Window Treatment Ideas You Can Use For Any Room

There are plenty of window treatment ideas out there that you can apply to your own favorite room. You can find many creative window designs that are good for the bed room, living room, kitchen, and even some wonderful ones for the bathroom. Don’t miss out on window treatments that make good use of the shade. Not only do they help filter harmful rays but they also create a dramatic effect on the room, depending on how much light comes in.

There are also those that wonderfully handle a burst of patterns and colors. These improve the window’s aesthetics and breathe life into the room. The colors and patterns may also serve other functions such as help filter light or create a certain vibe. As for the hardware, you don’t have to limit yourself with just curtains and rods. Oars and metal rings are but few of the many materials you can use to hang your curtains artistically. You may also look into some decors for these help define the room or the window’s identity. It’s also a good suggestion to stick with a theme when designing your windows, one that you’re most familiar with. If you have glass doors or glass windows, there are options as well that you can consider.

Window Treatment Designs that are Creative

One of the many clever ways to decorate your windows is to get creative with your designs. Instead of the usual rod and curtain, try some unique holders and hung the fabric in intersecting layers. If you are fortunate enough to get a hold of some gold holders, try to pair it with neutral colors. One such color is gray so make use of gray fabric. The metallic gold handles will certainly bring out the neutral colors of the fabric. The end result is a sophisticated look that will certainly improve not only the windows but also the room.

Another way is to be consistent. Consistency in design is all about keeping everything in unison with one another. For instance, this bed room uses almost the same color and color patterns between the rug and the window curtain. The same can be said of the painting and the wall curtain. Having them behave and look the same way creates harmony in the design. This makes it look as if the whole thing blends together and is of one being. Being able to use visual elements that are almost identical evokes a strong emotional response to the viewer. This help in making you or your visitor feel more comfortable.

Getting creative usually means going crazy over the use of design elements and colors. However, that isn’t always effective and can sometimes prove annoying. Window treatments don’t have to be all over the place. Sometimes, keeping everything simple may work as well. Here, the windows and just about the whole room uses a single color. However, there is also the clever use of shades and accents on the linings of the bed and mirror. The color used also blends well with natural light, giving off a rejuvenating vibe.

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Windows and the Clever Use of Shade

Using see-through fabric can help block UV rays and filter light. It allows enough natural light to enter the room, making it look like it’s blessed by Mother Nature. Additionally, drapes that are see-through does not necessarily block the wonderful view outside. It’s easier for the ones inside the room to see outside and, at the same time, is difficult to see into the room from the outside. This works well if you love some privacy during the daytime. Do note tough that at night, the inside of the room is visible outside most notably if you have light in the room.

It’s best to use see-through shades that complement the color of the design pieces nearby. Here, the edge of the fabric matches the marble-like design of the counter. The smart choice of the flower pot design also adds some final touch to the uniformity of the whole scene. The main part of the shade blends well with the natural light. It allows ample light to illuminate the room. Not only that but it also filters potential blinding glare coming from outside. This effectively exhibits both form and function.

Another clever use of shade is to use color as a shade to contrast the dominant color. The part of the ceiling-to-floor-drapes that cover the window resembles natural light. The part where the light doesn’t touch the drapes has a heavier color. The curtain poles also use the same dark color. All these design pieces provide a strong contrast that works quite well. Using a rug that borrows both the elements of the light and dark colors makes the aesthetics of the whole room flow well together. This is great especially for a room with a unique geometry such as this one.

Windows That Let the Right Amount of Light In

When it comes to curtains for your windows, don’t just stick with ones that run from ceiling to floor. Try out a valance, a short drapery panel that covers the top of the window. You can use these mini-curtains to cover window treatment hardware, making everything look more adorable than before. Sometimes, you don’t need to bother with a full curtain since a valance is more enough. It is great to use especially if your room offers a wonderful view outside. It’s also a good alternative if a curtain proves to be too cumbersome for the look you’re going for.

You can also go for window installations, like this one for instance, that resembles a valance. Be creative in the use of materials as you like. The use of hardware does not necessarily translate to a hard look. Sometimes, the end result is a soft yet sophisticated aesthetic that greatly improves your windows. You can also experiment with various shapes to create your valance. A great design like this allows enough light to illuminate the room and, at the same time, filter some light and glare to keep everything visually pleasing.

Another way to let natural light in and, at the same time, block some of it is to use décor directly in the light’s path. The center wreath not only decorates the windows but it also filters some light. It also has colors that complement with the curtains, invoking a warm afternoon autumn vibe. Tying the wreath with fabric seems easy to do so don’t have to worry about complicated installations. Hanging the wreath in the center creates a focal point for the windows. This invites you to take a look outside but not to the point where there’s irritating glare.

Window Treatment Ideas with Wonderful Patterns

A single color for your windows makes for very simplistic and minimalist look. However, you can also go for patterned shades to improve the aesthetics of the room and fill the area with life. Different patterns allow varying levels of natural light inside. Thus, giving the room some light control depending on your pattern of choice. Here, the light blue circle patterns seem to improve the light getting in and make the windows soft to the eye. Get creative with the patterns and the colors, one that reflects your intended vibe for the room.


