125 Rustic Designs For Every Part of Your Home

Rustic design is one of the themes that are often used in home interiors. But what exactly is rustic design?


All About Rustic Design

Simply put, the rustic design has a nature-inspired feel to it. It doesn’t have to use actual wood in everything, but wood is one of the central materials used in creating a rustic feel to a space.

Rustic design was once thought of as dark and gloomy, but recent designs show otherwise. It only becomes gloomy if the walls are filled with dark-colored wood or paint. However, light and breezy spaces can be done even when you are going for a rustic feel. For colors, rustic design uses earthy colors. This means it’s more of different shades of brown, gray, and at times, white. If you are going for a modern yet rustic design, you can mix silver and marble with wood panels and doors.

Feeling inspired yet? No need to look any further. Here, you’ll find all the design ideas you’ll need to complete a rustic look for your home.


Rustic Living Room Designs

The living room is usually the place where people get a feel of how the whole house will look. Most of the time, this sets the tone of the whole house. So if you want your house to be rustic all around, then you can start with the living room.

1. Whitened Rustic

Just because it’s rustic doesn’t mean it has to be dark. There are many shades of wood and you can pick a lighter wood so that it doesn’t look too gloomy in the room. Light-colored wood often pairs well with pastel and light colors because it complements the softness of the hues.

To add a pop of color to white rooms, use a chair or a sofa that has a loud and strong color to it. This way, you create balance to the room.


2. Turn Back Time

Rustic design isn’t only used to create an earthy atmosphere in the room. In some cases, it helps give a nostalgic feel to it. Take a look at this living room. Thanks to the different elements (chandelier, books, painting), you will suddenly feel that this room was preserved from decades ago.


3. Rustic Resthouse

A great complement to rustic design is no other than nature itself. If you have a home out of town, take advantage of the views you have to incorporate it to your home’s design. If your home is just by the mountains, then you could capture the scene by adding more windows in your home.


4. A Balance of Everything

Brown is not the only color you can use if you want to have an earthy feel to a room. There are other natural colors like olive green, white, beige, and orange that you can use. To help you explore more colors, use the four seasons as a guide. For this living room, it used the palette of autumn.

For this rustic home, it used cool colors you often associate with winter.


5. New York City Rustic

And then there’s the kind of rustic feel that only New York can give. Imagine bricks, wood, and black-and-white photos. Feels like the streets of New York, right?


Rustic Kitchen and Dining Room Designs

1. Rustic Island

If you have a lot of space in your kitchen, then consider placing an island right at the center. An island serves a lot of purposes. You can use it to prepare ingredients and it can also serve as your dining room. You can even entertain guests while you cook and it wouldn’t feel awkward.

Give your kitchen a rustic feel to it by using preserved wood for the island. For this kitchen, it used old wood and natural wood to give it a simple yet sophisticated touch. What’s great about using natural wood is that they are often cheaper than buying different kinds of materials.


2. Welcoming Banquet

To complement your kitchen, use the same wood for your dining room table. There are places in the city where you can create your own wooden tables for your home. This makes for a great bonding moment for you and your older children. To elevate your wooden table, add some ornaments like plants and flowers.

Convert your dining room experience to a picturesque one by setting it by the windows. In this way, the natural light beautifully hits the wood and the ornaments you put on the table. Although the table here is not made of wood, the color combinations of the ornaments, the chandelier, and the chairs give a rustic feel to the dining room.


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3. Home for the Holidays

Christmas season is probably the only season that uses red in everything. Fortunately, red goes well with rustic colors may it be brown or beige. If you’re looking for a way to match your red ornaments to the wood, then just use beige strings. Add a little green in the ornaments to balance the colors out.

You can also add rustic-inspired decors in your dining room. This candle set is perfect to keep you warm in spite of the cool weather.


4. Winter is Coming

This phrase sounds familiar, right? But unlike the Game of Thrones image it paints, a rustic room can give warmth on a winter day. For example, if you mix brown and gray hues, you get a color palette that looks warm enough. For houses on snowy mountains, using gray hues help in giving a complementary design to the nature around them.


5. Hideaways

A kitchen won’t be complete without a cupboard filled with all sorts of plates and utensils. Although there’s not a lot of rustic flatware in the market, you can always just make other elements of the room rustic. This cabinet takes rustic in a subtle way because it doesn’t explicitly use wood in the cupboard. You’ll find the wood right at the back of the cabinet which adds the perfect contrast to the white dishes and paint.

Take, for example, this cupboard made of wood panels. Without them, these cupboards will look like your usual racks.

