Unique Coffee Tables That You Should Not Miss Out On

Unique coffee tables are more important than what many think. When it comes to interior design, an important piece of furniture that many often brush off is the coffee table. Most household will get a basic coffee table and, despite having upgraded other room elements like the sofa or a wall painting, will not look into changing the center table. But just like the other pieces in the room, the coffee table has the power to completely transform the vibe of the living room. Whether you’re starting fresh or simply upgrading the design of the space, it’s good to consider your choice of coffee table as well.

There are plenty of factors to consider that makes a coffee table unique. Different shapes works best under certain circumstances. This means you will have to consider everything in the room before you can decide which shape fits the room. Another thing is its functionality. Some coffee table can transform into a different furniture entirely. This allows you to save space since you are one furniture less. The structure of the coffee table is also something to watch out for. Some have an artistic base or body that are a wonder to behold.

Consider its portability as well. Look for one that’s not easily re-positioned, especially by children. At the same time, have one that you can move around if the need arises. Speaking of kids, go for something that encourages activity. Some unique coffee tables offer engagement, making the room livelier and friendlier. The material of the table is also important. You will need to consider how durable it is and if maintenance comes easy. Good ones to go for are glass and wood but there are also others worth your attention.

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Unique Coffee Tables Come in Various Shapes

Coffee tables come in different shapes. Picking one type will certainly define the room. You probably think it does not matter and would rather go with the shape that you like the most. However, that is not always the case. While you might have a favorite shape, do note that certain shapes work better in specific conditions. For instance, a square table can make your room look more elegant and formal. Depending on the theme or style you’re going for, a circle table might make more sense over other shape options.


The shape and size of the living room is one factor to look at before you determine which table shape you’ll be going for. In this example, we focus on square-shaped tables and how they work. Naturally, a square-shaped room fits better with square tables. Consider the amount of space and how the traffic flows in the area. A square coffee table is better for a square room for balance and it makes everything look more orderly. In terms of flow, a square coffee table can indirectly guide guests by creating an imaginary pathway that a circle table might not be able to do. With a square table, movement inside the room becomes more systematic. While smaller rooms benefit more with a round coffee table, a square table in the center is not a bad choice if the room has a bit of space to spare.

If the household does not have many members, a square coffee table works wonders because it provides more intimacy. A long table feels cold and distant if there are less people present. In events where there are plenty of guests, you can just put another square table to make a rectangular table. This allows the living room to accommodate more people during special occasions.

Convertible Coffee Tables

Perhaps the most interesting types of unique coffee tables, or any type of furniture for that matter, are the ones that can transform. These tables function as another piece of furniture without consuming an extra space. The market has plenty of creative designs that transform a coffee table into practically anything you need. You just have to know where to look for them. These are not only functional but they also come in various artistic designs. Some come in contemporary look while others in industrial styles. Whatever your taste may be, you’ll always find one for sure. Some even push the boundaries of what a coffee table can transform into.

Even the way these coffee tables transform into another serve various purposes. Some have parts that can be moved around to create a new design. You can use this feature to change the look of the coffee table. This gives you more artistic options when it comes to defining the room’s new theme or for an event. Aside from that, there are convertible coffee tables that can change into other furniture entirely. Some examples are unique coffee tables that transforms into a dining table, work desks, or even transform between any three of these. There are also convertible coffee tables that transform into more than three other furniture and breaking the limits of functionality.

Unique Coffee Tables with Interesting Structures

What makes a coffee table stand out is due to many factors. Shape and its capability to transform are definitely noteworthy. Both of these express the capabilities of a coffee table in terms of function and form. However, one element of a coffee table that makes them artistic and creative is the structure. Some of these coffee tables resemble installation artworks, giving an impression that they may even be one of a kind. There are coffee tables that have structures that delightfully resemble other objects. Some have a sleek design that resembles soap while some look like the front of a luxurious car.

Some are even structured in a way to make them feel and look lightweight. Making use of wired or rattan as a base helps the coffee table easy to move around. The way the coffee table is structured can also make it seemingly blend with the environment. For instance, a coffee table with a wire base looks good with a rug that has horizontal designs. The colors in the rug give an illusion that the table is of the same color when actually, the base is hollow.

There are also unique coffee tables that have extraordinary structures. A coffee table that’s shaped like a diamond pops out more thanks to its glossy surface. This is perfect with a sofa that has glistening frame. The end result is a design that’s extravagant and sophisticated. The choice of rose gold, silver, and royal blue also implies that the room is to be addressed like nobility.

Unique Coffee Tables That Hold Their Ground

A good coffee table should also have the capability to hold its ground. It should not be easily pushed or pulled, especially by kids playing. On the other hand, don’t go for ones that are extremely hard to move either. Pick a coffee table that you can move at a whim but can also keep its position. A rug underneath can help keep the table in place. The one above is not only a perfect example but also can also hold and keep books. This way, your kids and guests are sure to get entertained every time they spend time in the living room.

This Jacob round table has a solid body that makes it less easy to get pushed or moved around. If in the event that the table needs to be moved, tilting it on one side to roll is an option. The polished surface and the cocktail shape make for some fascinating and artistic themes. The engaging style fits any season given the right design pieces are added to go along with it.

