Home Office Ideas that Encourages Productivity and Fun

Home office ideas may be something in your mind for quite some time. The home office is a space you created in your home to help you get productive. You made this room so you can practice a hobby like crafts, writing, and other interesting pursuits. You may also have designed this spot simply because you work at home. There’s also the chance that you have reserved this area because you want to bring or continue some office work and you do this on a regular basis. Whatever the reason may be, this space is designed to inspire creativity and motivate you to get things done.

More often than not, the home office you set up does not provide both. That’s probably because it’s too unfriendly or too messy.

So, you end up working in another location instead. You go and try to work in other parts of the house like the bed room, the living room, or even in bed. Most of these places aren’t really conducive for productivity. The bed room, for instance, might make you want to take a nap.

This isn’t limited to other parts of the house as well. Sometimes, you’ll think about doing some work in your favorite nearby coffee shop. However, not all coffee shops may be able to help you focus on your work. On top of that, the commute and the costs incurred may not be worth it.

Because of these, you might want to reconsider your home office space. This is a productive space that you can call your own and you can access anytime you want. This may be the perfect opportunity update it into something that will truly drive you to get some work done.

Home Office Ideas that Reflect Who Your Are

You’ll want to work in a space that you can call your own. Therefore, get some home office ideas that you will instantly feel a sense of belonging in the room. Since you’ll be spending much time working in it, pick design elements that reflect your personality.

If you intend to use the space to practice a craft, then keep all the tools that are relevant to that craft there. For instance, artists might want to keep their paints and brushes readily accessible. Arrange them in an orderly fashion so that you can easily get the tools you need. Additionally, decorate them in a presentable so that the whole space is easy on the eye.

If you’re a travel writer, a good idea is to get some decors that remind you of the beach. Sea shells, surfboard wall art, summer decors, light blue paint, and creamy white paint are few of the things that instantly pop up in anyone’s mind. Basically, create the space not only by who you are but also with what you do.

You also might want to keep it formal if you intend to do some office work in the room. This holds true especially if you do this on a regular basis; say, on every weekend. Limit the colors you use to make the space look sophisticated. However, you don’t have to make it black and white. You might also want to ease down on the decors to lessen unnecessary distractions. Keep only the things you need to make the room give off a minimalism vibe.

What matters is that you’re able to design a room that reminds you of what needs to be done first. It should be able to achieve this by making you go for the pursuit of success rather than obligation.

Home Office Ideas with a Theme

To define the room’s personality better, choose a theme that complements your intended image for your home office. The theme further amplifies the identity that you have given for the space. Not only does it define what the room was intended for but it also reflects how it relates to you as the owner. This is crucial since you will spend a generous amount of hours in this said study space.

Perhaps two of the most common themes are traditional and modern.  Traditional style uses design elements that are true to your homeland’s culture. If you’re up for it, you may also borrow pieces from other cultures. There are plenty of interesting design pieces from either Western or Eastern influence. You may also combine these elements and come up with a unique result. You may need to visualize how to make sure that the two don’t compete with each other.

Speaking of combinations, you can also mix vintage with modern styles. This will make the home office feel as if it was designed for work, just like a proper workplace. At the same time, it gives a sense of something that reminds you of home – comfortable and warm.

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Picking the theme also helps you decide on the arrangement for the room. Choosing a theme and sticking to it will help you decide which colors, decors, furniture, and other design pieces to use with convenience. You might need to arrange the elements in diagonals or allocate space in a certain manner to reflect the theme. These are but few of the many design aspects you will arrive at thanks to the chosen theme. In the future, you can add more design elements that sticks with the theme you’re going for if you feel like it.

Home Office Ideas that are Welcoming and Productive

Try to go for visual elements that make the home office welcoming. Just make sure that it’s not too cozy. If the end result is that the room is too cozy or comfortable, the atmosphere might encourage you to take a nap. That is most definitely the opposite of what you want to do in the home office space.

Anything soft usually has a cozy effect so you might want to limit its use. If you want to use soft pillows and soft colors, they are better off in the bed room where you sleep. Of course, you can use a fair amount of them as long as they don’t take you away from getting things done.

There are some cases where the bed room and the home office is one or are close to each other. What you can do in these instances is to have the bed removed from your view while working. This can be done in numerous ways. One is to have your back on the bed so you won’t be tempted by its pull to take a nap. Another way is to use curtains to cover the bed while you’re working. You may also remove the bed if you have a foldable one or you can keep them in a temporary storage.

Another way is to keep the look busy if it feels too welcoming. Adding books and magazines will make the room a great location while working on something. Inspirational paintings or wall art with motivational quotes are also great choices. All of these create a space where creativity flourishes. Just keep everything in moderation so the pieces don’t clutter too much. They might end up as too distracting and, as a result, you lose your focus.

Home Office Ideas that Let the Light In

What helps you wake up in the morning besides coffee is natural light. It is so effective in getting you ready for the day that it can also ruin your sleep cycle. There are also studies that link exposure to sunlight with improved work performance and better sleep. If you get enough sleep, your overall health is improved. With better work performance, you are less prone to anxiety and stress. Natural light in your workplace or in your own home office space will definitely contribute to your productivity. This is probably why many want a corner office. The space gets a natural light and a nice view. It also serves as a reminder of your success in climbing the corporate ladder.

