95 Practical Fire Pit Ideas and DIY Instructions for Your Backyard

One of the best ways to expand the use of a backyard is to go through various fire pit ideas. An outdoor fireplace is ideal for the whole family to enjoy, as well as friends. Such area can become the most attractive in your backyard as it enhances the beauty of the landscape.

An outdoor fireplace expands the use of terraces or outdoor gardens, during all four seasons. Moreover, it defines your terrace or garden as a focal point and destination. It creates a place where you can gather, conduct leisure, have fun and create pleasant memories.

The fire pit ideas that you can use outdoors can be fueled by wood, gas or bio-ethanol. In addition, they can be made out of various materials. So, there is a little bit to learn about outdoor fireplaces before installing one! As it follows, you will learn more about exterior fire pits and how to build a simple one.

Fire Pit Ideas for a Longer Summer

The origins of the fireplace construction are very distant. However, it still remains a constant element on the list of trendy exterior designs. It has a double role – functional and decorative. And, the aristocratic air that such a heating system imparts to the whole backyard make it a viable choice for more and more architects and homeowners.

What is an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is a structure made of brick, stone or metal, usually used for heating or cooking. Over time, the role of outdoor fire pits has faded away from the practical aspect. However, they were originally thought for it. So, their design has been tailored to purely decorative requirements. The latter has the power to make your garden or yard a beautiful extension of your house.

These days, an outdoor fireplace can fulfill both roles, namely aesthetic and for heating. Even so, many owners choose a fireplace for the welcoming atmosphere it creates.

What is the history of the fire pit?

The fireplace has become a symbol of comfort and elegance, but the beginnings of this type of interior and exterior construction have been modest. The ancestor of the fireplace, as we know it today, dates back to medieval times. That is when it was used as a heating system and a fire source for preparing food and heating water.

The first chimney appeared in northern Europe in the 11-12 centuries AD, which solved many of the problems that previous models had. The idea of ​​completing the construction with a chimney made it possible to install fireplaces in a larger number of rooms and to design the whole system more efficiently.

Basic Classification of Fire Pits

The classification of fire pits is based on the type of firebox and fuel used, resulting in the following division:

Fireplace With Closed Firebox

Closure is done with heat-resistant glass, while the construction of the outbreaks can be made of simple cast iron, steel-lined steel with chamotte or iron-lined interior with chamotte. The fireplace is isolated to avoid room air fluctuations, which results in a very good thermal efficiency.

Fireplace With Open Firebox

This is the classic fireplace model. The fire burns freely in the fireplace, and the evacuation takes place through the chimney. Typically, the construction is made using brick or prefabricated boards. Despite its natural, rustic appearance, it is not a very popular choice, because its construction and maintenance implies a greater effort.

Fire Pits That Work With Solid Fuel

Fireplaces that work with solid fuel are those fueled by wood, coal, pellets. The most popular are the fireplaces based on wood and have the advantage of being low cost. However, they have a low degree of autonomy. Some of these models also include thermometer ovens.


Fire Pits Fueled by Gas

Gas fireplaces  can be installed in different rooms and operate without a chimney. The latter is replaced by a concentric outlet similar to that of an apartment boiler. Most models are equipped with electronic remote control systems. Even so, this is a viable option for the outdoors as well.


  • The main attraction for guests on cool evenings;
  • Real flame offers a sense of comfort and creates a relaxing atmosphere;
  • Modern designs available suitable for gardens, terraces, outdoor events;
  • Equipped with remote control for easy control (or without remote control with manual control);
  • It does not require a chimney or power supply;
  • Easy to move, provided with wheels that allow locking;
  • Provided with glass sides that do not allow direct contact with fire;
  • Equipped with anti-inclination valve (in case of accidental overflow, the gas supply is automatically cut off and the flame is interrupted);

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Fire Pits Fueled by Electricity

Electric fireplaces are advanced and easy-to-install. The used models allow you to access a large number of functions, such as digital display, thermostat heating, flame effects and so on.

