Playtime with These 95 Fun Kids Playroom Ideas and Designs!

Being a mother or maybe going into a motherhood life,  we want the best thing for our kids. Perhaps we are wondering what would be the best for their future and we are searching for the best idea in order for them to have some fun and grow. Actually, we will find out some 95 fun kids’ playroom ideas and designs that your kids would surely love. We will learn not just ideas and designs for the kid’s playroom but also on how to keep things organized. We will find out also some safety tips to consider while having a playroom. Let’s check it out!



American Indian tent with Astronomy wall


Cute little wood house


Kitchen playroom


Woody small playhouse



Perhaps our kids are on vacation from school and for sure we don’t want them to stay at home for the rest of the school break and do nothing. And if they have nothing to do at home, they might probably roam around with friends.

Well, it’s good that your kids have a lot of friends and play with them all the time because of its part of growing up. However, the dilemma of mothers is that “what if my kids get trouble outside?” or What if they’re not safe outside and nobody’s watching for them? Well, this is very hard for mothers out there who are busy with every day’s work and have no time to take care of their kids for the rest of the day.

So we and our husband came out with a plan to make a playground inside our home so that there’s no need for them to go outside. But the question is how to start? What are the things that we need to do?


Favorite cartoon in a wall frame


Adventuristic theme


Red stripes flooring playroom in an attic


Oceanic theme


White and black theme in an attic


A cute little kid knows how to organize.


Stuffed toys in a Charlotte’s toy box

A white tent with animal design


How to organise the playroom?

We love our kids and we want the best for them. Sometimes, we tend to give them a lot of care, a lot of things and especially a lot of toys and eventually we end up having a problem with how to sort out these kinds of stuff.

Perhaps we’re just starting to make a playroom for our kids. Then we might want to follow these tips in order not to end up the same with the other mothers out there who are freaking out already because of the mess that their kids brought into.

Well, we can’t deny that kids are always jolly and naughty but actually, even if they are like that, adults should know the happenings to put under control. How so?

Tips to keep organized and resilient.

Tip #1: Plan the location of the playroom. 

We want our kids to have fun but that’s not only enough; we want to keep them safe. Where is the best place in our house to put the playroom? Well, maybe it’s easy to say we can build it anywhere we want. But the question is, are the kids safe in that place? Is the playroom on the higher floor wherein there’s a possibility of a falling accident to occur? Or is it on the first floor wherein they can access the main door and go outside? When planning for a location, try to consider these things.

Tip #2: Don’t underestimate the bins and the shelves

We all want our things to keep organized. So it’s the best idea to include in our plan the organizers or bins for us to put the toys and whatever stuff that we might need in the playroom. There are many ways to have the organizers; It doesn’t have to be that expensive and sometimes there’s no need for us to buy it. Actually, we can do-it-yourself the toy organizers.

If we have old paper boxes, then we can make an organizer from it, then improvise it and be artistic. And also we should not underestimate those pouches we have already in our house like, for example, travel pouches. Why not try to reuse those travel pouches; they could be the best container for our kid’s game cards or maybe the crayons. And perhaps, our kids are such an avid reader and they want to read the whole time after playing, so consider customizing shelves for the books.

Tip #3: Buy only the needed stuff.  

Sometimes we can’t say no to our kids and let them have what they ask for or what they want. We tend to spoil them to the extent in order for them to hush and stop the tantrum drama. Is this the right thing to do?

According to my observation, if we always give in to their requests all the time, then there’s a bad effect for them. We allow them to become a princess or prince in a way that they don’t know the essence of needs and wants. Let’s stop spoiling our kids; they won’t grow up responsibly.

You might wonder what I’m talking about. But anyway, when we buy toys for our kids, we need to think twice if they really need it or not. What if they have that kind of toys already? Do they really need to have a lot of toys in order for them to make happy? Not really. And oh, if we only buy what we need, it’s easier for us to fix them after the hurricane. You know what I mean when I say hurricane, the messy life of the kids.


Walt Disney presents the playroom!


