45 Funny shower curtains that will amuse all your guests

Shower curtains are quite important as much as they are normally the last addition to a bathroom. The curtains help with enhancing the outlook of the bathroom. Depending on the size of the bathroom, the size may vary depending on what you find to be ideal. Depending on your taste, you can add a colored one or a clear one depending on what you find appealing.

This article shares a range of funny shower curtain ideas that you can consider having in your bathroom. The material of the curtain should not only be sleek but also that which allows the splashed water to easily flow. Go through the article and find inspiration on some of the cool and funny ideas that you can settle for.

Beautiful Shower Curtain Ideas

Such a shower curtain is funny but also relates well with the activities of the bathroom, this is calming and tranquil in a nice way. This is nice and the color is also one great one as it doesn’t show dirt that much.

Shower curtains come in a range of colors and designs. The one shown below is so intriguing, it is spooky and brings out a scary feel to the atmosphere in the bathroom. This kind of curtain can be put up on special days like on Halloween and such holidays or spooky events so that the whole theme is well felt. It can also be scary to some so ensure that you are comfortable with the design before trying it.

The shower curtain below is one that is so calm so to say. It makes one comfortable enough and the color is also a peaceful one that works great in the bathroom. The writings used on the curtain has a way of adding life and contrast to the design. It is well incorporated with the floors and walls which makes it simply beautiful.

Bring some element contrast and intriguing feeling to your bathroom by choosing a shower curtain like the one below. For anime lovers, this is a great shower curtain design. The curtain is so vibrant and live with the characters added onto it also enhancing its overall outlook. They are associated with water and that is for sure a great design that is worth trying if you are an anime fan.

Magnificent shower curtains

Shower curtains could be a bit spiced up on the designs. The one shown below is one that is somewhat naughty, it is perfect for master-bedroom bathrooms. The colors used are not only great but also has a way of enhancing the beauty and elegance of the curtain. The element of gold and silver used in the design creates such a beautiful contrast and makes the style to stand out.

Colorful shower curtains

For lovers of cartoons, the curtain below expresses a nice way of bringing life to your bathroom with the shower curtains. the colors used in the curtain looks amazing and enhances the overall outlook of the space. A very nice shower curtain indeed. This is perfect for the kid’s bathroom, it is lively and the colorful nature of the curtain makes the bathroom to stand out.

If you are a lover of animals then the design below is an ideal one and worth trying out. It looks spectacular with the nice kitten bringing out that naughty outlook. The design of the curtain shown below is so bold and that makes a great statement in the bathroom altogether. The picture is of good quality and the cat has some bathroom items with it and that relates to the environment.

Celebrity inspired shower curtains can be inspiring especially if adorned with images of your favorite celebrity. If you are a fun of Kim Kardashian then this the below curtain can be appealing. The shower curtain shown below is so nice. There is nothing as great as having a shower curtain with the face of a crying celebrity on it, it is so unique and even the different colors used are so great.

Football lovers can also express their love for the game in their bathrooms. The shower curtain shown below is so beautiful and the picture on it is a bold one.  The bright color of the ball and the deep dark color makes the curtain to stand out and brings contrast to the style. The fiery outlook of the styles another key thing about the curtain that makes it stand out.

Nicely themed shower curtains

The periodic table is a beautiful theme that can be used on the shower curtain, it’s not only magnificent but also has a way of making the style stand out. Such a shower curtain is so unique and will mostly be liked by science lovers. This is a nice way to bring your love of science with you even to the bathroom. The design is one that is definitely over the top and it is lovely as well.

When choosing shower curtains, the theme that you choose to settle for should be something that you find to be exciting. Having an inspiring image on the curtain is not just great at creating contrast but also has a way of making your style to stand out. Colorful shower curtains elevate the look of the bathroom as a whole. The one shown below is very colorful and brings some good vibe to the bathroom. This is simply over the top and lovely as well.

As much as shower curtains might be the last thing to be added to the bathroom, they can have a huge impact on the outlook of the bathroom. To add intricacy to the bathroom, look for inspiring patterns and themes that you find to be appealing. The writings on the curtain below look magnificent with the wild theme bringing such a breathtaking outlook.

Transparent curtains are quite common however adding some contrast by incorporating things that inspire you is great. If you are afraid of paranormal features and ghosts then don’t try a curtain like the one below. However, is you get thrilled with scary figures then the below curtain is the best.

