100 Practical and Stylish Laundry Room Ideas for Small and Large Spaces

Public laundry services are mainly used by large enterprises or organizations. For example, hotels and hospitals need large quantities of fresh linen. However, people sometimes drop by in order to wash their rather modest in size mountain of linen. But in our dynamic time, there is no need to spend valuable hours going to public laundries. Why? Because you can equip an excellent laundry room at home following our laundry room ideas.

Usually, a small room is reserved for laundry. Even so, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t organize it well or leave the design part out. Of course, many people believe that a home laundry is a purely functional space, which should not stand out in any way. However, this opinion is wrong. After all, the harmony in a house is achieved precisely thanks to various decor elements, even if such room is purely functional.

Stylish and Practical Laundry Room Ideas

The following simple and practical laundry room ideas will help you organize your household. Such helpful tips will create a tangible image of a functional, modern and attractive space in which routine clothes washing will become a pleasant household chore.

If you are confused and cannot decide where to set up such a space, then think about where you put your dirty laundry when it’s waiting to be washed. Or, think about the fact that typically, a home laundry is located close to the bathroom. Other popular areas are near the front door, in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, near the closet or in the dressing room.

Remember that an unexpected flood can happen, so make the floor waterproof, especially if the laundry room is located on the second floor. There are several ways to increase the water resistance of the floor. You could pick plastic flooring, install a shallow tray under the washing machine, lay floor tiles and so on.

Another important point that needs attention is the noise from the washing machine. If it is located on the second floor, it must be equipped with special, vibration-proof, pillows that will mute the sound.

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1. Choose a Bright Color Range

Paint the walls of the laundry room in a bright, cheerful color that you like. This is an easy and inexpensive step. So, focus on choosing colors that are uplifting. Good solutions would be citrus tones such as lime green, yellow and orange. Another option is a refreshing, pure white color that makes the room look brighter and happier.

2. Add a Worktop

Having a working surface is very important in order to fold various things. On top of it, you can put a basket with linen, for example. A washing machine that is standing next to a drying machine will look nicer if they are covered by an even surface.

3. Count on a Build-In Wardrobe

The unique look of your home laundry can also encompass a build-in wardrobe. In addition, you can look for inexpensive kitchen cabinets to use for other purposes. You can attach them on the walls that you have just painted brightly. Light-colored wallpaper is also an option if you care to invest more money in this renovation project.

Furthermore, if you already have standard furniture that occupies a lot of space, remove it. You can replace it with a very practical combination of modern, vertical drawers. However, if funds are limited, focus on purchasing second hand items that will help you organize a wardrobe as well. Stainless steel shelves would fit nicely in your laundry room and are a great alternative to built-in wardrobes.

4. Get Creative With the Washing Machine Installation

If you do not have enough space to place the washing machine and the dryer next to one another, then place them vertically. This tip will help preserve the functionality of the space.

Another creative way to install a washing machine and a dryer is to lift them above the floor. This makes it easier for you to load and unload the clothes, keeping you away from having to bend over very often. You can store something else in the space below the machines.

5. Combine Several Furnishing Options

Laundry cabinets mounted on the wall, open shelves, baskets and clothes hangers are considered excellent furniture options for the laundry room. You can also save considerable time if you ask all family members to sort the dirty laundry right away and put it in different baskets.

6. Upgrade the Lightning

Often, the home laundry is located in a dark room without windows. Therefore, good lighting is a matter of heightened importance. Additional horizontal lamps placed under the cabinets or a large chandelier on the ceiling illuminate and increase the space.

A good light will also help you detect various stains and deal with them before the standard washing. The ideal combination would be a mix of built-in light bulbs, pendant lamps and wall lamps placed under the cabinets.

7. Hide the Less Used Equipment

A great way to avoid confusion and save space is to mount an ironing board in the wall. In this way, you can put it away when you are not using it. Or, another option would be for it to comfortably come out of the closet and go back when you don’t need it anymore. Most interior design projects hide not only the ironing board, but also the iron itself. Moreover, a vertical dryer is another good option for drying delicate items in a home laundry.

8. Decorate the Walls With Patterns

In addition to painting, there are 2 more ways to give the walls originality in a laundry room:

  • Apply a waterproof wallpaper made of vinyl with a bold, modern pattern. They are easy to wash and wipe.
  • Install an apron made of tile. It will make your laundry room look more modern.

9. Add Multi-Functionality to the Laundry Room

If you have limited space at home, make the laundry room, a multi-functional room. For example, it can also serve as:

  • workshop;
  • storage room;
  • home office;

Laundry Room Ideas – Designs Fitted for Every Taste

The following laundry room ideas are themed. This way of classification can help you figure out which one you like most and which one would actually fit in your home.

Beach-Themed Laundry Room Ideas

The beach-themed laundry room is characterized by a compact design. In addition, it is complemented by a wide tabletop. The latter is very convenient for sorting and folding laundry.

A hanging lamp and window visually increase the space, so make it more spacious with light if there’s no window. Colors like sand, yellow, blue and green are the most recommended for such theme. Add sea shells as decorative elements.

If you are really going to the beach, then a laundry room located in the immediate vicinity of the side entrance to the house would be ideal. This is because the presence of a washing and drying machine near the outer door helps prevent sand from entering the house.

A worktop and an open rack installed above the appliances provide extra space for storing clothes and laundry.

