127 Dining Room Ideas that Make You Want to Eat

The dining room is one of the most frequented places in the home aside from the bedroom. It’s the place where you eat your meals, gather people around, celebrate birthdays, and even watch your favorite TV shows. If it looks bare and ugly, how will you enjoy the food right in front of you?

27 Dining Room Ideas For Your Inspiration

No idea what it should like? Don’t worry, here are a bunch of dining room themes and designs that can help you design your own space.

1. Contrasting Colors

It’s always fun to play with color. For those who love mixing colors, always make sure that all the colors in your dining room complement each other. It would help to have other accessories that complement your color palette, say a frame or a placemat.

Black and white are the most common contrast colors. Even if these hues are plain on its own, when combined, they make a room seem bigger and more elegant. Take a look at this dining room where both black and white are seen all over the place.


2. Dark and Sensual

If you live with a partner, you know that there are times you want to have dates at home. If you’re worried that it won’t look romantic enough, think again. These dark table ornaments and white dishes will help you give a feel of a fine-dining restaurant minus the pricey food.

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3. Whiteout

Whiteout designs are perfect for rest houses overlooking the beach. It matches the surroundings and it also gives a light airy feeling in the dining room. Match different light colors to give it a balance. Too much white can make it look sterile and rigid. So don’t be afraid to add a touch of beige, gray, and even lavender to give balance to the brightness of the room.


4. It’s All in the Curtains

Curtains make a room look higher and bigger. But depending on the curtains, they can also make the dining room look stuffy and unkept. So if you want to achieve the former, you should pick curtains that have light colors and prints. If it’s near doors and windows, open it up to get a view of nature outside.


5. Island Life

If you’re more of a Hawaii type of person, then go ahead and be creative with colors and decors in your dining room. Having a poster of the beach right in the middle of the room will help you personalize the space you have. And if you like bright colors, you can incorporate them with the candles and the napkins on the table.


6. Mix and Match

When it comes to design, all aspects of a room does not have to be the same. In this case, the chairs around the room are all different. The customized tall chairs make for a perfect balance with the other smaller elements of the room, namely, the upholstered cream chairs and the short cabinet on the side. Plus, it helps give an illusion of a bigger room.


7. Classic Woodwork

Wooden furniture has always been a classic in many households. For this dining room, different kinds of wood were used for the table, the chairs, and even the cabinet at the back. Make them all go together by having a white or cream background. This also adds light to the room.

Talk about woodwork! Look at this chandelier that was inspired by roots and small branches. It’s as if it was taken from a forest. And since wooden benches can be hard on the buttocks, you can add some pillows that have pastel and blue pillowcases.


8. Cabin Crew

If your house is designed to look like a cabin, then your dining room should fit the whole aesthetic too. In this dining room, you see that you can marry both art and the woods with a painting. Not only does it add color to the room, but it helps give it personality.


9. Going Retro

Who says retro is so last year? You can always bring retro back by combining different symmetrical and asymmetrical prints on your pillows, frames, and even lighting. Since the retro theme has a lot of colors, you can balance the striking and bold ones with a white wall that will also help lift the other darker colors in your prints.


10. Off to Sea!

Feeling a bit nautical? Then covering your dining room with a nautical-inspired pattern can do the trick. What’s great about this design is that it looks light and easy on the eyes. Pairing it with a brown wooden table can also amplify the walls since the wooden table is a classic in any dining room. It just goes with everything.


11. Alive with Plants

Ever since indoor plants became a thing, people found it hard to keep it away from the dining room. Replace the brown heavy pots with a clear vase so that it doesn’t block anyone or anything on the table. Tall plants are also recommended since they will less likely to touch your food.


12. Modern Asian

Thanks to globalization, designs from Asia are starting to influence architecture and interior design. In this dining room, you can see the circular shape of the table to resemble that of Chinese homes. There are also vases and elements that resemble the Zen designs in Japan.


13. Hotel Suites

Get this suite-inspired dining room that makes you feel business-like.


14. Maximizing the Nook

Nooks and crannies are often filled with a cabinet or a huge potted plant. But did you know that they make for great seating areas? These dining rooms show that corners help maximize the room. All you need is a stylish design for your seats and your guests won’t even notice how small the room is!


15. Front and Center

You know that dining rooms are important. So the best way to emphasize that is to place your table and chairs right in the middle of the room. In this way, everyone has enough space to move around.


16. A Play with Prints

It’s fun mixing and matching prints until you have to do this in interior design. But don’t worry, the trick with having different prints is to use its color palette as the basis of the whole room. Take a look at how these prints help determine the mood and feel of the dining spaces.


17. Alice in Wonderland

Take your dining room experience to the next level when you pattern it with Alice in Wonderland. Complete with a baroque chandelier and a flowery pattern, it’s as if you are being whisked away on an adventure. For kids who love the story, this dining room will always make you feel magical.


18. Light and Breezy

Imagine waking up in the morning to see a beautiful breakfast made more delicious with the light streaming in. It’s a quick mood boost for anyone who has a gloomy day.


19. Magical Carpet Ride

They say that carpets are a thing of the past. But these dining rooms beg to differ. Look at how each carpet has given a bigger and more artistic touch on the dining room. If you think your table and chairs look a little too plain, then pair it with a carpet that has a different yet complementary design.


