66 Amazing Shower Tile Ideas That Rock

What often defines a beautiful house? Usually, people say its structure or the outer appearance since that is the first thing you see. But one thing that most people don’t realize is that what makes a house beautiful is the quality of the materials it has. Aside from the paint and fixtures, even the tiny wall and floor tiles count a lot.

People often stay in the living room during the day to hang out during weekends or after work. Some lounge all day inside their bedrooms to relax and just sleep. After a tiring day outside, most deserve a long, invigorating shower. If you have a tub or a rain shower, spending some ME time there for a couple of minutes would be enough to take the stress away. Who doesn’t like to view and appreciate a pretty bathroom right?

There are different bathroom designs that you may have for your place. Aside from the layout, choosing top quality shower tiles is vital. These tiles must match your entire bathroom as for its common theme.

Do you plan to have a huge shower area or a small one? Think of the color, texture and finish you would like to have in your bathroom. The size of the family is important to determine the number of bathrooms in each home. Aside from that, the cost of each shower tile should also be considered. There are homes in which all the bathroom designs have one design. Some homes have a totally different bathroom design for every person.

To better help you mix and match colors and designs, here is a list of amazing shower tile designs you may choose for your new home!

1. Two tone pattern

Having tile work in the shower area with two tones look pleasant in a wood dominant bathroom. This is best used in showers with a sauna.

2. Mosaic hues

Mosaic tiles with the same hue, e.g. blue look beautiful inside the shower area.

3. Metal shower surround

If tiles aren’t your thing, why not try these elegant metal surrounds for your shower area? This complements well with a glass shower area. This type is very easy to clean with a washcloth.

4. Rock formations

Don’t you just love to turn your bathroom into something close to nature? Add some rock-inspired floor tiles and real stones to give that authentic feel.

5. Tiny mosaic patterns

Aside from the floor, having one wall full of small mosaic tiles can look great in the shower area. This contrasts the light colors inside the bathroom. Women love to have this type of design as it looks very artistic and cool!

6. Light tones

Light up your bathroom with some tiles that look like abstract. These look great with glass doors for the shower. Light colors are very inviting and relaxing making each shower time a wonderful experience.

7. Black Marble Marvel

Grey to black marble looks amazing inside the shower area. It often sends a dramatic appearance with all its swirls and white specks. A simple grey floor tiling complements well with this design.

8. Unique accent

The usual shape of tiles would either be that of a square or rectangle- make this style an exception as it exudes a unique touch. Different shades of grey look great on the wall together with some white floors.

…or having white shower walls with uniquely shaped floor tiles would be another option.

9. Rustic Vibes

Who says a rustic design can’t be done in the bathroom? Big rectangular panels look amazing with some pin lights. This is one of the most popular designs people choose in their shower area as it is easy to create yet leaves a statement every time.  This design also looks good with glass shower doors.

10. Warm and home

This type of shower tile is perfect for those who want a warm atmosphere. Have a clear window at the ceiling for sunlight to pass through. Lots of wood add up to the homey feel in your bathroom. If you plan to do some relaxing and a much-deserved ME time, this is the place to be!

11. Soft tones

Soften the look of your shower area with some beige or off-white tiles. Big tiles look great and making the grout thinner than the usual is better. The entire shower area looks seamless and cohesive in a sense.

12. Light mosaic

If you are really a fan of mosaic tiles, add these to your cozy bathroom. Contrast these tiles with big dark ones.

13. Shiny white

Nothing will ever go wrong with some pretty nice white tiles on the walls of your shower room. The entire look is clean and pleasant to the eyes.

14. Chocolate tidbits

Who doesn’t love a hint of chocolate color right? If you have scented candles that smell like yummy chocolate, the entire bathroom can actually be like a chocolate factory while you take an invigorating shower. Put different size and shades of brown tiles along the shower area.

15. Dark but good

Dark mosaic tiles mixed with lighter shades look great on the floor. Complement these with bigger sized tiles on the walls with different shades of black and grey.

16. Smooth finish

Shower tiles that are smooth and thin grout look amazing against a big window in the bathroom. This brings out the best in your tiles when light hits on them. This only makes any shower time a relaxing one to linger on for a couple more minutes.

