100 Awesome Birdcage Designs Perfect for Your Home!

Have you ever wonder about what to do with the birdcage? What are the other uses of a birdcage aside from being a house of the birds? Well, to tell you honestly, a birdcage is good for decorations. But, how can we make a birdcage turn into a perfect decoration for your home?

In this article, we will witness some 100 awesome birdcage designs just perfect for your home. We’ll find out a DIY project on how to turn birdcage into planters and also on how to decorate it with amazing lights.

A birdcage can be a good decoration for a special occasion like weddings and absolutely we don’t want to miss this idea. And for sure, we don’t want to miss also a wallpaper inspired by birdcages.

Let’s check out these amazing designs we have just for you.

100 Awesome Birdcage Designs Perfect for Your Home!

There are alternative ideas on how to use our birdcages aside from housing birds. So let’s find out!

#1. Perfect for a Planter

A birdcage is good for lawn and garden decor and a perfect planter for succulents.

We love everything in our backyard and we can’t deny that because of our interest in plants; we have a lot of them and end up there’s no available room for all of them.

Plants in a hanging birdcage is a perfect solution for this kind of issue.

And who says we can only put plants in the pot? Well, let’s be creative and allow these plants to have a life in the birdcage’s shade. Here are some awesome tips on how to make your plants livelier and improve your plain rusticated birdcage.

  • Hanging Birdcage Planter

We probably have a lot of plants in our home and we don’t have space anymore to put our succulent plants; however, we can follow this design.

All you need to have is this plastic-coated bird cage, succulent plants and soil.

What to do first is to prepare a container where we can put the soil. After putting the container inside the cage, carefully remove the plants from their own pot and gently remove some soil.

We can gently plant the succulents to the container full of soil inside the cage. Putting the plants outside the cage is a good idea as long as the container is not the hindrance. After putting the succulents to the cage, we can hang it outside our house or probably to the edge of our roof.

Materials used: Plastic-coated birdcage (color: red), leafy plant

A very formal nook area wherein black-grey is the dominant color and here comes the new twisted color of a red birdcage that has a plant inside on it. And we can say, “Wow, that’s a magnificent piece!”

Have you ever felt that your life is black and grey and you feel empty?

Then you realize that life should not supposed to be that way, and hoala! you put some meaningful color on it.

Change is constant and we have to change the way we commonly think of ourselves.

Materials used: Plastic-coated bird cage (color: white), plastic roses (color: pink)

Ever wonder what to do with your old plastic roses? Well, design above can do the job for you.

All you need to have is that plastic-coated white bird cage where you can buy online or in the pet stores nearby near your location.

Just gently put the plastic roses in your cage.

This design is probably perfect in your room. Or if you prefer to put it somewhere else, then it’s your choice.

Materials used: Powder-coated bird cage (color: black), potted plants

This powder-coated bird cage is perfect for a French style home. It adds life to your sanctuary, which is your living room.

Medium-sized potted plants are perfect for that kind of cage found in the picture.

Do you like this idea? Try it!

Materials used: Powder-coated bird cage (color: dark brown), evergreen climbing plant, and candle (color: pink)

In the picture above, it uniquely combines a dark brown powder-coated bird cage with the climbing evergreen plant. Who would love this idea? We do!

Materials used: Four-level plastic-coated birdcage (color: white), small potted flowers (pink, violet, and red), artificial bird

The picture above is so easy to do. When you order birdcage online or in other shops, you can have it customized in your liking. You can order it like these four levels of cage.

If you have potted plants in your garden, you can just grab it and put it inside your birdcage.

These flowers are best to be near the windows in order for them to have the sunlight. Just like in the picture, you can put your designed bird cage in your study room.

Do you like this idea? Try it!

Materials used: Powder-coated bird cage (color: gold), Echeveria Elegans, moss, and soil

I love this design and yet so simple. The echeveria elegans is imprisoned in this elegant cage.

It feels like a romantic essence, a man imprisoned his girl on his cage and says, “You’re Only mine!”

Materials used: Hanging birdcage, a climbing plant, and soil

I love this idea that they hang a birdcage in the balcony. The climbing plant is perfect for the birdcage.

This is one of a kind best place for the bird to rest. The picture portrays the summer season, and the area makes you feel relaxed.

Why not try this idea!

Materials used: White Iron bird cage, vine bush

This vintage bird cage made you think a long time ago it was a fine day but now that the time fades away, thorns and bushes takes away that happy day.

And how you wish that yesterday still be your today and tomorrow.

Do you love the design above? Try it!

Materials used: Vintage bird cage (color: white), white flower, artificial butterfly

Are you tired of bumping your flower vase and it end up fall and break? Well, that’s not a problem anymore! Here’s the solution for your problem.

Put your flower vase inside the birdcage just like you can see in the picture. You can spice it up with an artificial butterfly to make it look stunning. Love this design? Try it now!

Materials used: Plastic-coated birdcage (color: island paradise), succulent plants (graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’, Mexican snowball, Bluerose, and etc.), container and soil.






#2. We can use it for light decoration.

Maybe we are tired of just using simple and plain light bulbs inside our room or for the entire house. Absolutely, we want a change and let those bulbs turn into a masterpiece.

Ideas for light decoration with the birdcage are the small lamp (bulb inside the small birdcage), string lights wrapped around the birdcage, chandelier, floral lights and light fixture.

Obviously, we all need light. When we are in darkness, light is what we need to see on what’s ahead of us.

May it be theoretical light or actual light, we really need it in order for us not to stumble on things ahead of us.

Defining what kind of light and the design of the birdcage we want is our choice. We can imagine the unimaginable design that comes to our mind, or we can just go with the flow and follow the trend of today’s interior designing.

