121 Beautiful Backyard Fence Ideas For Privacy And Style

Fences don’t just provide privacy and security to your home, they also give great edging to the corners of your house, like the backyard. So, if you are planning to put fences, we have collected stunning backyard fence ideas that you can choose from.

These fences help enhance your backyard, especially when you are gardening and you’d want to add style in it. There are tons of fencing style out there – from customary to contemporary that everyone loves.

Everything is pretty. It only depends on how you’d want it to be and how you style it. Your outdoor space also needs at least a little privacy and that means putting fences.

However, it can be tough for those who have limited time when it comes to styling although you can always opt for the traditional backyard fence. Still, styling adds framing to your backyard, especially when you want it to be the focal point of your home.

Backyards are great for outdoor activities and it’s important that you have some privacy, especially when you are inviting guests over. But it’s not just about privacy, if you are aiming for a beautiful backyard, right fencing is the answer.

Just like being fashionable with your outfit, hairstyle, makeup, and more, your home should be styled too. It’s just like being glam in your own home.

From country or rustic, traditional farm, or the modern style fences, we’ve got you covered. Check out these amazing backyard fence ideas and get your materials ready. We have some works to do after this.

Backyard fence ideas that won’t break the bank

While it’s true that placing fences around the house requires not just a lot of efforts, it does require finances too. But if you have a limited budget and you still want to put framing to your backyard, it’s never a problem.

DIYs or Do It Yourself is key. It can save you a lot if you know the works and skills on how to get everything done without having to spend too much. With DIYs, the sky is the limit and you can even choose anything you like that fits your preferences.

Customizing is always awesome when it comes to setting up your backyard fence as you can pick what you like the most on your own style. There is no need to spend a fortune to make your dream fence into reality.

Considering that you are doing it yourself, things can be cheaper. There are many different styles that we have gathered for you. These can be really pretty too, especially when you involve your creativity and good taste.

Woods, wires, mesh, rods, and anything that can you can make as fences can do wonders. Get help from the members of your family or even friends to achieve this.

It’s always great to share works together while having fun at the same time. So, we have a few tips below on how to achieve a stunning backyard fence within your means.

Budget-friendly backyard fence ideas

There are a lot of DIY backyard fence ideas that are budget-friendly although some are needed to be purchased. However, these are still cheap and very economical. Others are even too easy to install.

Nonetheless, we understand that you still need some tips and inspiration in finding the best backyard fence. We have rounded up these ideas for you as we know the importance of limited finances with great quality.

  • The wood frame wire fence is easy to install. To avoid spending too much, you can have the wood frame wire. It’s very thrifty and doesn’t take too much of your time making it. It’s enough to give your pets a little privacy from the others.
  • A small nylon mesh fence is cheaper. If you have a garden in the backyard and you would want your plants protected from the predators, you can use the nylon mesh. It’s not just cheap, but it’s also visually cute at the backyard.
  • The hog wire fence is gorgeous too. For some privacy, you can also try to get the hog wire railing. Although it requires a little work, it can go with any backyard.
  • Prefabricated fences are always stunning. Depending on your preferences, there are so many suppliers that sell these inexpensive prefab fences that would add framing and edging to your backyard.

Cost-effective backyard fences are in demand

Budget-friendly fences are not just money-savers, but they’re also very appealing, especially when they’re done with passion. When doing your backyard fence, there are things that you also need to consider, including the cost.

If you decide to have fences, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, these inexpensive backyard fence ideas are a blessing. They do require a little effort, but you can achieve a stunning backyard as soon as you get them done with ease.

You may need help from the others or a company that does the installation. It all depends on you. Here are more ideas that you can opt for to have a  backyard fence.

  • Garden fences are stunning too. If you are into gardening, you can opt for garden fences that don’t only look great in the backyard. They are also perfect to keep your plants protected and with little privacy.
  • Pallet fences are super cheap. If you are keen on having a backyard fence, but with budget restriction, you can have the pallet fence that is very easy to make and install. They will also look great in the backyard.
  • Four-rail horse fence is very neat. If you have livestock, this can be perfect because it’s very sturdy and pretty too. You don’t even have to spend too much on this as you can build this economically.
  • A wooden post-and-rail fence is cozy enough. This is another great idea for a backyard fence. If you are a good builder, it will come in handy too.
  • Pole fence is with great help. For those who live in the countryside, this would be awesome. You can also build this from scratch and is very economical.

Important tips about building a fence

We still have a lot of backyard fence ideas in store for you on this page, but there are a few things that you need to know about having it at home. You may need a checklist or a game plan, but for your ease, we are helping you out with these tips.

  • Let the fence dry out after installation. It’s important that you give it time to absorb the paint or varnish that is applied to the fence to ensure that it lasts longer.
  • Install or hang the fence on solid and firm hinges. If you have heavy-duty fences, ensure that the hinges are sturdy enough to hold. Otherwise, it will only get broken and you may have to redo it. That would mean you might spend more bucks to get it done.
  • Move higher when there is an elevation. It’s a challenge when you install a fence and there is an elevation. The trick is that you can keep moving higher at least a few inches high.
  • Install friendly fences. Your neighbors are also important and if you want to be friendly and warm to them, have the pretty side of the fence face towards them.
  • Always even out the sections of your post. To ensure the strength and longevity of your fence, you will need to place the posts evenly from each other. Around six to eight feet would be enough to set them apart.
  •  Pour the cement right on the post when installing it. It’s going to be a solid unit of the post if you would just pour the cement around it.