17. Brick by brick

Though it looks more of the outdoors, having some bricks in your shower area is great too. It sends off that warm vibe even if you are challenged with space. Illuminate your bathroom with soft, yellow lighting as it complements well with the brown and wooden hues. This design is perfect for houses up in the mountains or beaches.

18. Moroccan fish scale

One of the best-selling tiles is this design. Literally, it looks like fish scales and the color shading makes it pretty. This sends off a statement and make your shower stand out in the house.

19. Tunisian blue dream

Do you want a Middle Eastern inspired shower area? Check out these blue, Tunisian tiles and pair it with some bronze or gold shower head and faucet ensembles. Feel a bit royal for a day – even if its only inside the shower area!

20. Multi-colored mosaic

Feeling a bit jolly? Try installing mosaic square tiles inside your shower room. Add some shimmery tiles and make sure you have a gold or silver plated shower head to add on to the entire look. This design is often used by teenage girls and young ladies.

21. Pearl two-tone deluxe

Mellow down to this peaceful color while showering. It has a minimalist approach and perfect for small sized bathrooms.

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22. Abstract nautilus

Artists love this shower tile design in their bathroom. It may look complex but if placed with some white backdrop, it looks refreshing.

23. Pebble picking

Perfect for homes near the beach or if you want to take that beach vibe at home, go ahead!

24. Soft stone tiles

Do you love some stones inside the shower area for a more natural look? Check out this design and use white and off-white inlaid tiling. This is perfect for those who prefer to have a light colored shower area which often boosts any mood.

… or if you opt some dark color inlaid stone tiling, this design would be best against a glass shower door.

25. Elegantly white

Let these modern white tiles spice up your bathroom! Install glass panels and you got yourself a beautiful shower area. A high ceiling looks amazing in a small space allotted for showering with this design.

26. Duo tiling with wood

Don’t you just love to have wood in the shower area? Check out these exquisite wooden tiles with a combination of some small light colored mosaics.

27. A princess’ ivory dream

Live the princess dream by having these ivory tiles inside your bathroom. Level it up with some pretty lights if you love showering at night.

28. Grey duo

For a more serious duo touch, check out these tiles for your bathroom. You may mix larger tiles with tiny ones and make them symmetrical. Perfect for the men’s shower room.

29. Elegant faux wood

It is always a good idea to have faux wood in  the shower area. Why? Mainly because it adds class to the entire layout.

30. Black and white

This color scheme will always remain a classic. A black framed glass panel to divide the bathroom with a totally chic floor is one for the books. Hang a simple abstract painting to have a great impression for your guests at home.

31. Do what the Romans do

Equip your shower area with Roman-inspired floor tiling. The design is classic and will never get old.

32. Multi-tiered madness

If you are the type who loves to mix and match, choose this design. Your shower time will never go dull. A glass door keeps the design intact.

33. Go Persian

Choose this Persian inspired tiled shelf if you want a unique touch in the shower area. It is shiny and easy to clean. Definitely a must-have in any classic home design.

34.White n’ wood

Make the wooden tiles in between white ones and see how beautiful your shower area is.

35. Artsy black and white

If you plan to have just white tiles on the walls, get artistic and make your floors have a baroque design.

36. Sunny sprinkles

On your walls, get that wave swirl look. This looks amazing with any shade of white and end it with some orange tile layout on the shower floor.

37. All that glitters

Gold, bronze and copper. If these make up the the tiles of your shower area, expect to linger a bit more. The experience will definitely be one of a kind.

38. Copa-cabana inspired

Live the dream and shower your worries away in this bathroom. This design is perfect for anyone who wants a clean and subtle look.

39. Sweet candy

For all the girls out there, love these shiny walls for your own bathroom. It may look like bricks but the color and texture of these tiles make it appear pretty.

40. Black outlines

Who doesn’t love white tiles and black lines?  This design is very classic and a favorite among most walks of life.

41. Parquet tiles

For a modern feel inside your shower area, install an inlaid shelf made up of parquet tiles. Aside from being functional,  the design looks fabulous. Definitely, Instagram worthy!

42. Wood is good

Wood is good, always wherever you put it. So make it a point to incorporate it inside the bathroom – in the shower area in particular.

