125 Best Bathroom Wall Shelves Design Ideas For Your Home

You have a house, but it’s dull and bland. One of the most important things to do when you move into a new home is to think of ways to boost its value. Aside from adding furniture and decorative pieces, making sure everything is organized is crucial.

One of the rooms you don’t focus much when it comes to interior design is the bathroom. It’s one of the neglected parts of the house since it’s usually hidden. The room in the house that many go to clean up most often turns into the messiest and most cluttered space.

Usually, when visiting a house, you always look at the living room, garden space, or the kitchen. You appreciate the fixtures and design of the rooms. Sometimes, the bathroom is something not talked about but just visited when needed. But, bathrooms are important, so if you will design your interior, you should always take into consideration the bathroom design.

Why designing the bathroom is a must-do?

bathroom wall shelves

No matter the size of the bathroom, it’s vital for it to be organized with designated areas for toiletries, linens, and towels.

The bathroom is an important part of your life. It’s where you start and finish the day. Upon waking up, you always use the toilet. It is where you take a shower to start the day.  Before going to bed, you take a shower, brush your teeth, and clean up in the bathroom. In fact, the average person spends about 1.5 years of his or her lifetime in the bathroom.

Another reason is, the bathroom is the ultimate judgment area of the house. Visitors tend to judge cleanliness and design based on the look of the bathroom. At some point, they will eventually use it and if there are undesirable things they see, they will immediately judge you.

Some people regard the cleanliness of a person when they see how the bathroom looks. Many people will laugh when they see unruly, disorganized and gross toilets, and it all reflects you. Hence, remodeling, designing, and reorganizing the bathroom is important.

One of the best ways to organize your bathroom is by installing bathroom wall shelves. Read on to know more about these shelves.

What are bathroom wall shelves?

bathroom wall shelves

Bathroom wall shelves are pieces of fixtures that are intended to organize your bathroom things, including toiletries, towels, linens, and cleaning materials, among others. In some cases, they can also hold decorative pieces such as plants to lighten up the mood of the bathroom.

These shelves are pieces of any material that are mounted on the wall. They’re designed to hold things that are usually needed in the bathroom. In some cases, people put decorations on the shelves to make it look more relaxing.

There are many bathroom wall shelves designs you can choose from. The material depends mainly on your theme, the make of the bathroom, and what you intend to achieve in decorating the space.

Why do you need to organize the bathroom?

bathroom wall shelves

Organizing the bathroom is important because it’s where you perform grooming and hygiene activities such as taking a bath and cleaning yourself. It’s unpleasant if you’re in the middle of the shower and you realize your shampoo is far or you forgot your body wash.

Organizing also makes it easier to move around. Most bathrooms have tiny spaces.

Why are bathroom wall shelves important?

bathroom wall shelves

Bathrooms are meant to be used a few times a day, but during these times, it pays to feel comfortable. That’s why it’s better to have all you need within reach. But, it doesn’t mean you just pile them everywhere. It’s essential to be organized so the bathroom looks relaxing and cozy, especially when you take a shower to relax after a long day’s work.

There’s nothing more relaxing to be in a hot bubble bath and you have everything there. It’s annoying to be relaxing and you realize your shampoo or soap is far from reach, right? The very simple solution to this is, organize everything with the best bathroom wall shelves.

Of course, you should choose the right kind of shelves to install in the bathroom. Usually, the materials used as bathroom shelves are stainless steel, plastic, and glass. These are materials that are not affected much by water and steam. But in some cases, others use woods that are treated so they’ll be waterproof.

What to look for in bathroom shelves?

bathroom wall shelves

Bathroom storage isn’t the most glamorous topic, but the reality is, it’s an important issue to tackle in all bathrooms, regardless of the space, how old or new the bathroom is, and the decorations in it. Some bathroom designs can help you decide what to add to make your bathroom look tidier and more organized.

So, what are the things to look for in bathroom shelves? It all depends on your bathroom design and space. For wider spaces, you can splurge on bathroom shelves that are bulkier and bigger. But, for those with tiny spaces, you need to think of creative ways to have a storage area that won’t eat up most of the space.

