100 Especially Tailored Modern and Functional Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Are you thinking of redecorating your kitchen, or even setting it up from scratch? If your answer is yes, then read further to discover a multitude of kitchen renovation ideas! This article will provide you with multiple ideas regarding kitchen trends, colors and materials that you can use. In addition, you will also learn valuable information about kitchen furniture. Accessorizing your space will become easier after browsing through all of the following information. After all, the kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your home. Managing it in a functional and especially aesthetic way requires a bit of work.

2019 Kitchen Renovation Ideas in Trends

2019 is the year of refinement, organic colors and subtlety in design. Here are the essential elements in a modern kitchen in 2019:

  • Matte materials, which are much more subtle replace the shiny ones. This is because we want to get rid of the cold atmosphere that is not at all natural for a kitchen. This material type adds not only warmth and comfort, but also a perfect touch of elegance.
  • Earth colors are the favorites of the year 2019. They are known to give the impression of sensitivity and depth. From blue to mustard yellow or burned red, the possibilities are endless even for the most pretentious tastes.
  • The retro style is re-integrated into contemporary design. It comes with modern accents, outlined in minimalist lines. The simplicity of the Shaker furniture can be accentuated with a Belfast sink and reinterpreted through a bold chromatic palette. Shaker’s furniture is distinguished by the simplicity of the lines and the design so efficient and concise that it is no wonder that it has returned to strength.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas – Pick the Right Furniture Type

Regardless of the size of the room, with the right design, you can create space in the narrowest or tiniest kitchen or fill a huge kitchen with style.

Ideas for Setting up a Narrow Kitchen

If you own a narrow kitchen, it most definitely gives you headaches. This is happening due to the insufficient space it offers for you to store your dishes, cutlery or supplies. In this regard, you can use the free space you have on the wall. For example, you can install a few supports on the wall meant to hold your favorite mugs. Conversely, you can think of installing a metal bar to organize your knives. In fact, proper organizing is the first step you must take for the right arrangement of a narrow kitchen.

The next step is choosing furniture that suits your kitchen and does not agglomerate it. You can direct your attention towards kitchen renovation ideas that feature compact, ergonomic and modern furniture designs. Moreover, think about finishes in light shades as the kitchen must look spacious and bright.

In addition, suspended or high-ceiling cabinets will give you more space for storing items without taking up too much of the room’s surface.

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Setting up the Triangle of Work in Your Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen furniture can be used both for the design of a spacious kitchen as well as for a small kitchen. With its help, you can set up the well-known “triangle” of work, which is extremely easy and efficient.

The rule involves placing the three main pillars of the kitchen (the sink, the fridge and the stove) in the shape of a triangle. More specifically, the imaginary lines between the sink, fridge and stove must form a triangle. In this way, you will enjoy an impeccable functionality of the kitchen, as the Cornell University researchers discovered in the 1940s. Two-sided kitchen furniture will help you achieve this.

If you have a larger kitchen, you can install the sink separately from the corner furniture. The sink can be placed on an island wide enough to also be used as a table. If you do so, the room will instantly get modern aesthetics and exquisite style. In the case of small and narrow kitchens, this type of furniture serves to increase the size of the available work space. However, it also allows you to store your dishes and accessories in a more organized manner.

Use the Balcony Space to Set up a Cooking Room

For the right and practical arrangement of such a kitchen, architect Manuel Saliche argues that the balcony should not represent the whole kitchen itself, but only a part of it. He says that it could not fulfill all the functions necessary for a kitchen. If you decide to make such an extension in your apartment, make sure the balcony is closed and insulated.

Choose a furniture type that matches the one in the kitchen itself. So, browse through items from the same collection. If you want the family to dine in this extension of the kitchen, you can turn to a table that folds. It will definitely do its job perfectly.

