119 Best Home Bar Ideas 2019 And Stories To Tell That You’ll Love To Hear!

Have you ever dreamed to have a best home bar of your own? Well, in this article we’ll find out what are the most excellent design ideas that you would want to follow for your own home bar.

Did you know? We come from across the world, and there is one thing that we do in common. Well, believe it or not;

We love to drink alcohol in moderation or in binge one.

From culture to culture and wherever we go. Or maybe whatever occasion we attend to, I am sure alcohol is not one to miss!


Moderately drinking alcohol has many benefits. It could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower the chance of diabetes. However, is that all the reasons we can have?  Not at all. A study found that drinking alcohol can reduce the risk of becoming insane or dementia. And that is the reason why people when they are struggling with stresses in life they drink alcohol.

Moderate drinking is the key.

However, the next question is, where is the best place to drink? Well, I can’t tell you the best place for you to drink since I don’t know your preference. But I can give you some ideas that you might like!


Wherever we go, we seclude ourselves. We want to have a peace of mind from this crowded toxic world. Billions of people in the world are busy with their own jobs, busy with everyday matters. I think we need to ask this question to ourselves. “Do I have time for myself?” We admit it or not, we hunger for attention to ourselves.

Always busy people and obligated to work for others. Maybe we run our own company or just a single parent tending to the needs of the children. Where is the best place to rest? We want a quiet place and not in a loud place with rusticated music. What is this place? Actually, it’s inside your home. Have room to put your tequila?



We are tired of our job.

Are you that person who loves to drink while working? Sometimes, we are tired already from our job because it eats up our precious time. And here’s our boss demanding us to work overtime and the worst case is he always looks for our faults.

We are yearning for a time to relax and want to have a good time. However, our problem is the deadline. The deadline is coming, and you are cramming so how can we have a good time? We bring our work at home; however; The question is how to relax even if the time is running. Well, absolutely so easy!  Do you have a home bar to grab some beer or wine?

Find these designs as your liking?




Be the best boss you can be just like your home bar!

Being the boss is people think as the monster in a company. Some people think bosses are the ones who cause their employees to question their ability. Some employees think their boss is emotionally abusing them and a boss might give them hostile sarcasm when a job is a mistake. If you are a boss and reading this part, here’s the question for you. Do you like this kind of boss people think about? Well, have a deep thinking about this question.

By thinking thoroughly, you might save one of your best employees from labeled as “the most emotionally abused of the day.” Be in your office or in your home. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is your aid. Grab it from your favorite bar. Any home bar designs in your liking?




Just leave me alone!

Are we tired of our family and want to be alone and have a private moment for a long time? We know that family is the basic unit of society. Our family is our main source of support for love, care, and money.

Without our family, our lives are not complete. However, not all people support this idea. But mostly in Asian countries like where I belong, the family is the best treasure that we could have.

Meanwhile, believe me, or not, we have this moment of life that we just want to be alone. Alone means, for instance, not to be with our family because they give us stresses at this moment. It comes to the point that you are likely to explode. You just want to be alone and grab some gin.

Ever wonder what kind of place you could get a drink? Check this out!

Nothing else hurts as you do!

Are we hunger for love? Are we just fools who thought love could be so true? Well, blue ain’t supposed to be our color but sometimes it comes along our way. Our loved one’s might hurt us the way we wouldn’t expect or maybe we just need to let go of them.

I have this friend of mine, Mary, who is deeply in love with a guy. Mary is an independent woman. At 22, she got a managerial position in an IT company. In a practical sense, she is a hardworking woman and a reliable employee. And this guy? Well, he is an IT technician in the same company that Mary is working with. So, what’s their story all about?

Well, they are in love with each other. However, there is something wrong with the guy; he is an alcohol addict. Not a day goes by that he cannot drink. Therefore, people around them, always questioning Mary, of all men why did she choose that guy?

Mary can’t explain the way she feels. The guy is in love with her. He always cares about Mary and knowing his situation he is a drunkard, he thinks Mary doesn’t deserve him. The two ended up broken-hearted. Eventually, the guy even suggested Mary to choose his friends to be her lover instead.

Because of the lack of confidence of the guy, certainly, fighting for their love despite weaknesses did not survive. They ended up both being hurt and both of them still can’t move on. They are still singing on Christina Aguilera’s song, “Another shot of whiskey please bartender!”

Believe me or not, it is easy to say we already moved on, but we can’t hide the fact that the memory will hunt us back sometime and we want to grab some beer.

We shouldn’t miss these ideas.

Follow these design for making your own home bar!

Should I wait for you?

Are we waiting for someone to come and save us from desperation?  Millions of people every year have many cases of depression. Certainly, they might have encountered a tragic event when they were young. As a result, until now that they are old already, they still can’t move on.

Furthermore, a traumatic event can cause depression during childhood.  For instance, maybe the other reason is because of a personality disorder like a very anxious over a matter of things and has low self-esteem. Perhaps some have depression because of drugs and alcohol abuse.