Also, if the storage area is near the shower area where there is steam or water, it’s not advisable to use wood as a material for the shelf, since it will be ruined, and molds can grow on them. On the other hand, you can use other materials such as stainless steel, plastic or glass.

Another thing to consider is your budget. Some materials are more expensive than others. Glass, for instance, is more expensive than plastic and wood. But above all, stainless steel is the most expensive, especially if it has intricate designs.

You can also choose between DIY shelves or buying ready made ones. It depends on your needs and if you have the time to create your own shelf design.

Bathroom wall shelves design ideas

There are many designs of bathroom wall shelves. Scan below for design ideas and start thinking about what best suits your bathroom.

1.    Clear Floating Shelves

If you’re a beauty who wants your glamorous collection to be on display, from lotions, perfumes, and bath gels, to toiletries and makeup, a clear floating shelf is a must-have in your bathroom. The floating shelf looks as if it’s hanging from the wall, without the pesky pillars. It brings out the sophistication in the room. So, if you want your bathroom to look glamorous, this is the shelf to try.

2.    Rack Over The Door

If you have lots of linens and towels and you don’t know where to put them, the rack over the door is a perfect shelf to install. It sits and mounts over the door. But, you don’t store essentials in this type of rack since it’s high above and you need a ladder or stool to access the things there. But, you can put extra things such as bathroom stocks, toiletries refill, and extra linens.

3.    Over-the-toilet Rack

When you’re using the toilet, it’s important to have everything within reach. Same is true when you’re taking a shower. If you want it that way, having an over-the-toilet rack is the perfect one to put in your bathroom. Keeping everything, you need such as toilet paper, soap, shampoo, towel, and more, within easy reach is crucial.

4.    Bathroom bar cart

If you have a bar cart that you’re not using anymore, you can repurpose this into a bathroom cart. It can store many bathroom necessities such as cleaning materials, shampoos, toiletries, bath bombs, towels, and linens, among others. Just remember that a bathroom cart is suitable for those with a wide space. Tiny bathroom spaces will seem crowded for a bathroom cart.

5.    Ladder for Storage

For greener designs, a wooden ladder can be a good bathroom wall shelf. Turn an old wooden ladder into a storage system where baskets can be hanged on each frame. It will not only look rustic, but also cozy, relaxing, and warm. Plus, visitors will definitely credit your creativity and resourcefulness for this project.

6.    Open Shelves and Cabinets

Open shelves and cabinets are good additions to bathrooms because they’re minimalist in nature. If you want to expose how tidy you are or organized your things are, these are perfect shelves to try. You’ll keep towels and linens tidy and properly folded.

7.    Single Rack

If you have a tiny space in the bathroom, a single rack is a good idea as a bathroom wall shelf. You can just put necessary items like towels, linens, toilet paper, and a plant, or two. Combine fashion and function with this simple wood or material mounted above the toilet. It helps bring some warmth, coziness, and style to the little space.

8.    Industrial Pipe Shelf

For those who want strength and sturdiness before style, an industrial pipe shelf is a good idea for a wall addition. The shelves combine industrial pipes and wood to give the bathroom a farmhouse vibe. This idea is perfect for bachelors who live in condominiums, it brings out the man in them.

9.    Door Storage Shelf Or Rach

Short on space? If space is a problem when it comes to storage in the bathroom, be resourceful. You can use the space behind the door for a rack. A door storage shelf is a good way to start. You can put a rack that hangs on top of the door. From there, you can hang items in the bathroom like linens, towels, and light toiletries, such as your toothpaste, toothbrush, and small plants. It all depends on how sturdy the rack is. The bigger it is, the heavier things it can carry.

10. Old Wooden Cabinet

If you want to travel back in time and use antiques in your bathroom, an old wooden cabinet is a good idea. For this type of cabinet, it’s important to use ones with glass windows. This way, families with children have a closed cabinet door, to prevent clutter and have it out of reach of the kids to prevent untoward accidents.

