75 Glamorous Small Bedroom Designs That Best Suit You

When we were kids, we always have different concepts of a dream home. And one of those is thinking of the perfect, small bedroom all to yourself. Yes, the bedroom symbolizes personal space and an expression of your true self.  It is where you mainly keep important and personal belongings for safety. Some people treat their bedrooms as their very own “safety net”.

But how do you choose a certain theme or style? It is basically like building a new home, it all starts from scratch. Aside from the entire design, you have to think of the drapes, lighting, furniture, color and texture. Reading up on some interior design magazines and books help a lot in creating an entire small bedroom design.

If you are thinking of  a design that would better fit your room, you should lay all your cards and decide on the style. Contemporary bedroom designs are trending, though some love to stick to simple and classic designs. Experiment with different colors first before you choose what you really want. To give you some light on various bedroom designs, check out this list!

1. A-Frame

Don’t you just love to have your bedroom in the attic? Having this type of ceiling creates a dreamy vibe. For a more functional wall, having open shelves on top of the bed makes everything feel cozy and home. Contrast the dark wall with a white-framed bed and checked bed sheets.

2. Hidden nook

Do you love to have curtains that cover your entire bed? Decorate the bedroom with light-colored curtains and a beautiful wooden bed frame.

3. Soft headboard

Headboards are pretty. And this soft cushion one adds on to the design of this bedroom. Use white and orange pillow cases and bed sheets to complement the design.

4. High-framed bed

A blue high-framed bed is pretty against a white backdrop. Put a small table beside it for a minimalist look.

… another style would be this one with some beige and lavender colors.

5. The right direction

If you love to put a compass decoration in your bedroom, make sure you have a white wall. Add some blues and greens for the bed to contrast it.

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6. Simple elegance

Do you want a chandelier inside your bedroom? It adds class to the room against a simple bed with white bed coverings.

…or have a small table on the side with a pretty lamp.

7. Black and white stripes

This design definitely shows your personality. Not often the choice among most people, but doing so just makes you unique.

8. Purple Hues

Choose this design if you have a room with light colors. A gorgeous marble table is perfect for a small, cozy room such as this.

9. Go abstract

Select a pretty canvas for your white walls in the bedroom. Opt for the one without a frame and enjoy its beauty while you relax on your soft bed. Use irregularly shaped wooden tables to add some drama to the entire bedroom.

10. Bohemian wonder

Going Bohemian in your tiny sleeping nook brings out the adventure in you! So go ahead and use those bright designs on your pillows and even cutouts for the wall.

11. Gold and beige

Feel rich and eccentric when you sleep with these gold and beige colors that surround your bed.

12. Under the sea

Love to have your bedroom right beside the pool? Choose salmon or peach colors for your sleeping area. It complements well with the turquoise waters and some fish decorations up on the walls.

13. Way up high

Having long light fixtures makes the room seem tall and spacious. So if you are challenged for space, execute this layout and use contrasting colors.

14. Tropical nook

Drapes over a light colored bed with a wooden head board looks amazingly like rooms in a beach house. Don’t forget to put some plants and other ornaments in the room.

15. Big painting

Sometimes, all you need is a big painting to make a focus inside the bedroom. As for this black and off-white walled room, decorations are brought to a minimum. A nice white rug below the bed keeps the theme nice and clean.

16. Illuminate it

A light-colored bedroom looks even better with nice lighting. At night, it makes resting, lounging or sleeping an experience worth noting! Yellow lights look great with this small bedroom.

17. An artist’s crib

Do you love to customize the walls in your small bedroom? Doing some color fading makes it look amazing with just a few furniture.

18. Simple grey

For a room just for sleeping or resting after a tough day at work, those grey colored walls help in getting you that much deserved Zzz’s. A small drop light by the tiny table is enough for lighting.

19. Wooden headboard

Huge windows in a bedroom looks amazing with a wooden bed frame. So keep it simple and use contrasting pillow sheets or blankets for sleeping.

20. Bold blue

Blue sheets go well with some royal to dark blue walls. Top it off with a pretty dresser on the side.

21. A good night

Have a relaxing sleep in this bedroom when night time comes. The gold and black design makes it conducive for sleeping. It lets you want to tuck in beneath those sheets and just doze off.

22. Functional wall

When space is an issue, why not install some open shelves on the wall beside your bed? Store important things there while you lie down and read some magazines on your free time.

