100 Personalized Living Room Decorating Ideas for Tasteful Owners

Do you want to set up your living room and have no idea what would seem right or ideal to you? Here is a complete guide to help you create a unique design for a living room that emits a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are plenty living room decorating ideas since the living room seems to be the one that implies a greater degree of attention when it comes to furniture. In addition, the living room has to be properly equipped, because it is the most accessible place in everybody’s home. So, let’s see what things we should consider before starting the decoration mission!

Ideas for Decorating a Living Room According to Size

The size of the living room is one of the main criteria that you should take into account when arranging it. Depending on size, the living quarters can be classified into two main categories: large living rooms and small living rooms.

Small Living Room Arrangements

The design of a small living room is a real challenge. This is because both the chosen furniture and the other elements have to meet certain conditions. Examples of conditions are functionality and comfort without limiting the working space or the actual room. The chosen furniture has to be as compact as possible. Also, it is preferable for it to perform multiple support and storage functions in order to make the most of the existing space.

Large Living Room Arrangements

In case of a living room that has a generous surface, the arrangement rules are much more permissive. You can choose the desired furniture depending on the style of the house and your personal one. You won’t have to worry whether it will fit or not the space you have. All you need to consider in setting up a large living room is the harmonization of the chosen elements.

An important tip that you need to consider in this situation would be to avoid overcrowding it. If that happens, the living room will look much smaller than it actually is.

Styles That Trigger Living Room Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for the perfect living room ideas, we will show you some suggestions according to the most current styles. Here you can find inspiration and finally have a living room exactly the way you wanted it.

Modern Living Room Criteria

Modernity seems to be the keyword for some people who want to implement it in their homes. Well, this style is preferred by a lot of beauty lovers. This is because it is quite simple and easy to create, as well as maintain.

Creating a living room with this theme does not imply too many restrictions. You can choose the color palette for the walls, furniture and decorations according to your personal tastes, even if this choice involves picking warm, neutral or cold colors.

The modern style represents the perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality. So, you should focus on creating two central areas: one that marks comfort and one that is useful.

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Classic Decoration of the Living Room

The classic style no longer needs any definition. As it is suggested by its name, it is the simplest way of arranging a home. When it comes to furnishing and decorating a classic-style living room, any person should take into account two defining principles: elegance and functionality. The most common design ideas in this style’s case are those that combine comfort with a unique design.

Living Room That Breathes Rustic

If you are passionate about everything that means uniqueness, handmade things done with much attention, minuteness and effective involvement, then surely the rustic style is the one that suits you best. In addition, if you think solid wood furniture is the most ingenious method of fitting, then you have again found your style!

You can choose to shape this concept with furniture made of solid wood or with wooden accents. Also, if you want a rustic room, do not forget about the colors that are characteristic for this type of design. So, choose the furniture that perfectly mimics naturalness, or create a relaxed atmosphere that any passionate of this style wants. In addition, you can combine wooden accents with metal or even with rocks, using decorative stones as the main elements of interest.

Set up a Minimalist Living Room

The minimalist trend with urban influences is inspired by everyday life, as well as by the basic necessities of a living room. In this regard, you can opt for accessory furniture that will render the whole design, or you can turn your attention to common furniture pieces that not to stand out too much. Everything looks simple and clean in a minimalist design. The colors are usually boring too, unless you add an accent wall into the room.

Vintage Living Room Decorating Ideas

The atmosphere of the ’20s and’ 70s can be reproduced primarily by choosing specific decor elements. We are talking about wallpaper with various floral prints, scented candles or other elements that fill the space in a harmonious manner. In terms of furniture options, solid wood seems to be the preferred option since it is also the most efficient from multiple points of view. The sofa is a central point of interest. So, the selection should be done more carefully, this style being quite difficult to match. Preferred are those with arms, resistant materials and so on.

White and golden accents, various gradients and even brown shades seem to perfectly outline the vintage period. So, they are indicated for robust and impact-proof furniture, especially with regard to stable bodies for storage.

Eclectic – A Style That Must be Understood

For many of you, this style might seem hard to understand and adopt. However, there is a category of people who are fully satisfied with this approach. This is because it combines the elegance and beauty of the vintage style with the modernity, comfort and functionality of the urban style.

If you want to implement this type of design in your living room, it is important to consider its size. Why? Because it might have the tendency to fill the space and the atmosphere with indescribable chaos and no practical utility. So, living room decorating ideas in this style can only be applied to a large room with high walls and bright colors.

Those passionate about the urban agitation and, at the same time, antique furnishings should choose this style. Interior designers say that there are no restrictions when it comes to the selection of furniture and decorations. You could choose vintage or retro inspired furniture. In addition, you could bet on originality by implementing innovative, modern decorative elements. Or, you could successfully reverse your options.

However, you should consider an important advice when deciding to approach this style. Besides the size of the room, the most beneficial would be to keep the walls of the living room in a neutral color, preferably white. This is meant to avoid creating a totally disorganized chaos.

Decor Elements for a Typical Living Room

Any idea of ​​arrangement is, after all, the expression of personal and individual tastes and preferences. Among the most popular, modern and effective tips and decorating ideas are dressing the walls with wallpaper, using decorative stones, implementing a fireplace and so on.