43. Zigzag blues

Powder blue tiles are relaxing to look at and best equipped with glass panels in the shower area. Put some zigzag tiles along the center of the shower head for an artsy look. These tiles look great with a white backdrop.

44. Marble finish

Make your shower area a good place to take a bath and release stress. Adorn it with slabs of marble plus some pretty nice lights and you got yourself a picture perfect de-stressing nook in the house.

45. Honeycomb bottom

If you love light hues for the bathroom, be sure to choose this one. For an elegant design, choose tiles that form a honeycomb at the bottom or even on where your shower is located.

46. Tiny specks

Be creative and choose this tile layout for your shower area. From afar, it looks like specks of paint with a silver shimmer. Finish it off with a glass door leading to it.

47. Black dots

Just when you have decided to have soft grey and white shades for your bathroom, don’t you want to spice it up a bit by placing some black-dotted tiles on the floor?

48. Old fashioned look

Being old fashioned does not mean boring. It just means that you prefer a classic and vintage look for your shower area.

49. Bold stripes and scales

Not often everybody’s first choice, but has a good look in any type of house. Looks scaly but cozy for a shower area.


50. Whitewashed tiles

For a subtle and relaxed look, have these beautiful tiles installed in your shower area. Very easy to clean and maintain through the years.

51. Glass-fix

Have your shower area covered with glass tiles on all sides. This adds on to the elegance of your entire bathroom. When the light passes through these glass tiles, it creates a beautiful design.

52. Waterfalls

Put some stone tiles at the center and shower like you were outdoors such as the waterfalls. This design is very inviting and makes your bathroom experience worth it every time.

53. Cream dream

For those who want a light atmosphere in the shower area, use cream colored tiles all over. This best goes with a glass door and yellow lighting.

54. Orange matrix

Let your walls speak loudly with some thin orange tiles. It brightens up anyone who wants to shower and just de-stress for a while.

…or better yet, choose green tiles inside the shower area.

55. Off white tiles

Off white is special because it creates different effects with any kind of lighting.

56. Fading blues

An all-white bathroom is classic, but if you include some fading blue hues on the wall accentuates it more.

57. White chocolate marble

Maintain that clean and classy look of your bathroom with marble tiling. Put a black frame on top and make that shower time one in a million!

58. Brown and white delight

Have some white tiles which look like bricks on your shower walls to have that laid back feel. A clear ceiling with some wooden panels adds a warm touch.  These brown and white colors look amazing with glass panels for a great bathing experience day or night.

59. Contemporary finish

Have you ever wished to have a modern bathroom with a cool shower area? Well, make sure your designer chooses these tiles to complete a contemporary look. Symmetrical lines on your walls and simple tiles on the floor.

60. White and grey ensemble

As white can go with just about anything, wait until you pair it up with some dark grey tiles. Showering would be something to look forward to each day. Black grout would also look amazing for the floor and the inlaid shelf.

61. Polygons in white and block

Having an inlaid shower shelf is convenient as you don’t have to buy a movable shelf to put your shower essentials. This black and white design full of different polygons strikes a statement. It makes showering a fun time everyday. The design is classic and nobody will ever get tired of looking at it every time.

62. Color it

It is often understood that tiling should be symmetrical or in order.  But come to think of it, having this design with contrasting colors and layout looks undeniably good!

63. Pebble wonder

If you love pebbles, incorporate these to your shower walls. Choose lighter shades so that the entire shower area looks clean and very fresh. These are great for homes near the beach or any laid back town.

64. Brilliant floor combo

Neutral colors with different designs and texture often give a unique look. Try to mix and match and see how it gives a bold statement in your shower room. Contemporary homes are best seen with this type of flooring in the bathroom.

65. Electric blue

A disco diva? Take that vibe as you shower in this electrifying blue tiled shower area. Glass panels complement the glittery effect of the wall tiles.

66. Aqua light

Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid? Now is your chance to pretend showering like one in this aqua tiled bathroom. The whites and aqua colors make it seem like you are underwater, relaxing a nice bath. The pin lights also add on to this underwater wonderland experience!

These lovely designs are perfect for any type of home! It is basically up to you to decide which shower tiles to use that best suit the theme of your bathroom and entire house. Take note that aside from the style, you would also need to consider the cost as some tiles are worth a fortune. Happy tile hunting!

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