109 Cool Home Décor Ideas to Make Your House Truly Awesome

There are a thousand different ways you can make your living space more functional and attractive. Most homeowners will put potted plants, artwork, and other conventional home decors.

Sometimes, one has to think outside the box if one wants a house that is truly awesome. If you’re this kind of homeowner, then here are 9 cool and amazing home décor ideas you may want to think about.

9 Amazing Home Décor Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Character

1. Aquarium Bed

This is one of the craziest yet coolest home décor ideas you can ever put in your home. The project is not cheap. You will also need to hire the services of a professional fish tank manufacturer.

The idea here is to create a large fish tank that will cover the upper quarter of your bed. The feeling will be something like sleeping in one of those fancy underwater hotels.

With the serene blue lighting that simulates deep sea ocean illumination, you will reach slumberland a lot sooner than you’d expect. Plus, the sound of water bubbling over your head will help provide for a more soothing experience.

2. Forest Chandelier

If you’re into horror films and thriller novels, then these home décor ideas are for you. You have an ordinary-looking chandelier that hangs from your ceiling. The arms of the chandelier resemble the twisting roots of trees.

When you look at the chandelier, it seems like a massive ball of seaweed. It does not look great during the day. Once the sun sets, however, it transforms into a mythical ball of light. What makes it quite eerie is that the twisted arms will cast shadows on your wall.



It will transport you to Sleepy Hollow or rural Transylvania where Count Dracula lives. Be careful. This idea is not for those with a faint heart.

3. Sandy Work Desk

Many of us dream of enjoying the pleasures of the beach while working on some things for the office. Now you can with these crazy yet fun home décor ideas.

It is perfect for individuals who work at home. Instead of putting your work table and chair on the floor, you will set them up in a box of beach sand. It is a project that is quite easy to accomplish. All you need is to get several pieces of wooden planks and plywood to serve as walls and base of the box.

Once constructed, fill it up with the finest beach sand you can get. Put your table and chair on the ‘sandbox’. Whenever you work, you can leave your slippers behind. Feel the sand underneath your feet while you work on your tasks.

4. Spiral Staircase Slide

If you live in a two-story house, you may want to ditch the traditional style of stairs. Opt for a spiral design. On the outer side of the staircase, have a professional build a slide that will follow the shape of the staircase.

It is a fun way to go down from the second floor. Your kids will have a heyday climbing up the stairs and then sliding all the way down. You can always try it yourself, especially if you are in a hurry.

Make sure to make the size of the slide large enough to accommodate you or any of your guests who may want to relive the fun days of their childhood.

5. Fusion Dining Table

At first glance, the fusion dining table does not look extraordinary. It has a very simple design that comes complete with matching chairs.

The beauty of the décor is that the tabletop is removable. Once you slide the top of the dining table, you will get a pool table. It is the perfect furnishing for individuals who love to entertain guests by playing a game of pool with them.

The design idea is versatile enough to allow you to integrate different table games. Not only are you improving the aesthetics of your dining room. You are also giving another function to the dining table.

6. Ping Pong Doors

One of the coolest home décor ideas we’ve seen is ping pong doors. What you have is an ordinary door. What makes it different is that the center panel of the door flips open to reveal a ping pong table.

The best part about this idea is that you have the security of the door jamb and the adjoining walls. This way, there will be less errant balls every time you miss a serve or a return.

7. See-through Bathtub

Most folks want complete privacy whenever they soak themselves in the bathtub. If you’re such a person, then this home décor idea is not for you. The project requires the removal of your ordinary bathtub.

You will then replace it with a large fish tank-like tub that is clear on all sides. You will see the bathroom tiles on the walls and on the floor. This can make for an exciting bathing experience.

8. Bookcase Staircase

People who have a library-sized collection of reading materials will love this idea. For it to work, though, you will need to have a staircase that runs between two walls.

You will need a contractor to make bookshelves on both sides of the staircase. You can then arrange your books and other reading materials in these bookshelves. It is a simple home décor idea that works.

9. Beach-Themed Backyard Fire Pit

If you have a spacious backyard, this is a home décor idea worth looking into. It is great for spending the evening with your family or friends. It is an extra-large sandbox that you will fill with the finest beach sand you can get.

