109 Gorgeous Closet Ideas To Organize Your Stuff

Style, elegance, comfort, and beauty – these are just among the top reasons why we always want to look great. At home, we do want our things to be pretty, organized and creative, and this includes our closet. if you are thinking about setting up your closet and make it artistic, these amazing closet ideas that we have rounded up for you will absolutely help.

You may have encountered scores of closet ideas on the internet, but it’s sometimes confusing, especially when you have a lot to consider. Closets will help you organize your clothes, linens, shoes, bags, jewelry, and everything else.

If you want it as simple as possible, you can have it. Otherwise, a wide array of gorgeous ideas are also on this page for your inspiration.

When you want your things organized, but you don’t have a closet, it can be tough. No one wants to be messy and nobody would say no when it comes to closets. These can tremendously offer comfort and ease with your stuff, especially your clothes.

If you want to be more passionate about it, there are so many options available for DIY. What you can do is to find the right materials you need and the right tools as well.

It can be a trial and error for DIY, but there’s always room for mistakes and improvement. As the old adage states, patience is always a virtue, especially for first-time makers.

We will be presenting you the DIY projects for different closet ideas on this page later on. For now, you can take a quick tour at these stunning closets that we prepared for you.

Some of these are a little pricey, but the others can be achieved within your means. So, check out these smart and chic closet ideas below.

Improvised closet

If you have a smaller space and you can’t have a closet, this is a great way to organize your stuff. Just get those modern hooks and secure them on the wall where you can hang your things.

All-in-one rack

This is a solid all-in-one cabinet that houses almost all your stuff – from clothes, linens, shoes and more.

DIY white frame

This is the cutest and cheapest way to organize your sunglasses if you have a lot of them. An organizer made from an old frame can be your mini closet if you are into DIY. You only need white paint or any color of your choice to have this simple organizer.

DIY isn’t only cheap, but it’s also a stress reliever where you can spend your free time expressing your thoughts and ideas. The overwhelming technology in this modern world is impenetrable and sometimes, it’s awesome to disconnect from it.

When you DIY, you give yourself the freedom to come up with new ideas and be creative. It inspires you to be keen on things that keep everyone alive, including survival.

Another great benefit for DIY is you give yourself to improve despite the numerous mistakes you make. Yes, there is always room for improvement.

Not only there is always learning, but you are also trying to help save the planet by recycling. Most DIYs are already available at home that you can make out of scratch. That way, you would be able to make use of the things that were supposed to be in the trash.

Although there are times that there is a need to purchase materials, most of them are ready for you to improvise. DIY is practical nowadays, especially for the minimalists.

Remember, simple things also bring joy even in a modest way. It allows you to be in touch with things that you did not expect to get connected with you.

So, if you are planning on renovating your closet, or getting a new one, consider the DIY. It’s not just fun and exciting, but it’s also refreshing to make stuff for yourself.

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DIY colorful jewelry boxes

Matching wooden hangers with soda tab

Clothes dividers

DIY storage bins

Acrylic purse holders and bag dividers

Laundry bin with two removable bags

Wooden rack with a curtain

Filled all-in-one rack

Kids’ stuff rack

Compact hanger bag organizer

Color-coordinated closet

Closet door hooks for bags

Shower hooks for bags


Filled rack with dividers

Color-coordinated hangers

Vanity and shoe rack in one

Sliding hanger holder mounted on the cabinet door

Wise storage with DIY bins and wicker basket

All-in-one white closet with mirror

Shower rings for your collection

DIY hanging hoop hamper

Here’s a beautiful example of why you should resort to DIY. This hamper is just so cute you could just hang it on the door. It doesn’t just save space, but it also avoids clutters – something that we can’t help at times.

There are so many reasons why DIY is great. Apart from saving money, you can also ensure that you get a higher quality out of your works. Just like hair colors, there are times that you would want to do it yourself at home than going to a salon.

