Best Succulent Pots You Can Try At Home

Succulents have gained immense popularity over the past years. Many people are growing succulents at home for decorative purposes, and others, for its many health benefits. Indoor plants offer a wide range of health benefits, not only for you but for your kids, too.

Today, air quality is a growing problem among people, especially in households. It’s important to add plants not only to improve the design of the house but also provide various benefits, like remove air toxins and promote relaxation.

Inhaling fresh and clean air is crucial, especially indoors where the air is trapped and there is poor ventilation. It’s important to have plants indoors to clean the air that you breathe, and at the same time, get rid of air dust, pollution, and carbon dioxide.

Putting plants inside the house, condominium, or apartment is vital not only to add beauty to the interior design but also, to provide something to promote relaxation and provide a calming effect. Plants also have been proven to boost the mood of an individual. Plus, it provides a sense of responsibility for the owner to take care of the plants.

Nowadays, people may not have plants inside their homes, especially those who live in cities. Adding greens to the place can help beautify the indoor space, and also, promote many health benefits.

What are the health benefits of house plants?

Having house plants may help the owner and the constituents of the house in many ways.

Add beauty to space

Putting plants in an indoor space may help boost the space’s beauty and aesthetic value. It adds a green color to a bland room. Aside from that, plants add overall beauty to the place. You can add plants in any room, such as the living room, bedroom, and the bathroom.

Cleaning the air

One of the benefits of having a garden inside the house is that they remove toxins and pollution from the air, called volatile organic compounds These are substances that can irritate the lungs and lead to respiratory diseases.

Also, indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide and keep oxygen flowing. They also help purify the air by removing these VOCs to prevent disease, lower stress and ease tension. Plants provide a good and comfortable ambiance in the house, that can help boost concentration, reduce brain fogs, improve attention, and enhance creativity.

Improves memory and concentration

Plants help people focus more and concentrate better, whether outdoors or inside the house. When you have clean air, you will have no brain fogs and you will think clearer. It’s a fact that most people may feel restless, irritable, and unable to focus in a room with dirty air. Having plants can help you think better.

Reduce stress

One of the worst effects of a polluted environment is stress. Putting plants in the house can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Hence, everyone living in the house will become happier, more relaxed, and productive.

Also, stress is a major factor in the development of diseases, such as high blood pressure or hypertension, heart disease, stroke, mental health problems, and diabetes. Making sure the house is clean, toxin-free, and relaxing by putting plants is important to reduce life-threatening and chronic diseases incidences.

Prevent respiratory diseases

Plants and trees help clean the air and remove toxins in the air that people breathe. If the area where your house is located has polluted air, there is a high chance of acquiring respiratory diseases and allergies, such as pneumonia, bronchial asthma, and other lung diseases. When the air is clean and VOC-free, you are sure to protect not only yourself but also the people you’re living with.

What are Succulents?

Succulent plants are plants that have the ability to store water. Coined from the Latin word sucus, which means sap or juice, these plants can withstand any environment, even the hottest deserts. They are drought-resistant since they can store water and generally don’t require high maintenance.

Normally, these plants store water in the stems or leaves and there are many species to choose from. There are assorted shapes, colors, sizes, and unique features that make them good decorative pieces in any setting, especially indoors.

Cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. These means that succulents vary, where there are some types that have thorns. Succulents can survive deserts, cold mountains, seaside cliffs, and even moist and steamy jungles. They can tolerate droughts, even for months. Hence, you won’t have much problem when you take care of them at home.

What are the benefits of taking care of succulents at home?

Succulents are very popular today, with many people growing their interest in taking care of these plants. But, why are they popular? First, people love succulents because they’re very easy to grow, proliferate, and maintain. You won’t need to water them every day since they can store water in their stems and leaves.

Here are the reasons why succulents are important and their benefits.


