you can still make use of the stuff that you have at home, maximize them.

That should do great in the garden where you can improvise your old tools and kitchenware at home. There are so many ideas to mimic if you are interested in decorating your garden using recycled materials.

  • Hang plants using old pots. This is a great way to save space when you have a small garden. It’s also ideal in your front yard to greet your guests with blossoming plants.
  • Transform galvanized tubs into a bed planter. If you don’t have wooden pallets, another alternative is to use galvanized tubs for your plants.
  • Get a double-duty garden stool. There are many options available when it comes to garden chairs or tables. A stool would do great as a side table or a seat in the garden.
  • Hanging bowl planters are a perfect match to a colorful garden. Don’t put your old bowls straight to the trash bin. Use them as bowl planters that you can hang to give a cooler ambiance in the garden.
  • Hang a box planter in the window. Would you like to wake up every morning with those flowers waving at you by the window? Yes, you can. A box planter should do it with either scarlet sage, wax begonias, flowering tobacco, geraniums, coleus, and marigolds.
  • An old canvas shoe organizer is perfect to plant herbs, ferns or vines. You can then tuck that canvas in the corner or hang it on the wall to save space.
  • Use portable furniture. It’s a great way to save space if you use portable or folding furniture.


Decorating your garden isn’t a pain

When decorating your garden, it is important that you know your preferences. But that doesn’t mean that it would be a pain. especially when there are many ways for a makeover.

If you are a handy builder, things would be easier. Otherwise, easy DIY is still the best alternative for a garden makeover. Learn how to create some stuff for your garden and think twice before you decide to throw those bins, pots, and more away.

  • The trellis would be great at securing your garden. There are many plants that you serve as fencing in your garden. A wisteria, bougainvillea, or a clematis would do great.
  • Give your garden furniture some plant life. A garden table, for example, can have dwarf plants in the middle. You can also make a built-in planter table for easy use.
  • Keep your herbs in the pot. If you have an outdoor kitchen, it would be best to keep your basil on the ready by placing them on old pots.
  • Combine different plant textures. To give your garden a more vivacious look, mix plants with different textures. They are aesthetically amazing in the garden.
  • Plant shrubs. Foliage grows faster and sturdy in most climates. So, if you have a garden makeover, keep them as much as possible for lush purposes.
  • Cover your fence with vines. Train vines on the fence for a colorful facade. Ivy is one example to plant against the fence.
  • Shady plants are always lovely. Keep some lush plants in your garden because they are so lovely during the summer.
  • Create a layered planter. You can be more creative with planters if you try to layer them. It’s not just pretty. It saves space too.

More easy tips on how to decorate your garden

Anyone can have a garden makeover without spending a fortune. No, you don’t need a landscape designer to do it. And yes, you can do it yourself with ease.

Here are some tips for a garden makeover:

  • Make use of the embellishments for awesome finishing.
  • A patina is absolutely pretty in landscapes.
  • Coordinate your garden’s style with your home’s exterior.
  • Decorate your garden’s entryway with vines or garden decors.
  • Furnishing, planters, and decors should be cohesive.
  • Garden decors like lanterns and bulbs must be suited for outdoors.
  • Keep good lighting by hanging DIY mason jar lanterns up in the trees.
  • Display your plant collection.
  • Unique planters and displays bring a more creative look to your garden.
  • Keep a fountain even a small one for a refreshing sound effect.
  • Plant perfumes like jasmine, honeysuckle, lemon blossoms, and night-blooming cereus are enticing. Keep them alive for a passionate smell in your garden.
  • Plants like herbs and vines can also serve as ornaments.
  • Splash some colors on your planters. Paint them with any nature-inspired hues.
  • Don’t be too thrifty when using antique objects as decorations in your garden.
  • Unused containers are great to repurpose them as planters. DIY would be a perfect way for this option.

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