Besides the effect on you, it also has some interesting impact on the work space. For one, the light makes the space seem bigger than it normally is. If you have plants in the room, the light makes them lively and vibrant. Letting the light in also allows some cool breeze to get in. This creates a rejuvenating atmosphere and keeps you connected to the outdoors.

An open air workspace is great but you don’t have to leave the doors and windows open. Simply change the position of your working desk and chair in such a way that you can get some light and air. See through materials and natural colors can also help in creating a refreshing atmosphere. You may also use folds on windows so you can adjust the lighting. This will help you feel less tired, helping you accomplish more tasks than you normally would be able to handle. The comfortable feeling of the light and breeze also keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Home Office Ideas that Optimize Space

It is no question that no one can work in a cramped and disorganized room. For this reason, optimizing space and arrangement is important. Make sure to use all space when keeping your tools. Don’t limit yourself with drawers and cabinets but make use of available vertical space as well. You don’t have to compromise design and style if your space is small. Look for inspiration and ideas that maximizes furniture space but still manage to keep enough floor space to breath. Look for furniture and shelves that don’t take too much, usually slender and sleek ones.

If you have a lot of space to work with, try to position some design elements in diagonal. This will help make the home office look more unpredictable. It’s easy to place everything beside one, resulting to a monotonous and uninspired look. You probably won’t like working on a dull-looking workplace. Putting some on diagonals make the room feel less cramped overall. This also gives some personality to the work space.

For you to successfully pull it off with less effort, try to draw your intended vision on a sheet of paper. Using scaled measurements of the room and the design elements, you can move the pieces around before deciding to finalize on a fixed arrangement. This is definitely better than having to shift furniture around. Not only will this take more time but it will also prove exhausting.

This also allows you to see some new perspectives and give you ideas on how to arrange the pieces you never would have thought possible. You can also foresee the traffic flow better, allowing you to arrange the design elements properly. This is important especially if your craft or work involve a lot of moving around.

Home Office Ideas that Play with Interesting Colors

With colors, you can further express your unique style in the home office space. The colors aren’t there just for aesthetics either. The choice of colors helps fuel imagination and creativity. They also help you feel comfortable to keep you focused on the task at hand. Just make sure not to use too much or they can be very distracting. Use colors that reflect your personality so you will feel at home. This will make you want to work on the home office and not on your favorite coffee shop you always drop by.

Try to use colors that work well with the natural light in the room. Pick ones that blend together and still hold up on their own during night time. The natural lights can help the colors in your room pop out more, creating a livelier place. This will help you or anyone in the room focus and perform better.

If the room is small, picking a single color to work with make the space look bigger. The color gives the makes the home office more accommodating.

Go for black, white, and grey if you want a sophisticated and elegant look. This combination creates a formal atmosphere and will make you want to work, even for long periods of time. Make use of different shades to keep things interesting. This palette is always classy but can also prove dull if not properly utilized. You can also add a single color for some interesting effects. Choose ones that complement with the black and white shades. Some bold colors tend to conflict with the attention and might ruin the formal vibe. However, there are also colors that look more elegant once paired with black and white. You can also use black to “soften” other colors.

Add Your Favorite Things

Put some of your favorite things in the home office since it is your personal space. Pick decors, paintings, sculptures, wall art, and furniture that reflect the personality you want for the room. You really don’t have much freedom when it comes to your office workplace. Your home office does not have to resemble your office. The visuals of your workplace usually follow formality and uniformity. So, design your home office space in a way you would your office workplace if there were no restrictions. Fill it with things you normally would not be able to bring to the office.

An easy way to do this is by using a gallery of wall art or prints. Pick paintings and pictures of your favourite subjects, the ones that will certainly motivate you to get things done. Once that’s done, arrange them on the floor and work your way up. Make sure that there is enough distance in each print and everything follows harmony and balance. You can opt for removable wall strips so you can rearrange them in the future if the need arrives. What’s important is you’re sending a clear statement and can adjust anytime you want.

Add a rug that serves as the background of the floor to make the whole room look grounded. Like the wall art, the rug has colors that you can play with. You can play with these colors to breathe life into the floor. It also adds texture to the floors that not only pleases the eyes but also feels soft to touch. Basically, a rug is like a painting that’s on the floor instead of on the walls.

Go Green

Last but not the least; add some green into the mix. Don’t forget to place plants in your home office space. Combined with the light and the breeze, plants breathe life into the space. The rejuvenating powers of nature make you want to stay longer. Not only do plants clean the air of toxins in the room but they also add a lovely and unique aesthetic to the room.

Aside from that, studies show that indoor plants are linked to improved mental well-being. These lovely greens help relieve anxiety and help take your mind off stressful situations. Some even recommend gardening for people who are suffering from depression. The healing power of nature can definitely improve your chances at success in any endeavor you will take.

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