Renovation Ideas With Style – The Open Space Kitchen

The arrangement of the living room and the kitchen in a common space has become an extremely popular idea in recent years. It is an idea that both homeowners and apartment owners have begun to address. This is because it encourages socialization and connection with friends and family while preparing meals.

An open-space kitchen increases the space visibly, as well as the brightness in the room. We could even say that open space kitchens are the culmination of modernity with regard to interior design. Moreover, it favors comfort and multitasking, popular habits today that in some cases help you save time.

For a practical and aesthetic interior, make sure that the finishes in the two rooms you unite (the living room and the kitchen) match. Whether it’s materials, textures or the palette of colors you choose, they must match. For a visual and subtle delimitation of the two rooms, you can place a table large enough in the middle, with seating to fit naturally into both spaces. Typically, the most common design of an open-space kitchen includes L-shaped furniture and a separate island or a large table. As for colors, they must generate strong contrasts.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas Include Corner Seating

An essential element that can help you save a lot of space and comfort is the kitchen corner. When you buy one, you must first choose quality materials. We are talking about solid wood and cloth, which last a long time. Those that have low prices are usually not made with the best materials.

Moreover, you have to keep in mind the design of the kitchen and choose a corner seating to complement it perfectly, both with respect to the color palette and the chosen textures. In addition, many kitchen corners are sold together with a pair of stools. Depending on how many guests fill your kitchen or how large your family is, you can either drop them or make sure they are included in the price.

Color Palettes Best Suited for Kitchen Furniture

The furniture colors must be chosen depending on the size of the kitchen and how much natural light penetrates it. You can use any color that confers a vibrant, invigorating atmosphere. Colors such as claret, pale blue, mustard yellow to metallic or even matte yellow are great choices. The colors you choose must also represent the style you have in mind for your kitchen, whether it’s modern, classic or vintage. Here are some suggestions for each of these three styles:

Colors Characteristic to the Modern Style 

For the modern style, it is recommended that you use those warm colors that we were talking about in the 2019 trend section. For example, instead of bright yellow, use mustard yellow and combine it with matte or black grain for a great contrast. However, you can also use lighter colors, such as navy blue, combined with light yellow, gray or even aqua shades.

Color Combinations for the Classic Style

The classic style is usually made of neutral colors, both white and cream. In addition, it can be brought closer to the modern style with the use of black objects such as an island in an open-space kitchen. Different brown shades, such as chestnut, fit perfectly with a counter-top or a marble table.

Colors Representative for the Vintage Style

The vintage style has very light, pale colors that give it an elegant yet fresh look. Vintage doesn’t involve just a neutral chromatic palette. You can also use colors such as purple, green, blue or yellow.

Ideal Materials Used for Kitchen Counter-Tops

The material from which the kitchen furniture is made of is just as important as its colors, both in terms of its aesthetic and practical character. A good kitchen counter-top should be easy to maintain. And, above all, it should be resistant to humidity, high temperature and chemical agents. Below, we have prepared a list of the most commonly used kitchen counter-top materials.

The Wooden Counter-Top

Natural wood can offer your kitchen a rustic and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, counter-tops made of this material are extremely functional, hygienic and can be treated to withstand high temperatures or moisture. However, wood may discolor, scratch and crack in time upon contact with chemical agents or other external factors. At the same time, the wooden counter-top is not easy to clean, but there are some solutions that can help you.

Kitchen Counter-Top Made of Stainless Steel

Not only does stainless steel have a very long life, but it is also very hygienic. This is because it does not attract odors or germs. In addition, it is easy to maintain, it resists to high temperatures and reflects the light for a serene and spacious kitchen. However, this material can be scratched quite easily. In minimalist kitchens, this type of counter-top will be exactly the memorable feature that makes the difference between a tidy and a spectacular setting.

The Marble Counter-Top

Marble is not exactly the cheapest material, but it certainly gives the kitchen a spectacular design. If you are more interested in the aesthetic side than the practical side of the kitchen counter, then this material will exceed your expectations. However, if you want to enjoy a perfect kitchen functionality, marble might be troublesome because it is very difficult to maintain and stains lightly.

