120 Bathroom Tile Ideas That Redefine Comfort

There is one trait every bathroom should have – it’s relaxing. One of the ways that you can achieve a relaxing feel is to have it beautifully decorated. An ugly bathroom will just make you want to take care of yourself less. This then defeats the whole purpose of having one in the first place.


The Art of Designing Your Bathroom

Interior design catalogs would always focus on living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms. This makes people think if creating a beautiful bathroom is hard to achieve. The answer is no. There are lots of great bathroom designs out there – they aren’t just featured most of the time.

Picking the Right Tiles: How Do You Do It?

A big part of your bathroom is the walls. In fact, this is the biggest part of this room. If you want to have a beautiful bathroom, then you have to focus on the walls that surround it. Dingy bathrooms often have a plain white wall with mismatched tiles here and there. Surely, you wouldn’t want something like that in your comfort space.

Here are a few tips on how to pick the right bathroom tiles.


Tip#1: Think about the size of the tiles.

The size of the tiles affects how your bathroom will look. Bigger tiles make a room look bigger. They also use less grout which is the filling you put in between tiles. The less grout you use, the less time you have to spend on maintenance and cleaning. Likewise, smaller tiles can be used for bigger bathrooms. Another consideration is your budget. If you have a big bathroom, using smaller tiles can be more expensive than bigger tiles. The latter will be more practical since it covers a bigger area per tile.


Tip #2: Create a color palette.

Creating a color palette is often the hardest part of designing any room may it be a bathroom or a bedroom. When picking a color palette, the easiest way to start is to know what kind of atmosphere you want to create. For bathrooms, the atmosphere is often cool and relaxing. This is why the colors often used or white, blue, brown, and gray. If you don’t want to go with a kind of atmosphere, you can also use a theme that will help you decide which colors to use.


Tip #3: Use a neutral color for the ceiling and floor.

Neutral floors and ceilings will help draw attention towards your accent wall. If you plan on having a different color for your walls, then you want people to notice that when they enter the bathroom. At the same time, a neutral color will help give you the flexibility to play with other colors for your walls and bath furniture.


Tip #4: Stick to 2-3 different tile styles.

Having too many kinds of bathroom tiles is chaotic. It’s also going to be stressful rather than relaxing. To make sure you don’t make this mistake, think of the main tile design and pick one or two tiles that will complement it. This doesn’t have to be of the same color as seen in the bathrooms below.


Tip #5: Create texture.

For bathrooms, you want to create texture not mainly for the design it creates. You want to use different textures because they are practical to use. For example, smooth and glossy tiles have a better feel on your feet than rocky or bumpy tiles. In the same way, you can use stones and slates on the walls because you don’t necessarily lean on them. Moreover, bathroom tiles are better used on floors so they are easier to clean.


Tip #6: Determine how to maintain it.

Most of the time, maintenance becomes an afterthought. However, for bathrooms, this should not be the case. While you pick the tiles and design of the space, you have to consider how to clean it. An important part of tile-picking is grout. Like what was said earlier, smaller tiles use more grout. Grout can be difficult to maintain if it has a pale or white color. But if your tiles are dark and you choose to have a dark-colored grout, then cleaning becomes easier.


The 20 Inspirations for Your Next Bathroom Project

Ready to step into a curated collection of artistic bathrooms? Here are the 20 bathrooms that used tiles to create a relaxing atmosphere.

1. Yellow and Bright

Start your day right with a trip to a sunny bathroom. This bathroom shows that prepping yourself doesn’t have to be gloomy and dragging. Thanks to the yellow and white bathroom tiles (not to mention the sun-inspired mirror), you can wake up happily. You might even be excited to go to work when you prep here.


2. Blue Lagoon

Blue is the favorite color of a lot of people because it resembles peace and coolness. If you live in a warm and tropical country, you want your bathroom to feel cool the moment you step in. What’s great about blue is you can mix it with a wide range of colors as seen on these bathrooms.


3. A Surplus of Marble

If there is one type of tile that is popular in bathrooms, that would be marble. Marble offers a crisp, cool, and elegant touch which is what bathrooms need. If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to buy actual marble to cover your walls or floors. Instead, you can buy bahtroom tiles with a marble print on them and people wouldn’t even notice the difference!


4. White Subway Tiles

White subway tiles are budget-friendly tiles that can still look elegant. The best way to elevate this type of tile is to pair it with black or other bold colors. In this way, your bathroom won’t look boring and too basic.