If you want to make a room look big without having to extend it, use an open cabinet that’s higher than average. This helps the eyes go up which makes the room look bigger. A simple wooden cupboard will help give contrast to the room especially if your walls are white.


6. Simple and Sweet

Have a dining set for two? Transform a sweet little table to an inviting one by adding a vase with flowers, twigs, and leaves. This is the perfect table decoration if you want to give the room a more natural design.


7. No-Fuss Kitchen

Kitchens are easily the busiest rooms in the house. You want a kitchen to be functional without making it look so rigid and boring. Add design to this space by putting a few wood-inspired paints.


Rustic Bedroom Designs

1. Modern Rustic

Who says you can’t mix modern themes with wooden decor? This bedroom says otherwise. Complement these two opposite designs by using the same colors for both wood and tiles. The tip here is to know which parts of the room will be modern and which will be using wood. For this bedroom, the centerpiece is already rustic so to balance it out with modern, the walls and the floors are made of concrete.


2. It’s All In the Print

Wood might be too dark for a room, but if you want a rustic feel, you can rely on patterns and wallpaper. Give a foresty feel to a space by adding wallpapers of nature. This wallpaper has a print of wooden trees found in the forest. Complemented by its white and gray color, it gives the room a certain atmosphere which is the woods.

You can also mix and match patterns. By having a plain backdrop, you are free to add different patterns for your blankets and carpet. The ottoman here is easily the focus of the room. Because of its color, you wouldn’t think that it has humans in its patterns. And because it has an earthy color to it, it perfectly matches the wooden ceiling.


3. Back to the Cabin

If you have a lot of kids, chances are that you don’t have enough room in your house to give each one a full room. What you can do is dedicate one huge room and make it into a kids’ space. This bunk bedroom perfectly maximizes space and even leaves plenty of floor area to play and walk around.


4. Bedroom Gallery

Since a ot of rustic homes have white walls in them, why not cover the walls with something other than wallpaper? To help neutralize all the white, you can hang frames, posters, and ornaments in your room.


FAQs for Rustic Homes

1. How do you maintain all the wood?

Some people hesitate when it comes to furniture for the simple reason that it might rot. But this won’t be a problem if you know how to care for it. Make sure that it isn’t exposed to a lot of moisture. Regular cleaning involves a damp cloth and liquid soap. Instead of airing it dry, wipe it with a clean dry cloth.  You should also dust and wax it regularly to prevent bacteria from eating through it.

2. Is a wooden table expensive?

Depending on the kind of wood you will use and the dimensions of the furniture, an average dinner table can cost $100 to $10000. Of course, the more durable and exotic the wood is, the more expensive it will be. If you don’t want to spend a lot for a wooden table, you can visit warehouses that use and store local wood. Some places allow you to create your own wooden tables which helps drive down the cost for labor.


3. Can you customize wooden furniture?

You can easily ask the furniture store that sells wooden items if they can customize it. Ideally, you already have a design and form in mind so they have a copy to follow.


4. How long does it take to order wooden furniture?

The lead time for wooden furniture depends on the type of wood you want and whether it is customized. If you want a normal-shaped table, it will only be 3-4 weeks. However, if you want a rare kind of wood and you have special form for your table, you can expect the lead time to be 4-8 weeks.



10 Things That Give a Rustic Vibe

Can’t put up wood on the wall? Or you already have tables that aren’t rustic enough? Don’t worry. Here’s a compilation of all the decors and ornaments that can give the rustic feel in any room.


1. Wooden Holders

There are so many things you can do with wood. One of which is a holder for your decors.


2. Boxes, Crates, and Strings

If there is one wooden item that screams “rustic”, then that would be crates. Crates are not just for design, but they can be used as organizers or shelves for books.


3. Plants

Rustic isn’t rustic when there aren’t any plants. Although it’s always better to have real plants, there are synthetic plants that look almost real.


4. Wooden Frames

Add a touch of sentiment to a room when you have wooden frames.


5. Nature Colors

Nature colors define what rustic is. You can also mix and match modern colors with brown and beige.


6. Wooden Cabinets

For wooden cabinets, you can use local wood from fallen trees to save on costs.




Needing inspiration? Place wooden frames and quotes all over your walls.


8. Wooden or Furry Textures

Texture is often overlooked when it comes to interior design. But when you focus on texture, you create depth in a space.


9. Wooden Chairs

Got a wooden table? Pair it with wooden chairs that perfectly complement its shade.


10. And well, more wood!

Rustic? Well, all you need is a lot of wood.


So by now, you know that rustic design isn’t just about wood. And it isn’t only good at resthouses or cabins. Rustic design is great in any house.


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