Mason jar crafts to get your house all nice and tidy

Mason jar crafts are just magical and have a way of bringing that rustic feeling to a setting. Instead of spending huge amounts on decor items, you can elevate use of the mason jars for your home decor. Get insight on the unique ways that you can use to enhance the beauty and elegance of your home.

Beautiful Mason Jar Crafts

Apart from being used as containers for the tasty smoothies and the leftover foods, there are a lot more that can be done with mason jars. Bring your creative ideas into action and design beautiful jars as part of your decor.

This one has been used as a salt keeper, salt can then be poured from it and measured correctly. The mason jar is of great use when used like this especially in the kitchen. This is simple yet very beautiful. You can also come up with some creative ideas on how to make use of your jars.

When nicely decorated, they can look very attractive and appealing. The one shown below is mostly to decorate the place or rather add some little pop of color and beauty to the environment. This can be used as candle holders or even as a flower vase. This is elegant.

Mason jars look better when some decoration is added to them so that they pop up nicely. The ones shown below have some plants planted in them and some dove decoration on them, this is very beautiful and simple, it is simply lovely.

Magnificent mason jar crafts

Mason jar crafts are of so many nice designs, the one shown below shows blended colors that go well with the color of the plants in it as well. The blending of colors is one great way to make sure that the mason jars look great. These ones for sure look good, simple and so elegant.

Mason jars can be used in very many ways, the ones shown below, for example, have been used as supporters, they have been well fixed and they also have some content in them, they are therefore serving multiple purposes. This is an advantage for sure.

The mason jars below have been used as light holders, they are looking so beautiful, the clear color is a good thing cause it ensures that the light is well shown. This is for sure over the top and it is also so creative, one does not need to spend a lot on the bought lamps. This is over the top.

Mason jar crafts can be used for many different ways, the one below has been well done, the bright color on it is vibrant and so beautiful. The jar has been used as a storage for pencils, this is useful and very much efficient and reliable and comfortable for office space and even for school work, this is beautiful.

Creative ways of using mason jars

The mason jar makes a very good flower vase, the one shown below can fit anywhere in the house, it is of good size and also so beautiful, coloring the jar makes it look even much better, this is simple and so beautiful as well. Storage for various items is a very good way to use mason jars.

Mason jar crafts are so many and the designs are so authentic. The one shown below shows a nicely done mason jar with some space at the center that one can put a photo of whatever they like, even if is their own. There are flowers in it that make the jar pop even much better. This is so beautiful.

Glitter makes mason jars look so much better, the one below looks so good. One can decide to put glitter on the whole of it or partly like the one below, either way, they still look so nice, these jars can then be used for storage of personal items or other valuable things. This is just so beautiful.

There are varied uses of mason jars and the ones below have been used to hold in place some of the commonly used household items such as toothbrushes, cotton wool and others.

You can also decorate the jars and use them in a similar way as flower vases. Instead of spending money on purchasing a flower vase, you can decorate the mason jars then use as a centerpiece in your home.

Apart from holding flowers in place, mason jars can also be used to hold the spoons in place. The fact that they are quite long lasting when taken good care of makes them be quite ideal for such tasks.

Decorated Mason Jar Crafts

There are varied tasks that mason jar crafts can be used for. The tin below has the lid opened and is being used for a collection of donation funds. Thetin is beautifully decorated with every element of the design looking magnificent.

Mason jars have greatly evolved from the versatile canning containers to items that can be used for diverse purposes. The one below has been used to hold in place what seems like food for the birds. Explore your creativity and come up with insight on how you can make the most use of the jars.

Storage of foodstuff and leftovers is another important task that the mason jars are used for. The jars below are neatly arranged on a shelf and are also carrying different types of foodstuffs.

A simple jar like the one below can also be used for storing elements that can easily get lost if not well secured. There are several tasks that the tins can be used for so having an idea about the task can be of great help.

As you can see in the design below, the use of jars for holding in place the paper towels helps with ensuring that any form of wastage os avoided. The holed tins make it possible to just pick a piece of the paper towel at a time.

The mason jar below can be used for storing powdered spices as that makes it easy to dispense them without any form of wastage. The lid is tightly fit and that helps with ensuring that the jar is capable of holding the spices in place.

