103 Photo Frame Ideas That Give Value To Your Pictures

A picture paints a thousand words, especially with a pretty photo frame because why not? These are pretty cool and give more charm to your home. With these photo frame ideas, you would be able to enhance your pictures at home without spending a fortune.

When you notice that your house look monotonous, it probably needs a makeover. But you can’t afford to spend more that’s out of your budget. That’s absolutely understandable, especially when you have other things to invest.

The good news is that you can make your own photo frame without the need to spend money. What’s more, is that your works might even be prettier than those frames that you can buy from stores. There are many ways to give your home a makeover through your photo frames.

These easy and quick DIY photo frame ideas are so gorgeous that most of these materials are very easy to find. Some of them can even be found around the house that you don’t need to purchase at your local stores.

The designs depend on your taste. From modern, shabby chic to rustic country-inspired frames, the selection is unlimited.

We all want interesting decorations at home. And one great way to achieve this is to create your own stuff without depending on the ready-made stuff from stores. These can be boring and far from the ones you like the most.

Although there are other photo frames available at stores that reflect your preferences, a creative DIY project still makes a difference. To personalize your home decors, take on customizing photo frames that will showcase your family, friends, and your antics.

Take a tour at this collection that we have for you in case you are thinking about having a home makeover.

Photo frame creativity should be taken into account

Considering that you have all the materials needed, what makes it more inspiring is creativity. Personalizing your photo frames at home bring a more special touch to your photos.

Most of these ideas are readily available at home that you probably did not expect to be useful. This is why recycling and upcycling play an important role in creating stunning DIY projects.

In this page, you will see most of these photo frame ideas:

  • Cardstocks photo frames. This depends on whatever color you like that coordinates with your home style.
  • Candlestick frame stands. Your existing frames can be chicer if you add DIY candlestick stands.
  • Clothespins. For the teens, you can hang your photos using clothespins. Most of these are wooden and you can either keep it like that or paint them with bright colors.
  • Rustic twig frame with artificial flowers. You only have to gather some sticks and put them together to create a frame.
  • DIY photo block. For family photos, you can make your own frame through wood photo block.
  • Concrete frame. This may need to be wall-mounted because it’s a solid cement.
  • Old windows. You can revamp your antique windows to a beautiful photo gallery.
  • Upcycled egg carton frame. Who says that egg cartons are useless? These are really great in making a photo frame.
  • Frame from an old magazine. If you love to brighten your home, make a colorful photo frame from old magazine pages.
  • Shadowboxes. These can either be colorful or plain white photo frames that you can hang on the wall.
  • Old books. There is no need for you to donate all of your old books. You can make some of them into a vintage frame.

More photo frame creative ideas

This collection shows you creative photo frame ideas that you can consider a home decor. Although some of you are not a fan of photo frames around the house, these ideas might change your mind.

They are very interesting and would add a more intimate ambiance inside the house, especially when you have a small family. You can personalize these DIY projects on your own style, whatever preferences you may have.

  • Seashells. For those who live near the beach, a frame made from seashells would be perfect.
  • Colored pencils. If you have old colored pencils at home, you can turn a frame into a colorful one by cutting off the pointed side and stick them into a framed object. They will a very colorful life anywhere in the house.
  • Glass gems. If you like a more elegant frame, you can make it using glass gems.
  • Personalized vintage clock frame. If you have an old clock that’s no longer working, you can transform it into a classic photo frame.
  • Colorful yarns. You can be more creative with yarns when you make a colorful frame out of threads.
  • Vintage hand mirrors. If you still have them at home, you can turn them into a classic frame.
  • Old purses. Don’t just give away your old purses. Hang them on the wall with pretty artificial flowers to make beautiful and unique photo frames.
  • Frame wreath. This is another creative way of putting all your photo frames together.
  • Bottle transformation. If you have bottles at home, you can transform them into a photo display. Use jute strings or ribbons to decorate them.
  • Mason jar photo display. If you have beach photos, you can use mason jars to display them. Add some sand and seashells to coordinate with the theme.

