125 Girls’ Bedroom Ideas Your Daughter Will Love!

A girl’s bedroom is rarely empty. In every stage of a girl’s life, there’s always something that they are fussing over on. When they are young, they would want the latest doll from the toy’s store. When they become teenagers, it’s suddenly skirts and shoes. When they go to college, it’s make-up. When they grow older, it’s bags. There’s an endless cycle of things that fill a girl’s mind.

But where else are they going to put it? Without a nice bedroom, their things will end up in boxes or along the staircase. As a parent, you don’t want that. So while your daughter is still young, plan ahead and create a room that they can fill their things with. Read on for girl bedroom ideas.


125 Designs Your Daughter will Love

Have no idea on how to design your little girl’s room? No need to worry as this article has so many designs for you.


1. Pretty in Pink

Pink has always been a girl’s color. Take it from Barbie whose signature attire is pink. This is probably why girls automatically love this shade. Although it can be an eyesore to parents, there are many ways to mix and match different shades of pink to make it appealing to the eyes.

A pastel shade of pink is great for babies and for girls who are calm and sweet. Unlike its brighter counterpart, this shade is more relaxed which makes for the perfect bedroom color. If pastel pink or old rose is your color palette, then you can add a few pillows to further emphasize the comfiness of the room.


2. Feminine Blue

While pink is dubbed as a “girl color”, blue is always associated with boys. But that doesn’t mean that you should follow the norm. In fact, there are many shades of blue that can be as feminine as pink.

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To make a blue room look feminine, stick with pastel and light colors. These colors are often the shades of blue you see in the sky, except when it’s dark. You can pair these colors with paintings of clouds or snowflakes. Or, instead of painting the walls, you can have white linens that make the room seem like you’re floating in the clouds.


3. Purple for Royalty

Have you ever wondered why kings and queens wear purple robes and capes? That’s because purple symbolizes royalty. It brings with it a certain air and elegance that other colors don’t usually give. Even if your daughter is too young to think about royal symbols, adding purple in their room makes it more unique than when it’s filled with pink.

There’s also a lot of shades of purple. If dark violet is too dim for you, then you can use a lighter vision. Again, a pastel version of any color will automatically make it look girly.


4. Getting Ready for the Baby

Just because your baby isn’t born yet doesn’t mean that you don’t have to design their room. Sure, a crib by the side of your bed will do, but eventually, you’ll need more space than that.

Ideally, you should have a separate room for your baby. During their first few months, you will most likely sleep by their side, but as the months pass, you can already leave them in the room granted that you can hear them when they cry. Baby rooms always look better if you have a few stuff toys or wall paintings. It makes the room feel cozy and baby-friendly.


5. Patchwork Bedroom

Quilts are often associated with grandparents simply because they were the ones who used to create these things. Adding a quilt to your bedroom not only makes it look colorful, but it also adds something sentimental to the space. It’s colorful and comfy, and it can even be used as a blanket where girls would want to hide underneath in.

Another great thing about quilts is that they can go well with anything. Because it has so many colors, you can now be free to use almost any color to your room. Take a look at this girl’s bedroom that doesn’t have one color palette. You’d think it would look disorganized, but it isn’t.


6. Double Deck Reimagined

Double-decks are great space savers. If you have two daughters and you don’t have enough space in their room, a double-deck can easily be your solution to just allot one area of the room for your two kids to sleep in. But while double-decks are efficient, they used to have a very stiff design.

Make a double-deck look more inviting by adding a few shelves on one side and shelves around it. Not only does it make the beds look more inviting, but it also adds more storage space to the room.


7. Fluffy and Comfy

If your daughters aren’t allergic or asthmatic, fur can be a great addition to their room. You can add a fur carpet on the floor which will make the floor a good area to sit on and even lie on. Because the floor now looks inviting, there’s no need to add a huge table right at the center of the room.

It doesn’t even have to be fur. It can be any carpet with a smooth texture. It’s a guarantee that your kids will love it!


8. Room for Two

Double-decks may be the classic bed design for two children, but if you have enough space, you can simply just put two separate beds in the room. This is also ideal for teenagers as they won’t be fond of double-decks once they reach high school. Take a look at this bedroom. Instead of the usual four-legged bed, this bed gives the illusion that it’s dangling from the ceiling.

To give each of your daughters some personal space, place the beds on opposite sides of the room and put a nightstand right in the middle. This way, they can both share the light without having to add another table on the other side.


9. Wall Art Galore

Wall art is one of the techniques to turn a plain wall into a colorful and inviting one. Aside from the fact that you can put anything on a white wall, there are also wall stickers that you can paste if you want to make this a fun activity with your daughters. Fruits, animals, and flowers might be a little too difficult to paint, so you can just buy wall stickers that can achieve the theme that you want.

Wall art can also mean having fancy wallpapers. This abstract-inspired pink wallpaper suddenly made this room more interesting than it already is. Thanks to the combination of colors, this room gives a Greek-like atmosphere.

You can also just have a part of the wall designed. This forest-inspired wall sticker makes you feel that the trees are real thanks to the 3D effect.


10. Off to Dreamland

In this day and age, girls are taught to dream bigger and bolder. If you’d like to encourage your daughter to reach for the stars, then you can start decorating their room with those reinforcements. You can be as obvious as hanging a “dream” banner on the wall.