23. Happy go lucky

Brick walls will always feel cozy. This design is very contemporary yet laid back with the bricks. It is a combination of old and new designs in which any young adult would love to hang out after a tough day in the outside world. Bring in some plants for some nature feels too.

24. Quiet days

Don’t you just wish for more quiet and slow-down days during the week? You would definitely  love to rest in this beautiful sanctuary. Check out those glass jalousies for some fresh air.

25. Cool hues

Always make the colors inside the bedroom cool and refreshing so that the moment you wake up, it will all be good vibes from the start.

26. Wood finish

Wood finish walls are an amazing vintage appearance. Don’t forget the fabulous wooden floors that make this bedroom oh so cozy!

27. Balanced colors

When you’ve got that perfect white sheet for the bed plus a glamorous abstract painting, you would just want to balance it out with some neutral tones. Unique pendant lights on both sides of the bed add some class to the entire room.

28. Bold walls

Get the beautiful city photo printed in black and white, then make something like a blue octopus over the photo. That is definitely bold and unusual right? And this makes a cool background on that simple blue and white bed you have to yourself.

29. Holiday lighting

Christmas lights are not just for December, in fact it looks good on any bedroom on any day of the week! It spices up the room a bit and captures those soft hues well.

30. Vintage wallpaper

Do you want to try out some wallpaper in your small bedroom?  Let the style and colors match with your bed and sheets.

31. Printed contrast

Prints may look overwhelming for some people, but with this unique design, it is picture perfect.

32. Statement lighting

Look at those pretty lights that shed brightness into the room. It warms up those cold nights and makes your dreams come true.

33. Perk it up

This may be too much, but detailed wallpaper looks gorgeous against simple and light colored sheets. Don’t forget to sport that beautiful black lamp on the dresser.

34. Magic white

White walls, sheets and everything will always look magical for a bedroom. So add some hints of blacks and browns for contrast.

36. Neutral colors

A low bed frame is perfect for those who want a minimalist design. Don’t forget to top if with a huge abstract painting and some greenery on the side.

37. Take it center stage

The bed will always be the apple of the eye in any bedroom. So make some effort and highlight it with a fabulous bed frame and chandelier.

… if not a chandelier, some native lighting would also do!

38. Bedside lamp wonders

Lamps are a must if you want a dramatic effect inside your bedroom. These may come in all sizes and shapes, even color is a big factor. So mix and match whichever fits your small bedroom style.

39. Bricks love

Don’t you love white bricks inside your bedroom? It looks and feels cozy during those cold nights. Use some nice quilts for your bed and makeshift cushion chairs to suit your style.

40. Rustic bedroom

Get that rustic feel with this bedroom style. Wood finishes and lighting goes well with subtle colors inside. This design is often loved by most millennials.

41. Country home

Hang those cowboy hats if you love the outback aura inside your bedroom. Or try putting antlers on the wall for a more natural type of decoration. Greens and blues are perfect for this style!

42. Pastel perfect

Pastel colors are top choices for women and their bedrooms. Yes, any pastel shade will do plus some white sheets and walls. This design is very easy to decorate and convenient to install different types of lighting fixtures.

43. Quirky colors

Get those artistic juices into play and use happy colors and decorations!

44. Pretty nest

Girls often love small bedrooms which practically make up their very own cocoon or nest. It gives a sense of personal space and security. Having an own nest helps anyone feel safe and unique.

45. Curtain effect

Curtains usually help make a small place look more. It gives that secret vibe inside your bedroom. Its like something is hidden and needs to be unmasked.

46. Statement wall

Choose a bold color like this on your wall. Wood outlines are amazing around the blue color of your headboard or bed frame. A nice textured rug also seals the deal!

47. Simple beginnings

Start your day with this simple design. A sleek and bump proof headboard and black lamp shade looks amazing for a tiny bedroom. Even the small window can highlight the comfortable bed inside!

48. A traveler’s room

Traveling entails a quick stay for sleep then venture out again for some fun. But this room is much more than that! Its Insta-worthy and the perfect place to lounge and plan the next trip.

49. Neutral tones

Keep the colors balanced, they say. And yes, this bedroom is indeed warm and neutral. It boasts of pure relaxation and lots of sleep.

50. Flower power

Does your bedroom seem boring? Put some huge flower decorations on top of the bed against a white wall. It gives that added oomph to your simple style.

