106 Stunning Pallet Ideas Perfect For DIY Projects

Wooden pallets have been a household name among homeowners for years because of their rustic and country outcome, giving flavor to home decorations. But it’s not just about home decors, these have been great building materials as well such as fences, gates, garden railings, and more. If you need one, these pallet ideas that we have collected would be awesome for inspiration.

One good thing about pallets is that they are multifunctional and if you are a handy builder, you can have it at home at a very low price. DIY has been famous these days and many of us have tried it at home with ease. Pallets are easy to create and if you are one of those people who love DIY, this should come in handy.

Pallets are very useful in so many ways – they can be key holders for the wall, fruit stand, rack, shelf, and more. The design is very flexible and you can even make your own even if you are not a handy builder.

You can make one from scratch, and sometimes, you don’t even have to spend a buck to make a pallet of your dream. Recycling is a great way of making different pallet designs depending on the availability of wood material.

When it comes to pallet ideas, the sky is the limit. There are hundreds of designs that you can consider if you are planning on having pallet home decor or building material for your fence and other stuff.

But because of too many designs and options available, it could be tricky to pick which one is perfect for you. The trick is, choose the one that fits your home, and most importantly, get the one that suits your interest and lifestyle.

So, check out these gorgeous pallet ideas for you.

Plank fences

For the countryside, this is perfect for the backyard and front yard fences to protect your home.

Plant stands

Pallets can also be used as plant stands to keep your plants safe from your pets or for beautification.

Mobile home flooring

If you have a mobile home, wooden pallets can also be great flooring.

Wooden chair swing

This is a great idea to place at the backyard for some morning and afternoon coffees. Even your beloved pets can use them. You can either hang this or just put them on the ground. Both are pretty cool.

Wooden pallet door

Pallets can also be a modern door for your modern home if you want it rustic or country style.

Wooden wine glass holder

Whether or not you have a bar at home, a wooden glass holder is still perfect for organizing your glasses, vases, and more.

Wooden skate ramp

Skater boys and girls too, this could be a perfect idea for you. You may need to hire a builder for this if you can’t do it yourself.

Wall panels

For people with a rustic taste, these wooden wall panels are so gorgeous.

Small wooden hut

This is an all-purpose wooden hut that you can have, especially in the countryside.

Cart with wheels

This would be perfect for hauling around the house.

The idea of having pallets at home has emerged for so many years that many of us have embraced it. Wood pallets are just so gorgeous, especially when they are done with love and passion.

These are very useful and multifunctional that some homeowners don’t even mind spending just to have them at home. Another great thing about this is that you can easily find the materials and you can even find them with ease.

For DIY projects, pallet recycling can help and although some places have to find them somewhere, creating it is a great achievement. There is no need to be hesitant about this because these pallet ideas that we have collected are easy to create and very flexible with designs.

It doesn’t even matter whether or not you’re a handy builder or a master at creating DIY. What you need is enough willingness to work on great ideas.

If you are unable to find materials for building something at home, there are shops that sell wood pallets for a very affordable price. Commercial recycles in your area mostly have them to fight pallet littering and the authorities would push an ordinance to maintain it.

In the event that you can’t find pallets at home, shop at your local commercial recycles. You can also find it in your neighborhood. Some homeowners would just give them away. Others sell them at a very low price.

If you still can’t find pallets in one of those, don’t lose hope. There are still a lot of options that you can shop or obtain pallets without spending too much.

Some businesses also have them at a reasonable price.

Where else can you find pallets?

When you can’t find pallets at home, in the neighborhood, or through commercial recyclers, there are other shops that sell them. You can find them either at the following shops:

  • Stone yards
  • Nursery garden stores
  • Any construction sites
  • Local home improvement and hardware stores

If your search fails, don’t fret. There is one great option that you can still resort to if you really want to have beautiful pallet homes decors or if you’re building something at home.

A faux pallet would be your best alternative if need be. There are a lot of these that are sold at commercial stores being the liberator of your backbreaking search for wood pallets.

One type of faux pallet is the Stikwood, which is only a facade or a veneer. It’s very thin that can only be used indoors. You may not be able to use this structurally, but this is already gorgeous indoors when you are looking for great pallet ideas.

However, if you want something that’s closer to the authentic pallet, you can get the weathered hardwood board. You can use these either as a veneer or in a structural form because these are made of solid Appalachian poplar. These are thicker than the Stikwood – something that will fulfill your dream pallet decor at home.

Check out more of our beautiful pallet ideas below.

Gas grill wooden holder

If you are planning to install an outdoor kitchen, a wooden gas grill holder would be great to include in your kitchen finds.

Wooden chair with backrest

Large gas grill

Roller boards

Center table

Single-sized bed with headboard

Engraved rostrum with storage

Comfy bed for dogs

Map-painted board

This is a great idea for travelers or for those who want to show off their patriotism. If you are an artist and you love traveling, this would be a stunning art that you can hang on your wall.

Plant shelves

Planks with roof

Wooden gate

For a farmhouse, fences and gates are extremely important, especially when you have pets and plants to protect. You don’t have to spend a lot. You just need to find some pallet boards and build a gate or fence to protect your yard.

Portable small house

Small chair

All-in-one rack

Small storage

Colorful cottage

Painted chair

Chair with armrest

Square storage

DIY pallet planter

At home, we all want to have some plant life and often, it can only be obtained when we have enough space. However, DIY came into view with a lot of ideas that everyone loves.

With DIY, you can make whatever you like that’s made of pallet – may it be made of the genuine wood or a faux wood pallet. Regardless of its source, making your own pallet planter is nothing but impressive and satisfying.

For the plant lovers, you should be able to come up with different pallet ideas where you can place your beloved plants. You don’t have to worry about your plants being destroyed because of this cute planter that can house most of your small plants at home.

