101 Rustic Kitchen Ideas That Symbolizes Country Living

You smell the rustic ambiance of a beautiful kitchen that would not only welcome you for meals but would also give you comfort. Have you been dreaming or you’re about to make it a reality? If that’s the case, we have piled up hundreds of gorgeous and fascinating rustic kitchen ideas for you.

Your friends and loved ones are among the visitors that you invite over. That means parties, barbecues, and drinks. But would you rather just welcome them with a regular kitchen or you would want to take pride in showing them your beautifully organized rustic kitchen?

The view of the jungle-like backyard is irresistible that you are already looking forward to a tete-a-tete with your most treasured friends. Country life is aiming at you. You just want to make it happen. Yes, you can be like that forever.

Well, you are on the right page where you can see tons of stunning rustic kitchen ideas for your inspiration. We are going to take you to a dreamy country life that might just happen anytime through your rustic kitchen.

May it be an outdoor kitchen or the one indoors, it doesn’t really matter. We will also show you the best ideas that you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you are planning a kitchen renovation.

A rustic theme brings warmth and comfort to everyone. There is a certain effect of having a rustic kitchen and everyone would agree.

In this article, you will find a modern rustic kitchen design, a farmhouse type with different accessories and kitchen finds. With these impressive ideas, you should be able to find the one that fits your taste.

You can even see some beautiful DIY wall decors that you can copy.

Check out these amazing rustic kitchen ideas:

Country kitchen mixed with a modern element

As what you have seen in the first few photos, the stunning combination of rustic and modern styles are such a feat you can’t be tired looking at them. In order to make things uncomplicated and welcoming, your desired rustic kitchen must possess about eighty to ninety percent of wood material.

The rest can be comprised of other materials that make a structure aesthetically contemporary and appealing when combined with rustic factors. The foundation of your kitchen must be sturdy that can hold enough weight, especially when you have stuff to place in it.

If you could fix your eyes on the photo below, you will notice the modern and country combination of the kitchen. The entire house, including the kitchen, shows a clean white paint with a marble counter table that visualizes contemporary taste.

But if you see more of it, the clean white cabinets, ceiling, and the flooring congregate a country feel. This is ideal for homeowners who want a country kitchen but doesn’t want to lose the modern touch.

The light fixtures also give fresh lighting that steadily mixes with a prevailing aesthetics of rustic ambiance. There are many features that you can mimic from this page. If you want a country mixed with modern facade kitchen, you’ll get an answer and the best alternative to imitate.

Other homeowners who still choose to have wood structures in the entire kitchen would rather resort to white paint. A wood material, when stained with white, will look modern without sacrificing its rustic effect.

A white stained kitchen doesn’t only bring a modern touch, but it also provides a huge and airy look. If you are considering a modern-rustic kitchen, take a tour of our collection to see some great inspiration.

Accessorized rustic kitchen ideas

With so many options available, you might be confused with the style and design that you’re going to apply on your rustic kitchen. That’s understandable because everything we see is far from being unattractive.

If you are a person with an extreme taste of rustic style, one great idea to give your country-style kitchen is to accessorize it with rustic decors and stuff. One great idea is DIY that has been pretty famous among homeowners.

It’s an easy snatch from the modern world where technology is overwhelming. Whether or not you live in the countryside, you still can have a country living through your kitchen.

There are a lot of decors and even kitchen utensils that you can use to make it look like you’re in the countryside. Tons of home decors that are anything but rustic, including carved tables, chairs, cabinets, mirrors, and more.

Considering the numerous options that you can always try, never shy away from your creativity and limitless ideas when it comes to styling your kitchen. You can always stick to a full-country style kitchen with different accessories.

Whether you do it yourself, or you purchase it from retailers and other shops, it should be a fun and exciting one. Your productivity can work well with organizing and setting up your rustic kitchen. Do not be scared of experimenting and things would just line up their way.

So, the next time you think of a jam-packed rustic kitchen, think of the accessories that embody the country style. If you decide to DIY, the right tools and materials are very easy to find.