Ideas With Decorative Stone

The interior design of the living room with decorative stone seems to please those who want a great design. Moreover, it is inspired mostly by the rustic style. A wall or a piece of decorative stone can be a central point of interest in the living room. So, if emphasis is placed on this type of decoration, the furniture must be chosen in tune with natural themes. At the same time, this technique can also be used to give shape and structure to the bar area, representing an innovative element.

Unique Wall Decor With Wallpaper

The wallpaper is especially representative of the vintage style. Conversely, it is chosen by a person who wants a special, different look. The use of wallpaper involves some rules for furniture selection in order to create a unitary, harmonious visual and functional space. Choosing a sophisticated or contrasting color will diminish the selection of furniture choices.

Add a Fireplace in the Room

The fireplace is a romantic element of its own. It can be specific to both the bohemian style and the rustic style or even the modern one, depending on the preferences of each. Since the implementation of a fireplace itself constitutes an area of ​​central interest in the living room, it is preferable to make it on a wall or a wall part that does not take on any function other than the aesthetics. You can choose to build a fireplace with natural fire, especially if you live in a house or you can choose an electric source to create the feeling of fire.

Living Room Decorating Ideas According to Shape

Another criterion that you should consider for the ideal arrangement of this room is that of the shape. Depending on the architectural plan or the actual construction, the most popular structures are rectangular and square -shaped living rooms.

The Rectangular Living Room

Usually, a rectangular living room is easier to set up, as two major areas of interest will be created: functional and decorative. On one of the walls that have a proper length you can place the couch, as well as the chairs you need. On the other side, you can add a subdivided library in a convenient way for you to provide both support and efficient storage. Usually, it’s good not to use too much furniture for such a space. As for colors, they should not be contrasted.

The Square Living Room

Square is a more advantageous shape for a living room. This is because depending on the surface you have, you can divide the room in more areas of interest, depending on your needs. If your living room has this shape, all you have to consider in arranging it is the choice of furniture and decoration elements according to the style of your home and your personal style.

Fun Tip – Include a Bar in Your Living Room

Another area of ​​central interest for the living room is the bar. Mainly found in open space suites, the bar is the most effective way of connecting the kitchen and the living room. The counter-top must be made of quality materials. The materials should meet the conditions of resistance, durability and functionality. In addition, you can add high chairs made of wood, metal or other materials, depending on the implementation style.

Living Room Decorating Ideas According to the Color of the Walls

The color of the walls should be the first aspect from which to start furnishing and decorating a living room. This is because depending on it, the general appearance of the room may be totally different. The most commonly used colors for the living room include: warm colors , cold colors and neutral colors . Discover what is the most efficient way of arranging this particularity!

Warm Colors Considerations

It seems that warm colors are among the most preferred by people who want to decorate their living rooms. These colors send the idea of ​​warmth and suggest a welcoming atmosphere, as well as comfort. When choosing to paint your living room’s walls in a warm shade, you need to keep in mind some pretty important aspects, especially regarding furniture. The first refers to harmony, and the second one to contrast. The most suitable choice is wooden furniture that retains its appearance because it can be successfully integrated with many colors, nuances and tones.

Cool Colors Characteristics

You can notice a rather pronounced preference for choosing cooler, contrasting and strong shades for wall painting, especially green, blue and gray. Characteristic of rush, modern, or urban style, these colors require a high degree of selection when it comes to furniture. It would be best to choose a simple, not very colorful or neutral-colored design that matches the shades of the walls. Dark-colored furniture is not recommended, as it only agglomerates the room, making it look smaller. Also, if the living area is not generous, it would be good to avoid using colors that are too strong.

Walls in Neutral Shades

They are the safest option for all. In particular, white is the most used color, as it creates brightness, and the choice for your favorite furniture is more permissive. If the walls of your living room have these colors, you can use both colored furniture and solid wood, including black wood.

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Items Needed to Accessorize Your Living Room

Here is a list of the most important elements of decoration. They could inspire you and confer a better look to your living room. Of course, your should base your choices according to your preferences, style, size and budget.

The Right Carpet

Choosing the right carpet is also important. This is because it has to be done according to the size of the room, but also to the space left. And, as far as the model is concerned, it should be consistent with the thought-out theme.

Decorated Cushions

Used both for an interesting look and for added comfort, these elements also have their importance in the picture. Decorated cushions should be carefully chosen, depending on the design of the sofa. Also, the size of the decoration should not be too large or too small. Moreover, their number is important as well. This is because too many do nothing but load the space, making it look smaller.

Chandelier and/or Table Lamp

The chandelier and or the table lamp should be chosen depending on style, available space, room’s size and so on. The room’s height is especially important when it comes to the chandelier. However, remember that more does not necessarily mean better. So, if you think the space is quite loaded, then you can give these elements up. You don’t have to think at how luxurious, elegant and imposing they are.

Depending on the type of the living room and the activities you want to run in such a room, choose 2 main lightning areas; one with cold light and another one with warm, ambient light.

Other: decorative trays, bowls, baskets or candles. If you’re passionate about music, decorate the living room with vinyl records.

A Living Room to Call Your Own

Expanding your personality into your home is ideal. However, interior design basics must be followed. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have great taste. However, when it comes to proportions, materials and colors, there are some combinations that simply can’t fail. In addition, you might get your creativity running easier when you look at other people’s ideas. So, pick a theme a go with it! Numerous people say this has helped them create the living room of their dreams without compromises. Conversely, you might be overwhelmed by how many options you have at your disposal. That can’t lead to a dreamy living room, so mix things up!

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