Insightful Mason Jars Crafts

Needs and pins are things that are not only tiny but also gets lost easily. When not properly kept, one may spend lots of time trying to locate them. The below design expresses better ways of ensuring that needles are properly kept.

A range of unique ideas that can be used to keep the sweets in place. Glass jars are quite suitable for handling such tasks and also enables labeling to be done accordingly.

These jars are very good twine holders with the drill helping with ensuring that there is no wastage. Mason jars are not things that you get to use then throw away, there are various activities that they help in simplifying.

Mason jars can also be used as candle holders, the good thing about this is that one could just make their own candles from home, all one would need is wax and the mason jars. They are very appealing and another good thing is that they can be recycled once the candle melts away. These are very reliable and so chic as well.

A relief for ladies, those that have to buy several storage bags to put their makeup can just switch to mason jars, they are easy to clean and they can fit anywhere due to their reasonable sizes. They are also longlasting and one could decorate them to their liking. This is great.

For either a salt shaker or black pepper shaker, mason jars are just an equally good way to go, all one needs is a hammer and nail to put holes on top to allow the salt to come out after that is done, one can comfortably use that with no worries, this is simply amazing.


Amazing Mason Jar Crafts

The mason jars can also be very good detergent bottles, they are strong and they are with no doubt also very useful when corrosive chemicals are put in them. They are strong and therefore very longlasting. This is a very good way to keep your detergents and liquid cleaners as well.

Mason jars when used as covers for lights, they not only look beautiful but also very elegant, they are left clear so that the light is bright enough. The ones shown below have been well put in a line, these are outside lights, more so security lights, they look very nice. This is simple and so over the top as well.

The crafting of mason jars is very cool and the crafts can be done in so many ways. The ones shown below have photos of people on them, this is one very good way to make the jars have a much-elevated look. This is elegant and it does connect with the owner in a very special way and it could also be given as a gift to someone. This is beautiful.

Even as a match lighter, mason jars are the best and safest way to go. The one shown below has a top that lights up the matches in the jar this is very safe because the chances of getting burnt are so minimal, it can, therefore, be handled by anyone with much ease. This is awesome.

Mason jars have so many different uses, this one has been used to put some plants that are required to grow, this is very useful because the plants are well secure and therefore they are safe and are guaranteed to grow properly. This is simply beautiful and very neede for anyone thinking of maybe starting a garden, this is a safe and cheap way to do it.

Classic Mason Jar Ideas

The mason jars can be good drinking vessels the one shown below has a small opening at the top through which a straw passes, this is good for drinking especially when outdoors because they are safer compared to glasses that are open and are also very delicate. This is very comfortable and safe.

Mason jars are of many different sizes, some are too big and others small enough to fit things. The ones below have been well put in the drawer and they have been used to store spices and their lids well labeled, this ensures that space is saved and everything is in order. This is just so beautiful.

Mason jars can also be used for food and drinks, the one below is a good example, it has been used to put some fruits that will make the juice or lemonade rather, this is a good way to make your juice at home, this is so amazing and simple, this is just so good.

These jars can also be used for carrying packed food items. The one below shows an arrangement of vegetables of different types. You can use the jars to pack and also store foodstuffs.

Such a beautiful combination of pink, green and purple colored flowers. The outlook is magnificent and also makes the place to pop in such a cool way.

Depending on how clear the jars are, they can also be used as lamp holders and for carrying candles in place. Like in the design below, the glass jars are used to hold lamps in place and also provide illumination.

Stunning Mason Jar Crafts

Bakers can make use of the mason jars to store their bakery products such as the one shown below. The design looks magnificent and with its tight lid provides quality protection for the cake items.

If you intend to chill something then a jar can be used to stock ice cubes. The below tin looks fully packed with ice cubes and used for chilling ice cream. The tin is spacious enough and that allows for placement of a number of ice cream cubes.

Having your candles placed inside a glass jar helps with preventing wind from blowing off the light. The design below looks magnificent as the light glows with ease. It also brings elegance near the trees where its placed.

If you are involved with crotcheting then placing your crotcheting needs into a jar enables you to easily locate them whenever you want to use them. The design below looks magnificent with the varied colors making the entire thing to stand out.

