127 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Moving to a new home can be scary. You start paying the bills with your own money, you clean everything by yourself, and you prepare your own food. But even if there are more responsibilities waiting, you don’t want your friend who’s throwing away a housewarming party to focus on that. Since they are inviting you to their welcoming party, might as well get them something that will be worth your invite.


XX Housewarming Ideas for Every Kind of Friend

What is the best gift to give in a housewarming party? If you have no idea what, then this long list of presents will help you know what to buy. So if your friend is artsy, married, or minimalist, you will know what gifts to give them.

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1. For the Artistic

Most artists love paintings and photos. If you know your friend has a plain white wall in their home, then you can give them something to fill the white wall with. You can start with a large painting or give them a few small paintings which they can arrange all over their house. If you are a painter yourself, then you can give them a painting made by yourself.

Not everyone has a budget for a painting, so instead on splurging on big photos and frames, you can give them small artworks. These coasters are perfect examples of subtle artworks. The great thing about these gifts is that they can be used by your friend when they serve their guests some drinks.

Or you can give them a nicely hand-painted porcelain bowl that they can use as a display in their dining room.


2. For the Chef

Since your friends will be cooking in their new home, one of the most common gifts you can give is anything cooking-related. You can gift them this air fryer if your friend is a lover of anything fried. Although this takes more time than deep frying french fries, at least it can be a lot healthier and more convenient. Say goodbye to getting scorched!

You can also gift them this spice rack where everything is labeled neatly. They don’t have to put all their spices in different bottles because everything’s here. Because it’s so simple and beautiful, this rack can even be used as a design in the dining room.

Even if there are so many good-looking kitchen tools and fixtures, don’t forget to consider giving them pots and pans. These cooking essentials can be costly especially if your friend is just settling in. So if you’re sure that your friend doesn’t have a decent pan in their kitchen, then now is the time to give them what they need.

Here are other kitchen appliances and tools that your friend will love:


3. For the On-the-Go

Face it, there are times when your friend will not have enough time to cook meals, not to mention, prep so many ingredients. That’s why it could be helpful to give them a few kitchen appliances that will help make their lives easier. This toaster is a great idea for people who like having toasts during breakfast.

Aside from a toaster, you can also give them a modern blender that can help them blend all the fruits and vegetable they want to eat in one smoothie. This Nutri Bullet high-speed blender can help them prepare for work in no time. Just place all the ingredients here, press it, and then pour them in a tumbler.


4. For the Baker

A lot of people will argue that cooking is different from baking. For one thing, it’s a lot easier to remedy ruined dishes, unlike ruined pastries and cakes. To help your friend perfect that cake you’ve always wanted to taste, gift them with a few baking tools.

Just because the great chefs use silver measuring cups and bowls doesn’t mean that your friend should too. Give them something creative and unique with this measurement guide. This is great for beginners too!

And of course, a little encouragement can go a long way.


5. For the Coffee Lover

Face it, you have at least two friends who rely on coffee to start their day. If one of these friends is moving to their new home, then it makes sense to give them something that can help their daily dose of coffee. This French press is a simple version of the more sophisticated models. What’s great about this is that it looks cute and there are no complicated features that can get in the way of making freshly brewed coffee.

Or if your friend has no idea how to make their own coffee, you can gift them this electronic coffee maker. All they need to do is put the beans in the compartment and the machine will do everything. Plus, unlike the French press, your friend can customize the brewing time depending on how they want their coffee.

Other than coffee makers, you can give a simple gift that any coffee lover will appreciate – jars. These coffee and sugar jars are simple, yet they can be helpful in organizing your friend’s kitchen. Plus, they no longer have to rely on other containers that are hard to open.



6. For the Parents

It’s never easy to be a parent. On top of caring for their kids, your friend now has to tend to their own household and pay a lot of bills. If you ask anyone, this is quite the responsibility that even most people forget to manage. So to help your friend out, give something that can reinforce family bonding. Take a look at these cute printed blankets. They’re just perfect for the Saturday movie nights!

A vacuum cleaner can come in handy too. Whether your friend has kids or not, vacuum cleaners are great for tidying up the whole house.


7. For the Friendly Hosts

One of the ways that can help you decide what to give to a housewarming party is the character of the homeowner. Is he friendly? Artistic? Sporty? When you know who they are, it’s a lot easier to pick something that they can relate to. For example, these friendly items are perfect for homeowners who are always welcoming and friendly.



8. For the Nature Lover

Plants help improve oxygen in certain spaces. Even if your friend is not into plants, gifting them something that can help clean up the air in the room is always a good idea. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a big plant because there are so many smaller alternatives to give.

Succulents are big these days simply because they are easy to maintian. Just water them a few times a week and they can already survive.


9. For the Organizer

If your friend loves organizing things, then they will love these wall handles that allow them to hang all sorts of things.

Or if they have a lot of bottles in the house, this bottle rack can help your friend organize them all.


10. For Wine Enthusiasts

You may not know it, but there are so many things you can give your friends that love wine. Take a look at these wine coolers, organizers, and even glass handles. Your wine enthusiast friends will definitely love the presents!


11. For Cheese Addicts

Speaking of wine, what goes well with it is cheese. Cheese is starting to become a world-favorite especially when different kinds of cheese are making their way to the U.S. market. Cheese is better presented in a wooden board simply because it doesn’t stick. Plus, the color and texture of the cheese complements the wooden board well.