Bio-Heaters Used for Fireplaces

Bio-heaters work with bio-ethanol. The latter is a natural liquid fuel, which does not eliminate smoke and gases. Moreover, it requires no ventilation system and can be installed in any home or outdoors.

Such model is are available in two versions: fixed (wall-mounted) and mobile (easy to carry in various living quarters, including on the terrace or even in the garden).


  • It does not require a chimney;
  • Easy to move anywhere because it does not take up much space;
  • Easy to maintain and use;
  • Does not require complicated assembly;
  • Usable during favorable weather in the garden or terrace;
  • Fitted with a guard that prevents fuel spillage in case of overturning;
  • 100% organic product;
  • The perfect choice to create a relaxing place in the garden, on the terrace or even on the balcony;

Types of Materials Used for Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

A fireplace has a special charm given by the fire it hosts. This effect can also be increased by its exterior, especially if it is covered with natural stone, marble or other elements. A brick-built fireplace or one made of natural stone or artificial stone will surprise you with a rustic look. So, choose the materials carefully in order to obtain the desired effect. Below is a brief review of the materials most commonly used for fireplaces.

Outdoors Fire Pit Ideas Made of Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the most commonly used materials in plating fireplaces. We are especially talking about the river stone. The latter is a perfect element that immediately helps create a rustic setting of irresistible beauty. Not to mention its extremely high resistance. The river stone can be purchased at an affordable price. However, for those who have more free time, you can gather it from nature.


Fire Pit Ideas With Marble Plating

Marble is also a common choice for outdoor fireplaces. This is due to the special appearance of the glamorous, elegant finish that gives a luxurious air to the backyard. Marble is also very resistant, so the price is higher.

Choose Travertine for an Outdoor Fireplace

Travertine is another natural stone that subtly integrates into the setting of the fireplace. This rock gets a fine surface like that of marble by being polished. Travertine boards are used for various indoor projects, from floor to wall. The travertine plate has an average thickness of 0.5 inch and can be found in several colors. The most common are ivory, beige, silver, yellow, orange.

Reasonable Price With a Slate Fire Pit

Slate is another perfect natural stone for contemporary decoration. It is responsible for the beauty of many fireplaces because it is available at a reasonable price. Natural-looking slate has a special charm that needs to be maintained. Periodically, preferably once per year, a protective layer must be applied in order to seal the pores of this type of stone.

Fire Pits Plated With Sandstone and Reconstructed Stone

Sandstone is a very common option when it comes to plating fireplaces. It has the advantage of being found in different colors at a fairly low price compared to the other materials presented above. Moreover, it is easy to apply and can be used to decorate any type of interior and exterior.

Reconstructed stone is made of ground and mechanically rebuilt stone. It is chosen because it is much cheaper than natural stone. The artificial stone and the reconstituted stone are resistant materials, the only difference from the natural one being that they were manufactured and not extracted from nature. The reconstituted stone is poured into forms which allow the production of boards of different thicknesses. It can be extremely easy to mount precisely because of shape control.

Fire Pit Ideas With Brick and Terracotta

Brick is already a classic choice. We all saw rustic fireplaces made of brick, so we no longer wonder that it is one of the most used. Another variant to be taken into account may be chamotte. The latter is a caramel-like material, but with a lighter color. It has a great price and is very durable.

Last but not least, we have terracotta, the most used material for stoves. Due to increased resistance to high temperatures, terracotta can be a solution to be taken into account when it comes to the construction of exterior fire pits.

Tips and Tricks for Wood Fueled Fire Pits

Hardwood is undoubtedly better than wood resin for heating fuel. However, because soft wood burns much faster, the firebox must be fed more often. Stocking fire with maple or oak wood at night will leave you a bed of charcoal in the morning, while the same volume of pine wood does. White wood also involves an extra effort of stacking and transport.

The idea that soft wood leads to the accumulation of a larger amount of creosote in the chimney is questionable. Pine wood is suitable for a fire during autumn or spring: it starts fast, produces a hot fire and burns in speed.

