115 Romantic Round Bed Ideas For All Types Of Homes

At home, we are particular with things such as kitchen utensils, appliances, decors, organizers, bathroom necessities, and more. When it comes to bed, we simply want the king or queen size, single or double. But has it ever crossed your mind to try a circular bed at home? With that being said, these round bed ideas were gathered for you.

For others, it could be an unpractical choice because it’s not just cheap, but it will also occupy a lot of space. Unlike the traditional beds, the round beds need a bigger room where it can peacefully settle with how you set it up.

However, having this at home is a must-try if you want to be bold and dramatic when it comes to your bedroom set up. Provided that you have a large bedroom, a circular bed would be great to make a statement in setting up your sleeping room.

In modern living, you will get a chance to encounter scores of bedroom decors and how to set it up with a bed. But you don’t see these circle beds in bedrooms that often. In contrast to our favorite hairstyles, outfit, nail art designs, shoes, makeup, and all other fashion finds, a round bed is rare.

The inability to courageously get a round bed for your home may be high because there are so many things to consider. It could be enigmatic at the same time, but that’s understandable.

If you are looking for round bed ideas, you are on the right page. We have rounded up hundreds of different designs according to each room’s style and design. You have all the themes you need. From modern, classic, rustic or country style – the sky is the limit.

Consider these things before you set up your round bed

So, you have decided to have a circle bed at home, but you are uncertain if it’s practical to get one. Yes, it may sound unpractical to have a round bed because it occupies a lot of space. It’s also a little difficult to set up, especially when bedrooms are normally square or rectangular shapes.

On the bright side, it is possible to have one at home, but you also need to consider these few tips so it won’t be too difficult for you to set up and organize your circle bed.

  • Check different retail stores for options and round bed ideas.
  • Always consider the pricing, especially when you are trying to save a few bucks.
  • Purchase round beddings or linens. You can also sew them if you are into crafting or DIY.
  • Measure your bedroom to know what size you should purchase.
  • Ensure that the staff knows the size of your doors for easy setup.
  • Scribble a draft on which part of the bedroom you should place the bed.
  • Declutter your bedroom and organize your closet to avoid a messy round bed set up.

As soon as you have a checklist and a game plan, you should now be ready to shop for a circle bed. It can be tedious, but it would be worth it.

So, check out these gorgeous round beds below for your inspiration.

Beanbag shape bed in gray, white, and nude theme

Double duty couch and round bed space saver

If you are worried that getting a circle bed can take a lot of space in the house, consider getting this double purpose couch.

Classic maroon round bed with headboard

White collection with colorful throw pillows

Circular bed with vintage stand

Be a princess of your own comfort with this vintage bed.

Floating yellow circular bed in a well-lighted bedroom

Lavender round bed with headboard with a large circular chandelier

Double duty circular couch


Double purpose bed

If you are interested in having a circular bed, but you’re worried that it can take a lot of space, this is the best option. It doesn’t give you the comfort in your sleeping nook, but it also gives you the storage, especially when you’re trying to save space.

With a headboard, the bed’s side corners have enough space where you can place some of your important things. For example, this bed can take extra pillows, blanket, and all other bedroom necessities.

Having this type of bed may sound luxury to most of us. It’s like a dream that’s becoming a reality. It doesn’t just give you comfort, but this too gives elegance in the bedroom.

But if you are courageous enough to get this type of bed, that would be awesome. We are used to rectangular beds because that’s how we often see most of the time.

However, having a circular bed at home is both fun and challenging because of the larger space that it could take. It’s fun because it will require you to brainstorm how to set it up and what type of decoration it would go well with it.

Yes, round beds sound impractical because they occupy a lot of space. But there are many double-duty circular beds that you can have to keep some of your things.

This type of bed doesn’t just give you comfort, but the challenge to embrace creativity is impenetrable. As soon as you decide to have it in your home, you will be compelled how to set up your bedroom.