Heat-Resistant Melamine Counter-Top

If you want kitchen furniture made of natural stone, wood or quartz, but your budget does not allow you to buy it, you can focus on melamine-coated furniture. The glossy MDF is much cheaper, easier to maintain and has the same modern look.

The Granite Counter-Top

If you have a generous budget, granite is perhaps the best option for the kitchen counter-top. The material is characterized by a high level of hardness. In addition, it is easy to maintain and behaves exemplary in front of chemical agents and other external factors that threaten its integrity. A disadvantage could be the fairly high prices at which this material is sold.

Sink and Faucets – Equally Important Kitchen Elements

  • The function of the sink is essential in a kitchen. That’s why you have to consider choosing one made of quality material. You can choose between stainless steel, granite, composite, acrylic and glass, depending on the characteristics of each material and match it to the chosen design.
  • The sink can be recessed or uninhibited. While the first type looks better when included in personalized furniture, uninhabitable sinks offer you the freedom to change their place, provided you stay near a water source.
  • As for the shape of the sink, you have to choose between square, rectangular, oval or round washbasins. They can be either simple or with two vats.
  • When it comes to the color of the sink, they may vary. You can pick white, or earth shades, silver or even red. The choice is strictly subjective in this sense.
  • The most common materials used for kitchen faucets are stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper and bronze. Exterior finishes can also be made from materials such as granite or ceramics.
  • The valves can be operated with single control, with double control for cold and hot water, touch or sensor.
  • Pipes can be standard, tall or expandable. The latter resemble a shower head and have the advantage of mobility.
  • The valves can also be chosen depending on the mounting type: on the counter, on the sink or on the wall.

Accessories Useful to All Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Leaving decorations aside, the kitchen has to be equipped with practical accessories to make your work easier. Also, you should have all the utensils you need when cooking at your disposal. The same goes for the ease of washing dishes or stretching out the table. Here are some accessories that could be of great help to you when it comes to storage and organizing the kitchen:

  • Supports – For starters, you’ll need sturdy supports for freshly washed dishes. These are practical because the water drains before you put the dishes back in the cabinet. This could mean fewer wet towels for you at the end of the day. Moreover, cups can be stored above the sink on a suspended rack to save space. Even spices, tea or coffee can be intelligently sorted with such an accessory. Not only will they offer a modern look to your kitchen, but they will also help you have frequently used ingredients at hand.
  • Organizers – In order to store cutlery by category, you can choose a plastic drawer organizer. Or, if you don’t like plastic, you can go for stainless steel or even wood organizers. Various kitchen utensils can be stored in a high-grade ceramic mug of minimalist design.
  • Storage accessories – To make more space on your kitchen counter-top, install a bookshelf to put all your cookbooks, magazines and notes there.

Regardless of the available space, there are smart storage solutions that help get a unified look in the kitchen. Thus, helping you hide less aesthetic utensils and expose those that compliment the design.

Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating a Kitchen

Ignoring storage spaces. If you have the patience to look into various kitchen organizers, you will see that storage spaces are valuable. In addition, there are so many smart ways to store things that you don’t know about!
Choosing the aesthetic principle to the detriment of the practical one. In this way, you might end up opting for hard-to-handle materials. Dealing with moisture and stains isn’t worth the effort!
Overloading the available space. You might feel tempted to pick furniture that doesn’t match certain textures or shades. Thus, overloading the kitchen space with too many elements.
Trying to stay in trends only. If you only care about trends, then you should think about the fact that they change. In a few years, you might not even like your kitchen and it will definitely not reflect your personality.

30 More Renovation Ideas for the Kitchen

As it follows, we will leave you with 30 more sources of inspiration! Making up your mind is definitely not an easy process, but the next images will help. After you’re done reading this article, you should feel savvier and ready to take the next steps!

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