A common prejudice states that burning wet wood will sink the firepower more quickly; although this is true, not humidity itself is the main problem, but it is more difficult for it to get a fire at the right temperature. The main problem is that much of the energy that could supply the heat is consumed by the boiling and evaporation of the water in the wood.

Choose a Wood Fireplace From Trusted Suppliers

To find out the best combination suited for your home, do not hesitate to contact a professional. Local fire pit specialists are in a position to make the right suggestions according to your budget and climatic conditions in the area where you want to install the fireplace. With the advice of professionals you will ensure both the desired comfort and the durability of the product you want, enjoying the authentic and warm fire for as many winters. However, if you want to do it yourself, then read further until you reach the DIY section!


The Advantages of Having an Outdoor Fire Pit

Nothing adds more personality and good mood at a garden party than an outdoor fireplace. When integrated in the landscape, outdoor fireplaces will extend the living and party space available from the inside out.

A Party Place Regarding of Season

Since outdoor fireplaces can be used during any season, you should not rely on the heat season. Therefore, outdoor fireplaces allow you to host parties even when the temperatures drop. Put a sweater on and make yourself comfortable on the couch and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace with your friends.

Even if you are not an adept of outdoor parties, do not worry! An outdoor fireplace is very often appreciated only for the beauty of the landscape and the ambiance that it provides. Whether you invited an old friend for dinner or you just want to look at the stars, the ambiance and romance offered by a fireplace, are unbeatable.


Increased Value of Your Entire Property

Furthermore, you can increase your property value with exterior fire pits. One of the long-term benefits of an outdoor fireplace is that it will increase the value of your house as soon as it is installed in the garden or on the terrace. The future owner will want to reap the benefits of your outdoor fireplace, which will make it more likely for them to make an offer on your property.

Fire Pit Ideas for the Outdoors – Conclusions

Even if the early autumn days are not very cold, the temperatures during the evening hours might drive us closer to heat. In this regard, the heat does not have to necessarily be indoors, but outdoors right in the backyard!

If you want to spend your evenings outside, as you did it during the summer, invest in building an outdoor fireplace. Thus, you will be able to spend many nights outdoors in the most comfortable conditions. In addition, you can put a set of armchairs or sofas in front of the fire. Just as arranging a wonderful outdoor living room where you can relax with friends and family.

And because autumn is a rainy season, be careful and shelter the fireplace under a roof that will keep it from getting wet. Good examples in this regard are pergolas, a covered terrace or a gazebo.

Style Considerations to Match the House

As for the model, shape and dimensions of the outdoor fireplace, it is all about your tastes and preferences! You must consider the decorative style of the house and the garden and, of course, the budget you have. In order to come up with tasteful fire pit ideas, you should also consider styles!

For example, rustic houses and gardens match fireplaces made of natural stone or brick. Simple fire pits finished with decorative exterior plaster – or those decorated with marble inserts, ceramic tiles or ceramic tiles are perfect for modern houses.

Classic Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard

The wide variety of gardening ideas and solutions has led us to stop at this classic outdoor fireplace. Which can undoubtedly be an ideal accessory for the yard or garden.

The classic outdoor fireplace always emits a touch of comfort and elegance. Much enhanced by association with a sofa and two armchairs. Or with two sunbeds or other accessories depending on your preferences and needs.

In other words, the presence of such a classic fireplace inside a courtyard undoubtedly explains that the space is obviously meant for rest and relaxation or for socializing.

As can be seen in the image above, the fireplace is made of cement and is plated with stone so that it confers has a noble air. And that’s not all, because the owner of the above fire place understood very well the advantages of placing such a fireplace in his own garden.

DIY Projects to Fulfill Various Fire Pit Ideas

If you are a person who likes to build things, not buy them, this section is for you! Below you will find step by step instructions on how to build various types of fire pits. Find inspiration and practical advice!

9 Step Guide on How to Build a Fire Pit






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