You can even find some of them at home and make one from scratch. It’s a challenging work yet a fulfilling one. Keep those hands busy and enjoy the smell of the countryside-style kitchen.

Rustic kitchen ideas with painted wood

A rustic kitchen doesn’t have to be aesthetically wood all the time. While we often see that in country homes, some homeowners would want them stained with colorful hues.

A white stain is a safest and cleanest way to hide the genuine wood hues. However, some would love to have colorful paint like deep blue or green. This is to maintain the country-style effect without having to sacrifice a tedious work.

If you are thinking about painting your kitchen but you still want to keep its rustic nature, consider the earth colors or the country colors. Try to avoid bright colors because they might just balk the rustic ambiance that you are trying to achieve.

Always consider brown, green, red-barn, or any other nature-inspired colors if you want to maintain the country theme in your kitchen. If you can’ figure it out, you may need to consult your local stores that sell paint to ensure that you get the right color.

If you want a deep country style kitchen, primitive painted pieces would be the answer. You can find them at any flea markets. Worn cabinets, weathered paint, and other aged pieces are available for you to try.

There are also a lot of wooden pallets that gets painted with any color but still manage to maintain its rustic look. Consider getting those as much as possible for an easier setup.

As for the kitchen decors, think about DIY and do not shun that idea because it’s a great way to achieve the right stuff that you want. Think boldly because creativity is always innate. We just have to practice it by doing stuff on our own.

Keeping the rustic vibe in your kitchen is easier when you have all the grit to make it happen. It’s your home after all.

DIY rustic kitchen organizers

While there are a lot of options that are sold at your local stores when it comes to organizers and racks for your rustic kitchen, DIY is awesome too. From wine racks, utensil organizers, drawers and cabinets, tables, chairs and more, you can’t be too timid.

To maintain the rustic ambiance, you can resort to wooden pallets that are available at any commercial recyclers. Your neighborhood has them too and some might just give them away, which is great.

Wooden pallets are perfect for DIY. Not only that they are easy to deal with but they are also design-flexible and they give an amazing country flavor to your kitchen.

Here are the DIY options that you can try at home:

  • Utensil rack using a wooden slab with hooks.
  • Kitchen cabinet with mirror door
  • Wine glass rack
  • Kitchenwares wall rack
  • Kitchen textiles ladder
  • Coffee cup holder
  • Wood tilt-out dumpster
  • Wood crate fruit rack
  • Twine basket made from an old pot
  • Bench with bins
  • Spice rack
  • Produce rack with scrap wood
  • Hanging storage
  • All-in-one shelf
  • Wooden ladder accessory and organizer
  • Hanging pot rack
  • Pantry storage
  • Double purpose wooden ottoman
  • Crate coffee table
  • Shaker cabinet door
  • Plate rack
  • Wooden cabinet with chicken wire
  • Roll-out storage
  • Cabinet door with chalk paint
  • Mug stand
  • DIY kitchen sign
  • Hanging pallet with lighting
  • Old ladder pot rack
  • Fresh produce sign
  • Round jute placemats
  • Wooden trivets

From farmhouse style, rustic ambiance, shabby chic, and more, you can always count on these DIY designs for your rustic kitchen. The options are unlimited depending on your preferences.

Different sets are available whatever kind of organizer you would want to create.

More DIY rustic kitchen projects

Not all DIY kitchen projects are pricey. Most of them are often inexpensive and can be built from scratch. Materials are either readily-available at home or you buy them from commercial recyclers locally for a minimal cost.

Most of these rustic kitchen ideas that we are showing you are made of wood pallets as they give more country ambiance than any other material can. There are other faux wooden materials too, but it still makes a difference.

Rack and organizer ideas are overwhelming, but they beautifully add a rustic look to your kitchen. Organizing could be a pain, especially when space is limited. However, there are tricks that you may want to try to be more creative and save a lot of space.