Stars are often symbols of dreams. If you want to be more subtle, you can decorate the room with dashes of stars. Wall art is popular these days, so you might want to grab a pack for your daughter’s room.



11. From the Countryside

Do you know how movies always portray countryside homes to be filled with wooden floors and white beds? If you find yourself adoring these themes, then you can incorporate them to your daughter’s bedroom. Countryside designs don’t always have to look so dingy; just take a look at these rooms.


12. Modern Chic

Not all girls are fans of the most popular things. For all you know, your daughter might be interested in art and color. If you know this to be true, then go out of the ordinary and design a modern and artistic bedroom.

To create a modern room, what you need are colors that go perfectly well. You can use the same colors that fashion designers match for their runway shows. Don’t forget to add pieces that have patterns and shapes.


13. Plain and Simple

Simple is boring. Wrong! There’s a reason why being simple is always better than being fancy. In terms of design, fancy can take a lot of space. It can also add to the clutter your mind will have to take in. Just imagine the effects of a messy room, right? So if you want to teach your children to be simple, start by designing their room in a similar way.

A simple design does not mean that the room should be empty. Take a look at this room where there’s enough space for everything – even to do jumps and cartwheels!

Or you can remove all the clutter and just have a simple bed with comfortable pillows. After all, it’s what makes a room a perfect place for sleeping in.


14. Personal Playroom

Turn your daughter’s room into a playroom by incorporating a slide. This can be connected to an entrance or a window.

If you don’t have space for a slide, you can just allot a large portion of the room for all the toys your daughter has.

You can even have a crafts corner. This can also double as a study table when your child isn’t playing or coloring.


15. Slumber Party Ready

There’s always a phase in a girl’s life where they will hold and join slumber parties. You can convert your kid’s room to a great sleepover venue by adding a nice night lamp and a canopy-inspired curtain.

Or you can just have an extra bed by the side for your kid’s friend that seems to be part of the family.


16. All Grown Up

Eventually, your daughter will grow up. In most cases, the all-pink room will now be repainted into something more mature. You can add modern pieces like minimalist cabinets and lamps. Or you can just change the color palette of the room. From pink, you can repaint it to maroon.

Your daughter’s interests might also change. So if they fancy an Old English type of ambiance, then having this British-inspired room will be something they will appreciate.


Tips to Maximize Space


1. Place the bed in the corner.

One of the largest pieces of furniture you’ll have in the room is the bed. A standard size single bed can still take up a lot of space in a small room, but it will use more if it’s right in the middle of the room. So, place your bed in the corner so you can use the middle area for other things.


2. Have a lot of storage space.

If your daughter has a lot of things, then it makes sense to have a lot of storage space too. If you don’t, then you’ll have all the things scattered on the floor.


3. Tidy Up

No matter how many shelves and cabinets you have, if your daughter does not know how to clean up then all of these will be useless. Try to teach your kids to return their toys and to make sure nothing gets left on the floor.


4. Design the walls.

Adding pictures, shelves, and art on the walls give an illusion that the room is big. When you have items on the walls, the eyes are drawn upward instead of sideward where they’ll most likely notice how small the room is.

However, if you plan on designing the walls, always make sure that you don’t overdo it as it can make the room look small too.



FAQs in Designing Girls’ Rooms

Here are your most common questions answered.

1. What’s the best way to store toys?

The best way to store toys is to hide most of them in boxes around the room while the others are put on display. Having a few toys on display add character and lightness to the room. And if you’re going to store the toys, make sure they are in places where your kids can easily reach them.


2. Double deck or two separate beds?

This is mostly dependent on how much space you have. If you have enough space to have two beds, then you can just have them separately. However, if two beds will leave no space for cabinets and walking spaces, then it’s best to go with a double deck. If you’re worried that it will look to ugly, there are double decks that you can customize so you can add storage spaces or a staircase.


3. What are other alternative colors to pink?

There are many alternatives to pink. In fact, you can freely mix and match pastel colors since all of them give a soft touch to a room. If your goal is to have bright colors in the room, then you can choose orange, yellow, or even green.

You can also go for the lightest color of them all – white. Although white is not advisable for a kid’s room, it’s great for teen’s and adults’ rooms.

You can even go out on a limb and try unconventional color schemes.


4. What colors can be paired with pink?

Depending on the shade of pink, the colors that go with them vary as well. If your main color is a soft shade of pink, then you can use gray, white, or pastel green. These colors offer just enough darkness or lightness and yet it still complements the shade of pink you chose.

On the other hand, you can go for a stark contrast to pink which is black. Although black is often associated with being a rebel, it can also symbolize strength and class.


5. A dresser or a nightstand?

A dresser and a nightstand are two different things. A dresser is a cabinet that is found away from the bed, usually on the opposite side of the room. On the other hand, a nightstand is placed right beside the bed and is often where the lamp and your phone is placed. You can have both in your room as they both serve a different purpose. The former can be for easy access to your phone and light, while the latter can be storage space for your clothes.

6. Should you avoid carpets?

Carpets can be a source of dust and germs, so it’s not advisable to use one if your kid is sensitive and allergic. However, if this won’t be a health hazard for your kids, then a carpet would be a nice addition to the room.


Overall, putting together a girls room isn’t that hard. With all these designs, there’s bound to be something your daughter will love. You can even ask her to help you out.



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