If you can’t find any wooden board, a simple chopping board can do. But you can only get away with this if and only if the chopping board looks nice.


12. For the World Traveler

There are people who want to remember where they’ve been. If your friend is one of those, then they will definitely love it if you give them something reminiscent of their travels.


13. For the Humorous

Just because homeowners are in for new responsibilities doesn’t mean that they have to be so serious. Add a little humor to their home by giving them something like this:


14. For the Neat Freak

Since it’s a new home, you want to be able to maintain it and keep it looking brand new. To help your friend out, give them something that they can use in their home. These hand towels look simple, but because their prints are not, they make for perfect gifts.

You can also give them a bathroom set that can help organize their toothbrushes, soap, and other personal care items.


15. For the Entertainer

There are some people who love having people over to their new home. Whether it’s for a simple dinner or for game night, being prepared to entertain guests should always be an ability of any homeowner. To help prepare your friend for future dinners and get-togethers in their home, give them something that they can use to impress their house guests.

Of course, one of the ways that can liven up any gather is music. These music boxes are perfect for the old-school and the new.

16. For Friends Who Spend A LOT of Time in the Bathroom

A lot of people say that the bathroom is a sanctuary. In reality, this is only possible if the bathroom is nice and fresh. Give your friend a great bathroom experience by gifting essential oils and candles that can freshen up their comfort rooms.


17. For Those Who Lover Color

Sure, black and white color blocking is a thing now, but there are so many colors out there that can help make a home more homey and warm. Take a look at this colorful pen holder. Yes, it’s just a pen holder, but the Wes Anderson-inspired colors can give an artistic touch to any plain table.

Talk about more Wes Anderson color palettes! This flower pot redefines the traditional clay pot. The hand-painted design also gives it a little extra knowing that it isn’t your usual flower vase.

But don’t be confined with ornaments and vases. If you want to add color to your friend’s house, you can do so by giving them anything that has a range of colors. These soaps are too beautiful to be used that sometimes it’s better to just have them displayed.


Tips in Giving Housewarming Presents

Buying housewarming presents is more than just picking the first thing you see in the store that looks cute. Any decent friend who is excited to see their friend’s new home should know that gift-giving means a lot. It is a great way to show how much you care and know the person you’re giving the gift to. To guide you in shopping for the right housewarming present, here are a few tips you should know.

1. Back to Basics

Even if having a new home is a big leap towards the world of responsibility, your friend still needs the basic things to make their home functional. When picking the right gift, make sure that your friend has all the basics covered – the pots and pans, the glasses, the appliances, etc. If they haven’t, then you should focus on what they need most in their new home.

There are other home necessities that some homeowners take for granted, hence, they don’t think of buying them. As a friend, you should try to buy those items that new homeowners might not have the time or resources to buy. Take, for example, these sauce containers. They’re not much, but they help organize condiments and sauces in an elegant way.


2. Customize

Go the extra mile by customizing the gifts you give. Placemats and table napkins seem too simple to give, but if you engrave sayings and labels on them, they immediately become one of the most appreciated presents at the party. Show your friend that you think about them by engraving something that can make them laugh or smile.

You can also opt for having initials on glasses. These are perfect for friends who always have a lot of guests in their home. To avoid getting their drinks mixed with other guests’, put some labels on the glasses.


3. Be Sentimental

If you have decided to customize your gift, go ahead and write something that can motivate your new homeowners. A simple heartwarming note can go a long way especially if you know that this is the first time your friend’s having their own home. Besides, sharing love and kindness should not be limited to when you are just physically together.

A unique way to be sentimental is to give the new homeowners something that can serve as a guide in managing the household. Take this picture cookbook that will help your friends during times that they have no idea what to eat, let alone cook.


4. Think Out of the Box

It can’t be stressed enough that moving to a new home is difficult. And since your friends will most likely focus on paying the bills, there’s a high chance they forget to put some decor into their homes. If you’re feeling generous and you want to buy them something that can help improve the interior of their home, then it’s time to think outside the box.

When picking the perfect gift, always ask yourself, “What would she need?” If you know they have everything they need then go on to ask about what they want. If you know they want plush items or artistic decors, then give them exactly that. Even if people tell you to stick to giving appliances and cooking tools, you can always buy something unconventional that you know your friend will appreciate.


5. Help Organize Things

No matter how many times you clean a house, if there are no organizers, then it will be hopeless. Help your friend take control of their home by giving them items that can keep things in place. One of the most important organizing techniques is to place them in bins or cabinets. These bins and cabinets can help sort dirty clothes to the clean ones.


6. Put Labels

Another technique in buying housewarming presents is to look for something that has a label on it. It can be the name of a place or the name of the homeowner. Anything that has a name engraved on it gives a lot of personality. Plus, these labels can help identify which owns what in the house.

Or instead of labeling a bag or a tumbler, you can gift a hanging sign. This is perfect for living room ornaments or main door designs.


Overall, there are so many gift ideas that can help you decide what to buy for your friends. But while it’s easy, it can also be confusing especially when you have so many gift options to choose from. When you’re in situations like this, just always remember to focus on the person receiving the gift. If you know they will like it, then that’s what you should get.

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