If you need a coffee table that’s the exact opposite and can be moved around, go for ones with wheels. The wheels help you reposition the table without much effort. Some of these wheels are either part of the overall appearance of the table or they can be hidden. There are some tables with wheels that can be locked into position. This means you can move them around or keep them in position as you please, whatever the situation requires. You can find coffee tables with wheels are inspired by familiar objects such as a railroad cart.

Fun with Coffee Tables

If you have to choose a coffee table, go for something that’s fun. Look for ones that encourage activity and engagement. To keep your kids or guest entertained, turn a coffee table into a playground. With just a ping pong ball and two rackets, you can instantly organize a friendly table tennis match. This will certainly surprise your guests and keep them from getting bored. This makes for a great opportunity to bond with family members, friends, and other visitors. The players can store the sports implements when not in use. Put them aside in the coffee table if the latter has compartments.

You can also go over the top with some fascinating additions. An example is incorporating the coffee table with a soothing aquarium tank. This might be something not everyone can pull off but is most certainly worth the effort. You might need some help from experts for this to work. An aquarium coffee table literally breathes life into the room. Guests will admire at how the fishes and other marine life inside the tank go about their business. The colors of the fishes, aquarium plants, the lighting, and the blue waters will brighten up any room.

Another way to have fun with coffee tables is to use fascinating sculptures as stands. Use a glass oval on top so that the focus will be on the sculpture itself. Here, we have an ornate griffin sculpture for the glass oval to rest. This mythological vibe is perfect for some wine and deep conversations. Its presence suggests that the place is divine and only those deemed worthy are allowed. Though, we all know that everyone is welcome all the same.

Wooden Coffee Tables

No man-made material can replace the warmth, comfort, and the beauty of Mother Nature herself. So if you’re looking for a coffee table, you can’t go wrong with the wooden ones. There is abundance of natural oils and rubber locked inside the wood that makes it durable. Most of the wood that these tables are made of may even have surpassed human lifespan. Since they remind us of nature, wooden coffee tables give the room a welcoming warmth. Each wood also has a wide variety of colors and tones, ensuring that each is unique and stylish.

Wood can last for ages and that makes it a good pick if you’re looking for something durable. Maintaining wooden furniture isn’t much of a problem either. This also means you get more value for money. Wood also comes in various dark or light hues, giving every piece an aesthetic no one can replicate. Wooden tables are great especially if you live in an urban area. It helps ease the cramped area a bit.

There is also a wide variety of how the grains or textures look in every wood. There are subtle differences as well as noticeable ones that make each wood a masterpiece. Combine that with the hands of a master craftsman and you’ll get a design that’s one of a kind. Wood is also versatile because it fits any theme. Whether you’re going for rustic or modern style, there’s always a wooden table that blends beautifully with it. In fact, the addition of the wooden furniture might even define the very room.

Through the Looking Glass

One thing that a transparent glass top for your coffee table can offer is that it creates an illusion of space. It makes the whole room appear more spacious than it really is. It also seems to allow more air, making the area easy to breathe in and breath-taking at the same time. The glass also shifts the focus to the other interiors in the room. This puts more emphasis on other objects of interests inside the space such as sculptures, rugs, wall art, and many others. If the table is not transparent, it usually hogs all the attention.

Seeing that it shifts the viewer’s eye to other design pieces, you can use glass coffee tables for any theme. Whether you’re going for a modern or traditional vibe, glass tops work wonderfully. Put glass on any other object where it sits comfortably and you’ll have an instant DIY coffee table. Match it with a barrel, aquarium, and any other thing you can think of. You may even add lights and other decors to make things more intricate. The result is most certainly impressive since the highlight goes to the interesting piece you have chosen.

If you have an interesting base, a glass top magnifies the attention towards it instead of hiding it. This is great especially if you are working with something that engages the viewer. An example of this is a television or a computer. It’s an intriguing way to position the screen this way, for sure, but it certainly works and it looks luxurious. Additionally, maintenance for the glass is easy and fast. You don’t have to worry about stains. Just spray it with some cleaner and wipe it with cloth. For cleaners, you may use ingredients found in your kitchen.

Go Crazy with the Designs

In any type of endeavor, there is usually “a way of doing things” and going out of bounds means you’re doing it wrong. However, if you limit yourself in what has proven effective, you might miss out on an opportunity to innovate. That is why it’s also recommended to take risks and go crazy sometimes. Here we have a table shaped like a Batman logo. This exudes a vibe that you’re passionate about comic book heroes that you look up to. This works for any living room because superheroes in films are trending nowadays. Why pick a wooden oval coffee table when you can shape it into a superhero logo of your choice?

Why settle with a round coffee table when you can make it more interesting? Take this koi mosaic coffee table, for example. It looks magnificent like those stained glass masterpieces in churches. You can either have this done by an expert craftsman or do it yourself. Find a pattern you like, collect the materials, get the tools, and turn your coffee table into a pièce de résistance that showcases your talent. This piece where creativity swims freely will breathe life into any room. The best part of it is that you crafted it.


You can also do some recycling and use old objects as materials to redesign your coffee table. Above, the table is seemingly wrapped in old comic book pages. This not only protects the table but also improves its aesthetics significantly. The addition of colors and characters make the table and the room more vibrant. You can use old magazines, gift wrappers, wallpapers, and anything you can recycle besides comic books. Not only were you able to save on money for new materials but you’re also helping the planet. You may not know it but the small things you recycled today have a large impact on the environment.

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