120 Best Night Light To Help Kids Sleep Better At Night

Good sleep is important for a child’s mental, physical, and psychological development. Quality sleep affects many aspects of a kid’s life, from his height and health status to his school performance and physical agility. If you want to have a healthy child, promote a good night’s sleep by using the best night light.

As a parent, it’s your duty to make sure your child gets the right amount of good sleep. Good sleep will help him in many ways. But, your child might experience bad nights, or they can’t sleep right away because of the dark.

The dark scares children, no matter how big or small they are. One of the best ways to make them feel better is to provide the best night light. Night lights come in many shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. All these provide the benefit of keeping children sleep better since they don’t suffer from scary awakenings. Learn more about night lights, read on.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Use A Night Light

A night light is a source of comfort for children who are afraid of the dark or those whose imagination tells them of the presence of monsters in their room. It helps the baby or toddler sleep in various ways.

Reassuring in the dark

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Some children may have separation anxiety phases, particularly those who will sleep in their own room. Having a light is reassuring in the dark. They’ll feel secure and safe since they won’t be in a pitch-black room.

Whether it’s a newborn baby or a bigger child, they will sometimes develop the fear, especially when in a pitch-dark room. Feeling safe is one of their basic needs when they’re just a child, and this will help them sleep better and longer. It provides reassurance to make them feel comfortable and secure.

Minimal Arousal

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When it’s too bright or too dark, the child or toddler may experience night awakenings. Interrupted sleep can affect the child’s performance the next day, with added issues with health due to lack of sleep. One way to prevent this is to install the light for your kids. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable, reducing night awakenings.

One factor to help kids sleep through the night is to keep night awakenings as short as possible. By letting them sleep faster after waking up in the night, they can have minimal disturbed sleep. But, a child waking up in a dark room from a nightmare isn’t a good idea. Hence, you can use a light to make sure that when he wakes up, he can see the room. Keep lights dim that won’t be disruptive to sleep.

Keep in mind, however, to keep it dim and not too bright. Too bright room in the night may trigger startling among babies. It will become more difficult to put them back to sleep. Also, the body has a natural sensor for light. When it’s dark, they know that it’s bedtime. But, if it’s too bright, they may mistake it as a go signal for playtime.

Dim and subtle light can provide a soothing ambiance that will help your baby to go back to sleep whenever he wakes up in the night.

Sleep Longer

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Children who are afraid of the dark may feel anxious. Anxiety is a major risk for sleep problems and difficulty falling asleep. To prevent these, a lamp in your kid’s room may help. Night lights provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, creating a room conducive for sleep.

While babies are not that afraid of the dark, since they’re still unaware of it and they spend several months in complete darkness in the womb, young kids such as toddlers are now aware of their surroundings. Soft light can give just enough light so the toddler will know he’s safe and he can sleep longer.

Another problem among toddlers is they tend to wake up early in the morning. During these times, you want to sleep a little longer, you can use a night light that has a timed set up so the room will still be a little dark with enough illumination.

It Helps Mothers, Too

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For breastfeeding mothers or those who need to feed their babies, they are often up during the night since the infant needs to nurse every hour or so. For some moms, going back to sleep is harder if they’ve been exposed to brighter lights. A subtle light will give off enough brightness for you to breastfeed, but not enough to really wake you up.

A nursing mother needs all the rest she needs to be able to tend to the needs of the baby. Hence, sleep is crucial during this stage. Night light helps mothers get enough sleep to have enough energy during the day.

How To Choose A Good Light For Kids

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Night lights serve many purposes for children and even adults. For one, they are very helpful safety devices to light up fixtures, stairways, and possible obstacles in a dark room. Also, these help children who fear the dark, as well as breastfeeding mothers making late-night visits to the nursery for their babies.

They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. The most common type today is those plugged into wall outlets and others are those placed on table tops. Subsequently, many lights come in forms of dolls, unicorns, balls, and other toys, which can make children feel more at ease and comfortable.

In choosing the light lamp for your kids, you need to consider many factors.

Room Size

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You need to see the size of the room to determine which type or size of a night light to use. If the room is too big, a small wall outlet light  plug won’t work. Also, if the nursery or toddler room is small, a big one may be too bright for the kids.

Night Light Size

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Another thing to consider is the size of the night light. It should be able to lighten up the room, but not too much. You can choose a wall outlet night light if your child’s room is just small. For larger rooms, desktop lamps are ideal.

Design And Shape

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Your children may have their preferences when it comes to the shape and design of the night light. For girls, they can choose from a wide range of designs, such as mermaids, unicorn, mythical creatures, and fairy tale-inspired lamps, to name a few. On the other hand, boys will like designs like cars, robots, space, dinosaurs, and cartoon characters.

The bottom line is, choose a design, shape, or size depending on the needs of your children. This way, you won’t end up with the wrong one. To help you out, we’ve collated the best ones for your kids.

Best Night Light For Kids In The Market Today

1.    Portable Spherical Orb-Shaped Night Light For Kids

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Are your kids interested in the extraterrestrial? Do they love the stars or moon? The Portable Spherical Orb-shaped night light for kids is the perfect one to pick. It’s nifty and looking like they’re straight from the moon. For sure, this night light won’t only illuminate the room but will also stimulate your child’s imagination.

It has removable GLO balls that act as portable night lights. It’s cost-efficient since the LED light conserves energy. There are several colors to choose from, allowing your child to choose the style based on their preference or personality.