Build benches on three sides of the sandbox. In the middle of the sandbox is a fire pit. You will never have to go to the beach anymore to enjoy quiet evenings by the bonfire.

Things to Consider when Decorating Your Home

These 9 home décor ideas are cool and exciting. However, they may not be what you have in mind. That is why we’ve prepared this section to guide you in your home decoration adventures.

Room Purpose

Different rooms have different purposes. For instance, your living room is where you get to greet and meet your visitors. For many families, it can also be the place for a quiet time together. The bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in the house have their respective purposes.

Always align your home décor ideas to the purpose of the room that you want to decorate. Putting a potted plant in the kitchen may not be a good idea. Putting this in the living room might be a better fit.

Room Layout

If you look in your bedroom, it has a very different layout than your kitchen or living room. Each room in the house has its own layout. The layout almost always follows the function or purpose of the room.

This is to help provide a more efficient flow of traffic as well as access to different resources. With this layout, try to visualize how a particular piece of home décor will look in the room. This will help you avoid making unnecessary expenditures on home décor ideas that you will not use in the long run.

Color Scheme

Deciding on a color theme can be quite challenging. The most versatile color options will be white and its various shades. You will never go wrong with white color.

You can always add another color over it in the future. It can also be a good color base for other colors, like those in your home décor ideas.


Make sure to integrate lighting in your home décor. It does not have to be artificial lighting. You can always use natural light coming from the outside and through your windows. In rooms where there is insufficient ambient light, consider putting wall or ceiling lights to highlight your décor.


Always consider your budget. It would be unwise to purchase home decors or embark on an ambitious home improvement project when you do not have enough financial resources to see it through.

Make sure to have a checklist of your must—haves and nice-to-haves. Focus more on what your room needs and not on what you want.

Size of Furnishings

Try to match your décor with your existing furnishings. If you already have a big sofa, getting an extra-large home décor might not be a good idea. You have to choose which of these two items you would want to be the focus of one’s attention.

There are no hard and fast rules as to which décor to use. The size of your furniture should also be commensurate to the size of the room. Any décor you put in the room should follow in scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Should I focus on beautifying my living room or should I concentrate more on functionality?

The idea about home decorations is to achieve harmony of purpose. There are two very important goals to home decors. First, they can enhance the overall aesthetics of the house. Second, they can provide a functionality that existing furnishings or fixtures may not be able to provide.

In most cases, they can complement existing home decors. Having said that, you should always focus on achieving a good mix of both form and function.

• What color of paint will be great for the whole house?

Interior designers always go for white. It can brighten up any room. The best part of it is that you can choose varying shades. Since the main sections of the house come in a light color, it would be best to complement this with darker hues for the trims.

You can always go for monochromatic effects, of course. However, one has to be choosy when it comes to home décor ideas to complement such a color theme.

• What home décor can you suggest for a house with a high ceiling and a homeowner on a tight budget?

This can be tricky. Having a large blank wall with very minimal financial resources to work with can pose some serious challenges. One way you can go about this is by using wallpaper on certain sections of the wall.

This will help break the monotony of the room. If you can spend more, installing a few bookcases will also be a good idea. Another option is to put a cluster or pendants or a chandelier. This can break the white space that you have in this particular room.

• Can I make a Persian rug more feminine or with a modern vibe?

A Persian rug often comes in dark colors. To give it a more modern twist, you can put a Mongolian sheepskin rug on top of the Persian rug. A better alternative will be an area rug with a pale blue color.

When you combine this with the right accessories and artwork, it can also transform your room into something more modern.

• How can I decorate my room without breaking the bank?

There are plenty of ways you can improve the overall aesthetics of any room in your house without spending a fortune. You can always use small accents to complement your existing décor. For instance, putting matching throw pillows on your sofa can give it a more vibrant look.

The same is true with a table lamp or a vase on top of your corner desk. These items will not cost you that much. Yet, they can add to the overall beauty and functionality of your room.

Improving the aesthetics and functionality of your home should not be difficult. These 9 cool home décor ideas can provide you with the inspiration to make your house more awesome.


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