Home Laundry Designed Traditionally

If you are living in a small house that has a short corridor, then place the washing machine there. It is also an ideal place to put the drying machine as well, if there’s enough room. Or, if you have a terrace or a backyard, then install the machine as close as possible to the exit. This is because the vicinity to the door will allow clothes to dry in a fresher manner.

Although you are not dedicating an entire room for this project, this doesn’t mean it must stay in plain sight. By this we mean that you can hide the appliances with the help of a door, curtains or anything else that fits. Focus on earthly colors that are characteristic to the traditional style.

This multi-functional space also serves as a hallway, living room, study and laundry. So, the other furniture pieces should help keep things tidy and neat, without cluttering the space.

Cheaper Option With the Eclectic Style

Unusual barn doors that hide the laundry room behind them create a unique look that blends seamlessly with the rest of the house.

An open rack placed above the appliances creates a roomy storage space for all sorts of things.

A ladder suspended from the ceiling, oddly enough, becomes an intelligent device for drying clothes. You can find one in an antique store or even in your own backyard shed.

The sink is a great addition to the laundry room. It facilitates the cleaning of the room and generally improves its functionality.

The eclectic style encourages you to use items from multiple styles and combine them. Thus, you won’t have to spend as much money on furniture anymore.

Incorporate Laundry Room Ideas With the Rest of the House

Most of the time, the space reserved for a laundry room is found in spacious houses only. If organized properly, a laundry room can also be arranged in a smaller room. Moreover, it can be located on the ground floor or in the basement of the house. Conversely, it can just be part of a large room with another destination, such as the living room or the home office.

Of course, without proper organization, this room can become a real chaos, a restless and stressful space. We think we can all agree that no one wants it in their homes. The washing machine, dryer, ironing board, iron and the most diverse accessories needed for care and storage should be collected between the same walls.

Hide Your Home Laundry in Plain Sight

If you live in a small apartment that doesn’t allow you to set up a laundry room, this doesn’t mean it has to be the bathroom. You can choose to hide the washing machine in one of the living room’s cabinets. You might think this is crazy, but it can actually be the dose of sanity your house needs. In addition, custom made furniture may be what you need in order to arrange such a laundry space.

For those of you who do not have enough space to allocate for a separate laundry room, the kitchen or the hallway are alternatives. We suggest incorporating the laundry area into one of these rooms.

Among the ways to hide a home laundry together with its household appliances are a sliding door or curtains. Selected with style, the curtains can give a nice look to the entire room. Give freedom to your imagination and plan this with elegance. Choose to use opaque curtains, transparent curtains, white or why not colored ones. In this way, you will not only cover the laundry area, but you will also give life to the entire room.

How about hiding all this in a closet? In other words, you can hide your washing machine in the kitchen. In this way, no one but you will know what’s behind those doors.

If you don’t have a large enough room, then try to place things vertically. There are many ways that allow you to hang things on the walls. In addition, if your family counts more members, you also need to consider furniture with many storage spaces of different sizes and different heights.

Another option for the location of this room would be the garage. We suggest that you arrange the garage so that it can fit the car and a free wall where you can arrange the laundry. Here you can place the washing machine, as well as the dryer. Next to them you can arrange a few shelves so that you can store the other accessories you need in such a room.

Essential Items Included in a Laundry Room

A washing machine, a clothes dryer, a basket / container for storing dirty laundry, as well as shelves and counter-tops are the basic items needed in a laundry room. The latter, by the way, it is able to make your life much easier. This is because you will be able to store household chemicals on them and also place freshly washed laundry there as well.

When equipping your home laundry, you must remember a few important rules. First of all, both cold and hot water, as well as sewage must be supplied to the laundry room. Be sure to also have a floor drain. Second of all, you need good ventilation in this type of room. So, it would be nice for you to install an exhaust fan.

Keep the Cleaning Products Organized

Keep the detergent and all the other cleaning products near the washing machine. It would be a nice idea to mount a shelf for them at an appropriate height. The point is to see them and reach them easily. However, if there’s not enough space, then mount a sliding drawer under the washer and dryer or a shelf between them.

Place the products from left to right in the order in which you use them. Start with the solution that removes difficult stains. Next, put the bleach and the detergent, then the conditioner and the distilled water for ironing. Make sure that bleach and ammonia products do not mix, because they produce toxic emissions.

If you have more products of the same kind, for example a solution for removing stains bought from stores and one made at home, put them together in a box or a basket.

Welcoming Home With a Laundry Room

Your guests will no longer be surprised by the laundry dryer stretched out in the living room if you have a laundry room. In this way, you won’t even feel bothered if someone chooses to appear uninvited. In addition, the vacuum cleaner, the mop together with the bucket filled with dirty water, they can all be put away. Moreover, the space where you iron the clothes will no longer change. So, there are numerous advantages to having a home laundry.

Especially designating space for certain activities will help you keep things more organized in your home. In addition, you won’t have to blindly share the same space for two activities. For example, who likes the smell of food mixed with that of freshly washed clothes? These two should not come together. Or, who would like to iron clothes in the kitchen while someone else is cooking?

The multitude of options you have available is overwhelming in any domain. Interior design is one of them. Since there are specialists ready to think about a plan for our entire home, designing even a single room can prove to be difficult. So, you will need to take the aforementioned aspects into consideration. If you think about the practical side more than the aesthetic side, then at least try to follow the color rules. Thinking about light colors is always recommended in case of small spaces. Don’t try to match the colors of the appliances together! That would be a waste of time. The furniture must match the walls and the flooring. So, which one of the laundry room ideas above suits you best?

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