117 Creative Key Holder For The Wall Ideas For Your Home

One of the most common weaknesses that we all have is losing our keys, especially when we are very occupied with other things. We keep forgetting where we placed them and ended up getting another duplicate from the original one. Worse, the locks at home or office may need to get destroyed for you to gain access. So, these key holder for the wall ideas would be a big help for you if you are looking to install one at home or in the office.

Although not all of us are prone to misplacing our keys, having a key holder for the wall still makes a difference. It doesn’t just help you organize your keys. It also helps to declutter as well as making your wall stylish as much as you want.

We do understand that losing our keys would be a great disaster for us. That’s why it’s important that we should have a key holder, especially in this modern living.

With so many options and styles available out there, the selection might be tough for you. especially when all of them are cute and easy to make. We have a wide array of styles and designs prepared for you.

Whether you want it rustic or country style, modern, old school, colorful, unique, trendy, and more, the sky is the limit. There are plenty of these key holders for the wall that prefabricated and being sold online or at any physical stores.

However, if you prefer to do it yourself or DIY, it’s one of the most popular options these days. Plus, you can save more if you want to spend within your means.

Take a quick look at these gorgeous and unique key holder for the wall ideas that we have collected for you.

Coppice mini-garage key holder

If you are a handy builder, you can make your own key holder made of wood and stick on the wall to organize your keys. This is perfect for those who have rustic preferences.

Hexagonal key holder

With this style, you can have a lot of keys to hang with ease. This is available at any retail stores.

Cloud key holder

Here’s a cute key holder that’s ideal for studio apartments or small spaces. The cloud design is just too cute. Kids will even love this.

Wooden couple key holder

For the couple that has just started to build a family, this would be a perfect and very sweet key holder for your entryway.

Lego key holder

If you are into legos, this keyholder will come in handy. It’s very creative and impressive.

Red and white magnet

If you are always in a hurry, take this magnet key holder with you if you see this in stores around. This is the easiest way to house your keys at home or office.

Climber key holder

For the athletics or sporty people, you can have a variety of climber keyholders that would take a few keys to hang in them.

Shapes key holder

Whatever shapes you like the most, you can either have this purchased or make the style of your own favorite shape.

Wooden colorful birdhouse

 These are really perfect for the bird lovers out there. If you have the right tools, you can also make your own wooden birdhouse key holder and paint them with your favorite colors.

Wooden key holders work best for homes with rustic or country design. Although there are so many modern homes, wooden items are mostly ideal on timber houses.

Keyholders for the wall is a necessity to each home and should be taken into serious consideration. This is to minimize clutters and being organized with everything around the house. It depends on what you like whether you want a keyholder alone, or you want a rack that serves as a key holder, mail organizer, and more.

These are perfect on entryway because it’s here we first place and take out our keys whenever we get out or inside the house. For women, you must take this as one of the beautiful decors at home or in your own studio apartment if you live alone.

Being organized is important

Just like your favorite hairstyle, outfit, fashion, nails, and more, home organization and decors are also important. So, if you want to organize your things, including your keys, the key holder for the wall is the best alternative.

There are tons of designs and styles that you can check at retail stores or online where you can purchase key holder for the wall. However, if you want to be more creative. the DIY is another best option, especially if you have the best of your time.

One of the best options is the wooden style that is not only heaving with so many creative designs but can also be built from scratch. You only a woodcutter for this design and you’re good to go.

Painting it would be easier as well since it’s just small and doesn’t require too much work.

DIY engineering-inspired key holder

Here’s a very creative DIY for the geeks, or those who have engineering skills using RJ-45 jack network boxes that are wall-mounted.

DIY wall dock key holder

White birdhouse key holder

Here’s another cute birdhouse key holder that you can DIY or purchase at retail stores.

Colorful human frame key holder

You can also try these cute key holders that literally carry your key with their hands.

Square wall dock

DIY painted driftwood on a light switch

This is an all-in-one rack that can hold small things like your keys, eyeglasses, and anything that you can hang in the entryway. The white paint makes it appear neater and very organized.

Hand sign

DIY textile

This is a DIY key holder that those who love crafting can do at the comfort at their own home. For the crafters, this can be achieved through hand sewing to ensure the intricate details. It’s perfect for the starting couple in their new home.

There are so many options available that you can DIY the key holder for your wall, especially if you are a crafty person. If you know how to crochet, for example, you can also the same DIY fabric like this house textile key holder.

It doesn’t have to be the same design, but you can make anything that piques your interest. You don’t even have to be a master crochet artist to make one. It is always a great idea to explore things that you still have to learn.

Learning new skills and ideas is good for your soul. Embrace what you can do because not all talents that we have were known. Sometimes, you will need to discover it to be good at it.

DIY seatbelt buckle

If you have old seatbelt buckles at home, here’s an example for you if you like DIY. It can save a lot of money and it’s very unique too. You can also trust that it won’t lose your keys. It’s fun and cute at the same time.

Wrought iron octopus

As awesome as octopus, this black wrought iron key holder for the wall can hold many keys and is very sturdy with any small things that you hang. It’s unique and creative.

All-in-one wooden rack

Retails stores have this prefabricated and pre-polished wooden rack that holds everything like your keys and your mail. You can also DIY this from scratch. It’s very country and chic at the same time.

White hand sign

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu-inspired key holder

If you are a fan of this animated series and toys, you can be more creative with legos and put these characters for a more fun key holder at home.

Wooden lightning signs

This is one of the most unique key holders for the wall ideas that you can find online or at any retail outlets.