Modern gardening is already popular these days, especially to those who live in small spaces like a studio apartment. Studio living is challenging because of the limited space. Both decorating and setting it up can be exhausting. especially when you can’t live without your plants.

Gardeners can certainly relate to this. But with a pallet planter, you can save space at home. Others would even use some of the racks to place other stuff.

So, if you are into gardening, try this DIY pallet planter if you’re looking for one.

Chair with storage

Tool rack

Pallet chair swing

Here’s a perfect nook to sway your rest days with ease and comfort.

What’s beautiful about pallet furniture and home decors?

Home decors or building materials made out of pallets are undeniably gorgeous and design-flexible. You can be creative as much as you want depending on your taste and preferences.

These can be made from upcycled, recycled, and reclaimed woods that are very useful when you decide to do your own projects at home. Making your own home decor or furniture would come in handy when you have the right tools and materials.

DIY is not only uplifting for the crafters but it’s also very economical. It can save you from spending too much when you want to organize your stuff indoors and outdoors.

Hobbyists are among the most crafty people and they mostly make DIY an outlet – may it be emotionally, physically or spiritually. Think about achieving something that you have always wanted. Or think about a sense of achievement even if you didn’t expect it.

You step back and watch what you have done is next to happiness. Apart from that, you give yourself the chance to be creative and think outside the box.

What’s more interesting is that you might even earn from DIY if you are passionate about it. There have been a lot of people who tried DIY and are already earning from it.

For example, if you make your own welcome sign at homemade out of recycled wood pallets, your visitors may like it. This will lead to you making more personalized welcome signs for them.

You’re hitting two birds with one stone. You enjoy making welcome signs and you also make money out of it. How cool is that?

So, the next time that you create something for your home, try to weigh in if it’s plain home decor or furniture, or something that you can start making a profit.

Pallet signs

Polished coffee table

DIY welcome sign

Timber center table

Painted pallet planter


Bedside table

Painted small chair with backrest

DIY pallet Christmas decor

Outdoor loungers and round table

For those who have spacious backyards, you can have these loungers where you can spend your mornings and afternoons with your friends and loved ones.

DIY pallet headboard

Kitchen table and chair

Wooden clock

DIY wooden slab with bent spoons

Here’s one of the most creative pallet ideas that you can try at home. If you are prone to losing your keys, it is important that you have a keyholder for the wall at home or in your office.

This is to avoid losing them as well as to save your time from looking for your keys. They are very cute and design-flexible.

DIY pallet wine rack

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can set up a small bar with a wine rack that can hold glasses and bottles.

American flag pallet

Wooden Christmas tree

Small wine glass holder

DIY pallet for gardening

Welcome sign with a message

DIY bicycle stopper

Pallet Christmas tree with bulbs

Cute wooden chair with armrest

DIY wooden pine trees

For your safety, you should check first when you decide to purchase pallets from retailers. Here are some interesting facts about the pallets that you should avoid as much as possible.

  • Pallets that are stained with petroleum. Petroleum products, as well as oil, that has soaked into the wood pallet are unfeasible to remove. Try not to get these pallets.
  • Food-carrying wood pallets. A test has been done on those wood pallets that carry food and found that there are 2.9 percent listeria and 10 percent e.coli on them. We must avoid these pallets to keep more germs at bay. These boards normally have a wheat stalk icon.
  • Pallets that have been chemically treated. These boards are either heat or methyl bromide-treated. You need to avoid this as it may cause cancer.

DIY pallet organizer

If you want a creative organizer, you can make this rack made from pallets. You may need a sturdy wooden pallet for this to ensure the safety of your stuff.

DIY Christmas home decor

How to disband the pallets

These wonderful pallet ideas are definitely a feat when it comes to building material and home decors. But before you decide to make or create your own, ensure that you disassemble the boards.

If you need more help on how to disband the boards, here are some few tips for you:

  • Cutting the boards apart. You can either cut the wood or cut the nails. Cutting the wood would be an easy trick although you might lose about two inches of the pallets’ ends. To avoid cracking, use a flat pry bar to cut them in full. Otherwise, if you decide to cut the nails, you would be able to save all of the boards without cracking. The only disadvantage is that you won’t be able to remove the nail heads from the wood. However, the nail heads can still be part of whatever design you would want.
  • Disassemble using tools. You can use some tools like clawhammer to disband the pallets without sacrificing some inches of the boards.

More pretty pallet ideas below.

Pallet herb planter

Coffee table with wheels

DIY Christmas home decor with a star

Plant pot

Center table with dividers for storage

Plants rack

Pallet seed planter

DIY pallet plaque

Pallet timber key holder

Customized frame

Square pallet home decor

Customized pallet apples

Low yellow center table

Customized wall decor

Slab key holder for the wall

Wooden cabinet with dividers

Personalized glowing Mom and baby wall decor

This is one of the sweetest and most passionate pallet ideas that we definitely love. The design delivers a cryptic message between a mother and child with their unbreakable bond.

A perfect epitome of a mother’s love for her child – engraved on a wooden pallet. It’s extremely creative and passionate at the same time.

Wooden small podium

Customized pallet shelves

Fruit and vegetable stand

Pallet chair with high armrest

Outdoor loungers

Low center table with a triangular design

Drinks storage

Small wooden cabinet with plant life

Wooden rack with blue posts

Desk with double-duty box

Multi-purpose bed

This is one of the best pallet ideas on this page with a wooden bed and a large headboard packed with small boxes in each side.

All-in-one rack

You can place your books, shoes, or anything that fits in this all-in-one organizer. This is ideal for homes with small spaces.

Small center table with triangles

Personalized glowing seahorse for wall decor

Comfy cat nook

Double round table with a carved tree

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