You will have to come up with an excellent idea that getting a circular bed will give you the path to become creative and resourceful. This is where the DIY or do it yourself exists.


Baudelaire-inspired bed

Leather round bed with a lantern

Circular bed with lustrous roof

Rabbit ear headboard

Heart-shaped leather bed


Large headboard with ottoman extension

Nude leather bed with headrest

Elegant leather circular bed with tall tufted headboard

Cute round bed with oval-shaped headrest

With this simple circular bed type, you can either get its stuff like the pillows, pillowcases, linens, and beddings pre-made or resort to DIY. Handmade stuff such as doing the decorations by yourself isn’t perfect, but it’s full of creativity, fun, and challenges.

If you are looking for round bed ideas that won’t require you to spend too much on its stuff, the DIY is the best resort. We are surviving with all things that provide us with shelter, food, clothing, and more. However, we can always make our lives less baffling through DIYs.

If we try to make our own decors, sew our clothes, learn the unusual chores, and be creative, we are learning how to have a deep connection among ourselves. For example, making your own linens and beddings for your round bed makes you more attached to them.

Each time you use them, you’d feel more distinguished and connected even to the non-living things. DIYs give you a great connection not just to yourself, but also to the other people whom you gifted the stuff you made.

That’s the importance of DIY. Whether or not you are giving handmade stuff to someone close to you, it will give you an assurance that the connection you have with them is unparalleled.

DIYs give you an opportunity to use your hands through your brain. It’s always rewarding to see handmade stuff considering the time and effort you spent to make them.

It satisfies your soul that in every single touch you made, the feeling of being a worthy person can never be earned in any way. There is always a sense of passion with DIYs because it’s not just about the money you spent on it. It’s also about the effort, the love, and the passion you have for it.

So, if you are thinking about circular beds and you are looking for round bed ideas, think about DIY. It’s always a great and creative alternative.

Elegant gold leather bed with sound system

Classy bed with white linens, red canopy, and mirror in the ceiling

Simple round bed with a latex mattress


Minimal circular bed with individual round headrests

Red leather bed with bent headrest

Elevated bed with round backrest


Hanging woven round bed perfect for outdoors

We are definitely living for this hanging wicker bed that’s ideal for beach houses. If you have a vacation home like a beach villa, this would be a perfect hanging bed. It’s great for outdoors, especially near the beach while listening to the sound of waves.

Classy leather bed with elegant bent backrest

Royalty style bed with four posts and elegant canopy

Fur round bed with rounded headrest and chic flat lay

Circular bed with rounded beddings and stylish wall mirrors

Well-designed circle bed with ottoman and two-layer backrest

Vintage leather circle bed with two-layer backrest


Simple raised bed with circular headrest

Earth-colored bed with artwork


Minimalist and elegant black and white combo

Raised bed with circular headrest and silver edges



Elevated bed with wooden edges and flashy red linens

Round bed with rectangular backrest and colorful pillows and beddings

Simple round bed with a rectangular mattress

Simple circle bed with curved headrest

Circle bed with semi-round backrest

White circle bed with a lower headrest

When you have a circle bed, you will also need a circle mattress if you want to be straight on the purpose of having a round bed. While others prefer to put a rectangular mattress on it, some of you might just keep it straight and direct.

If you love DIY or if you are a crafty person, check these materials that you will need to make a circular mattress.

  • Measuring tape
  • Newspapers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors and cutters
  • Four-inch thick two full-size foam pads with high density
  • String
  • Gloves
  • Marker
  • Round sheets
  • Carving knife
  • Two full-size egg crate foam pads
  • Three-inch thick memory pads, two-full size
  • Contact cement
  • Protection glasses
  • Dust mask
  • Tape

Wooden circle bed with round edges

White round bed with minimalist white curtain and canopy

Minimalist bed with single headrest

Minimalism in modern living plays a vital role in surviving all aspects of life – may it be easy or difficult. If you are a minimalist person who is looking for round bed ideas, this inspiration is perfect for you.