  • Maximize your wall space. For DIY makers, you can always create a wooden rack that is wall-mounted to make use of the wall space.
  • Hang pots, pans, wine glasses, and more. These kitchenwares often take a lot of space. To make use of your ceiling, you can hang them on a rack made from an old ladder.
  • Use double or multi-purpose chairs and tables. If you want to be efficient with space in the kitchen, you can use chairs and tables that have hidden storage.
  • Keep good lighting. If you have good lighting, it will make your kitchen aesthetically big.

To be more efficient and creative, you can incorporate your kitchenwares with your tables and chairs. Add more DIY projects that you can hang on the wall and improvise mason jars where you can put spice.

Additionally, buy rugs that will perfectly match with the rustic ambiance of your kitchen. The decors such as a carved clock, kitchen sign, and more will do enough to make it a kitchen of your dreams.

The beauty of rustic kitchens

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your kitchen with a rustic ambiance from kitchenwares to decorations. But there is no need for you to live in the countryside to have this country-like kitchen that everyone loves.

Even if you live in an upscale location, you can still have a rustic kitchen at home if you want it that way. We have shown you lots of rustic kitchen ideas on this article and there are still more to come.

What’s more beautiful about country-like kitchens is that you can still mix it with modern stuff like the utensils and even some of the decors. There is no limit in organizing and setting it up for as long as you have all the access to beautification.

If you want a luxurious rustic kitchen, everything is possible as there are so many ready-made kitchen decors, cabinets, and all other stuff. However, if you want it with a limited budget, there are hundreds of options, including the DIY.

With DIY, you would be able to have the exact thing that you want for your rustic kitchen. You can also ensure durability and quality. What’s more, is that you can save money – sometimes a lot of money, especially when you are a handy builder.

Don’t shun the creativity and ideas along the way. It’s where you can learn more and use the skills you didn’t expect you have.

Different beautiful rustic kitchen ideas that can be achieved with ease

Interestingly, there are many alternatives and different styles that a rustic kitchen can get. To achieve this rustic vibes, you should either have reclaimed woods, pallets, and more.

There are so many ideas – from log cabins, rustic wood, French country, Spanish style, to metals, the sky is the limit. But before you decide to have a kitchen renovation, take a quick review at these few ideas that you can mimic soon.

  • Rustic country style kitchen. Rich finishes on a log cabin style would be great for your desired kitchen. The warmth that it brings is something that you wouldn’t want to trade with anything else. A secret to having an airy kitchen is to go higher with ceiling to make it look bigger with space. Another trick is a white rustic kitchen that you may incorporate with your racks and organizers.
  • Rustic chic kitchen. Kitchen renovation would be a lot easier for you if you are into trendy and chic colors. It would be awesome to welcome your guests to your kitchen when you opt for a French country kitchen or  Spanish style. These will get you in the mood with plenty of mosaic life and inviting colors like yellow, red, green, and blue. Consider hanging your pots and pans on the wall through a wall-mounted wooden rack that you can even make your own. Pegboards and hanging racks would be awesome too.
  • Modern rustic kitchen. All fresh and new, there are plenty of ways to mix the rustic style with contemporary design. The industrial style would be the most effective way to combine both country and modern styles. You can pair the stainless steel pieces with reclaimed woods to give you the prevailing touch of a country-style and rustic finishes.

A rustic kitchen is cheaper

While there are so many options to have a dreamy and luxurious rustic kitchen, having it on a budget is absolutely promising. With countless alternatives where you can build and create your own kitchen finds, achieving a rustic kitchen goal is uncomplicated.

DIY nowadays is such a trend that many of us have tried and it gives a sense of achievement. Recycle, upcycled, and reclaimed woods are the best options in DIY for your rustic kitchen.

There is no need to spend a lot if you long for a rustic kitchen. DIY is the answer. The only downside is that it will take your time although there are other pieces of stuff that would only take a few minutes to get done.

However, DIY gives you satisfaction. You step back, stand there and watch your work, it’s an armor that would keep you creative.

A rustic kitchen can go to a lot of directions. From weathered wood beams, rugged flooring, stained cabinets, and more, all things can be really pretty in your kitchen.

Check out more of our collection of rustic kitchen ideas and start thinking about a kitchen renovation, smell the air with a country-like home.

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