125 Cat Tree House Design Ideas You Can Try at Home

Next, to dogs, people love cats to take care of. They are sweet, lovable, loyal, and less of a hassle. Owning any pet is good for health and mood. Cats, for instance, helps lower your stress level, since they require less energy tan dogs.

There’s no question that cats are a popular choice for pets. As a matter of fact, more households in the United States have cats than dogs, the American Veterinary Medical Association reports.

Why are cats good pets?

cat tree house

There are many reasons why cats make good pets. For one, they’re great with kids. Cats have positive effects on children. In fact, owning a cat can help children with their social skills, help them overcome allergies, and cope with traumatic events.

Cats are clean

Also, cats tend to be clean animals. They spend much of their time grooming themselves. Even though they seldom need bathing with water, they smell better. They don’t go out as much as dogs and they aren’t energetic lads who roll on mud or race after unpleasant-smelling animals, like a skunk.  Cats are also good in keeping themselves clean, they seldom wander around. Most of the time, they’re just chilling at home.

Cats are quiet

Cats are naturally quiet. Even the loudest meows are much quieter than dog barks. When they become playful, they are still quiet, and the meow sounds are sweet and adorable. You’ll never have neighbors complain of loud barks.

Cats are good companions

Most people know that dogs are more affectionate and sweeter, but that’s not the case. It turns out, cats are sweet companions, too. A study shows that having a cat at home is equivalent to having a romantic partner. Cats have learned to make cute sounds when they see their humans and in one study, it shows that cats make crying sounds when they hear a baby cry.

Cats Are Low-Maintenance

Compared to dogs, cats are more self-sufficient. They don’t need to be taken to walks, and they don’t need training, too. Plus, they clean themselves. So, if you’re too busy to have a dog, perhaps a cat is a better pet option.

But, it doesn’t mean that cats aren’t in need of affection and attention. They don’t require as much but they need still need it. Cats are content in curling up next to you while you’re doing something or working.

The health benefits of owning cats

Owning cats is not just good for companionship and cleanliness. They’re also good for the health of the owner.

In fact, cats get rid of pests in the house. For instance, mice and rats are pesky creatures that can cause serious illness if not eradicated from the house. Cats are natural predators and they hunt these dirty creatures away from the house or they kill them. Cats are also natural hunters of insects, from moths, houseflies to various crawlers.

Furthermore, owning a cat is good for the heart. In fact, many studies have shown how cats help lower your stress levels. Of course, one of the reasons why they help reduce stress levels is because they make you feel relaxed. Plus, they don’t require as much effort as dogs. Petting a cat also helps gives a positive relaxing and calming effect.

Cats also help you sleep better. Owners prefer sleeping with cats than dogs since cats are quieter and more behaved. Also, people with cats experience fewer sleep disturbances than those with dogs as pets.

Necessities if you have a cat at home

When you decide to get a cat for a pet, you may need some supplies in the house. Before bringing a new kitty home, you should have prepared all its needs. It’s best to take note of the most important things your cat should have.

A cat carrier or crate is something you need to have first before bringing the cat home. The cat crate should be sturdy and there should be good ventilation for the cat. Another must-have for your cat is his food and water bowl. It’s where you put the cat food. Remember, water should always be available for the cat.

The cat bed is another important thing to buy. It’s where your cat sleeps or rests throughout the day. Make sure the bed offers adequate space for the cat to move around. Also, the bed should be soft and warm, located in a place that makes the cat feel comfortable.

A litter box is another thing to purchase for your cat. There are many different types of litter boxes available in the market. There are self-cleaning litter boxes, too. If kids love toys, so do cats. Cats love to play so you’ll need to buy new toys.

One of the toys you can provide is a cat tree house.

What is a cat tree house and is it important?

There’s no doubt that cats love climbing around the house. One of the things you can provide is a cat tree house. These aren’t just toys, but they provide many benefits for the cat.

Most cat trees satisfy the multiple needs of the cats. Usually, a cat tree contains a scratching pole, some levels where the cat can stay or sleep, and hanging toys.

Cat tree houses help keep the peace in the house. In every environment, there are territories wherein animals feel secure and safe. Also, timid or frightened cats, a tree house can provide a haven for them since it’s high up. The tree becomes exclusively hers since it doesn’t contain other scents. It’s like her own territory.

Cat trees or cat climbers are important for cats. First, they encourage major functions that promote the cat’s well-being. The climbing poles double up as scratching posts, letting cats take care of their claw as well as exercise their muscles.

Moreover, climbing lets the cat exercise just like climbing a tree, which is a natural activity a cat does outdoors. Many cat trees come with many levels or steps. You can buy a ready-made one or explore your creative juices and make one yourself.

Cat tree house design ideas

If you’re looking for a cat tree house design, you’ve come to the right place. There are many various types of cat trees on the market today and you can choose depending on the features you want. The types of cat trees depend on the cat’s age and mobility.

Some cat trees are for smaller cats and others are for big and risky cats. Choosing a design is crucial since it’s for long term use. Here are some of the best cat tree house designs. We’ve collated them to help you find the one for your adorable cat.

1. Cat Tree House with Real Branches

Cats love to climb trees. If you’re looking for a creative way to replicate the look of a tree, you can make a DIY cat tree with real branches and leaves. It will look like a piece of natural art you can put anywhere in the house. With the use of real branches, stones, and faux greenery, it also provides a new look for the home, making it appear more natural, cozy, and pleasant to the eyes.

