125 Pine Cone Crafts 2019 That You’ll Love

Are you excited to know some awesome pine cone crafts that are perfect for the occasion?

In this article, let’s find out crafts about a pine cone turning into flowers; how to make a scented pine cone; how to bleach the pine cones; and more facts about pine cone. So, just keep on reading!

Pine Cone Craft Ideas You’ll Love!

What are the designs that we can do from our pine cones? Well, how about to make it look like a flower in different colors? How about making it look like succulents? Well, it depends on us actually. This is the best part of this DIY project. Just keep on reading and we’ll share you a secret.

Craft 101: Sterilization and Preservation of Pine Cones

A special occasion is coming or even if there’s no occasion we just want something new for our home. We are so excited to make some pine cone crafts, but we don’t know how to start. Is this our problem? Well, there’s no need for us to worry because in this article we will learn a lot of tips on what to do with our pine cones.

Now here’s the deal, we’ll show you first on how to open and the best way to preserve our pine cones.

Tools and materials needed: pine cones, vinegar, a large bowl, dump cloth, foil, oven, baking tray, spray varnish

For all crafty tasks, the first and foremost job to do is to clean our pine cones. If the cone is open already, just shake it in order for the insects and specks of dirt to be removed. If the cone is not yet open, we can wash it and brush it quickly in order to remove some pine needles that’s on the way. Not only pine needles but especially the dirt or soil that sticks on it.

Since the pine cone is still close, we’ll make it open, because literally, cones that are good for decorations is the open one. After washing the cones it is wet and we need to dry it. Since it is wet, we need to set it in 2 hours inside the oven for 200 degrees Celsius. Just to make sure that it will not set to fire, regular checking for 20 minutes is a must and also to see to it if the other side of the cone is already open.

After putting out in the oven, let the pine cone cool first for at least 30 minutes. Believe me or not, there are still small insects attached to the cones may it be inside or outside.

Shaking or dusting and brushing are not enough. We need to do some thorough cleaning in order for our cones to be totally perfect for our decorations. So what’s the next thing to do? Let’s have the cones bath in the mixture of vinegar and water in a bowl. Fifteen minutes is enough and because it is wet again, it will probably close but there’s no need for you to worry, you can put it again to the oven to let it dry and it opens again.

Every five minutes, it is a bit of good advice to stir the cones and have them indulge in the vinegar and water mixture to make sure that the insects or bugs totally dead. This is an important process to preserve more your pine cones. After indulging the cones to the vinegar, let have it soak again in the clean water for final cleaning. Let it dry naturally or for faster drying process put it again in the oven.

And now we are done with cleaning, but oh no! our cones are just like no face to show off. It looks like pale and dead. So how to make it alive? Well, here’s the secret for those who craft their own pine cone, have it varnish for a perfect final touch!

Astonishing lighted flower bouquet

Wax scented pine cone great for homes

Pretty flower pine cones painted in different colors


Glistening painted pine cones inside a beautiful glass jar


Beautiful bleached pine cones in a magnificent glass jar


Awesome bleached pine cones in a tray


Dazzling pine cone light


Hanging glass ball with an awesome pine cone inside


A fox made of a pine cone, surely kids would love to have!


Very artistic owl pine cone


Awesome bleached pine cone wreath hang on the door


Craft 102: Flower Pine Cone

Tools and materials needed: pine cone, cutting pliers, paint, paintbrush, glue gun, floral stems

We’re probably wondering on how to turn pine cones look like into a flower. Actually, we can make it look into zinnia and rose, but in this article, we’ll focus on turning it into zinnia flowers. So what’s the first thing to do? Okay, let’s assume that we already cleaned our pine cones.

Now, let’s prepare our cutting pliers. Let’s cut our pine cone into straight half. Let’s make it sure that we use all the two halves. The cones now look zinnia flower. Zinnia flowers comprise a lot of colors, so let’s not miss painting the cones with a different kind of color.

We can color the pine cones realistically but at the same time don’t forget to have some fun. When buying for paint, just make it sure that it can last indoor and most importantly outdoor because you may not know when are you going to put your pine cone flowers outside.

It is probably during a special occasion that we put it outside. The paint should endure the sun and make it sure that it will not wash away by the rain.

After painting and drying the cone, it’s time to stick the floral stems to the pine cone zinnia. Just be careful with the glue gun because it’s very hot and if we’re not careful, the melted glue will burn our hand. Actually, doing DIYs and handicrafts are strictly not for kids. If they have projects in school, parental guidance is advisable. Doing crafts are fun but at the same time doing it in not the proper way can be dangerous especially to kids.

So let’s be careful, okay? For the final touch, put some artificial leaves to the flower stick. After creating ten to fifteen sticks of flowers, we can already make a bouquet.


Perfect zinnia pine cone flowers!


A plate of dazzling painted pine cone


A lovely flower pine cone wreath


Cute little pine cone animal


Craft 103: Scented Pine Cone

Are we tired of picking a lot of pine cones in our backyard and ending up putting them in the garbage can? We don’t know what to do with it but by looking intently into it we just realize that it has a great design and suddenly our conscience won’t let us throw away that cute little thing. So what to do then? Well, we can give you an idea! How about putting scents into it? How to do it then?

Tools and materials needed: pine cone, scent burner, scented wax oil, twister/ chopstick/ tong

We tend to have scent infuser to relax ourselves. But the question is, are we just going to stick to the usual process, like burning the plain scented candle? How about we do some new twist? Let’s try using pine cone!