Refreshing aqua blue playroom


Stary and pony design


Cute little yellow house on the wall


A tree and a mushroom in a forest


Brick wall and stones playroom


Wall climbing and gymnast inspired


Pinkish-orange designed playroom


Girly tuned bedroom in an attic

A giraffe in a playroom with some toys


Cute tables and chairs with mini shelves


Big pencil pillow and cloudy wall


Bluer than blue, cooler than cool


Let the radio on and a hanging basket


LOL, a leopard on the floor


Colored pillows and tractors on the shelf


Wall climbing inspired with white two softy pillows


Mini opera theatre


Kiddified design


A kid wall climbing


Flower painting in a wall

Let’s teach our kids on how to be responsible.

Tip #4: Have a playroom rules and etiquette. 

It’s not bad to have a standard and set some rules in our home, especially in the playroom. Here are the things that we might want to consider.

  • Allow our kids to bring their friends in the playroom. Some kids don’t have the privilege to have their own playroom. By letting some kids to come along with our kids, then we are sharing our kids’ happiness to others.
  • Perhaps some kids want to play the toy or try the game themselves. To avoid some quarreling issue, explain to your kids that they need to take their turn.
  • Washing hands is the most important thing to do and let’s not underestimate it. I’m sure we don’t want our kids to get infected. We better wash those cute little hands of theirs.
  • Let’s encourage our kids to teach others or younger ones on how to play those toys or on how to build those Lego houses.
  • Let’s teach our kids to be responsible enough and teach them the importance of asking permission first before using or playing those toys.
  • Let our kids take the responsibility of cleaning their mess. Instruct them where to get those cleaning materials just in case they spill something on the floor. Let them clean after they use the playroom.
  • Let’s teach our kids the importance of being polite to others. Being polite means giving respect to others. By doing so, they will have a lot of friends to come.
  • What if the other kid is very naughty and rude? What if they break the toys? Then let’s tell our kids that it’s fine to talk the problem to us parents in order to solve the issue.
  • Yup, let our kids to have the radio on and play those rhyming songs. Or play Disney songs. Our kids would surely love it!
  • Let’s encourage our kids to say kind words whenever and wherever they are. Discourage them to use harsh ones.
  • Say please and thank you. This is the best thing to hear from a child.
  • Kids can imagine a lot based on what they see and think. Why not let them meditate and imagine the beauty of playing? They can play a role with their favorite carton characters! Moreover, allow them to laugh, giggle and be silly!
  • Play fair should be always the main rule when playing to avoid conflicts.
  • Too much watching TV is bad. TV shows these days are sometimes we can’t trust anymore. Let’s divert our kids to play instead of watching TV.
  • Instead of watching TV, let our kids read fun story books. Not just only storybooks but also read discovery books. Let them learn what is in the world.
  •  Let’s teach our kids to share what they have to other. And say no no to any bad ideas that comes to their mind.
  • Kids love new things. They love to invent something because they are a scientist of their own.
  • Let our kids be responsible for their stuff. If they’re done using them, then should keep it to their proper places.
  •  If they wronged, teach them to say sorry.
  • In everything our kids do, let them to have some fun!

Car and bins


Three ducks


Penguins and a polar bear


Arrow rainbow colors


Cute little chairs with an ears


Piano and music


Science and math


A swing and stone pillows


Books in  the shelves


Woodsquare bakery


The world wall


Frenzy zone

Tip #5: Be resilient all the time. Always clean it, mother! 

Okay, so our kids are having fun; They’re playing with their Barbie dolls and doing some stunts using superhero swords. They’re the happiest kids that we’ve ever seen in our entire life and they are having their best moments to play and play and play. And now here comes the time, “end game!”

Well, they are tired already, so perhaps the next thing for them to do is to take a nap. And suddenly we take a peek in the playroom and, oh no! the room is in a circus! They tossed things inside the room around. And we sigh and whine and said, “My goodness, I’m just done cleaning it yesterday! No, not again right now!”

We can’t really deny that it happens all the time and it will happen again tomorrow. Well, “motherhood power” is what we need in this time of situation!