51. White wonderland

Maximizing the wall behind the bed with some white curtains and lamps helps make the place look high and large. Add a cool painting or canvass and whit dressers to sum up the clean and extravagant look.

52. Her cozy bedroom

What makes a girl’s room cozy? It may be the peach, pink, white or light tones in the bedroom. Dainty windows that let air and light pass through is also a huge factor.

53. Classic basic

Looking for a classic bedroom style?  This design screams C-L-A-S-S-I-C in all aspects.

54. Wooden dream gateway

Got a small space? Check out this vertical pullout bed on wooden walls. When not in use, just push the bed back up and use its space below for other  activities.

…another variation of a wooden headboard in which you can store some light things on top.

55. Airy bedroom

Who does not love fresh air? Make sure your bedroom has good ventilation like this one.

56. Happy mornings

Add minimal lighting inside your bedroom and make each waking day a happy one!

57. Extended headboard

A huge headboard often makes a statement about your bedroom. So go ahead and make it as massive as this one.

58. Patterns

Love different patterns and textures? Choose this canopy type of bed with some lovely, colorful pillows and sheets.

59. Iron framed bed

An iron framed bed is sleek and elegant to look at. Finish it off with some white and purple sheets.

60. Luxury bedroom

Wood and white walls will always be epic. Give it some texture by adding hints of blue and beige inside. A good floral painting or mosaic artwork will also add on to its already luxurious feel.

61. Minimalist bedroom

Don’t you just love golden lamp shades for your modern style bedroom? Make sure to use blues and whites for your sheets and pillows.

62. Of textures and prints

If you love a complicated yet beautiful design, choose this one over others. Add some greenery and pretty wallpaper.

63. Pure simplicity

A simple design does not mean its void of  any elements. Simplicity is when all aspects of a bedroom are coherent and speak as one – such as this style.

64. An adventure

Paint some tropical leaves on the wall and finish it off with a golden frame. A drop light may also be installed onto the wall giving light to your tiny sleeping hub.

65. Creative foot board

Keep your bed a bit hidden at the back. Make it look a bit mysterious, shall we? A foot board can be a cover and also a makeshift dresser and something to hang some important objects. if that is not enough, then check out those pullouts below for more storage! This bedroom style is perfect for those who have tons of things and would still want their room to look tidy and organized.

66. Retro beat

If you love some retro styling, check out this bedroom design! The colors are vibrant and perfect for any upbeat millennial!

67. Relaxing daybed

If you are satisfied in relaxing or sleeping in a customized daybed, this one’s for you. It is so cozy with it just beside the window or under pretty lamps. A tiny table is perfect for your daily necessities over a cute textured rug at the bottom.

68. All aboard

Wood painted with white, this bedroom looks like a pretty cabin in a boat. The whites help sunlight pierce inside and add some happiness and positive vibes.

69. Book haven

If you are a bookworm and have no idea where to put all those books in such a tiny bedroom, install those shelves up there! To add up to your style, put some frames and a mirror on the dark colored wall. Reading, lounging and sleeping will only get better!

70. Weekend slow-down

Use those light accents to help you doze off after a hectic week. Choosing these colors for your bedroom helps in de-stressing your life.

71. Make a statement

That oval mirror gets all the attention against a violet background. Add a soft, cream-colored head board to contrast the dark colors in the bedroom.

72. Bright mornings

Who wouldn’t love these colors against a dominant white bedroom? To top it off, place a colorful carpet or rag under the bed!

73. Secret lair

A cozy bed is when its a bit hidden in a corner just like this one. Make some installed shelves for storage and pin lighting to help wind down the night. This bedroom is best if you are challenged with space. Small yet very functional.

74. Monochromatic days

If you are leaning towards a room filled with whispers of blue, grey and white, choose this bedroom design. Don’t forget to put a beautiful pendant light to accentuate the luxurious bed. For this small-spaced bedroom, a pull out drawer below the bed makes it easy to store things without making the room feel cramped and disorganized.

75. An invitation

Don’t you just love a light colored room with huge floor length windows? And some pretty drapes that move as the air comes inside? That is a great invite to a relaxing day. Subtle lighting at night and dreamland is just a sleep away.

Small bedrooms should not look or feel tiny because of the size. It is actually how you do the layout, lighting and decoration that count a lot. Always remember that a bedroom, big or small, is just as important as any area in a house. It should be worth all your hard work and efforts in building or designing one.

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