110 Ideas for Funny Doormats to Make Your Guests Laugh

Having funny doormats in front of the door is a great way to welcome guests to your home. While waiting for you to open the door, your guests will already be smiling and laughing at the messages they read underneath their shoes.

The moment you open the door to let them in, they’ll be in a much lighter and more relaxed mood. With these 10 funny doormats ideas, you’ll get a chance to make their visit a lot more enjoyable.

10 Cool and Funny Doormats to Get Your Guests Feeling Livelier Right Through the Door

1. The Come In-Go Away Ambigram

This has got to be one of the coolest doormats you can ever put in your doorstep. You can watch the warm smile on your guests’ faces as they enter your home.

The wonderful “Come In” message greets them as they step on the mat and into your home. Little do they know that, when they leave your house, they’d get a different message. The secret of this funny doormat is in the design of the greeting. When viewed one way, it reads “come in”.

When viewed from the other side, it reads “go away”. “Come in” is not that surprising. What will surprise them is the “go away” message. It is a nice parting message that will have your guests laughing on their way home.

2. Do You Live Here Checklist

If you find solicitors and unwanted guests very annoying, then this funny doormat idea should be a great choice. Under the print “Do You Live Here?” are two boxes. One says, Yes. It has a corresponding message that says, “Welcome home”.

The other box is for the No answer. The message that follows is something that is very unusual. Instead of welcoming the guest or visitor, it asks what the “hell” the person wants.

3. Oh Sh**! Not You Again!

For individuals with a dark sense of humor, this is the doormat to place in front of your door. The wordings are a bit harsh, yet they do deliver the message crystal clear. It is the best doormat for shooing away persons you do not want to see.

Our suggestion is to remove this if ever you are expecting someone important to come over; unless, it is okay with the person. This is one of the funny doormats ideas that is not for everyone. It is for those who have a special way with words and who are not afraid to speak out their minds.

4. Pants Loading

If you are the type of person who spends several minutes before answering the door, then this doormat is for you. It borrows the design of a loading computer program, complete with a status bar and a message that says “Please wait”.

These funny doormats ideas are perfect for those in the IT industry or those who are very familiar with program loading times. This is an excellent doormat if you are expecting guests who are not very good at waiting. It is a good way to test their patience and bring a nice smile to their faces at the same time.

5. Whom the Dog Barks

Fans of Hemingway will recognize the phrase in an instant. Dog lovers will also know what it means. Your guests will be waiting in front of your door, knowing that you have one of the world’s most efficient home security systems – your dog.

This is a doormat that is perfect for dog loving people who also happen to have a vigilant canine. These dogs can sense the presence of a person the moment he or she steps on the curb in front of the house. Your guests will recognize the humor right away.

6. Ring Doorbell and Run

Your guests can never say you did not warn them. Instead of using the more traditional “Beware of Dog” sign, putting this on your doorstep is a funny way of delivering the same message. It is perfect for keeping unwanted people from ever knocking on your door.

It is also a fun way to encourage your overweight friends to exercise. Below the bold print is a message that says, “The dog needs exercise”. It is a subtle way of saying your pet needs to run after whoever is at the door.

7. Friendly Warning

The print on these funny doormats ideas says it all. Warning! Dog has no respect for personal space! For dog lovers, this is a very clear message indicating the friendliness of the resident dog.

For those who are not owners of pets, they may misinterpret the “personal space” as an intrusion into their own being. Whatever the case, this is a doormat that is worth having on your doorsteps. It prepares your guests to receive a good slobbering from your pet dog.

8. Bring in the Booze

This is a doormat that’s ideal for homeowners who love to throw mini parties and get-togethers at home. It is a great gift for a bachelorette or bachelor party.

It encapsulates the most important thing in the minds of party hosts. You’ve got the place, so your guests should bring the booze. Otherwise, they will not be able to gain access to your abode.

The message reads, “Take off your shoes”. This is the welcoming part. The second part of the message is your guest’s entrance pass, “… and bring in the booze.”

9. House WAS Clean

If you’re one of those people who seem unable to keep his or her place clean, then this doormat is for you. It says, “The house WAS clean LAST WEEK! (Sorry you missed it)”.

It’s a lame excuse for not cleaning your house every day. However, it remains a great way to bring a huge smile on the face of your guests.