Keyholder from an old door

One of the most unique finds are the key holders built from scratch. There is a lot of creative key holder for the wall ideas that you can always get inspiration from and this might pique your interest.

Contemporary wooden pallet

This is one of the hotel-inspired key holders that we often see. It gives a rustic look in a modern way and it’s perfect for homes with modern designs. If you are looking for the key holder for the wall ideas, this would be a perfect inspiration.


Wooden key design

If you like an overstated style, here’s a large wooden key design that can handle all your keys and other things that you can hang.

DIY kitchen utensil key holder

This is rather a radical choice for those who want a super creative key holder for the wall. You can secure the bent utensils on a wooden square painted with any color you like and you’re good to go.

Modern horseshoe key holder

If you are into horses, but you have a modern home, you can still get this unique contemporary horseshoe key holder. It’s painted in black to bring more elegance to your home with modern design.

Elephant house

Why DIY is great

Here’s another DIY key holder for the wall ideas that you can use at home for your keys. These cute houses in the street represent peace and friendship in the neighborhood.

One great thing about DIYs is that you are able to express yourself in the form of arts and craft to the extent level of your talent and skills. So, if you’re a handy builder and maker looking for a creative and unique key holder for the wall ideas, this is the perfect page for you.

With DIYs, you are ready to take the challenge that no matter how good you are with your craft, there is still a good chance to mess up. And this is not bad at all.

Committing mistakes is always the most effective way to learn and to accept your flaws. In this way, you know what to do next and this applies to DIYers.

It is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages when you take the DIY challenge. While some days you will succeed, there are times that you won’t.

There are so many things that you will benefit from DIY. Not only that it keeps your pulses active, but it also engages your family to take part in your undertaking.

But you also need to consider those countless repeated works when you decide to DIY. You might spend a little more than you expected in DIY, but everything is worth the try.

When you DIY, you will be able to connect with other people who also love doing the same thing as you do. You would also be able to enjoy the freedom of expression through your works.

Triangular all-in-one corner rack

This style doesn’t just hold anything, but it also a space saver especially when you have to make use of the corners of your house. It’s ideal for studio living.

Wooden board with lego

Colorful umbrellas

Keyholder with plant life

Hand key holder

Car plate numbers with a toolset

Wooden engraved key holder

King Kong

Here’s your beloved king of the urban jungle holding your keys with pleasure.

Tennis ball key holder

You can beat Serena Williams on this one.

All-in-one plank board

Wooden head balls

Colorful trunks

For the artists out there, you can’t just let a DIY pass without painting your own key holder for the wall. You can paint anything that expresses yourself and hangs it on the wall.

Wooden circular key holder

Ax key holder

Here’s a unique and very creative key holder, which is perfect for farmhouses’ entryway.

Wooden engraved cat design

For the cat lovers out there. there is nothing cuter than having a key holder for the wall that gives you the feels of a loving pet owner.

Solid wooden cabinet

If you want a solid key holder, you can have this all-in-one cabinet mounted into the wall.

Basswood with lettering

Here’s a piece of lovely basswood art representing the love of family. This is perfect for your home when you have a growing family. It’s an absolute inspiration for every member of your family.

Modern rake key holder

All-in-one triangular wooden rack

Vintage frame key holder

Magnetic key holder on the light switch

This is a very cool way to keep your keys with a light switch.

Old doorknobs on a wood slab

DIY rustic driftwood

DIY colorful flower decals

You can either paint these flowers on board or buy those stickers or wall decals that you can see at retail stores. Include the hooks that you need to attach to them.

Motel-inspired key holder

Double purpose key holder

With the hooks placed underneath it, this painted board isn’t just a key holder, but it’s also perfect as wall art for most modern homes.

Colorful birdhouses

For girls out there, this would be a perfect inspiration for you. These pastel color birdhouses are just so sweet and chic. They can be decors too apart from being key holders for the wall.

DIY paper flower

Colorful decoupage

If you have materials and magical hands, this beautiful piece of art will come in handy. It doesn’t just serve as a key holder, but it’s also very pretty art for your wall.

Mustache key rack

Lanyard key holder

Here’s a classic approach when it comes to key holders.

Customized key holder for the entire family

Country style wall mounted key rack

This works as a purse holder too.

Bucolic keys

Wrought iron deer antler key holder

Contemporary country-style key rack

Personalized key holder for your farmhouse

Amusing key rack with message

This is another unique and funny way of telling your family members and guests to be organized at home. There are many different key holder for the wall ideas with a direct message that you can also try other than this photo below.

It’s pretty cool and unique, especially that not all of us do the same thing with our key holders for the wall at home. So, be creative with your ideas and have fun with DIY because it’s always fun and exciting.

Couple key rack with a compass

Traditional horseshoe key holder

Wooden herringbone key holder

Personalized His and Her wooden key holder with pet’s leash holder

Guitar amplifier key holder

If you do love guitars, plays the guitar, or you simply love music, this would be really perfect on your home’s entryway.

Personalized couple and pet key holders

Cast iron key rack with letters

Contemporary solid half-round key holder

DIY reclaimed wood mail and key keeper

Keyholder for couples

Here’s a perfect gift for the newlywed couple.

Modern and rustic combo key keeper

Customized family key holder

Avant-garde key rack with letters

Modern key organizer for the minimalists

Old rustic long revolver key holder

Wall-mounted or magnetic wooden circular key organizer

Customized last name key rack with date

Hessian cloth with monogram key keeper for the farmhouse

Multicolor building blocks

Solid all-in-one wooden organizer

Country style wooden mail and key organizer

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