Having the face of your hero on the curtain is another great way of expressing your love for the person. The one below looks magnificent with the light cream color blending well with the dark portrait. The writing brings dimension to the design and also makes it stand out in a magnificent way.

Animal themed shower curtains

What a beautiful way to express your love for the animals. The blue flowery colors look brilliant with the white background. the animal aspect is another thing that makes the design to stand out in such a magnificent way. Having your bathroom materials with the same print also makes the place to stand out in such a cool way.

If you have a great love for photography or kitty’s then the below design can be quite inspiring. The white background makes the printed images to stand out in such a magnificent way. The height of the curtain is another cool thing that can be taken into consideration.

Shower curtains can also be used to pass some vital information. Seeing such daily can act as a reminder on the things to do and can also help with reinforcing the information. The design below looks magnificent and has a way of making the bathroom stand out. The blend of white and blue are not only unique but also quite appealing.

Some images that are used on the shower curtain are not for the faint-hearted and can be so scary. The bold outlook on the design below brings context to the design and in a way makes it stand out. the length of the curtain is also another cool thing that should be taken into consideration.

There is no such thing as boring when it comes to selecting the right shade and theme for your bathroom curtain. The design below is not only spectacular but also has a way of enhancing the outlook of the bathroom. The elements used are not only adorable but also brings life and elegance to the setting.

Adorable shower curtain ideas

Fish themed shower curtains are not only adorable but also brings that feeling of swimming. The plain background is also elegant and makes the image t stand out in such a magnificent way. Bring life and beauty to your bathroom setting with contrasting elements that enhance positive feeling as you bathe.

If there is a place that you can apply your creativity and innovative ideas then it is in the bathroom setting. The bathroom curtain is normally seen by very few people so having what appeals to you is just spectacular. the beautiful image looks magnificent and makes the entire curtain to pop.

Beautiful blue color with the white colored image looking adorable and creating a nice contrast. The curtain looks magnificent and with the two distinct colors enhancing a beautiful outlook. The length of the curtain should be taken into account so that you don’t end up with a design that doesn’t look great in the bathroom.

A blend of sky blue and white are not just gorgeous but also has a way of bringing such a magnificent outlook. The blue layered curtain brings the sea colored outlook into the setting and makes the entire place to stand out. The design is simple yet very appealing with the colors blending perfectly well.

Shower curtains should at least be shower proof so if you find a design that is appealing, the aspect of being waterproof should be considered. The design below looks magnificent with the bold green layers blending well with the brown and the blend of magnificent images.

Such a sparkling color that can be quite scary considering the image that has been used on the curtain. The image is not just fascinating, it can also be scary to imagine that a strange image is looming behind the curtains. If you enjoy pulling pranks on people and some scary stuff then the below curtain can be inspiring.

Amazing shower curtain ideas

Don’t let your bathroom be fitted with layers of clothing that are not appealing to you. The design below works well for one who loves animals and is passionate about seeing them around. The aspect of bricks and the animal peeping through the wall is such an inspiring outlook.

From the theme of the design below to the choice of colors every aspect of the design is just wonderful.  The golden layers used in the design blends quite well with the white and the black color of the image. Such an amazing image to have in the bathroom it’s just so magnificent.

If you enjoy watching paranormal activities then having that ghostly outlook in your bathroom can be fascinating. The grey color of the design brings out that 3D outlook of the ghost with the color of the wall also enhancing the overall outlook of the design.

Shower curtains have a great way of enhancing the feel and mood in the bathroom. If you love great interior design then you will find the design below to be quite fascinating and appealing to look at. the golden layers with the image of the monkey crossing the fence is an appealing outlook. The quality of

The quality of the fabric that you choose is another important factor that should be taken into consideration. The dark color used on the curtain and the image of the cat blends well and also create such a magnificent contrast. You can, however, go for the design below when you find it to be inspiring.

Classic shower curtain ideas

Animal themed curtains are not only cute but also has a way of bringing life to the curtain. the design looks amazing with the grey color and the image used making the design to pop.

Right from the fabric choice to the beautiful design used, every aspect of the curtain looks spectacular and makes the design stand out. The linen has a great brown color that blends well with the white and black shades.

If you find decor to be fascinating and adorable then you can consider bringing life to your bathroom with some cool designs. The white curtain looks magnificent with the image of the buffalo showering adding a great feel to the design.