2. Hammock Cat Tree


You can become creative and resourceful by making a cat tree that’s personalized. If you have a cat who wants to lie down the whole day, adding a hammock on the cat tree house is a good idea. You can add more than just a hammock, be creative. For instance, you can add a little room for the cat to sleep in especially when it’s cold.

3. DIY Basket Cat Tree

If you’re looking for an economical but cute cat tree house, making your own out of poles and baskets is a very good idea. You just assemble the pieces together, making sure the height of the baskets is equal. The good thing here is, you can have the basket as the cat’s bed, too.

4. Faux Cat Tree House


For the luxurious cats, a faux tree house is the perfect one today! The good thing is, you can make it by yourself. Just assemble the cat tree and cover it with faux cloth, making it look sophisticated and classy. If you live in a place where there’s more time for the cold and frigid season, a faux cat tree house may be the best option for you. Your cute one won’t feel cold and will feel comfortable while playing on the tree house. Plus, you don’t need to bring in more blankets, because the tree house can be a cozy haven for your pet. There’s no need for a cat bed.

5. Cat Tree House with Leaves

Another good example of a cat tree house is making something that would really look like one. This design is perfect for those who want a relaxing yet beautiful piece in the house. The design, putting leaves and making it look like a tree, is beautiful and at the same time, refreshing to the eyes.

6. Pillar Cat Tree

For two or more cats, this type of cat tree is deal. There are various levels for each and the design is beautiful, with leaves hanging, just like a real tree.

7. Cat Tree

Making a tree from materials that are not being used is an achievement. It takes a lot of creativity to come up with something like this. It serves as a cat tree for cats and at the same time, a decorative piece.

8. Wall Mounted Car Tree

A wall mounted cat tree house is a good idea for those who lack space in the house but wants to provide their cats with fun activities to do. There are lots of ways to do this and you can make it on your own. Be creative on the shape and color of the wall mounts. Think of ways to create obstacle courses in the wall mounts for the cats.

9.  Colorful Cat Tree

In some cases, people may lack the needed space to have a cat tree house. But, if you really need one, try hanging a wall mount with space for the cat to stay. It’s like a cat tree, but one space is allotted, in contrast to many levels as others.

10. Wall Obstacle Course

Cats love action, though they might not look like active pets. The truth is, many people regard cats as lazy and quiet animals. But, with a wall mounted obstacle course, you’ll see an active lad in no time. Instead of the traditional tree house, try creating a mini obstacle course mounted on the wall.

11. Trunk Cat Tree House

To mimic a real tree, which cats love to climb. Try using a tree branch and make stations to create a real cat tree house. On each level, put something special, like a cat bed, a basket to sleep in, and linen to complete the look.

12. Mini Tree House

When you were kids, you remember climbing trees and making make-shift tree houses. Now, you can make a redo of the tree house, this time smaller and for cats. The design is classy and unique, making your design stand out from the rest.

13. DIY Table Cat Tree

Sometimes, you want to be creative and resourceful. If you have a table you’re not using anymore, you can convert it into a cat tree house or play area. All you need to do is cover it with faux and ropes to become the cat’s scratch and sleep area. It’s economical and cost-effective. Also, you can discard unused tables and turn them into something new and appealing.

14. White Cat Haven

Do you have a white cat? Don’t you think it’s very cute to make a white haven for her, too? This cat tree house design looks classy and chic, especially for white cats. The color matches any interior design, adding amazing detail to your living room.

15. Cat Mini Mansion

Who says you can’t make a mansion for your cute one? This cat house is multi-purpose – a cat tree, a play area, a bed, and a scratch pole for cats.

16. Cat Light House

A tower or lighthouse is a good design idea for a cat house. You have a house and a climbing play area for your cat. During the night, this tree house can become your cat’s sleep area

17. Brown Tree House

A brown cat tree house is a good addition to your living room, regardless of the design of the room. The good thing about the color brown is, it can go with other colors very well. It’s also elegant-looking, making it blend in any interior design.

18. Elegant Tree House

If you’re looking for a classy and sophisticated look for your house, this cat house is the perfect one to buy or build. The design is elegant, and you can put it anywhere in the house. It’s something your visitors would get envy of, a decorative piece and a cat tree in one!

19. Decorative Cat Tree

There are many living rooms that are elegant-looking. Of course, you want something that will blend very well with the interior design. No matter what design you have, contemporary or modern, this cat tree house is perfect!

20.  Castle Tree House

A castle is a good design for a cat tree. Aside from looking dazzling, it’s big, too. It’s perfect for big cats or many cats. They can have a room of their own and they can play at the obstacle course.

21. Wooden Cat Tree

If you like wooden design, this is a good one to try out. It’s environment-friendly and good-looking, too.

Decorative and Functional

Cat tree houses are very economical, functional, and aesthetically decorative. You can put them anywhere in the house, and even outdoors. Your cats will not be bored with this kind of haven, since they can play there, sleep, hang around, and just chill. You won’t need to buy cat beds since this tree house can automatically become their sleep areas, too. The best thing to do, instead of buying ready-made ones, is to make your own. All you need are materials and tools, plus a good imagination.

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