When the light coming from outside is too bright, you can make use of fabrics with heavy patterns for your windows. For instance, this fabric that is probably a burlap sack is a clever choice for keeping light at bay. As such, you can use materials with natural patterns that can help keep the room dim and comfortable. Aside from that, this allows people inside the room to see what’s outside but ones outside may have a hard time looking in. This is perfect for bathrooms or homeowners in general who like to have some privacy.

You don’t have to limit the use of patterns for the main curtains. Get some patterns for the valance as well. Some lace patterns for the valance will make the window look more elegant and intricate. As these lace patterns filter light, they cast some amusing shadows in the room and create some dramatic vibe. Also, it’s a good idea to gather the fabric shade into scallops when raised. The curtains are probably up all the time. If the opportunity presents itself and the curtains are pulled down, the creases will form some interesting patterns thanks to the scallop folds.

Window Treatment Ideas with Amazing Hardware

Curtain rods are good but you don’t have to use them at every opportunity. Try some unique window treatment ideas using interesting hardware. For this example, hang the curtain using metal rings on rods to make the sink window look stylish and comfy. The hardware also makes it easy to slide the curtain close or open, depending on the situation. If you’re washing the dishes and the sunlight proves to be too bright, you can readily slide the curtains close. If you’re like to view what’s outside while you’re cooking, you can simply move the curtains open.

You may also use metal rings with clips to hold the curtains. This way, you can change the fabrics with ease. Changing fabrics is important not only for keeping them clean in the laundry but also when you need to change the curtains to fit the theme of a family occasion or event. This allows for flexibility in terms of design choice, depending on your sense of style and place. You may also add some decors above the metal rods not only to help block some light but also to finalize the overall window treatment visuals.

Besides metal rings, another interesting window treatment hardware option are roller shades. Also called roller blinds or roll up shades, these are as convenient to use as the metal rings. The curtains are opened via an up and own movement instead of a left and right mechanism to close or open the curtains. Most of these are constructed with fabrics that completely block out sunlight. There are some that are designed with soothing material that allows a bit of light to get in. You can go for these if this is the vibe you’d like the room to have.

Window Treatment Ideas that Play with Decors

You don’t have to limit your focus and creativity on the windows itself. Use decors to improve the overall feel of the room. Choose ones that define the identity that you’re trying to establish for the room. In this dorm, the aesthetics of the blinds and the window curtain are enhanced by the decors nearby. The picture frame, flower pots, the bed, quotes, and other design pieces have colors and style that define the whole room’s personality. Making good use of varying shades of the same color helps to keep everything diverse but not too out of place. Most importantly, the fairy lights placed on the window curtains seemingly flow all the way to the bed. This binds the whole design together nicely.

Sometimes, the window treatment itself is wonderful décor. For a tropical or an exotic look, try rattan blinds. This will make you feel as if you are on a vacation in another country and an adventure is just standing by. They are also quite effective at filtering light if that’s something the moment calls for. Make the tropical vibe more elegant by adding nicely folded fabrics as a dainty valance.

Lastly, you don’t always have to go for fabrics when it comes to hanging something in the windows. Sometimes, random decor items from your craft box will not only suffice but will also make the window feel more artistic. For instance, hanging different necklaces looks like they’re one makeshift valance. The whole thing flows together despite the difference in color and style. They also achieve a certain function since they block a little bit of unwanted sunlight. This is a good combination of function and form and does not go too crazy with the colors and the design.

Window Treatment Ideas with Themes

If you can stick to a theme for your window treatment plans, the better. Having a theme is a creative way to express an idea or an opportunity to show others the room owner’s personality. It is a way to decorate the room with design pieces that, despite being different, speak something in common. Choose a theme that fits you so that you will have a room that you can call your own. Here, we have a British sailor theme with the creative use of oar as a curtain rod and flag as a curtain. The surrounding design elements also give off a nautical vibe.

Here’s another one that uses a map as blinds for a traveler theme. This speaks volume of how the room owner is adventurous and willing to take risks by using these design elements. The choice of rattan material for the chair also expresses the love for tropical locations. Of course, books are there because reading is another past time any traveller enjoys. The creamy white rug also resembles the comforting sands of the beach. By choosing a theme and sticking to it, the whole room successfully evokes a feeling of a paradise vacation.

Glass Windows and Glass Doors

Who says that you can only use stained-glass windows in churches or public buildings? It might discourage you because it appears to be expensive. However, there are actually plenty of cheap alternatives that will give your windows that same stained-glass look. Using window film is one of the many ways to achieve that stained or etched glass effect. Specialty blinds also resemble the glass look that you can only find in a church. Some are easy to do but some might require help from a professional. However you may go about it, one thing is for sure – you can now say goodbye to bland windows.

For glass doors, the first thing most home owners would go for are curtains that cover from ceiling to floor. It’s usually a thick fabric that can be drawn to center to cover the room. The drapes are then drawn apart or made to slide in one direction to let the light in. The background color of the fabric blends well with the glass door and, at the same time, patterns on the curtain reveals that it is separate from the doors and is its own creature.

Whatever type of window you have, do know that there is always a window treatment that fits it perfectly. Do not limit yourself with the options already presented or that has proven to work. Who knows what a little imagination and creativity can bring? Each of us has an artistic personality that is innovative enough to try out new window treatment ideas. All these window treatment designs started out as original ideas or have been inspired by another’s work. You might be surprised at how your designs look better than what you originally imagined. This might be rare to pull off but it certainly is worth it if they do.

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