10. The Neighbors Have Better Stuff

Meant to divert the focus of an intruder to your neighbors, this funny doormat idea will have your friends laughing. Printed in black, bold, and all-caps letters is the message, “The Neighbors Have Better Stuff”.

It is not as funny as the others in this list. However, it can still elicit a warm smile on the face of your guests. Make sure not to put this doormat if you live in a mansion, though. It doesn’t fit.

Shopping for a Good Doormat? Here are Things You Need to Consider

These funny doormats ideas are all good. However, they may not be the kind of mat you would want on your door. Do not worry. We’ll also help you decide on the right doormat to buy. You will need to keep the following things in mind whenever you are on the lookout for a good doormat.

Outdoor or Indoor?

All homeowners should decide where to place the doormat. There are those that are ideal for outdoor use only, while others are for indoor use.

If you are going to place the doormat outside your door, then it is important to look for weather-resistant materials. Good examples of these are those made of woven sea grass, and teak. Fabrics, jute, and sisal are best for indoors.

Mat Surface

Consider the location of the doormat. If you are going to place it outside your main door, then you need a doormat that has an abrasive surface. Mats with a textured surface also work. The point here is that these surfaces are capable of removing dirt, dust, and particles from the soles of footwear.

You may also want a doormat with a scraper surface. This is an innovation that allows people to scrape the mud off of their shoes.

If you are going to place the doormat indoors, then you do not need a textured surface. Depending on the type of floor that you have, it is best to get a mat with a soft or smooth surface. This will help avoid scratching your floor.


Doormats come in many shapes and sizes. As a rule, you should be able to place both of your feet on the mat. The ideal length should also be at least 80 percent of the width of your door. If the door measures 20 inches, then your doormat should be at least 16 inches long.

Make sure to check the thickness of the mat, too. If it is too thick, there is a chance that it will slide from its place when you open the door. The bottom of the door will scrape against the top of the mat, sliding it in the process. Measure the space between the floor surface and the bottom of your door. The thickness of the mat should not be more than the measured distance.


What’s the use of having a doormat if it slides across the floor every time you wipe your feet on it? Always choose mats that have non-slip backings. This will help keep the doormat from moving around.

Ease of Maintenance

The effectiveness of a doormat in removing dirt and debris from your feet or footwear depends on its cleanliness. A clean doormat can trap more debris particles than dirty mats. As such, it is wise to choose a doormat that is easy to clean.

Some doormats only require vigorous shaking to remove trapped dirt. Others may need regular vacuuming. Others will require frequent hosing down with water.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need to place a doormat in all of my doors?

It depends on your needs. Some homeowners would like to keep certain rooms free of dirt. As such, they place mats outside the doors of these rooms. For instance, they may place a doormat right in front of the bathroom door or the bedroom door.

You need to realize that doormats serve to trap dirt and other debris from the feet or footwear of people. This helps prevent carrying these objects in another part of the house.

• Should I place the mat inside or outside the door?

There are doormats designed for outdoor use. There are also those that you can only use indoors. Everything depends on the type of doormat that you have.

If you are not sure about the correct usage of your doormat, you can check with the manufacturer. They can give you an idea if the mat is safe to use outdoors or if it is an indoor-only mat.

• Is there a standard way of positioning a doormat?

Doormats not only serve to clean the feet or footwear. It also serves to “welcome” guests to your home. It is best to position the doormat in such a way that your guests can read the message or the greeting on the mat. If your mat does not come with any greeting, then it does not matter how you position it.

• What is the ideal size of a doormat?

There is no ideal size of mats for doors. The reason is that doors can come in different widths. As a rule, however, the mat should not be smaller than three-quarters of the width of the door. This will help provide an illusion of door continuity.

• How can I clean my doormat?

Always refer to the cleaning instructions of the doormat manufacturer. They know the kind of cleaning that will best serve the material used in the mat. There are mats that require regular cleaning in the washing machine.

There are also those require vacuuming. Using an ordinary scrub brush can also clean other types of mats. Others will need a splash or a hose down with water. Again, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

These 10 funny doormats ideas are a great way to welcome your guests. They can also be a lighthearted reminder for those who annoy you. Either way, these doormats are always a welcome addition to any modern home.


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