Bring out your fun side by incorporating elements that you find to be magnificent. Having a white striped background with the mickey mouse image creates such a magnificent contrast. The style is epic and also outstanding.

Such a scary curtain design that’s not for the faint-hearted. If you intend to prank a few friends during the haloween season then this is worth trying out. The white color of the linen with the paranormal images brings such a scary outlook.

Scary shower curtain ideas

Nude designs on the linen may not be everyone’s inspiration but there are those who may find the design to be interesting. The grey and white color creates a nice contrast and makes the entire design to stand out.

The design looks adorable with the range of colors used making it stand out. The range of colors look magnificent and makes it pop in the setting its worn.

Plain black linen with a twisted mouth makes for such an eye-catching design. It is not only spectacular but also has a way of making the design to pop. Every element about the design looks amazing.

The image used in the design is quite inspiring and brings life to the bathroom. The color of the linen looks adorable with the image used also adding to the intricacy of the design.

Create the feeling of being around the sea by having the pattern on the shower curtain. The design is just fascinating in all ways and beautiful to look at.

Such a magnificent design with the dark background and the image used adding to intricacy. If you find sea animals to be fascinating then having it in the bathroom can be inspiring.

The beauty of designing shower curtains lies in the fact that you can add whatever element that you find to be appealing. The design below looks adorable with the white background creating a blissful contrast.

Beautiful and elegant are the best words to describe the magnificent design below. The design is adorable in all ways with the wordings and the linen type looking fascinating.

Cool shower curtains ideas

Such a beautiful choice of color with everything with the animal prints making the whole design to stand out. Every aspect of the design is just adorable with the different zebra prints making it stand out.

An amazing design with the image enhancing the owner’s passion. It’s such a magnificent design with every aspect of it looking spectacular.

If you find inspiration from your work then having it designed in your bathroom linen is great. The design below is adorable with the 3D dimension of the design making it stand out.

The white background color enhances the level of brightness in the bathroom and makes it stand out. Every aspect of the design below looks magnificent with the black image adding contrast to the design.

When choosing images to incorporate into your bathroom design ensure that you settle for a design that best suit your taste.

From the brown color of the curtain to the 3D image used in the design every aspect used in the design looks spectacular and makes the design to pop.

Elegant shower curtain ideas

The blend of black and bright curtain colors looks magnificent and makes the entire design to pop. If you find animal designs to be inspiring then consider incorporating that to your design.

Nice and appealing are the perfect description for the shower curtain design below. It looks spectacular in all ways with the animal image make it look so real.

For game lovers, the 3D image of the elephant looks magnificent and outstanding. Having such in your bathroom curtain design has a way of bringing life to the design.

Classic bathroom ideas

Cool and elegant is the best description for the design below. The bold printout looks magnificent and makes the design pop.

If you require some reminders then having it printed on your shower curtain is a good way to go.


The beauty of this design lies in the type of decor used and how the images blend with each other.

Magnificent bathroom linen ideas that are worth trying out. The height and design is just cool.

Inspiring images with every aspect of the design looks outstanding. The coloring of the chicken also adds to the beauty of the design.


The shower curtain is filled with images of bathroom items. It also acts as a great reminder of the items to use.

Lovers of science can draw inspiration from having such a design in the bathroom.

The plain and waterproof color is quite ideal for the bathroom. Just ensure that you blend it with an image that best suits your taste.

If you live with several members in the house then having such a warning on your bathroom door is a good enough warning. It looks adorable and makes the design stand out.

Magnificent layers of curtain with the color used making it pop.

Color choice is a critical aspect of interior design and should be taken into consideration.

White linen works quite well with any color that can be incorporated in the image. the design below is just spectacular.

Nicely decorated shower curtain with every aspect looking adorable.

A stunning combination of colors with every aspect of the design looking spectacular.

The pattern looks more like shower drops and creates a good contrast with the white background.


Such a nice blend of colors with every element making the design to stand out.


Simple and classy are the best words to describe the design below.


Nice choice of color with the green and the black creating a cute contrast in a white background.

Make your design stand out in a cool and fascinating way.

If you want a design that stands out then the one below is just adorable.

A classic combination of grey and black with every aspect of the design looking magnificent.

When designing your bathroom shower, choose a design that best represents your personality.


