110 Reading Chair Ideas to Enhance Your Literary Adventures

Picking the right reading spot is crucial to enjoying your journey into the literary world. While some folks use the sofa, the bed, or the couch to read, no other furniture can come close to the comfort of a reading chair.

It is a more comfortable place for you to curl up while reading a book for countless hours. And if you don’t know which one to pick, here are 10 reading chair ideas to try in your home.

10 Reading Chair Ideas to Enhance Your Literary Adventures

1. Pod Hanging Chair

There are many of us who would like to read undisturbed. We’d like to enter our own cocoons so that we can immerse ourselves in our reading adventures. If you are one such reader, then the Pod Hanging Chair is for you.

This is an egg-shaped chair that is suspended in the air either by a built-in stand or through a hardware on the ceiling. It is a reading chair idea that is not for the living room, however. This works best for your patio or the terrace.

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The Pod Hanging chair features weather-resistant wicker materials. The design gives it a more natural look, making it a great choice for reading outside the home. The high sides will help shield you from any distractions, making each reading session more worthwhile.

2. Pillow Top Chaise

One of the neatest reading chair ideas you will get is the Pillow Top Chaise. It looks like a chaise longue that you lay on while sunbathing near the swimming pool.

The only difference is that the Pillow Top includes a bolster pillow strapped around the head of the chaise. This will help support your neck while you get lost in your literary journey.

Unlike a traditional chaise longue, the Pillow Top comes with an arched design. It supports the lower body so you will not experience any of those back pains. The design follows the natural contour of the back, hugging it like a mother cradling her newborn baby.

3. Oversized Round Cuddler Chair

You may have seen this sofa-like furniture in one of your favorite furniture shops. What makes the Oversized Round Cuddler Chair a good reading chair is that it has a large space. You can sit on it with your kid sitting beside you.

It is the perfect furnishing for reading stories to kids. And if you like to snuggle up to your partner while reading a romance novel, then you can do that, too.

The rounded design of this furniture gives you a feeling of being cuddled, even though you are alone. This reading chair idea also comes with a swivel mechanism at the base. There is no need to stand up when you want to read some more. You only need to swivel the entire chair to reach for whatever it is that you need.

4. Acacia Leather Chair

There are individuals who prefer to sit up straight when reading. If you are like these individuals, then the Acacia Leather reading chair is for you. It has a straight and tall back, allowing it to support your spine, shoulders, and neck. The midsection of the reading chair comes with ample padding to support the natural inward curve of the back.

This furniture features brown leather and completed with wooden legs and quilted accents. It is a stylish and elegant furniture that should be a welcome addition to your living room. And when you have guests in the home, the Acacia Leather chair can be a good alternative to your sofa.

5. Wegner Wing Chair

With a backrest that resembles the cape of Count Dracula, the Wegner Wing Chair is one of the best reading chairs on the market. It has a stylish look, made more stunning by the use of bold black leather.

It has a mid-century design that features crisp lines. The design of this reading chair exudes with timeless elegance, making it a great addition to your home.

The stainless steel legs complement the elegance of leather. Underneath the premium upholstery is a solid frame made of natural beech wood. This reading chair idea comes with a seat that is more than 3 feet wide. The armrests are also wide enough to accommodate your favorite book or a bowl of cereals.

6. Tufted Chaise Lounger

This reading chair idea is best for the bedroom, provided you have plenty of space left. It follows the design of a traditional chaise longue. The backrests come at an angle, however, to help support the back. Its curved feature conforms well to the natural contours of the human body.

One thing you will love about this reading chair is that you can stretch your legs all the way towards the end of the chair. And if you happen to fall asleep while reading, it does not matter since the Tufted Chaise Lounger is wide enough to become your temporary bed.

7. Heritage Lounge Chair

Borrowing the reading chair design of the 1930s, the Heritage Lounge Chair provides the ultimate in reading comfort. It has a dusty pale pink hue that should be a welcome surprise to any reading nook. It comes with elegant curves and warm tone to give you a more tranquil reading experience.

The curved high backrest hugs the body, while an accompanying small table can accommodate your legs and feet. The armrests are high enough to nest your arms on. This reading chair has a more intimate feel to it, making it one of the best reading chair ideas you can get for your home.