20. Top-Down Approach

A lot of people forget how ceilings affect the atmosphere of a room. Most houses just let the ceiling look plain without realizing how it can impact how big or small a room looks. Take a look at this dining room that suddenly looked regal when you notice the ceiling.


21. More Than a Provincial Life

If you have watched Beauty and the Beast, then you might think a provincial life is boring. But these dining rooms show that that’s not the case. Fill your ledges with glasses and mugs as a design and backdrop for your table. You can arrange them to look inviting even if they aren’t filled with food.


22. The Same Color, Everywhere

They say that too much of everything is a bad thing – but not for these rooms! This white room shows that filling a room with white does not make it boring or plain. The trick here is to have ornaments that have a contrasting color to your main palette. Even if they stand out, they will not seem out of place thanks to the overwhelming white color everywhere.

And it’s not just the color white that can pull this design off. These rooms show that too much of the same color works just as long as you have a few different shades of it. In this green dining room, different shades of green can be seen and yet it doesn’t hurt the eye.


23. The Great Outdoors

Dining rooms are often seen as indoor rooms that should be secluded from dust and sunlight. But in this case, it’s right beside the balcony overlooking the waters. It gives a feeling of a rest house where you don’t have to think about a lot of table decoration. This simple dining room has minimalistic pieces but it achieves an elegant look.


24. Let There Be Light!

Moviemakers would argue that light is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking. The same goes for dining room settings. Can you imagine eating your food in a dark place? You won’t get to appreciate the beauty of the dishes let alone see all the plates on the table.

Here is a humorous take on lighting. If you’re a fan of science and ideas, this chandelier makes for a perfect match. It illuminates the room without making it too serious or too bright. Plus, it’s big enough to light up the whole table.


25. Homemade Art Gallery

As an art lover, you shouldn’t feel like there’s any limitation to what you need to put on your walls. You can hang whatever you want there whether it’s an abstract painting or a landscape one.


26. Kitchen and Dining Room Crossover

Living in a studio can give you limited space, but that shouldn’t discourage you from having a nice dining room. These dining rooms show that you don’t need a partition between your kitchen and your dining area. It can even be a lot more inviting to have your friends see what you’re cooking.

If you have a kitchen island at home, you can convert it to a dining space too by simply adding a few chairs that match your kitchen’s color palette. Although this is only recommended for kitchen islands that are wide enough that can accommodate at least two people around the table.


27. Trip to Memory Lane

Want to go way back in time? These dining rooms show that you can make a room look historical and yet give it a modern touch. As you can see here, it created a nostalgic feel thanks to the wooden chairs around the table. Apart from the bust at the side and the few paintings on the walls, what really added character in this room are the harmony of chairs and chandeliers.


The Art of Table Setting

One of the things that make a dining room look beautiful is the table setting. Contrary to what other people think, table setting doesn’t have to be formal – you don’t have to have 4 spoons and forks neatly laid out beside the plate. What table setting means is how every piece of silverware and flatware are arranged in order to make a good presentation.

And just because it’s a dining room doesn’t mean that you can’t place plants. Use potted plants or arranged vines on your table to make it have a more rustic and organic feel to your space.

You can also put succulents on your table since they are often small and don’t have any falling leaves. If you are conscious about the dirt and leaves falling on your food, then a succulent is a perfect alternative.


Tips in Designing Your Dining Room

Even if you have a lot of design ideas, starting the design stage can be difficult. To help you out, here are some tips that interior designers all over the world swear by in terms of dining room design.

  1. Have one basis for your color palette.

The first step in designing your dining room is to choose a color palette. To do this, you have to pick an object or piece of furniture that will define the color theme of the room. Take a look at this room. You know that the basis was the mustard walls. So, all the curtains, chairs, lights, and ornaments should be able to complement this color. Paring it with wine red roses and vases can help give a break from all the yellow without making it look too obvious.

It can be a wallpaper that will define the atmosphere, hence, the color in the room. Since the background aims to give a feel of the sea, then you want your furniture to be light-colored. White is the best color for these backgrounds. You can also put in a touch of beige and cream on the carpets and vases.

2. Utilize the Walls

If your room has a lot of walls, make sure that you use them all to your advantage. A big blank wall just gives the impression that you did not think the room through. It can also give a lack of character. So here are a few wall designs that can help you fill that wall of yours.

Aside from frames and plates, you can have a huge mirror right at the center of your wall. A mirror is known to reflect light so it makes the room look bigger. This is ideal for small spaces that you want to maximize.


3. Have Enough Chairs

Most people invite guests in their home. If you don’t have enough chairs, you might force your guests to eat in the living room where it’s even harder to eat. To avoid situations like this, always make sure that you have enough chairs for your guests.These dining rooms have spare chairs strategically placed a the side of the room. If you need extra chairs, it’s easy to bring them to the table.

If you don’t want any chairs lingering on the side, then you can always put them on the table itself. Wooden benches can be a great space saver to accommodate more people.


4. Design Your Walls

Not having enough walls should not be an excuse for you to not think about them. Creative wallpapers add color and character in a room. They can make it look magical and enchanted, or sleek and modern.


With these photos, there will surely be something that will inspire you to design your living room. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to turn your space to the most inviting dining place ever.


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