Instead of investing in baking tins, you can also consider using mason jars for the purposes of baking. The ones below look delicious with the tins used making them look so voluminous. Before you use the mason jars for baking purposes, ensure that you understand how the process goes.

Stunning Mason Jar Crafts

If you enjoy taking care of insects or other little creatures then you can also use the jars for such tasks, The design below expresses just how such can be used within the home.

Mason jars can also be used to keep paints that have been used in the home. Having samples of pain comes handy when considering repainting the home as you will get the right color and quality that suits the original paint.

Such a magnificent way of using the mason jars. The level of creativity demonstrated also helps with enhancing how it looks. Before you decide on using the jars, just ensure that you are actually using them for the right purpose.

Such a cool way of using the mason jars. The decor is unique and enhances the overall outlook of the place. How you get to use the mason jars depends highly on your level of creativity and what you find to be inspiring.

Labeled jars can be used for specific projects that are handled at group levels. The design below looks magnificent and shows a greater level of creativity.

Salt s a common element that we use in the homes and since many are purchased in bags or packets, having a jar where salt can be poured into is great. The below jar is well used as a salt jar and its portable nature makes it easy to carry salt in small portions.

Cool Mason Jar Crafts

Jars can also be used as tools for sticking the writing on goals that one intends to achieve. The fact that they are always visible helps with bringing the goals to the memory of an individual. When goals are always available, it becomes much easier to realize them.

Beautiful flowers that are neatly arranged in a mason jar. These jars are portable and that makes it easy to carry around as flower vases. The transparent nature of the glass jars is another thing that makes the jars to be outstanding.

Jars can also be designed and used for drinking glasses just like in the design below. The outlook is spectacular and has a way of making the entire design to stand out.

The mason shaker is another creative way of designing the jar. The shaker is ideal for storing powdered spices or such items. All you may want to do is to design the holes and also add a few elements to make it suitable for the task.

Use the mason jars for baking your favorite cakes and cookies. The designs below look magnificent and a worthy way of making use of the jars.

Jars also act as a great alternative for cups. As per the design below, the jars are used very constructively and adding straws to them enhances that creative way of using them.

Elegant Mason Jar Crafts

The different colors of the mason jars look elegant and can be used for diverse purposes. You just have to be creative on how you get to reuse the mason jars.

There are numerous ideas that one can take advantage of when designing the jars for desired purposes. Just ensure that you use it for what is ideal.

Elevated lighting is made easier with use of mason jars. That is such a creative way of ensuring that you make the most of the jars.

Another creative way of making use of the jars. The toys trapped inside the jars look great with the jars adding dimension to the design.

Flowers have a way of enhancing the beauty or outlook of a given setting. This is another important way of using the mason jars.

Lanterns are normally used in several traditional homes and jars provide an easy way of using them. The ones below are nicely done and elegant.

Beautiful Mason Jar Crafts

Instead of investing in an expensive chandelier you can use jars to design a unique chandelier. The one below is just classic.

You can also come up with your own unique ways of making use of the mason jars. The ones below look amazing with every jar carrying a unique color of paint.

Cute arrangements of flowers with every jar beautifully colored and carrying a nice flower bouquet.

Instead of disposing of the used jars, you can use them for feeding birds or chicken. The design below shows the unique way used to design the jars as feeding equipment.

A beautiful decor idea with the wrapped knitted string enhancing the outlook of the jar.

Classic Mason Jar Crafts

Paints can be used to enhance the outlook of the jars especially if they are to be used as decor items. The different colors used creates contrast and makes the items stand out.

Nicely decorated mason jars with each having such a unique color outlook. The different colors light up the setting where they are placed and also creates a beautiful contrast.

What a beautiful way of using mason jars for decor purposes. The mixture looks colorful and has a way of enhancing the visual appeal of the place its positioned.

Creative ways of designing the mason jars. The bold red color is capable of brightening any place its placed.

Different color shades and types can be used to improve the overall outlook of the mason jars as they get reused.

Even as you enjoy your smoothie, ensure that you don’t throw away the jars since you may need it for other tasks.