Bring technology and your pet subject to your bathroom. The design looks amazing.

These look so beautiful and so traditional as well, they are well put and can fit with whatever the color theme used. The length of the shower curtain is also a good one.

Patterns speak a lot for shower curtains. The one below is very catchy because of the colors that contrast so nicely and are chic as well. The patterns are round and are well put together, this is just so amazing in general. A very possible choice for a bathroom with white as the main color.


This is one beautiful look for a shower curtain. It is not so merely done, it has the beautiful contrasting colors and some captivating drawings as well, this is simply sleek and amazing. It is for sure lovely.

Adorable shower curtain ideas

Shower curtains have so many colors and designs on them. The one shown below has some very nice design added to it. The color is not too much yet it brings out a very nice and boo feel to the bathroom as a whole. This is amazing.

Patterns and beautiful drawings make the shower curtains look so good, the one shown below has some interesting visual on it with all the light color touch up which make it just so beautiful. This is simply beautiful.

Words can be used as a nice design on shower curtains. The ones shown below are random words that are so beautiful as well, they are all over the place and with different colors so that some touch of color is added onto the design. This is with no doubt simple but so elegant as well.

Shower curtains have so many beautiful designs on it. The one below has a nice old fashioned feel to it that is cool and also calm as well. It is pretty and the color of the background is also something that is so good.

A nice way to add some life to your bathroom is simply by ensuring that there are colors that make the environment pop so nicely. This is going to make the room so lit up and vibrant. This one below is having a picture of colored balloons and the blue color makes it even much better. This is beautiful.


Such archaic like designs are so beautiful and authentic as well. This one below is one great one with the sophisticated design that brings out a nice bold look altogether, this is rare and unique as well. It is simply amazing.

Sleek shower curtain ideas

Color is a very important aspect when looking for a live shower curtain. The one shown below is one that is so bright due to all the live and vibrant colors used, this does light up the general atmosphere of the bathroom.

This is a very bold one and it does look very awesome. The picture on the curtain is of great quality and that is for sure a great statement for the whole bathroom. This is simply over the top.


The shower curtain shown below is so beautiful, there are so many colors that bring out some good contrast and nice blend to the whole bathroom, this is so brilliant. The design on it is also so pretty. This is amazing.


A very bold and very beautiful picture this is. The colors are well put and they do blend well, the picture on the curtain is big enough and that makes the statement made so clearly and that is a great thing.



Such sophisticated designs on shower curtains make them so beautiful. The style is so bold and this is generally a good design for a shower curtain.

A very nice shower curtain this is, for deep sea lovers, this is with no doubt a go-to design for your shower curtain, it is beautiful and the colors used blend so well and that is a very great thing. It makes the room lively.

Stunning bathroom ideas

This is a good one, the color on it is very bold and so elegant in a way. The game is the major inspiration behind the shower curtain. It is overly beautiful and amazing.

Shower curtains are of so many designs and styles, the one shown below has a fan on it, with all the parts labels and with different views as well. This is so genius and anyone with interests in machines could also do the same. This is over the top.

Movies can also be a good inspiration for designs on shower curtains. The one shown below is of such an example, it does look great and whatever the type of movie one likes is, a great shower curtain can be made from the poster of the movie. This is amazing.

Shower curtains can be made look simple and chic as well, the one shown below has a wonderful though simple design of some well put patterns on it, the colors are also different and that makes it even more elated. This is just beautiful.

For game lovers, this kind of shower curtain will suit them so nicely. This is beautiful and so simple. The design on it is so bold and that is a great thing. The bathroom is also like up with such a shower curtain.

Beautiful shower curtain ideas

Colors on shower curtains are a big thing. Some may prefer bright and others dull. Either way, with the right decoration or design, added onto it, it will just come out great. The one shown below is of such an example and it is beautiful.

Shower curtains come in so many wonderful designs, the one below is of a superhero cat, one could put their favorite pets on their shower curtains as well and that will be a great and easy design for shower curtains.


For music lovers, the design shown on the shower curtain is a go-to look for yours as well. The colors on it are also so calm and they do look good and blend well with the bathroom look whichever it is. This is good.

What a beautiful way to bring fascinating images and such that can be considered as the dreams of many to be alive. Having a look at such every morning has the potential of transforming the overall outlook of your space. The curtain looks magnificent with the images used enhancing the overall outlook of the design.


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