Whatever the reason for depression, before it will invade our lives we might want to have a friend. A friend who is willing to listen to what worries us often about.

A friend who has ears and take a necessary action to take us out from this kind of enemy which is depression.

Before depression will eat us alive, a shot of a glass of your favorite Chianti Italian red wine with a friend is the key. Find out more of these home bar designs where you could put your favorite red wine!

Can’t you still forget about the past?

You suddenly wake up around 1:00 am. However, you try to catch some sleep again but you can’t sleep anymore. She runs across your mind again. On the other hand, she hunts you with the memory that you had with her and eventually you blame yourself again. How you wish and think if only you did not go to that place and then certainly she did not die. You wish you were the one who died. Tears come rolling down from your eyes.

People always blame you for what happened to her. You’re alive however you are emotionally drowning because of your memory to her. You are alive for instance, but the question is, can you survive?

She’s stealing your thunder, making your life black and white. Let’s light up your day with Little Scotch!

Afraid that she might hunt you again? No worries! You might find these ideas to store up your Little Scotch!

Enjoying life as a Bachelor?

There are many reasons why you are still single bro. Some men believe that they still need more time to prepare themselves for a greater responsibility, certainly, which is having a family of their own.

Furthermore, some guys think that marriage is not a thing to hurry. Why hurry if you don’t want to worry about what the future brings?

Some men think life being single, it means you are free to do what do you want to do. However, others think also that women are just somewhat annoying. Others have experience being hurt, afraid to start and to take a risk to fall in love for another stranger again.

Bachelors hang out with friends talking about a serious matter of life and maybe talk about their friends who started their lives as a husband and a father. And believe it or not most bachelors are handsome, seriously not taking their lives for granted.

Are you a bachelor? Do you always hang out with friends? Invite them in your house and grab some bottles of tequila.

Don’t miss these bar ideas!


Are you on teens who love party?

Are you that teenage girl who loves drinking strawberry wine on a hot July evening?  With the long weekdays of somewhat students call, “mental abusive school weekdays”, you can’t wait the weekend to come.

Absolutely, you can’t wait to have a party with friends and end up dreaming late at night instead of sleeping! Talking with friends with your exes and fell in love with strangers?

It feels like there’s no tomorrow and keeps dancing till’ the morning sun come! Well, sing Taylor Swift’s 22!

Next time, don’t forget to ask your mama to have this design for your very own bar!

Want to taste the singleness again?

Are you a mother of one or more? Mother is best known as the most loving and dearest person who we could have in our lives. However, sometimes our mother gets tired.

Are you a mother? Do you feel sometimes that you want to be back to the times you are single and free from the motherhood things?

Are you longing for freedom for goodness’ sake even for just a week? A vacation maybe? Well, you might have a busy husband and on vacation from school children. You might want this idea. How about sending your children to their granny and grandpa? Let their granny takes care of them for a week! How about your husband? Well, if he’s probably busy, he is only available during the evening. Certainly, why not enjoy the day with your friends!

Let yourself be free from babies that gives tantrum all the time! This is your chance mother!

Grab some glass of marmalade and try this design for your very own home bar!

Missing out your loved ones?

It is common in Asian countries that people go abroad and find a new opportunity. You might ask why. For certain reasons, it  is because of the love to the family. The main priority is always the family, from financial support to emotional support. It takes years of sacrifice of being separated to fulfill the duty of helping the family to survive.

After many years of sacrifice, it is time to go home. It is one’s culture already to bring many gifts from the country that they worked with for many years. These gifts should be given to the families, friends, relatives or even non-relatives that they feel close with. Bringing gifts is not enough.

Celebrating for one’s family is a great significance of longing. From disco to singing karaoke, the party is to be heard in the entire village.

They will have a party and surely alcohol is not one to miss for certain! Local alcohol is likely to serve along with the imported ones. They do not exempt coconut wine!

Are you an Asian migrant? Grab a glass of coconut wine from your bar! Bar? Don’t you have one?

You might want these designs for your home bar!

“Be the Best of What You Can Be!”

Life Is a Circus!

Life knocks us down many times! We endure the pain and see the sadness everywhere. The storm-like problem rage on and yet we are still alive. We want to move on from every calamity we encountered in life. Life may hard as it seems all we need is to accept the fact that we are living in a world full of madness.

Most importantly, despite this world that full of madness, let’s live our lives to the fullest! Let us not be blown away with the negativities surrounding us.

Life is like when you are drunk you feel dizzy, but on the other hand when you get sober, you’ll be fine.

Problems in life may let us feel dizzy, we need to endure it and let ourselves heal and move on. We should not forget that we can lean on to a reliable friend. A glass of whiskey with friends can probably reduce the burden that we have.

Don’t forget to take strict precautions when drinking. Moderate drinking is the key!

A shot glass of rum, gin, tequila, whiskey or a glass of red wine, what full choices you can have!

Even if we are in different social status in life, alcohol is not one to miss! Whatever ages do we have, we are not being stopped to enjoy our lives!  Don’t forget your home bar! An excellent home bar can make you the best you can be!


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