Different ideas. Creative minds.

With so many playful DIY ideas, you have all the options to choose from. Interestingly, there are hundreds of photo frame ideas that we have in store for you.

Just like any other DIY stuff that can also be considered home decors like the key holder for the wall, photo frames are anything but pretty. These are not just plain crafting, photo frames are part of your life as they embody a happy family and cool experiences.

Have a look at these pretty DIY projects that you can make as your inspiration for your photo frames t home.

  • Oversized frame. You can put all the photos together in one large frame.
  • Wood pallets and slices. Wooden slices and pallets are your best friends when it comes to DIY. Make them into rustic picture frames without spending a buck.
  • Picket frame. Your old distressed picket can be your vintage frame displayed at home.
  • Popsicle sticks. You can be really funky in your photos using DIY popsicle sticks frame. You can have them painted with colorful hues for more vibrancy.
  • Acorns. It’s another unique frame that you can make out of acorns.
  • Washi tape. Give a boring frame a total makeover using colorful washi tapes.
  • Love frame. There’s nothing more intimate than having a love frame in the house.
  • Old mirror. Your old mirrors can also be great photo frames.
  • Rustic driftwood frame. You can create a country-inspired photo frame out of driftwood that you can find in your backyard or your local commercial recyclers.
  • Mod podge frame. This is an easy DIY photo frame that you can choose any colors you like the most.
  • Paint-dipped frame. This is another creative way to showcase your photos.

Effortlessly stunning photo frames are popular these days

Talking about home decors, most of these are DIY. It’s been a household name these days due to an overwhelming beautiful feedbacks from makers and crafters.

With that being said, most home decors resorted from DIY, which is a pretty good idea. This is ideal for those who have limited time and finances. It’s cheap and almost zero expenses.

Some of these ideas are conventional but most are often unique and full of creativity.

  • Circular frames. While rectangular photo frames are the usual ones we often see, you can be unique with circle frames. Get those round mirrors or plastic plates at home and transform them into fascinating frames.
  • Chicken wire. Instead of cupboards on a frame, chicken wire is awesome and very unique with clothespins being used to secure them.
  • Acrylic frame. For a sleek and chic frame, you can have an acrylic frame that you don’t need to purchase at the store. You can make this on your own using acrylic, spray paint, glue dots, drill, screws, mounting hardware, and painter’s tape.
  • Plexiglas. Frame it with the pieces of woods you have and hang it on the wall for a chicer look.
  • Wood-burned frame. You only need a piece of wood and a wood-burning toolset to draw lines and patterns on the wood frame.
  • Two-toned frame. Spray paint of any color you like is the trick to have a two-toned frame.
  • Cracked wood frame. To achieve this rustic frame, you will need to apply some stains on the wood and let it try before you put some white glue and paint on top of it.
  • Acrylic paint. You will need painter’s tape, foam paintbrush, scissors, and of course the acrylic paint.
  • Large wood board. You can build this on your own if you are a handy builder. Get some wooden boards, wood paint or stain, wood filler, wood glue, molding, and nails.
  • Colorful patterns. Depending on how crafty you are, you can paint some colorful patterns on a frame for a brighter look.

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Be bold with your ideas

Sometimes, when you don’t have enough time decorating your home, you tend to resort on the ready-made stuff. It’s not bad at all, but more often than not, they can be boring and out of your style and preferences.

Well, that’s something that you don’t have to worry about because DIY is the best answer. Photo frames are very easy to do that doesn’t need too much of your time.

There are still a lot of ideas that we are going to showcase in this article. Check more of these inspiring photo frame ideas that you might want to copy.