Whatever size and whatever type of pine cone you have, it is good for our scented pine cone project. In a scent burner put some scented wax oil and heat it. Once the oil is hot already, dig in the pine cone and let it bathe itself in the oil. After bathing the pine cone, you can fire it out. Just make it sure, when burning it put it in a container. Actually, it could last for one or more weeks; however, not all scented oils will last that long.

There are some scented oils that last just for a week. So what is the best thing to do in this matter? Well, if I were you after collecting and cleaning your pine cones, just simply sprinkle some oil in your pine cones. After the aroma diminishes away, try to refresh the pine cone by putting or sprinkling some oil again. Actually, this is a repeating process. We can put our pine cone in a nice container or a basket that probably we can buy in a thrift store at a discounted price.

If we are looking for scented oils to sprinkle on our pine cone based on spring, well we can give you some list that you might like as well.

fresh lemon, strawberry, agave, and red berries, amber and creamy vanilla

lavender, cedarwood, pine needle, rosemary


A bag of an awesome close pine cones


A shimmering candle in a pine cone glass


Dazzling candle in a jar surrounded by a handful of pine cones


Craft 104: Bleached Pine Cone

Are we tired of using the same color brown for pine cone? Do we want a new twist and see a different one? Another thing to do that is to bleach the pine cones. Below are the things we need.

Materials needed: one bag of a pine cone, bleach solution, container or bucket pine-scented oil, newspaper or rugs

The first thing to do is to soak or to sit the pine cone on a bleach solution for 24 hours. It is best to set it in a big bucket or container that can’t easily fall down because the bleach solution is very strong and it might destroy other things.

After 24 hours, probably some of the cones will turn into white so remove it from the bucket and let it dry for 24 hours as well. If some of the pine cones did not yet turn into white, then let it sit again for another 24 hours until we get the color that we desire. Patience is the key, so always wait for the right color to come. Since the pine cones are soaked in the water, we expect it that the scale is close.

Let the pine cone to dry in order for it to be open again. After a long process of bleaching, then here comes the best outcome; we have a lovely bleached pine cones. And let’s not forget to sprinkle some pine-scented oil to our cone to have the aroma essence and woody smell in our home. It’s up to us actually on where to put those scented pine cones as long as it gives us a very relaxing feeling.


Pine cones that are good as fire crackers


Cute little pine cone hooked with a ribbon


Old pictures in a magnificent pine cone frame


Pine cones for a special occasion


Amazing painted pine cones in different astonishing colors


Who knew? Pine cones can be a spider!


Facts About Pine Cone

I remember when I was a kid I went up to the hill surrounded by the pine trees. Pine needles on the ground are very soft that will cause us into an accident and eventually I’m the first victim of its crime. Silly little girl, I was, first time to see a pine cone. Are you wondering what’s pine cone all about? Truth is, without knowing the pine cone, you missed the amazing small creature wandering in your backyard.

  • Pine cone is good for crafts and decorations as well as perfect for presents.
  • It only come from pine trees.
  • Its main function is to keep a pine tree’s seeds safe.
  • Open up and release their seeds when it is warm, and it is easier for the seed to germinate.
  • It can stay on the tree for over 10 years before dropping to the ground.
  • It produces male and female cones. The male cones are much smaller and not showy the male cones release pollen, which drifts into the air and eventually finds and fertilizes the female cones.
  • It has been exalted in religious imagery for thousands of years

We can make pine cone into a perfect present!

We learned many things on how to create a pine cone perfect for presents. By preserving those pine cones, we can create awesome decorations that we can use in our home anytime we want. Turning a pine cone into a flower is one of the best idea that we can do.

Well, we have the ability to make a simple thing turn into a masterpiece. Let’s not waste our talent and let’s be creative. Let’s appreciate the things that we have especially our pine cones. Who knew right? With this pine cones we can make other people learn also to appreciate the small things that they already have. In everything we do, let’s do our best to to make other people smile and appreciate what they already have.  

Let’s not also forget to appreciate the other creations that we think that have small value. Who knew, the things that we think have a little importance might have a great impact to us someday. Let’s give value not only for the things that we think have a greater impact to us but also to the small ones. 

Shimmering candles inside the awesome pine cone glass


A magnificent bouquet of zinnia pine cone flowers


Awesome zinnia pine cone flowers wreath


Awesome painted pine cones in a magnificent glass jar


Nuts-inspired pine cones with magnificent black and gold colors


A glass jar designed with thread and awesome pine cones


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An awesome fireplace decorated with fire cones


Hanging shimmering gold pine cones tied in a blue ribbons


Zinnia flowers pine cone wreath


Pine cones in an amazing snowy glass jar


Amazing bleached pine cone wreaths perfect for a wall frame


Perfect hanging pine cones


Pine cones perfect for present accessories


Pine cones in a bowl with the orange balls


Snowy pine cones with a cute little deer one


A pine cone perfect for table accessory


A dazzling gold pine cone perfect for a special occasion


A pine cone perfect for entrance



A gold dazzling pine cone perfect for presents


Awesome bleached pine cones for your amazing tree


Deer-inspired pine cones for a special occasion



Shimmering pine cones in an excellent glass jar


Awesome pine cone door accessories


Cute little mouse pine cone


Pinecone-inspired plant pole


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