Resiliency is all what we need Mommy!

Also, by keeping the playroom clean all the time, the kids are safe from any bacteria. Stuff toys, rugs, and mats are the best things wherein the dust and the termites can accommodate. So if I were you, mother, you better vacuum them all the time.


Playroom with shelves


Brown baskets with labels


A yellow slide


Thematic Playroom Ideas

We want to improve the playroom to the next level. We want to have a new twist, and somehow your son or daughter thinks the same. Well, here are the ideas that we might want to do.

If we have a daughter, give the playroom a sweet and girly design. Add up Barbie dolls and pinkish stuff toys and flowery things. And if we have a son, we can make the playroom more on a boyish theme. We can put a basketball court that our kids would love. Superheroes stuff are incredible things to put and the perfect color background is perhaps blue or black.

There are a lot of things to put in the playroom, but we have to consider the preference of our son and daughter. Let’s ask them if they like dolls and superheroes or whatever things fall to their category. We just have to remember that they need to have fun. But here’s the question, is having fun enough?

Is having fun enough?

Let’s help our kids to have fun at the same time to grow. There are many ways to let our children to have fun and to learn something about what they are doing. What are we going to do?

Think safety while having fun.

#1 Minimize the risk of suffocation.

Babies and toddlers are prone to suffocation. If they are sleeping, keep away stuff toys or other big toys that might cause them not to breathe. Stuff toys can accommodate dust and bugs, and if our kids have some allergy, then we should better think twice if we still to continue using those stuffed toys.

We should dispose immediately the packaging and bags of toys we think can cause suffocation.

#2. Avoid small things that can cause chocking. 

Those cute little toys can help our kids have fun, but if we are not careful, then they can put our kids to danger. There are many cases in the hospital that kids swallowed small things. As a mother we don’t want that to happen to our kids. So before we buy toys, then we better think first the safety of our kiddos.

#3. Look for non-toxic items.  

It is very common that we tend to buy those toys because they are cute, lovely, and your kids like it. However, we don’t know where it comes from. Perhaps they are from harmful chemicals and toxic things. And when the kids play with them, and absolutely we can’t deny that they won’t feed them to their mouth or to put near to their face, so they are spreading the toxins. So, Mommy, let’s consider buying organic toys.

#4. Ensure safety brackets for the furniture. 

As a parent, we don’t want our kids to get into an accident. Their playroom might have bookshelves, dressers, and other furniture that can be easy to fall over. So if I were you, let’s better put safety brackets to that furniture or else move it away from the playroom.

#5. Say no to things that can strangle our kids.

Kids these days are very artistic with on how they play their toys. But as a mother, we don’t want them to do it beyond what is normal. Kids these days can hurt themselves; they can follow the action on what they saw on TV or perhaps on the Internet. Furthermore, violent movies are everywhere and very accessible. So better avoid things like cords or something that can strangle our kids. We want to avoid our kids to hurt themselves.

#6. Let’s avoid breakables.

Kids play a lot and move a lot. For safety purposes, let’s avoid breakables inside the playroom. Many incident reports occur in the US alone, stating that kids get an injury from broken glasses. And also, be careful with those glass windows and let it secure properly so it won’t cause an accident.

#7.  Let’s hide those electrical cords. 

We don’t want our kids to get electrified. So if I were you put away electrical cords out of the sight of the kids. We should miss the chance of our child getting hurt.

Koala and Bears


Let’s make it blue!


Out and in directions


Pinky room with a mirror


French themed


A kid playing the alphabet


Toys and some stuff


Car racing


Car racing


White themed and a hippo


Animal heads on the wall


Bins in the shelves


A table tennis and an abstract painting


A yellow roller coaster slide


Painted wall and a ladder


Billiard hall


Net and shelves


The red fox and the red sofas


Pinkish-styled room


A basketball court


Animal-themed idea


Green chairs and mini shelves


American-Indian tent


Wooden table


Grey bins and shelves


Other awesome designs just for you…

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