2.    Cute Touch-Sensitive Light

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Are your kids afraid of the dark? Are they scared to be left alone in their rooms at night? The Cute Touch-Sensitive Kids Night Light is a good buy for them. The night light is cute, portable, and squeezable, letting your kids cuddle it.

Coupled with a cute interface and a bright light, you can put the night light anywhere, but it’s best placed on the bedside table. But, you can also put it in the bedroom, living room, or even the bathroom. The touch-sensitive interface allows you to tap or poke the head of the night light for it to change colors. It has seven moods and themes to choose from.

3.    Big Hero Light

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Are your kids a big fan of Big Hero 6? Baymax, the movie’s star robot, is a cute white and cuddly character. Can you imagine it as a night light? The Big Hero night light is one of the cutest one in the market today. The good thing about it that it can recharge via a USB connection and it’s officially released by Disney.

You can move its hands and head. Plus, it has a flash mode with remote control. You can also fade the light depending on your preference.

4.    Star Night Light For Babies

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Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Kids love this song, and they’ll surely love a star-shaped night light to brighten their dark room. It’s as if they’re gazing up the sky at night. This type of light scan suit any room, whatever the color and decoration. It has convenient USB charging, so you no longer need batteries or wire inside walls. Hence, it’s safer for kids.

5.    Space-Themed Moon Lamp

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If you want to level up your kid’s room into a mini galactic getaway, add this space-themed moon night light lamp. The moon stands on a wooden pedestal to give it a stable base. Also called the Luna lamp, this is made of 3D technology to give the real look of the moon. It can light up for 12 hours, and you can recharge it via a USB cable.

6.    Moon-Shaped Wall/Ceiling Light With Phases

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Another space-inspired night light for kids, the moon-shaped wall or ceiling light with phases is a remote-controlled night light that can show your child the 12 phases of the moon. You can attach in on the wall for a better view and for wide illumination.

7.    Dinosaur Light

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Children love dinosaurs, may it be in the movies, cartoon series, or toys. To lighten up the room at night, why not use a dinosaur night light, too? This dinosaur Brontosaurus night light changes color from blue, to red and green. It’s safe and BPA-free, giving you peace of mind in putting it in your kid’s room. The night light is easy to operate and automatically reduces its light or shuts down after 30 minutes.

8.    Modern Minimalist Giraffe Light

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For older children who want to have a night light, the modern minimalist giraffe night light is a cute addition to their room. Also, it’s shape is unique. Aside from the child’s room, you can put it anywhere – the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

9.    Giraffe Night Light

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A night light and a ceramic figurine in one. This is the perfect addition to your nursery or toddler home. The animal-shaped night light is made of porcelain, so it’s better to put it in an area that the children can’t reach, such as the top of a table or dresser. You can put this night light in the bathroom, or your vanity area since it can become a night light and a decorative piece at the same time.

10. Wolf 3DLight

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The wolf night light is better for older children, such as school-aged. The red night light can also suit adults because of its bold and fierce design. The night light is in 3D acrylic glass that can illuminate etched lines. You can choose from various colors and hues, depending on your child’s mood at bedtime.

11. Fox Geometric Light

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If you don’t want the look of the wolf night light, but still wants something fierce, the fox night light is perfect for your child’s room. The night light has intricate polyresin details, letting the night light emit a soft glow in the room. The geometric edges made the night light look more modern and sophisticated.

12. Cute Dog Light

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Dogs are men’s best friends. Who doesn’t love dogs? A dog night light will surely make your children feel safe and secure during the night. The adorable puppy shaped LED night light has a touch sensor that has many brightness settings. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable, making it safe for kids.

13.  Dachshund Light

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Dog lovers would like the Dachshund night light. It comes in six colors – mellow yellow, soft white, sky blue, hot pink, sunset orange, and misty green. The night light is cute and unique, making it a good addition to any household. You can put it in a child’s room or the master bedroom.

14.  Cute Cat Light

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If you’re not a dog person but loves cat, the cute cat night light is the perfect one to choose. It’s also a good night light for kids. The cute design makes it a heart-warming addition to the room. It has two modes of operation – dim white light and seven beautiful colorful lights. The dim white light is just enough to illuminate the room during the night, without bothering the children. You just tap the cat and it will automatically change modes.

15.  Hello Kitty Light

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Who doesn’t know the famous cat, Hello Kitty? The Hello Kitty night light is a cute and chic addition to a girl’s room. No matter what age, every girl would love to have this night light. Aside from its cute design, it auto shuts without a plug. It’s portable and safe for children of all ages.

16.  Panda Night Light

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Everyone loves pandas, they’re cute and cuddly. The Panda night light has a push-button control for switching on and off. It’s soft and cuddly, making children love the night light. It’s very convenient for rooms to have adequate light during the night.

17.  Elephant Night Light

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Safari is a place where wild animals thrive, including elephants. You can bring Safari right in your child’s room with the Elephant night light. Help your children sleep better at night with dim lighting. The design is modern and bold, adding to the overall look of the room.

Night Lights Will Help Your Kids Sleep Better

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Night lights are important, particularly during the early stages of development as kids. Children, especially toddlers, need to feel safe and secure. This way, you can prevent the development of psychological disorders and mental health issues, such as anxiety and mood disorders.

Children can benefit from night lights, to improve sleep and help them rest longer. During the night, it’s the time for the brain and body to recharge and rest. Without rest, the kids may have a hard time focusing the next day. Plus, lack of sleep may heighten the risk of the kids to acquire diseases, since their immune system’s ability to fight infections lowers.

Sleep positively impacts one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. The bottom line is, letting your kids sleep in a room with night lights will help them sleep faster, longer, and better.

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