Succulents are unique plants, and because they can hold water in their leaves and stems, they are considered as drought-resistant plants. Due to global warming and climate change, some places suffer from drought and hot temperatures. Some gardens look dry with regular plants, but, gardens with succulents will look lush, green, and alive even during hot summers and drought seasons.

Succulents make good ground cover during very dry conditions. It’s very common to see lawns and gardens replaced with drought-resistant plants in tropical and hot areas. These plants thrive in arid and dry climates, where other plants wouldn’t survive.

Easy to take care of

Succulents are not only drought-resistant, but they are also easy to take care of and maintain. When it comes to looking after these plants, they are low-maintenance and they don’t require much attention. You can plant them and water them once in a while since they can store water in them. But, they need to be watered and have the perfect potting mix to survive.

Brighten your home

Many people have succulents at home because they can grow in any climate, they are fast-growing, and they give a greenish touch to any home design. They will not only a green touch to your living space, but they can also blossom in any season. Hence, no matter what the season is, succulents are there to brighten up the place.

Unique shapes and sizes

Succulents come in a wide range of unique colors, sizes, shapes, features, and textures. Every plant has its own unique characteristics and its exquisite beauty will add aesthetic value to any space, including your home. You can add them as decorative pieces in all rooms in the house, such as bedrooms, bathroom, and living area. The garden can also be a great place to feature your succulents.

Easy to grow and multiply

One cost-effective and easy way to multiply succulents is through a process called propagating. This process involves taking part of a plant and using it to form a new plant. You can do this by cutting, and succulents are easy to grow. If you plan to make a collection, you can do it by yourself at home. In no time, you’ll have a beautiful and lush collection of succulents that’ll surely make your home look good and appealing.

Purify the air

Succulents, like other plants, can help remove VOCs or volatile organic compounds from the air. The air contains these substances that may irritate the lungs, causing many respiratory diseases and allergies. These diseases may be potentially life-threatening if they’re not detected early.

Plants emit water vapor, which creates a pumping action to pull dirty and polluted air down the roots of the plant. Then, the plant converts the VOCs into food, creating a cleaner and polluted-free living space.

Unlike other plants, succulents do not release carbon dioxide at night. They continue to produce and release oxygen to freshen the air in the house and improve respiration.

Creative projects and decorations

These days, succulents are found anywhere. They are used in weddings, birthdays, as decorations at home, in gardens, as souvenir items, and in coffee shops. Basically, anywhere you look, there are succulents since they’re popular and make good decoration pieces.

Best succulent pots you can try at home

With succulents, they can be paired with beautiful creative pots. Here are the best and most creative succulent pots you can buy or make.

1. Mason Jar Succulent Pot

Mason jars are popular for drinks, desserts and ice cream. But, you can turn them into cute and colorful succulent jars and pots. You can paint the outside part of the jar with acrylic pain. Pastel colors are trendy today and they compliment the color of the succulent plant.

2. Wooden Succulent Pot

Do you want to be environment-friendly and reduce the use of plastics? If you want green space, you can add succulents on wooden pots. These pots are easy to make and the materials are inexpensive. You can even make use of old wood panels for this project.

3. Cement Pots

You can make your own pots made of cement. Cement has this grayish color that goes well with plants. It gives an industrial look to your living space. Plus, the good thing about this pot is, it can fit in almost all colors and interior design.

4. Rectangular Multiple-Succulent Pot

If you want to have many succulent plants in one place, you can organize them with the use of a rectangular pot. This way, you can stack five to six succulent plants adjacent to each other. You won’t have to buy individual pots and you can make this out of wood, plastic, or ceramic clay.

5. Reused Tin Can Pot

Do you have used tin can containers of tea bags, talc powder, and chocolates? You can reuse them as succulent pots that are good-looking, unique, and economical. Plus, you’re helping the environment by reducing waste products being thrown away.

6. Square Wooden Pot

For those who want a 2D effect of a pot, this square-type succulent pot is a good design for you. It’s as if the pot is flat on a surface. It saves space and you can put it anywhere in the house.