And the question is, how elegant and how big or small our birdcage and lights should be?

Actually, it depends on you.

Materials used: Vintage rustic birdcage, Chandelier pendant light lamp

The designs above are one example of a great masterpiece. If you already have a chandelier, then you can only buy the birdcage separately. If you will assemble it extra precaution is a must.

And if you think you can’t do it, then probably it’s the best choice to call on a professional to assemble the birdcage and the chandelier.

The atmosphere in these four living rooms is quiet relaxing and bringing your guest for small talk is the best option.

Do you like this design? Try it now!

Materials used: Vintage rustic birdcage, Ornamental candlestick

People use a candle instead of artificial light in their homes or in the specific area of the house. It is because of the calming effects of the candle, the flames soft illumination.

Let’s enjoy the beauty of candlelight during a moment of stillness and solitude when you turn off the world and tune into yourself.

Don’t forget your ornamental candles dependent on your birdcage. Why not try this idea?

Materials used: Vintage white birdcage, Incandescent bulb

The design above shows how lovely it is for a home to give a twist like an incandescent bulb wrapped around with the birdcage. The design is feminine. And it can give a relaxing essence to your mood when doing projects and papers.

The white birdcage is parallel to the color of the background of the room.

#3. It’s a great safe keeper for candles.

Sometimes, we are afraid to use candles because if we are not careful it can cause a great fire and eventually produce a great casualty.

However, we need not worry anymore because, with the help of the birdcage, candles are fully secure.

#3. It is perfect for romantic wedding occasions.

Do you want a unique design for your wedding? Say no to worry and try birdcage as your main icon!

A Birdcage is good for a table runner, wedding card holder, & etc.

Have you ever wondered what to do with the wedding of your client? Are you a wedding planner who tries to say yes of what your clients demand you to do?

Is your client demands you to design their wedding in a very sophisticated way and yet a very simple one?

Well, here are the designs that might help you.

This design could be a decorative planter idea in a birdcage. You can hang the birdcage with flowers align to the center table full of sweet delights.

Do you like this idea? Try it now!

This design is another planter idea in a birdcage. With the best choices of flowers and a white rustic birdcage, what a perfect match for your wedding design!

That’s why flowers supposedly not excluded on wedding occasions. It’s hard to believe that on a wedding occasion there’s no single flower present.

A bouquet in a birdcage is a great masterpiece. Pink rose, yellow daisies they are your choices. Whatever flowers that can make your heart glow in the day of your wedding or the wedding of your client, it is your choice.

You can put some accessories like pieces of jewelry to make the design look dazzling. We can also put tags in the cage and put it on every table.

Do you like designs above? Why not try it?

Heartfelt messages to the newlywed couple are a good thing to give. These are the memories that can’t be taken away.

Do you like these designs? Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss!

#7. It is perfect for a  table centerpiece.

Are we tired for the same decoration repeatedly in our table during important occasions? Well, there’s no need to worry!

#4. It is good for a holiday season.

Most of the people enjoy a holiday, and we can say that they want to feel the holiday season by giving extra attention to decorations. It does not exempt a birdcage for this kind of event.


#4. Wallpaper Inspired by Birdcage

Do you want something new to your house?

How about you give your wall a designer look that inspired by a birdcage?

That is a great idea! However, it sounds so easy to paste a wallpaper but some people hate it because it gives them some problem, occurrence of the air bubbles or maybe the self-adhesive wallpaper can’t stick to the wall.

When this happens, your life messes up. But here are some tips to avoid these kinds of problems.

Materials needed:

self-adhesive wallpaper, razor, squeegee, a measuring stick

The first thing to do on how to apply self-adhesive wallpaper is to measure the height and width of your walls. After getting the measurement of your wall, pre-cut the panels of your wallpaper and follow the exact measurement.

Gently peeling away 3-4 feet of the backing of the wallpaper. Strict precaution: gentle peeling is a must so that the wallpaper will not tear away.

Slowly sticking the wallpaper to the wall and gently massage it using the squeegee to smooth air pockets out. Certainly, since we can’t avoid molding, vents, and outlet, we need to trim the wallpaper with a razor around those things.

We all know for a fact that our mind settings change. People always change; on how they perceive things.

Therefore, you better watch out because maybe the next morning you want to change your wallpaper again.

When this time comes, to remove the wallpaper you must start in the uppermost corner and firmly peel it downward slowly parallel to the surface.

After removing the wallpaper, just make it sure that you thoroughly clean your walls so you can easily apply the new wallpaper again.


#5. It is good for your storage. 

For instance, we can store books we cherish so much and also you might laugh, but we can store our dishes inside on it.

Birdcage, birdcage, birdcage what to do with it?

Well, in this article you will find out many tips on how to do-it-yourself, decorate the birdcages from scratch to finish.

Find out where to buy affordable decorative birdcages, best sizes for bird cages decoration, ideas on the birdcage planter design, excellent birdcage light ideas, romantic birdcage wedding ideas, and excellent birdcage wallpaper ideas.

Therefore, let’s have fun with birdcages!


Where can we shop handmade and vintage birdcage on the world’s most imaginative marketplace?

Exactly, here are the stores where we can buy very affordable birdcages and here are the following lists that you might want to shop with.

        • Etsy—423 choices of affordable decorative bird cages
        • Wayfair—225 beautiful choices
        • Walmart—15 handmade choices
        • Better Homes & Gardens—50 results
        • theknot—10 versatile decorative wedding birdcages
        • eBay—5,571 results of very affordable bird cages
        • Amazon—1,000 choices
        • Aliexpress—6,566 decorative choices with accessories
        • Alibaba—387 choices for wholesale decorative wedding birdcages
        • Indiamart—350 choices available






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