125 Shoe Rack Ideas to Keep Your Shoes Organized

These days, more and more people are falling in love with shoes. Thanks to collaborations and fashionable sneakers, it’s not only high heels that are being collected by consumers. But there is one problem that shoe collectors face – too many shoes! If you are experiencing the same thing, then you might want to look for a place where you can carefully store your shoes. Here, you’ll find so many rack designs that you can use to store all those pairs.



Shoe Rack Designs for Your Beloved Shoes

1. Hanging Shoe Rack

A hanging shoe rack works as an efficient space saver. If you don’t have enough floor area for a big cabinet, then you can attach racks to your wall where you can hang your shoes. For a more efficient shoe rack, make sure that it is just as narrow as the one you see below. Ideally, you place it at the corner to lessen the space it takes.


If you have a lot of unused skateboards at home, or any kind of wood for that matter, you can easily put them to good use. Place hooks on your wall and put the boards right on top of them to make it stable.

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2. Rack by the Door

The back of the door is usually a place that isn’t used. You would think that this is the worst possible place to hang your shoes, but it isn’t. In fact, if you have a walk-in closet, you can use the back of the door to hang all sorts of things. To make it sturdier, you can buy a metal door rack that you can attach to the door.


Or you can also buy something that’s made of plastic. Usually, these plastic door racks have covers for your shoes to avoid them from gathering dust.


3. Wooden Cabinets

Keep it stylish and in theme with a wooden shoe cabinet. Wood is one of the materials that give off a rustic look to a home, but with the right color, it can easily be classified as modern. Take a look at this wooden cabinet that complements the gray walls and the bright painting. Because of its elegance, you wouldn’t think that it was a place where you store your shoes.


4. Open Wooden Racks

If there are wooden cabinets, then there are also wooden racks. Wooden racks make it look like you have a lot of space in the room because it isn’t a huge block that occupies one whole area. In fact, since a rack is open, you can still place holders and hangers just on top of it to maximize space.


5. Dual Purpose Shoe Racks

Everyone loves a dual-purpose piece of furniture. Whether you have small spaces or big spaces, you can always use a shoe cabinet that can be used for something else. For example, this bench has a wooden shoe rack underneath it that is just as functional. If you are entertaining guests in your room or living room, you can easily ask them to place their shoes just beneath their seats.

Or you can make use of a shoe cabinet that acts as an organizer. Since this shoe cabinet has a lot of compartments, you can use the other areas to place bags, hats, and even clothes. Just make sure not to put shoes at the same place as your clothes.


6. Old-Fashion Cabinets

Of course, if you have more than 50 shoes, it’s hard to hang them all behind your door. So if you have this many pairs of shoes, then the best way to store them is to actually have a cabinet. To save space, you can alternate the right and left shoe so that you still know which kind of shoes you have while saving a bit of space. Here’s an example.

If you will notice, most shoe cabinets don’t have any doors. This is because shoes can have their own smell, so enclosing them in a drawer or a cabinet might store all the smell. An open cabinet will help you aerate those shoes and force you to arrange them properly.


7. Glass Cabinets

While open cabinets are nice, glass cabinets make everything look more organized. If your purpose is to be able to see all your shoes in one glance, while not exposing it to air, then this is the perfect storage. Sure, the cabinet doesn’t have to be airtight, but when it has doors, you can reduce the exposure it has to heat and cold.

You can even use glass cases for each of your shoes if you want to just stack them. Take this glass case. It looks like a mini cabinet that you can easily put on top of tables and small cabinets.


8. Cubby Holes

Remember in kindergarten when you used to have a small open locker for yourself? You can have the same for your shoes. These circular cubby holes are ideal for placing sneakers, sandals, and slippers. But if you have a lot of heels, this might not be the best way to store them because it might ruin the heel.


9. Wooden Crates

Looking for a rustic design for your shoes? Look no further, because you can convert used creates to shoe racks in no time. Even if you have a lot of shoes, they won’t be heavy enough to break a wooden crate, so there’s no worry about placing one on your wall. To maximize the space, you can put another layer of wood in the crate itself.

If you don’t want to bolt them into your wall, you can also stack them all up. Of course, you have to make sure that it’s sturdy and all the crates are bolted together. Think of it as a cabinet.

If you’re placing wooden crates in your kids’ room, then you can use this as your little bonding moment to paint those crates. But to make it child-proof, make sure that the crates are bolted to the wall.


10. Ladder Shoe Shelves

There are many ways to store your shoes, but if you don’t want the old-fashion cabinets, you can have a different design. Take a look at this shoe rack using a ladder. If you think about it, ladders are great storage spaces for shoes since it’s open and it has enough steps for you to put your shoes. Nonetheless, it’s best to use a wooden ladder than an actual steel one. To add to that, if you have more shoes than the steps, you can place a wooden board inside the ladder as shown below.


11. Shoe Pockets

Storing heels can be difficult especially when you can’t stack them. But there’s a technique for this and those are shoe pockets. Shoe pockets store shoes toe-down. Meaning, if you have a lot of heels, then the heels will just be against the wall.



This shoe pocket is easy to place anywhere. If you have space in your cabinet, you can set it up against the cabinet doors. If not, you can place it in your room’s divider. These types of shoe pockets are usually made of canvas or cloth so they’re friendly to your leather and rubber shoes.