It happens to other things too like the stuff at home that you want to do. Considering that you have the tools and materials, you should be able to come up with something with high quality.

With so many closet ideas that can be improvised, the selection is tricky. However, if you know what you need and you are willing to learn, things can be a lot easier for DIY.

Another reason why you should try to DIY is that you get a greater feeling of accomplishment as soon as you see your works. There have been a lot of people who have tried the DIY and more often than not, they feel accomplished and successful.

Apart from that, DIY can be addictive too in a good and sensible way. It can even get you to start your own business aside from saving money for doing things your own.

Even setting up your home is possible with DIY. Yes, things can happen if you are willing to make it happen.

Check out more of our closet ideas collection below.

Non-slip hangers

Categorized organizer

Circular stainless hanger for camisole

All-in-one cabinet with high rod white curtains

DIY drawers with labels

Wooden walk-in closet

This is by far one of the best walk-in closet ideas on this page with very organized stuff by category. The good thing about walk-in closets is that you can be organized as much as you want plus it can be your dressing room too. It can be your private nook whenever you need to change clothes without having to worry about the kids entering the room.

If you have a bigger home, consider saving a space somewhere in your bedroom to put up a walk-in closet. If you have this, you’ll have a lot of space to organize all your stuff without being messy. Sometimes, we get too occupied and we put our stuff somewhere that’s hard for us to find.

With a walk-in closet, you get all the things you need without clutters. You could also stuff those dividers and drawers with your other things like shoes, seasonal clothes, and even linens and beddings.

Large shoe cabinet with a mirror

Glowing modern walk-in closet with a center table

Folding closet door with mirrors

Rustic walk-in closet with drawers and shoe rack

Well-organized walk-in closet with matching hangers and storage bins

Elegant and large walk-in closet with center table and chandelier

Modern wooden closet with tons of dividers and ottoman

Classy and modern walk-in closet with well-lighted ceiling

Minimalist walk-in closet with long chair

All-in-one walk-in closet with vanity mirror and elegant chandelier

Walk-in closet with glass dividers

Large closet with mirrors, ottoman, and center table

Walk-in closet with an exit door

Elegant rustic closet with a chandelier

Walk-in closet with a glass ceiling

Masculine walk-in closet with rectangular lighted ceiling

Modest closet with an exit door

Simple and elegant closet with a wall mirror

Classy closet with oval-shaped mirror and long center table

Large closet with bins and a small center table

Minimalist closet with rectangular glass window and a chair

Vintage closet with an antique vase

All black closet

Engraved vintage walk-in closet with a classic chandelier

Colorful DIY closet

All white closet with a classic chandelier and ottoman

Walk-in closet with artwork and glowing chandelier

Closet with white ceiling

Elegant closet with mirrors and simple chandelier

Walk-in closet facing the outdoors

Wooden closet with bins

Wooden closet with dividers and drawers

Prefabricated closet with an elegant touch

Closet with a large mirror

Vanity, shoe, and clothes rack with cabinets

Closet with two sections

Matching and non-slip hangers

Closet with a large bin

A stuffed and organized closet

Categorized closet

Cool closet with excellent divisions

Divided closet with drawers

DIY driftwood hanger holder

Rustic closet with shoe rack and woven basket

Cute bag and shoe rack in one

Improvised hangers and hooks with a rod

Non-slip hangers for pants

Shoe hanger

Linens and beddings rack

Closet with a stylist app

Hanging rods for clothes

Simple all-in-one closet

There are a lot of options available when it comes to closets, but organizing your things might be difficult for you. Don’t fret though. If you need help with putting your stuff in order, we have a few tips to make your life easier.

Maintaining your closet is a lifetime and that is a job that you can’t refuse. We have shown most of the closet ideas that can help you decide what kind or type of closet you would want. From DIY to premade, you have all the options.

Now that you have decided to get a closet, let’s show you some of the easy steps on how to organize your closet without having to spend a lot.