Know your lines

  • Know your property before you install fences. You should have your property assessed before you install fences to ensure that you are in the right direction. You don’t want to install them on a property that you don’t own.
  • Fences should last long. If you are going to build a fence, you should ensure its longevity. It doesn’t just give your home privacy, but it also marks your property lines. Additionally, it’s also a great decoration for your backyard and even the front yard.
  • Bury your posts at least two feet from the ground. The durability of your posts also depends on how you sink them below the ground. You can go deeper into four feet.
  • Fences should protect your swimming pool. If you have a swimming pool at home, fences are important to protect them as well as to keep it private from others.

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Modern backyard fence ideas

Fences symbolize boundaries that don’t just give privacy, but security too. In modern living, fences are very important, but not all of us are able to achieve this.

It’s definitely one of our goals – to have a beautiful fence in the house where you live with comfort and security. There are so many styles and designs that you can choose whether you want it geometric, horizontal, pattern, ironed, wood, and more.

Whatever your taste, your backyard fence shouldn’t be compromised, especially when you are willing to spend just to give your home security and beautification. Here are some few tips that you can check out if you are planning on installing a backyard fence at home.

  • Modern minimalist steel fence. The necessity of having a backyard fence is high, especially if you live in an urban area. If you want to keep it simple, there are many minimalist designs that you try. The black steel and white post combo is one great inspiration.
  • Brick and metal stand-in. The brick and metal slats can be a great combination as your backyard fence, especially when you want an interchanging fence to frame your backyard. You can also do this if you already have an existing brick concrete. Otherwise, you can just do both if you plan on installing one.
  • Engraved metal fence. A patterned metal fence can very stylish at home. It will cost a little more, but it’s very interesting to see in the backyard.
  • Frosted glass panels. These are very trendy and attractive from the outside. These frosted glass screens can pair with either wood panels or metal slats.
  • Wood panels and stone wall. A combination of an old-school and a contemporary fence would be really stunning to see from the outside.

More beautiful backyard fence ideas for modern living

We all work hard to secure our home and not just to make it look good. While making your home beautiful is a dream for every one of us, a modern fence can be a luxury.

However, some of us with deep pockets are willing to spend a fortune just to secure our haven and that is something that everyone would want to do. Although the modern fence is a bit expensive, it ensures your home’s security and beautification.

Modern fences are mostly tough with security, but they don’t have to be too dramatic or too callous. especially the black ones. There are a lot of cozy and friendly modern fences that you can also try if you want your home to look like welcoming in the neighborhood.

We have also gathered great examples of the modern backyard fence that look hospitable.

  • Vertical plank fence. You can have a slat fence in any color – even black or brown will do. The design is perfect for your modern home and looks friendly and warm.
  • Stainless steel fence. If you like a modern-looking backyard, you can have an elegant framing, especially when you have a garden. You can either make a steel post with lights or opt for the plain fence.
  • Lattice with flowers. Patterned fences are always great for modern homes and it could be prettier when you plant flowers within it to grow with the fence.
  • Contemporary wood and concrete wall combo. The wood may bring a little country-looking in the backyard. But a polished wood fence paired with a concrete wall will make it look modern, stylish, and chic.
  • Lavish wood and iron or metal fence. The wood and black iron are a perfect opulent combo for a backyard fence. It’s a little dramatic, but cozy too.

The beauty of a backyard fence

To give your backyard privacy for whatever reason you may have, a fence is always the best option. The beauty of your home is something that you can easily reckon. Because of course, that’s beauty and beyond.

Both the trend and security will have to go together with your strength and style to be comfortable at home. It’s a fluid perception that having a fence creates boundaries between you and the neighborhood although all of us want to make it look friendly and warm.

For backyard activities, it is always great that you have a fence not only because you want security, but also to keep it private for your guests. A backyard fence will go a long way.

Depending on your home’s design, the sky is the limit with the style that you like for your backyard fence. You can have a perennial backyard fence may it be planted like bamboo, flowers or the flower pots, or anything that can stand alone.

Your backyard’s seating area where you can spend time with your friends and family can be packed with opaque plant life with a solid framework. If you live in the countryside, your backyard can snuggle with a rustic fence and lush garden.

Give your backyard a gorgeous framework

When it comes to backyard fencing, creativity is buzzing. Although modern living is infamous these days that comes with modern edging, there are lots of people that want it to be unique and stylish.

If you are determined to spend a little more, you can opt for sturdy designs that would come in handy from different installation companies. However, if you tend to save money, but still wants to be creative with fencing, there are plenty of ideas that we have delivered to you on this page that you can count on.

Remember that your backyard fence doesn’t have to be pricey to achieve your dream fence. DIYs are always the best alternative and although it requires a lot of work on your end, the process is always fun and exciting.

Colorful fences give heaving vibrancy to your backyard. So, don’t shy away from that idea as there are many people who have tried it and they are still rocking the style to this date.

Beautiful backyard fences are a perch for the flowering plants, most especially, if you are into gardening.  But regardless of your style and preference, these backyard fence ideas are your ultimate motivation to build edging or have a company do the works for you.

It is important that you should first know your preferences before you decide on installing fences. These gorgeous backyard fence ideas are a great inspiration for you. Don’t forget about your game plan to make sure everything is set with ease.

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