A beautiful serving of a dessert and a great way to use the mason jars.

Use the mason jars for serving salads and foods of your choice. The fact that they can be easily carried around makes them be quite ideal.

If you are considering carrying packed fruit salad or any other preferred food then a mason jar is quite ideal.

Stunning Mason Jar Container Ideas

The content of the jars look great and well kept. This can be easily carried around which makes use of the jars to be great.

Fruits and spices are some of the things that can be kept in jars. The design below looks magnificent and can be easily created.

Amazing fruit salad containers that are designed from jars.

After using that smoothie jar, you can spare it for use as a fruit container just like demonstrated below.

You can use mason jars for decorative purposes just like in the design below.

Unique crafts that display the artistic side of the designer.

Magnificent Mason Jar Crafts

If you are looking for unique ways to trap pests then the design below is just magnificent. The jar is layered with elements that look more like traps. The colorless nature of the glass makes it unsuspecting for pests that could be looming around.

Such a beautiful way of using mason jars. the bright yellow color of the jar is just a decoration on its own and has a way of adding elegance to the place.

There are inspiring ways through which mason jars can be put into use. The ones below are artistically designed with the added elements enhancing the overall outlook of the jars. The colorful elements added into the jars also adds to the elegance of the jars.

A number of people use glass jars to hold candles in place. The fact that they are transparent enhances the level of glow and illumination and makes the space brighten up.

Jars and tins can also be used as feeding equipment. The ones below have been nicely designed and are used to hold food for the birds or even chicken. It’s such a creative way of making use of the tins.

You can improve the outlook of the jars by painting them with a color that blends quite well with your setting. The design below looks spectacular and enhances the overall outlook of the space.

Mason jars can be used for decor purposes just like in the design below. It looks magnificent with the flowers planted in the tins enhancing the overall outlook of the space. The jars are painted beautifully with the background wood enhancing the overall outlook of the place.

Classic Mason Jar Crafts

Another great use for jars is that it can also be used to deliver gifts. If you desire to deliver a gift to a friend and doesn’t want to all the way into spending money on packaging, you can pack your gifts into a jar then have them delivered.

Cleaning detergents can also be stored in jars like the ones below. It makes it easy for the detergents to be dispensed without experiencing any form of wastage. Just be creative and come up with a number of ideas that you can use the jars for.

Matches are some of the commonly used items within the home. Any wrong exposure to cold or water can in a great way hinder the matches from lighting up as required. Keeping matches in a tin helps with keeping them dry and safe.

Mason jars can also be used for decoration purposes. The ones below are a clear demonstration on how creatively the mason jars can be done. Just ensure that the jars that you get to use for such tasks are strong enough to handle the weight of the items.

Instead of disposing of those change and coins that you get from your shopping, you can easily sore them in a mason jar. Many people have used mason jars for saving purposes. They place all of the coins and change they get into the tins and it will just be a matter of time before the amount really grows.

Things like hand washing soap can be stocked in jars as long as lids are done that makes it easy for dispensation of the soap. Jars like the one below can also be used as spray cans. Once the spray has been mixed, it can be poured into the jars then sprayed in the specific areas.

Unique Mason Jar Crafts

Instead of having all of your beauty items placed together in one place, you can use jars to store them in specific groups. The jar below is well utilized for storage of such items.

Things like brushes are small items that can easily get lost within the home. Making use of the mason jars to store them can greatly help with easy access whenever required.

There are a number of household items that can be stored in jars. It helps with minimizing wastage and for easy access when required. Instead of spending money on purchasing storage items, you can make use of the empty jars that you have available in your home.

You can also use the mason jars for storing oil. Some oil is purchased in containers that make it hard to access all of the content. Placing it in a jar like the one below makes it possible to access all of the content since its wide and open.

Jars can also be used for growing herbs and other spices for use in the home. According to the design below the jars look cool and has produced very healthy vegetables. This one shows that you don’t have to be in access of an actual garden in order to farm herbs.

There is no limit to the extent you can get to in regards to the use of mason jars. The jars help with keeping the house tidy and with ensuring that the items can be easily accessed. The below jars are part of the tailor’s tool kit as they are used for holding needles, buttons and other items.


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