  • Place your clothes that you always use on sight.
  • Use dividers for your undergarments.
  • Categorize your clothes for better access.
  • Hang those pricey, vulnerable, and firm clothes.
  • Color-code your clothes.
  • Make use of the vacant wall spaces to hang your jewelry and other accessories.
  • Put your workout clothes, pajamas, and t-shirt into bins.
  • Design or DIY your closet for minimal spending.
  • Pile up your bulky clothes like sweaters and denim instead of hanging them.
  • Hang your scarves using hangers or improvised shower rings.
  • Place all your stuff by how you first get dressed.
  • Use matching hangers.
  • Use artistic DIY markers like ribbons to place on your most-used clothes.
  • Know when to get rid of the clothes that you no longer use by donating them.
  • Empty and clean your closet on a regular basis.
  • Always put a trash bin close to your closet.

Check out more inspirational and stunning closet ideas below.

Purse holders

Simple and rustic closet with storage bins

Modest brown closet with bins and stripes mat

Modern brown closet with many drawers

Here’s another great example on how to organize your stuff. Color-coordination, by category, and more can be seen in this closet.

But before setting up and organizing your closet, you will need the right tools and here’s your checklist.

You may need the following:

  • Measurement tape. For you to know what types of clothes or other stuff that can fit your closet, you will need a tape measure. Take note of the size to ensure that everything fits.
  • Shopping bags or anything that can carry your stuff. When you have decided to donate some of your clothes and accessories that you no longer use, you can donate them to any charity or organization that need them. Oversize shopping bags would be great to transport them but avoid using single-use plastic bags because they can be harmful to the environment. Get the ones that are reusable or easy to dispose of.
  • All-in-one bin or basket. Anything that you can find in your pockets or purse like receipts, papers, hair ties, coins, and more should have a bin that can house them while you are trying to clean up your closet. Be sure to have a bin nearby so you can just check these stuff as soon as you’re done decluttering your closet.
  • Full-size mirror. There is nothing splendid than having a mirror close to your closet. If you have this, it’s a lot easier to see whatever outfit that you would want to ear for the day.

Donating or selling your clothes are two best options of decluttering

When you declutter, it is important that you know what to give up. Your shoes, clothes, accessories, and other stuff should have the right place for them. But sending them out to the garbage bin is not a good idea.

However, the things that you may need to trash must be impossible to fix or repair. If it’s stained and cannot be removed, you can consider the trash idea since it would be embarrassing to donate them. But then again, we don’t encourage to just throw them out.

Other than that, donating your stuff would be a brilliant idea as long as they are still in good shape. There are lots of organization that accept clothing donations so be sure to check them out when you decide to give your unused stuff away.

Another good thing is to make money out of your unused stuff like selling them to your friends or to the shops that accept second-hand items and clothing. Consider this option if you want to earn a few bucks from your used clothes. You don’t just declutter your closet – you also earn from them.

Lastly, think well about decluttering your closet because it’s important that you know what to give up and what to keep.

Masculine gray closet with curtains

All-in-one walk-in closet with bins and neatly piled clothes

Polished wooden closet

Matching closet and clothes

Closet with decorated doors

If you already have a premade closet but you still want to design it your own, this is one of the best DIY closet ideas that you can try. It will definitely save your money and time.

DIY can bring out your creativity and sense of achievement. It is always a great feeling when you see what you have done with admiration.

The creativity that DIY brings is impressive as it also allows you to recycle things that are no longer in use. Others who have tried the DIY didn’t even know that they have these artistic skills, which is a great way to discover what you are able to do.

Disconnecting from the digital world once in a while works best and DIY is the best solution. It is now very famous and if you indulge yourself in it, there is no going back. It’s addictive in a good way.

Just don’t forget to explore many ideas and you should be able to come up with something that would enhance your artistic skills.

Brown closet with transparent doors and drawers

Modern closet with dividers and glass covers

Closet with a center and side counters

White walk-closet with triangular ceiling

Modern closet with a center table and dividers

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