7. White Large Bowl-Type Pot

A large bowl can be converted into a succulent pot. Just make holes under the pot where the water will drain. This type of pot can accommodate many types of succulents, giving it a lush look that’s good for gardens and even indoors, including the kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

8. Old Book Succulent Pot

Do you have old books that are torn, incomplete, and old? You can turn them into cute and unique succulent pots. This way, you won’t need to throw them away. You can make this a cool decoration in libraries, coffee shops, or study areas.

9. Disco Ball Pot

Do you want your living room to look chick, girly, and elegant? A disco ball is a good succulent pot to add to your room’s design. You can make one by yourself. all you need are mirror pieces cut into squares and a circular container. Glue the mirror pieces on the outside of the round container.

10. Surfboard Succulent Pot

People who love the outdoors can use an old surfboard and transform it into a panel pot for plants, such as succulents. It’s unique and one-of-a-kind. You can repaint the board depending on the design or color you have in mind. Mostly, this type of pot is recommended to be placed outdoors, such as gardens and beach resorts.

11. Black Succulent Pot

Black is a color that shows elegance and boldness. You can use a black pot and put it anywhere in the house. It can blend into any design, decoration, color, and theme. You can use it in your study area, library, kitchen, bathroom, living area, and your bedroom.

12. Cork Wood Wall Pots

Do you have corks at home? you can turn them into mini succulent pots. Succulents can grow from any pot, large or small. This is a perfect decoration in the house. Also, you can put them on the wall to add to the living space’s decorative design.

13. Yellow Cute Succulent Pot

Pastel colors are very popular today. Aside from they are good-looking and pleasing to the eyes, they can blend into any design. You can put them on a black wall or a white wall, and it will blend perfectly. You can use other colors such as lavender, light pink, light blue, and mint green.

14. Handpainted Face Pots

Do you have mood swings? Do you want a succulent pot that can portray your mood today? Handpainted succulent pots are very cute and creative. you can paint faces showing certain moods, like sad, happy, and sleepy. You can add more depending on your pots and painting skills.

15. Sea Shell Pot

Do you want the vibe and ambiance you feel when you’re at the beach? You can bring it home with sea shell succulent pots. you can use shells from your last beach trip, and hang them with colorful and unique succulents. These pots can add uniqueness, beauty, and elegance in any living space. You can hang them in the patio, garden or even the kitchen.

16. Fish Ball Tree Pots

If you’re more of an artistic person, you can create your own ornamental and succulent area in the house with fish bowls. Put them in a mini tree and hang them to create this perfect look! But, this isn’t recommended for houses with little kids!

17. Goblet Mini Pot

Do you have a salad bowl, dessert bow, or a goblet you’re not using? This goblet turned into a pot spells elegance and class. You can use it as decorations in weddings, parties, or just on your dining table.

18. Bird Cage Succulent Pot

Do you have an old birdcage and you want to throw it away? Don’t throw it and use it as a succulent hanging pot instead. you can put soil and plants inside. It’s fine looking, cool, and unique. Hang it in the garden or your patio. This way, you will feel relaxed and you can upgrade the look of your house.

19. Basket Pot

Baskets are good-looking and decorative pieces that you can put on your garden or dining table. If you have old ones, turn them into succulent pots and place them anywhere in the house – the garden, dining area, or the kitchen. It adds up to the warmth and coziness in the house.

20. Wood Panel Pot

Your garden will look better with an old wood panel with succulents on it. Since succulents can live in any condition, they can also thrive in this type of pot. Hang in on your wall outside, the garden, or the patio.

21. Animal Plant Pots

For houses with little kids, animal pots are cute additions to the living space. You can use various animals, such as zebras and elephants. These pots can be used in your nursery, playroom, or the living room.

Succulents are not just appealing, but they have many benefits, too

Taking care of succulents is easy and hassle-free. Aside from this benefit, succulents are good indoor and outdoor plants. They are unique and easy to maintain.

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