8. Haotian Rocking Lounger

Like the Tufted Chaise Lounger, the Haotian Rocking Lounger is also a great reading chair for the bedroom. It doubles as a good way to send yourself to slumber land, in case reading a book doesn’t get you there first.

It has all the design elements of a traditional rocking chair. What is different is that the wooden frame comes with a more comfortable angle. This allows for a good line of sight reading your book while propping your elbows on the curved armrests.

And if the angle is not to your liking, you can always adjust the angle yourself. This gives you the chance to find the sweet spot necessary for your reading pleasure.

9. Capri Swivel Chair

The Capri Swivel Chair is a flexible reading nook that allows you to reach for anything else with a simple swivel of the chair. There’s no need to stand if you want to have another good read. It is also a low-lying reading chair, perfect for planting your feet squarely on the floor.

This reading chair comes with a nubby cream upholstery. It is tame enough to give you versatility when it comes to introducing additional colors into its design. You can put vibrant throw pillows into this reading nook and turn your living room into a work-of-art. A floor lamp or a handy side table works well, too.

10. Pompidou Chair

The Pompidou Chair is like the Pod Hanging Chair in terms of its ability to envelope you in your literary sojourn. The thick and high sides are perfect for supporting your back, sides, and arms. The seat itself is plush and comfortable, allowing you to get carried away in the stories that you read.

This reading chair idea comes with a playful yet chic design. It can complement any furnishing that you may have in the living room. The high-shine brass legs can give your room a Hollywood Regency feel to it.

Things to Consider When Buying a Reading Chair

While these reading chair ideas we shared with you are remarkable, there is a chance that you do not like any of them. Hence, we are here to provide you with some of the things you have to consider if ever you want to buy or make your own reading chair.

Room in the House to Place the Reading Chair

Most individuals put a reading chair in the living room or in the family room. However, it is not uncommon that some people will also put this kind of furniture in another room. Some will place it in the bedroom, while others may put the reading chair on the porch. The location of the reading chair will dictate the type or style of reading chair you will get.

For instance, if you place it in the living room, then you have to consider the other pieces of furniture you have in that room. If you have a sofa, then the reading chair should not overwhelm the sofa. It should also be of the same height as the sofa. The design of the reading chair should also complement the aesthetics of the room.

Width of the Reading Chair

This furnishing is more about comfort than it is about ergonomics; although, it matters, too. You would want the reading chair to be wide enough. This will allow you to make changes in your reading position. This can help improve the overall comfort of your literary journey.

Keep in mind that reading chairs are not only good for reading. They can also serve as furnishing for watching TV and playing video games. As such, you will find yourself shifting around in this chair and moving your weight in various ways. A wide reading chair is, thus, a must.


While reading chairs are comfortable, they should still allow for ample support for the neck, shoulders, and back. Sitting on the chair for several hours at a time can stress the back. That is why the reading chair should provide ample support for this part of your body.

Reading chairs with tall backs are ideal, since they support your back all the way to the back of the head. The armrests should also be comfortable. They should also be wide enough to prop your book or accommodate a bowl of your favorite snacks. The armrests should also be high enough to rest your arms on without causing strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need a reading chair or will my ordinary sofa suffice?

There is a good reason why they call this furniture “reading chair”. Its design hugs the body in a manner that a sofa cannot. For starters, a reading chair provides ample support for the back, including the neck and shoulders. It is also inclined in such a way that it maximizes comfort. A sofa has a more upright backrest. It also does not give you that “ideal” reclining position that you need when reading a book; unless, you slouch.

• What style of reading chair should I get?

Everything depends on your personal preference. There are those who want a furniture that complements the overall décor of the house. Others would go for something more dramatic, making the reading chair the centerpiece in the family room or living room.

• Should I go for longer-legged or shorter-legged chairs?

Reading chairs with shorter and stubbier legs are more inviting that those with slim and long legs. These chairs provide you with stability, regardless of how you move in the chair.

• What is the single most important feature I should look for in a reading chair?

Ample support for the back is the single most important feature you should look for in a reading chair. It should be able to support your neck to help minimize neck discomfort and strain. Your lumbar region should also receive the support it needs. This will help prevent the development of spinal problems in the future.

Reading chairs are versatile furnishings. They’re made to provide you with optimum comfort while enjoying the things you do. Whether it is reading or watching TV, these reading chair ideas will get you feeling comfy and cozy.

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