11. Three-level Shelf

For those with many clutters in the bathroom, but can’t seem to discard them, three-level or tier shelves can do the job for you. You can put everything you need there. You just have to organize them and make sure they’re not too heavy. Furthermore, it’s important to use light-color to brighten up the room.

12. Small and Thin Shelves

For those who have a small-spaced bathroom, maximize the space by using small and thin shelves. At one look, you might seem to wonder if the shelf can hold many things, but you’ll be surprised. You can put toiletries, shampoos, bath soaps, and other necessities. You can also put a hanging bar for linens and towels.

13.  DIY Old Wood Shelf

Another good idea is to assemble old wood items you have in your backyard or garage. Bring out the designer and carpenter in you to come up with this easy and rustic-looking shelf. It’s economical, unique, and pleasant to the eye. Also, you can spray some wood protector to prevent it from deteriorating when exposed to moist and steam.

14.  Hanging Cabinet

Another bathroom wall shelf idea is to create a hanging cabinet. It’s dual, with one area enclose by a cabinet door to store linens, towels, and bathroom stocks. On the other side, you can have an open cabinet or shelf design for decorative pieces like plants, succulents, and photos.

15.  Wooden Minimalist Design

For those who aren’t fans of over-decorative pieces, being a minimalist is a must. In the bathroom, you can apply this theme by installing simple wooden shelves. They’re simple and provides a big storage area for everything you need in the bathroom. You won’t need many materials and expensive shelves to achieve this design. You just need a dose of creativity and some wooden panels.

16.   Small Organizing Shelves

For small-spaced bathrooms, you can maximize storage by putting small organizing shelves on the wall. These can serve as your vanity area since you can put everything from makeup items to your beauty regimen products. You can put lotions, shampoo, toners, and other beauty products here.

17.   Mirror and Cabinet in One

You want a big mirror in the bathroom, so you can check out your outfit of the day before stepping out of your house or apartment. A Mirror cabinet is a good idea, but what’s more, is you can create a mirror and cabinet in one. When you open the mirror is a wide space for everything, such as shampoo, hair styling products, beauty products, and even cleaning products. In here, you can maximize the space.

18. Bathroom Side Table

If you have a side table in the bedroom you’re not using, or a shelf somewhere you’re not using, you can put it inside the bathroom to become a side table for toilet paper or plants. It can add style in the bathroom and at the same time, some useful storage space.

19.   Wood Panel

This is a good idea for those who love DIY project. A wood panel with shelves can hold a plethora of items such as candles and plants. This can add up to the overall design of the bathroom. The candles can serve as relaxing tools when you’re having a warm bath after a stressful day.

20.  Open Shelf

For those who have ample space in the bathroom, an open wall shelf is a good idea. It’s a good place to store linens or just put plants to add a green and refreshing look to the bathroom.

21. Small Wood Panels and Shelves

A good idea for space saving shelves is using wood panels and putting them where there’s space. You can store anything there from perfumes, plants, candles, makeup, and towels, to smaller items such as figurines and bath bombs.

22. Bath Tub Overhead Shelf

If you have no other space, you can use the space on the head part of the tub. You can install wooden or plastic shelves to store linens or bathrobes. You can also put candles so if you’re dipping in the tub for a relaxing hot bubble bath, candles are great additions to make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

23. Metal Basket Wall Shelf

If you want something more different. You can install metal basket racks on your bathroom walls. Aside from they can hold more items, you can hang baskets and towels on the space allotted. Plus, there are many designs to choose from or colors that can match your bathroom design.

24.  Side Wall Shelf

If you have no space, try converting your side wall in the bathroom as a space for shelves. It’s more economical and saves a lot of space. You can also put many items there, aside from bathroom needs, you can put plants to brighten up space.

Put simply, bathroom wall shelves are must-haves!

Bathroom wall shelves are helpful in making more space in the bathroom. These also provide the bathroom with more places to put decorative items, since it’s important for the bathroom to look relaxing and comfortable.

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