140 Fabulous Kitchen Island Designs You Can Use For The New Home

Building a house takes time, money and patience. It is a major decision for any couple or family who wants their dream house come to life. Choosing the theme, color, design and even the furniture that comes with the house needs practical decisions. One of the most loved areas of a house is the kitchen. Some people make it a point to allot more time and space for the kitchen since its where dining and socializing occurs. The dining area is usually placed next to the kitchen thus the creation of the kitchen island.

This free-standing form of cabinetry usually supports the counter top space in the kitchen area. It may be movable (with wheels) or permanently installed into place. There are lots of variations and styles to choose from and it is actually up to you to decide which one is best for your kitchen. Certain things to consider are the size of your family, design of your house and amount of space allotted for the kitchen area.

A kitchen island is perfect no matter what size your cooking area is. This element can adjust to the design of the entire house. For some amazing kitchen island ideas, check out this list and take inspiration to some of these designs!

1. Kitchen island marble goodness

It is definitely a classic design if you cover your kitchen island with marble – it never gets old. Aside from such a pretty sight, it can be easily cleaned when prepping food becomes tough. Just wipe it off and your island is spotless again! An L-shaped variety such as this works best if you have a huge family who loves eating like no other.

2. Pair with a dining set

If you want to be near your kitchen island, put a small table. This way, it will be easy to prepare and get some food. It also saves a lot of space for your entire kitchen.

…a wooden island next to a grey-white marble top is very pleasing to the eyes!

3. Incorporate appliances

Make your kitchen functional by putting the appliances and other kitchen essentials within the island. It makes cooking and dining easy and fun at the same time.

…this island showcases a stove top on the island. Cooking is made easy in this kitchen as you can easily prepare meals and serve it to the family right after cooking! A combination of white and wood for the kitchen island remains a classic style you may choose for your home.

…if you don’t want the stove or oven to be a part of the island, might as well install the sink in it. Washing fruits and vegetables will be easier and near the prep area. You may also use this as your dining set for breakfast.

4. Contrast with white

Having a white island top looks nice and clean in the kitchen. So if you have a brown and beige color scheme already, include some white colors to contrast it. A light marble island top looks amazing in a kitchen filled with neutral colors.

5. Long island

Turn your kitchen island into a makeshift dining table for the entire family. Prop it up with some white chairs to contrast its color. This is best installed in a big home where there is a very spacious kitchen for the family. A long island is also perfect for the holidays or any event / gathering with friends and family.

6. Divide it

Sometimes you may need not one but two islands at home! So split it up and make the other one for prepping and storage, while the other one for dining. In big homes, these islands are quite important as it offers a lot of functions for the kitchen. So choose the material and style on these islands wisely.

7. Wood wonders

Wood looks beautiful at any angle you see it. Make it as a base of your kitchen island to match the entire wooden design of the area. Top it off with fresh flowers for that nature vibe. If your entire kitchen theme is wood, making a wooden base island will only add on to that classic and home feel.

8. The massive one

If you have a big house to showcase your beautiful kitchen, then flaunt it! Make your island massive by extending its function as a table top.  Eating beside where the food is prepared doesn’t only mean its fresh, it makes your kitchen very  inviting too. This is best with big or extended families that love to dine at home not only for the holidays, but also on a daily basis.

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9. Functional island

Even if you are blessed with a huge space for the kitchen, making your island functional makes life efficient. So aside from incorporating appliances into it, make the lower part as a compartment for kitchen necessities. Drawers with handles look amazing with this island.

10. Seamless compartments

Some kitchen islands have very visible drawers that make it look very limited. Go for drawers that doesn’t seem to show! It has less lines and adds mystery to the entire design. You can easily hide some important kitchen stuff below or even some yummy snacks which your toddler might sneak away.

11. Huge slabs

Having a kitchen island made up of long or big slabs of granite or marble looks beautiful. It adds a sleek look and also very easy to clean up after a day of cooking and preparing meals. The abstract finish on the island top also adds on to the entire aura of the area.

12. Fully functional yet small

If you only need a small space for preparing food, this is the design best for your home. It does not have enough space, but the entire island can do so much already. Minimize decorations on top since space is essential.

13. Keep it classy

An elegant kitchen island is perfect for Instagram photos. Pair it with some pretty pendant lighting and eating would never be the same again. Aside from lighting, having a few objects or decorations in the kitchen adds on to that classy look. Focus on a few colors and centerpieces to be incorporated in your kitchen design.

…a chandelier right above the island adds a lot of class to your kitchen.

14. Mediterranean vibe

Add some blues and whites to your kitchen island to get that Mediterranean feel while dining.  Ceiling fans look amazing above and keeps the area nice and cool. There are variations of ceiling fans that you may use at home and this depends on the style for your kitchen island.

15. Keep it elegant

What’s a big home without a very elegant kitchen? The island itself boosts the entire space. Make the colors calm and relaxing, as if you would not want to leave right after eating. Some even spend most of their time in a beautiful kitchen like this!

16. Movable island

Sometimes having an island which is not installed permanently can be convenient.  You can adjust the layout of the entire kitchen easily. If there is a need to move it, this can easily be done.

…others put some wheels so that moving it won’t be a hassle.


17. Centerstage

A kitchen island placed at the center makes it the apple of the eye. It is very easy to move around as the kitchen essentials are nearby. There is ample leg room so preparing meals won’t be that hectic during holidays and breaks. Having it at the center only adds focus to any kitchen design. This is best placed in huge houses where space is not an issue.

18. Illuminate

Sometimes, lighting can really make a difference in one’s home design. Take for instance this island which lights up from below. It looks like a mini bar at night together with some pin lights above. Experiment with different colors of lighting for your kitchen island and choose only which suits you.