Minimalists know when to take advantage of the luxurious things that the modern world is offering today. It means you are sacrificing all other things – it’s like needs against wants.

We can always make our lives less confounding by not worrying about the things you don’t have. Simple living in this modern world is minimalism despite your ability to purchase stuff, among other things.

Minimalism doesn’t have to about too much sacrifice. It also means that you value the beauty of a simple life than fancy living. For instance, you may need a circle bed, but to be more resourceful, you can get one with hidden storage that can keep your other stuff.

In that way, you are able to save space and use that for other things. For beddings and linens, there is no need for you to be luxurious if you want it simple.

You can either get cheap beddings or make your own. DIY is always the best solution to that. Although there might countless trips to the shop where you need the materials, the worthy feeling is incomparable.

Remember, all the things you need don’t necessarily have to be expensive. They can be cheap, but with great quality. Most importantly. you know when to shun those things that only belong to your wants.


The beauty of round beds

Whether or not it’s a lavishness to you, the elegant touch of these round bed ideas that we have compiled is immeasurable. With so many ideas out there, this collection is one of the best.

While we are accustomed to using or seeing rectangular-shaped beds, round beds are bold and definitely one for the books. It might be unusual to most of us. We don’t even see these beds in many hotels.

On the plus side, it’s great to be unique at times and it’s interesting to see when you have a bedroom makeover. It’s going to be all-new for you, especially that not all of us have round beds at home.

You will need a proper game plan for this and it may take time and effort. But that’s normal, especially when you are a first-timer. When you have a correct setup and planning, it should work to your perfection.

Additionally, it offers great comfort and the unique ambiance it brings is extravagant and joyful. We still have a lot of round bed ideas below that you can check in case you are looking for one.

And of course, if you have deep pockets, you can certainly afford to get one without trouble. For those with limited finances but are interested in having a circle bed, the options are there for you.

Keep checking these amazing collection and let’s see what you would want to have at home.

Classy white circle bed with comfy backrest

Flashy red circle bed with a rounded backrest

Fairytale-inspired four-posted circle bed with chandelier



Elevated bed with rounded headrest

White leather circle bed with large backrest

Modern brown circle bed with bed legs



Red leather bed with comfy backrest and white beddings

Silky red circle bed with rounded headrest

Circle beds with rectangular mattresses and headboards




Double duty sofa bed with a hidden storage


Large circle bed with bed legs and semi-rectangular headrest


Black leather round bed with a rectangular mattress and headboard

We also love the stand on each side of the headboard.





White circle bed with comfy rectangular headboard

Elegant round bed with silky flat lay and modern headboard

Simple and elegant white circle bed with headboard and lanterns


Circle bed with rectangular mattress overlooking the city view

A modern and simple bed with high headboard

Modern style bed on a retro atmosphere

Simple raised white circle bed with large headrest

Wooden circle bed with a colorful theme and stylish canopy

While minimalism has a positive effect on our lives, some of us still can’t resist the luxury and the elegance it brings. This isn’t bad at all, especially when you have all the access to the opulence that money can buy.

While not every one of us can afford this luxury, some are still thriving to achieve this dreamy bed through DIY. For handy builders, a circular bed is definitely possible. Although it takes a lot of time and effort, it’s still worth it.

As for the stuff, including decorations, such things are feasible when you resort to DIY. There will be a lot of mistakes, but learnings are unlimited. Plus, you’ll get the chance to be a free-spirited person and even start your own business.

This inspiration is one of the most creative round bed ideas that we have on this list. It may look classy and expensive, but for the makers, this can be done within the budget.

Consider looking for inexpensive materials to use if you like to do these decorations and linens yourself. Go to a thrift shop that sells the things you need. Give yourself the chance to explore your creativity.

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