5. Wainscots

Wainscots have been used lots of years ago when insulation was not available in a lot of homes. Today, wainscoting still gives insulation, but it is used more for its design than function. If you want to add dimension to your bathroom, you can add a wainscot with a different color to your base walls.


6. Sensual Baths

Sensual baths might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely gives a different experience. Transform your bathroom with the help of red tiles on the walls.


7. A Lot of Woodwork

Wood is one of the materials that make everything feel a bit more relaxed. Since wood can easily absorb moisture, it’s often not a great idea to have it in the bathroom. Nonetheless, you can still use bathroom tiles that have a wooden print.


8. A Clean Slate

If you’re looking to add more texture to your bathroom, why not try slate tiles that can give an illusion of having a lot of texture? Another good reason to love it is that it is a lot cheaper than stones, bricks, and marble!


9. Jump Into Spring

Bathrooms are for fresh baths and what better way to design it than a spring-inspired wallpaper?


10. Color Me Happy

Move away from the plain-looking bathrooms with this quirky tile design. Any art or outgoing person would definitely love the splash of color in this one.


11. Pattern Coordination

At first, you wouldn’t think that different tile patterns can go together. Take a look at these bathrooms and you’ll realize that that isn’t the case.


12. Go for Green

Green is often associated with nature and peace. Cover your bathroom with this nature-like color to help make you feel that you’re outdoors.


13. White Out

Who says white can be boring? With the right tiles, a whiteout bathroom will look elegant and pure. Just make sure you clean it often!



14. Modern Gray

Modern homes always use gray simply because of its sleek hue. Add gray to your bathroom and it gets transformed into an ultra-modern design.

Want to tone down the ultra-modern vibe? Mix wood and gray into your bathroom. The wood neutralizes the powerful gray color while making the bathroom feel warmer.


15. Harmonic Lines

Lines don’t have to be asymmetrical to make sense. And if you want people to focus on your floors, lines can definitely catch their attention. If you plan on having lines, make sure that the other walls of your bathroom are in neutral colors.


16. Monochromatic Design

Different shades of the same color help create depth and movement. The same goes for bathroom tiles. Create that dynamic look in your bathroom by simply putting together 3-4 different shades of the same color.


17. Black and White Balance

Black and white is a pairing that has been old as time. This classic has helped create a lot of elegant looks both in fashion and interior design. Create this striking balance by mixing these two contrasting colors.

18. Shining, Shimmering, Brown

Wood isn’t the only tile design that brown can be used for. These bathrooms show that brown can even bring a modern look to a room.


19. A Touch of Color

Have a favorite color? Incorporate it to your bathroom to make it feel like your own. This helps you have a less generic-looking bathroom too!



20. Metallic Modern

Want something out of the box? Metallic bathroom tiles are not a popular choice, but it sure gives a very different feel to a room. If you’re worried about it looking chilly, match it with warm lighting and warm hues like brown and beige. These bathrooms show that both cool and warm colors can help balance each other.



Now that you’ve seen more than 50 pictures of bathroom tiles, surely you’re excited to get to your next bathroom project. Have fun mixing and creating elegant and comforting bathrooms!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best type of tile to use in the shower?

The best bathroom tiles to use in the shower are the ones that have a bit of texture. Why? The texture helps prevent slipping and falling. Usually, when you have smooth tiles, you have to add a shower mat to make sure you won’t slip, but most shower mats are not stylish enough.


2. How do you make a small bathroom look big with tiles?

The best way to make a space look bigger is to use bigger bathroom tiles. Bigger tiles make it look like there is a lot of wall area to cover. On the other hand, smaller tiles can make a bathroom look cramped.


3. How do you know how many tiles can cover your walls or floors?

You can know how many tiles you need for your bathroom walls by measuring the area of the wall you want to use. Once you know the area, you can ask assistance from the tile store about how many tiles you should get. Make sure that you buy spare pieces to replace those that get damaged.


4. What is the most durable tile?

There is no one answer when it comes to the most durable tiles. However, if your tiles are installed well and are maintained properly, then you can expect your tiles to lasts for at least 50 years.


5. How do you clean grout in your bathroom tiles?

The main purpose of grout is to fill in the spaces between your tiles, but they are also used to collect dirt. The best way to clean grout is to put a mild cleaner and water on a cloth and gently scrub it on the grout. Leave the cleaner on the tiles for a while and rinse it after. If there are stains, you can use bleach or baking soda.


Bathroom tiles make up the biggest part of your bathroom. If anything, they are responsible for setting the theme and atmosphere of the whole space. It might be difficult to choose what tile to use at first, but with the help of these bathroom tile designs, you will be able to pick the best for your home.


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