12. Staircase Shoe Racks

Do you know what’s a great way to store shoes and maximize space? Use the staircase, Usually, staircases are hollow, or they have a lot of space underneath it. If you think about it, it’s a strategic place to have all your shoes because you can store them right before you go up to your room. You no longer have to parade your dirty shoes upstairs.

If you don’t have space underneath the stairs, you can use the steps instead. This smart shoe storage keeps all shoes tucked away. If you want it organized inside, you can put partitions on the drawers themselves.


13. Hidden Cabinets

For small homes, it’s not a matter of not having a lot of things – it’s about smart storage. Instead of putting walls all around, why not make a tiny corner that can be converted as storage space? Take a look at this shoe cabinet that’s nicely hidden by a curtain. If you prefer having outside shoes by the door, then this is a good way of organizing them.

You can also use benches and sofas that can hide your shoes. Since they are mostly hollow inside, why not make this space as useful as possible? If they’re designed well, no one will even suspect that you have all your shoes and slippers in them.


14. Peek-a-boo Racks

And then you have these kinds of racks. If you plan on placing your shoes upright, then this will require a wider cabinet. However, if you place your shoes with the toe facing the floor (see the picture below), then you will save half as much space. This is a simple trick to help maximize corners and cabinets. Plus, this kind of rack is easy for getting shoes.



15. Slim Cabinets

Sometimes, the best way to store shoes is to have a cabinet specifially for them. But at the same time, you don’t want a third of your room just for a full cabinet. So, why not use a much slimmer cabinet? Use a slim and tall cabinet so you can have more racks on top of each other. For example, this tall cabinet has around 9 racks that you can put your shoes on.


What’s great about tall cabinets is that, like tall curtains, they draw the eye upward. This means that instead of looking at the size of the room, you will notice how tall the ceiling is which already adds up to the space.


16. Pyramid Racks

It doesn’t seem like it, but you can actually make use of stacked triangular cardboards as a shoe rack. Take it from this shoe organizer that helps separate each piece of shoe. This is ideal if you have a lot of slippers, sandals, and flats.


17. Completely Organized

Face it, sometimes the many colors and designs of shoes make it look cluttered. If you want to be extra organized about it, you can place them on boxes.


18. Repurposed Coat Racks

Got a lot of pegs at your home? Put them together to create a shoe rack where you can hang your boots, shoes, and even sandals on. This is great for boots because you can now place them upside down especially if you’re letting the water drip.


19. Hanging by the Heel

If you’re a woman who loves heels and are obsessed with seeing them all displayed, then you would love to know that there are so many ways of doing it. Take this shoe rack for example. A simple way to create a rack is to attach moldings on the wall. This way, you can hang your heels just like in the photo.

You can even place them on your ceiling. This will help you to see all the shoes laid out. Another reason to do this is that you won’t forget that you already have the same shoe styles. It even serves as a reminder of how many shoes you already have.



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FAQs on Shoe Storage

1. What is the best way to store boots?

If you have boots, you don’t want to fold them because it will create creases on the material. The best way to store them is upright or upside down. When it has heels, it’s better to store them upright so that the heels won’t potentially hit or bruise anyone. On the other hand, if your boots are then ones you use for the rainy season like the second picture below, it’s better to store them upside down. In this way, you can let the water drip from the boots.



2. How will you store heels?

There are many ways to store heels but not without a rack. Stacking heels one over the other is a complete no-no because you don’t want the heels to be scratching another shoe. To avoid this, you can use a mesh-like organizer that’s placed against the wall. Just like the one below, you can arrange your shoes in such a way that they don’t bump into one another.

You can also have compartments built into your shoe rack so it’s a lot easier to distribute them. If you have very high heels or knee-rise boots, then you can place them at the topmost part to avoid from folding them.


3. How can you make sure that your shoe cabinet does not smell?

The best way to make sure your shoe cabinet does not smell is to have proper ventilation. In most cases, it’s ideal to place your shoes on a rack or a doorless cabinet just to make sure that the smell does not get trapped inside. However, there are also a number of home remedies for shoe racks that are enclosed. One of those remedies is to use baking soda. Baking soda has odor-removing properties and at the same time, it doesn’t leave its own scent or damage to any material.


4. Is it better to store shoes outside or inside the house?

It’s always better to store shoes in a box or where there’s a roof. This is because sunlight, dust, and humidity can affect the material of your shoes not to mention when it gets wet. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t store them outside. If you want to airdry them, you can definitely do so right outside your front or back door.


5. Should I always return them in their shoebox?

Ideally, shoe boxes are made to protect the shoes you have. Whether they’re rubber shoes, boots, or heels, most shoeboxes have their own preserving qualities that can help keep your shoes in the best condition. However, if you use a certain pair of shoe every day, it becomes a hassle to store and remove them every single time. So for shoes that you always use, you don’t have to store them in the box. But if there are shoes you don’t plan to wear all the time, store them in the box but label them so you don’t forget about that shoe.


6. How do you keep your shoes from getting flat?

Just because you have flats doesn’t mean that they have to be flattened in the cabinet. The best way to store these shoes is to make sure that something is pushing it from the inside. It can be wood or steel that will be slipped inside just so the toe part of your shoe gets pushed down.  You can also make sure that your shoes are properly stored and laid out.





Overall, shoe racks shouldn’t be boring and old-fashioned. There are so many ways to store different kinds of shoes and what’s great about them is that you can make sure they’re all kept properly.

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