  • Sandwiched photo. You might wonder what that means, but it’s easy to make. You only need two thin pieces of wood that you can find from scratch. Attach both sides of the photo (top and bottom) to the wood and make a little tie to hang it on the wall.
  • Scrap wood frame. Paint or cover it with some fabric or stickers before you clip the photo to the frame.
  • Ombre frame. As you can see in the photo below, you can create this gradient frame using some fabric or colored papers. Arrange them in a descending or ascending style to make it an ombre theme.
  • Mosaic photo frame. Have fun with your kids making a mosaic photo frame. Choose colorful acrylic paint for a more exciting DIY project.
  • Embroidered frame. If you are into embroidery, it’s fun to use that skill on a photo frame. You can make a colorful one or stick on a plain hue.
  • Bow frame. You can make a bow yourself from fabric and attached it to the frame to make it chicer and cuter.
  • Wood and magnet. This creates a creative modern frame when combined.

Reuse your scrap materials

There are many things around the house that you no longer use. These unused pieces of stuff can be used in your DIY projects such as photo frames that you can display in the house. Make use of them with creativity.

So, if you are always on the lookout of creative stuff for your home, handcrafted photo frames are perfect.

Keep checking below for more inspiration.

  • Fabric-wrapped photo frame. If you have fabric scraps at home, don’t put them straight to the trash bin. Make use of them to create a stunning photo frame. Simply wrap them around the frame and you’ll have a creative and colorful photo frame in the house.
  • Buttons. If you have unused buttons at home, you can stick them to the frame for a more creative photo display.
  • Chipped paint. A farmhouse style frame would be perfect if you have a rustic home decor taste.
  • Paper flower. This is very easy to make and you can style them in any way you like.
  • Paper straw. Using paper straws to create a unique frame is something that you can consider if you are looking for photo frame ideas.
  • Bottle caps. Don’t just neglect the bottle caps. Use them to make a beautiful photo frame because they’re very cute and chic at the same time.
  • Felt flower. This can be a perfect home decor and not just for photo frames. Make sure to include those colorful ones.
  • DIY shaped frame. If you cutters at home, put that to good use for shaping thin pieces of wood or thick cardboard to make a frame.
  • Ceiling medallion. You can also make use of the ceiling medallion as a photo frame if you have one at home that’s not in use. Otherwise, check out your local stores to see if they sell one.

Handcrafted photo frames are always stylish

There are hundreds of creative ways to decorate your home without spending too much. Many homeowners have resorted to DIY because it’s not just cheap. It’s also fun and exciting.

If you are a crafter, it’s even better because you should have the materials and tools needed.

We still have a lot of photo frame ideas in store for you. Keep scrolling below to see more of our stunning collection.

  • Bulletin board. If you are short on time making different photo frames, you can put all photos together in one bulletin board. You only have to be creative making the board and it will absolutely look great on the wall.
  • Planked wood. For a rustic look, you can use a plank wood where you can attach the photo. Hang it on the wall anywhere in the house.
  • Round frame from multiple circles. Yes, you can make a round frame from circular-cut using cardboards. You can even use it as a mirror frame to place in the bathroom.
  • Double-sided cardboard frame. You can put two different photos when you make a double-sided frame made from cardboard. Play with colors and have fun.
  • Glitters. Glam your photo frame with glitters if you are into elegant and fabulous home decors.
  • Craft foam. You may need paint if you want your frames to be colorful. Craft foams are easy to cut and shape them with anything you like.


Don’t stop learning

Learning is an everyday experience and never stop doing it because it’s always fun and challenging. DIY projects are awesome for home decors and that includes photo frames.

DIY is cheap and you can even earn money from your works if you start making it your business. There are many ways to create home decors.

Check your scrap storage to see some stuff that you make use of for your next DIY project. There are plenty of awesome ideas on how to make use of them without the need to spend a lot of money.

Photo frames are great to showcase the important photos of your loved ones and friends. Make everyone feel important by placing their photos on your handcrafted photo frames.

We still have a lot of photo frame ideas that you can check below. Have fun checking on them for your next DIY photo frame project at home.

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