19. More space below

Having a kitchen island which offers more legroom looks very spacious. A sleek, black island incorporated with a sink looks lovely against a naturalistic backdrop inside the kitchen. It almost looks like the famous floating islands which most eccentric people have in their homes!

20. Seating capacity

Adding some gold posts right under the extra flap of your kitchen island works wonders – it becomes a mini table! This offers a minimalist approach keeping your kitchen very functional despite the limited space. You can mix and match chairs that best fit your style and personality.

21. Huge block

In this design, it is pretty much clear that seating may or may not be placed. When cooking gets serious, the island has all the space you need for food preparation. When cooking is done, keep the beautiful island clear and clean by just putting a bowl of fruits for design.

22. Customized seats

It is common for most couples or families building homes to just buy chairs from the store. What if you have each seat customized right? This will complement your island design even more.  Match the color, style and material with the island so that it will look seamless.

… these leather coated chairs go well with the wood design of the entire kitchen, as well as the island.

…white leather chairs look clean and sleek with the beautiful marble island top.

…metal chairs are also a favorite for white island tops. It does not go out of fashion and very practical to have.

…turquoise seats can go well with any type or style of island, most especially with a black island top.

…high islands look amazing with high stools or chairs.

…low level stools with no backrest  also look great with a white kitchen island.

23. Cool colors

Let your island blend in with the color of your entire kitchen. The cabinets may also match the color and contrast the top with white hues to make it look dainty. Having big windows lets light pass through easily making your island stand out in the room.

24. Mini oval

Do you ever love posts that go through your ceiling? It is also the best place to create an oval island. It is a space well used and can even serve as a quiet nook for those Sunday mornings. This design does not take up all the space so it is a very functional and practical design for small families.

25. Simply white

Put some greenery on your white island to make it look fresh. A perfect place to prepare your food or eat home cooked meals with the entire family. Blue hues for the drawers and compartments below go well with any white slab you choose for your island.

26. Wood tops

Having a wooden top adds elegance to the kitchen. It also complements to just about any design available. Pendant lighting also works well with a wooden counter top as light reflects nicely on it.

27. L-shaped

An L-shaped island is very convenient as it gives your kitchen an edgy feel. Using the island as table for dining or hanging out is also possible. Top it off with some fresh flowers to make your island feel homey!

28. Contemporary design

Having a contemporary approach inside your kitchen works best if you have an island that satisfies your chosen style. This is one of the most popular for most homes in the world. The design makes it easy to pair it with appliances and other kitchen essentials. You can never go wrong with this kitchen island inside your own house!

29. Brown hues

Give your kitchen a spin by adding some hints of brown and beige to your island. The colors make it warm and very sophisticated. Take your group or family dining to the next level with a kitchen island as fabulous as this! Neutral colors are often easy to work around with so if you have hired an interior designer, suggest this style.

30. Taking it outdoors

Who doesn’t want to cook and dine with a view? Seeing some greens and blues amidst your kitchen makes any activity relaxing and worth the experience. Aside from that, a beautiful marble kitchen island makes dining and cooking fun! This design is also very inviting and makes one linger for some time in your kitchen area.

31. High ceiling island

Position your kitchen island on a high ceiling area to give it some height! It will not make your cooking or dining experience feeling cramped. This also makes a small area seem big because of the vertical height.

32. Glass top

Keep it classy with a glass top on your beautiful kitchen island! You can store some glassware on top so that everything will be an arm’s length for your small kitchen. Lighting will also look great because it will easily reflect on the counter top.

33. Wide slabs

Having a wide kitchen island is perfect for huge families. This makes ample room for parties and other festivities done at home. When cooking, you can put all ingredients on top of the island with ease. Chopping fruits and mixing fresh salad will be so easy that you would never think of it as a chore!

34. Island on wheels

Do you want a movable island for your huge kitchen or dining hall? It will be very easy for cleaning and reaching important utensils while preparing food. Though the cons for this type is that forgetting to lock those wheels may be unsafe especially when there are kids around. So plan it out first which island is best for your family.

35. Ceiling lighting

Do you want the lights to focus on your island? Have a ceiling for your kitchen island and add some pin lights. This looks amazing at night and perfect for hangouts. A marble island counter top will reflect the light from the ceiling and creates a pretty design.

36. Chandelier top

A chandelier is one of the most expensive looking elements in any home. So to make your kitchen look classy, install one on top of your island and have an instant elegant dining area! This works best with warm colors inside your kitchen and of course, with yellow lighting. Even small homes can look great with a pretty chandelier.

37. Candle lighting

Candles will always be romantic. So put some candles inside an open frame box and make this as your special lighting on top of the kitchen island. This looks amazing at night and perfect for dates or intimate gatherings with the family. For safety, you may opt to choose a candle shaped light to avoid burns.

… or install lights inside an open frame polygon. It would look very creative and artsy.

38. Granite top

Gray and white granite counter tops are best for any contemporary kitchen design. It gives that dramatic feel that people love to see in a dining area. Granite usually boosts any wooden or light colored kitchen area for small to huge house designs. Choose this design for your home if you have mostly whites and browns all over the place.

39. White on wood

Having a wooden island is okay. But it is even better if a contrasting white is on top. This gives your kitchen some outline and a bit of class. Off white colored seats often give a complementing look. Hanging lights give a warm look for the entire kitchen.

40. White block

Make everything white and this is what you get- a peaceful and beautiful kitchen area. Top your island with some fruits and flowers to add hints of color. This then becomes the focal time the moment you step inside

These are some of the top kitchen island designs which you can choose for your new home. Personalizing your kitchen area will always be best if you let your creative juices out!

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